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Yin Shan Sect Talismans For Ghost Keeping

To the folks in Western Countries, not many believe in Ghosts. Many Christians will force themselves not to believe.

Within the Chinese Communities, there are folks who have been praying to Taoist Gods and believe in Ghosts and Black Magic and heard about Taoist Masters keeping ghosts but these believers have not yet seen the Real Talismans use to keep / feed and control Ghosts.

This will be an eye-opener for the Western Folks and also the Chinese.

Shown below are the Ghost Keeping Talismans of Yin Shan Sect(阴山派).
Ghost Keeping Talismans 1 to 7 are to be burnt each on their respective days.
Talismans for feeding Male Ghosts and Talismans for feeding Female Ghosts have their own sets. These Male and Female Talismans are to be burnt during feeding rituals.

Chop-Sticks are to be stuck on the bowls of Cooked rice. Chanting of Ghost Feeding Verses and Talismans will be burnt together with Taoist Paper Money.


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Do Fox Spirits / Fairies (Immortals) (狐妖 / 狐仙) Really Exist? Here Is The Answer

The North & North-Eastern Chinese Folks have been praying to Fox Spirits since ancient time. Almost every Villages of North-Eastern China has a Fox Spirit Shrine to worship the Fox Spirits.

There are also Folks (usually the ladies) from Taiwan and Hong-Kong praying to the Chinese Version Of Fox Fairies (Immortal)s' Altars and keeping Chinese Talismans Of Fox Fairies (Immortals).

Lately, Chinese Folks from Singapore & Malaysia, even the Chinese from China, are crazy over  new creation Thai Version Of Nine-Tails Fox Spirit Spiritual Items ( Amulets / Statues).

The problem is many people are only interested to pray to anything without understanding the truth, the history and what is going on what they are praying.

Detailed Articles are already written about The 2 Fox Fairies Of Long-Hu Mountain and Origin & Legends Of Nine-Tails Fox Spirit.

Taoist Sorcerers have their own secret talismans to invoke Fox Spirits / Fairies (Immortals) for Love / Lust / Sex Magics.

Now, the question is Do Fox Spirits / Fairies (Immortals) Exist?

The information here is to share with You, who are seeking the truth about Fox Spirits / Fairies (Immortals) (狐妖 / 狐仙), before worshipping them and keeping any Fox Spirits spiritual items (Amulets / Talismans / Statues).

Video (In Mandarin) Of Venerable Master Chin Kung (净空法师) Speaking About Seeing Male Fox Spirit With His Own Eyes

Video (With English Subtitles) Of Venerable Master Hsuan Hua (宣化上人) Explained How A Fox Immortal helped fight the Japanese soldiers and  using Chinese Medicine to cure common folks from their illnesses

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The Origin & Legends Of Nine Tailed Fox Spirit & Celestial Foxes

This article is to educate the public about the truth and origin and legends of Nine-Tailed Fox and Fox Immortals to provide as much details as possible the  ancient records of the truth of the origin of Nine-Tailed Fox, which are from ancient China.

The Nine-Tailed Fox is a Cultural Motif, originated in ancient China, which then introduced to Japan and Korea.  Due to watching and reading too much of Naruto (Japanese Manga series), many Western Kids and Oversea Chinese Kids, thought that the "Nine Tailed Fox" Legend originated in Japan. When these western kids & oversea Chinese kids ask around for more information of the origin, folks either don't know the truth, or deliberately lie to them that the legend of the magical beast, originated in Japan, Korea or India, and never mentioned China, or said China had copied them.

Why credits were not given to China, the original culture of worshiping Nine-Tailed Fox, is because there might be people, even oversea Chinese, who has prejudice against China and Chinese Culture, therefore, truth need to be twisted and link the stories outside China and  without mentioning China.

Not much Ancient Chinese Classics / Novels / Texts were translated into English, because the Chinese has no interest to do so, and the Western Folks have no interest to read them either, therefore some people who are searching for the truth about Nine Tailed Fox (九尾狐) , have very limited information and end up thinking that there is not much write up about  Nine Tailed Fox (九尾狐)  coming from ancient China.

Historical Records Of  Nine Tailed Fox (九尾狐) From China

Nine Tailed Fox (九尾狐) is Chinese mythological creature, originally is a symbol of auspiciousness. After time (beginning of the Northern Song Dynasty), people gave a twist to the plot to new works of literature, and demonized  the beast.

The good fox spirits are revered as Hu Xian (狐仙 - Fox immortal). 
The evil fox spirits are often called Hu Li Jing (狐狸精).

The story about Nine-tailed fox 1st appeared in the 'Classic of Mountains and Seas' - (山海经 - Shan Hai Jing), compiled from the Warring States period to the Western Han period (circa 4th to circa 1st century BC).

The work states: "The Land of Green-Hills lies north. The foxes there have four legs and nine tails. According to another version, it is located north of Sunrise Valley." It also states: "Three hundred li farther east is Green-Hills Mountain, where much jade can be found on its south slope and green cinnabar on its north. There is a beast here whose form resembles a fox with nine tails. It makes a sound like a baby and is a man-eater. Whoever eats it will be protected against insect-poison (gu)."


Nine-tailed fox as an auspicious sign

There was an ancient legend stated that from the beginning of Xia Dynasty (21st - 16th century BC), Yu the Great (大禹) encountered a white nine-tailed fox, which he interpreted as an auspicious sign that he would marry Nü-Jiao (女娇).


Fox Spirits In Chinese Legends, Chinese Classics & Ancient Chinese Novels

1) Nine-Tailed Fox as an Evil Magical Beast. In the ancient Chinese novels such as 'Wu Wang Fa Zhou Ping Hua' (武王伐纣平话) , the 'Feng Shen Yan Yi' (封神演义), and the 'Dong Zhou Lie Guo Zhi' (东周列国志), stories were told that the nine tailed fox was an evil spirit demon. Daji (妲己), a beautiful daughter of a general, she was married forcibly to the cruel tyrant Zhou Xin (紂辛 Zhòu Xīn). A nine-tailed fox spirit who served Nüwa, whom Zhou Xin had offended, entered into and possessed her body, expelling the true Daji's soul. The spirit, as Daji, and her new husband schemed cruelly and invented many devices of torture. Because of such cruelties, many people, including Zhou Xin's own former generals, revolted and fought against Zhou Xin's dynasty, Shang. Finally, King Wen of Zhou, one of the vassals of Shang, founded a new dynasty named after his country. The fox spirit in Daji's body was later driven out by Jiang Ziya (姜子牙), the first Prime Minister of the Zhou Dynasty and her spirit condemned by Nüwa herself due to the fox's cruelty and disobeying its original order of bewitch King Zhou but do not harm others towards the end of Feng Shen Bang.

2) A fantasy novel written in the Ming Dynasty, The Three Sui Quash the Demons' Revolt (三遂平妖傳), a fox spirit teaches a young girl magic, enabling her to conjure armies with her spells.

3) In 'Ren Shi Zhuan' (任氏传), in which Miss Ren, a transformed fox spirit, lives together with the scholar Zheng Liu (鄭六). Miss Ren is not only beautiful, but also intelligent and is able to withstand the destroying forces in her fox spirit. This story has influenced the Qing period 清 (1644-1911) novel collection Liao Zhai Zhi Yi (聊齋志異).

4) Some of the stories in Liao Zhai Zhi Yi (聊斋志异) are love stories between a fox spirit appearing as a beautiful girl and a young human male.

5) In Xuanzhongji (玄中記) - "Stories from the mid of mystery", an early collection of stories compiled during the Jin period 晉 (265-420), it goes "When a fox is fifty years old, it can transform itself into a woman; when a hundred years old, it becomes a beautiful female, or a spirit medium, or an adult male who has sexual intercourse with women. Such beings are able to know things at more than a thousand miles' distance; they can poison men by sorcery, or possess and bewilder them, so that they lose their memory and knowledge; and when a fox is thousand years old, it ascends to heaven and becomes a celestial fox."

[晉]郭璞《玄中記》 - "狐五十岁,能变化为妇人,百岁为美女,为神巫,能知千里外事。善蛊魅,使人迷惑失智。千岁即与天通,为天狐。"

6) In "Explaining The San Hai Jing" Text, there is a 'Praise Of Nine-Tailed Fox' by Guo Pu (郭璞) : An extraordinary beast on the Green Hill, the fox of nine tails. It manifests itself when the Tao (The Way) prevails, And appears with a book in it's mouth. It sends an auspicious omen to the Zhou Dynasty to promulgate a mystical talisman.

 注解《山海經》 - 〈九尾狐赞〉「青丘奇兽,九尾之狐。有道祥见,出则衔书。作瑞于周,以摽灵符。」

7) In 'You Yang Za Zu' (酉阳杂俎) - "A table full of miscellaneous writings from south of Mt. You", a collection of phantastic stories compiled during the Tang period (唐) (618-907), written:

7a) "In olden days, wild foxes were called purple foxes, night arrive and their tails turn bright like fire. When a fox has the ability to become demon, it's head will put on a skull and pray to the north dipper, if the skull doesn't drop, it will eventually turn into human."


7b) Among the arts of the Way, there is a specific doctrine of the celestial fox. The celestial fox has nine tails and golden in color. It serves in the Palace of the Sun and Moon and has its own talismans and a sacrificial ritual. It can transcend yin and yang."


8) In the 10th century collection of stories - 'The Extensive Records of the Taiping Era' - 'Tai Ping Guang Ji' (太平广记), there are 12 accounts of fox spirits dating from the Han till to the early Song dynasty.

8a) The scholar Zhang Zhuo (張鷟) (658 - 730) of the Tang dynasty also noted that ‘many commoners were worshiping the fox deities. They offer sacrifices to them in their bedchambers.’ There is a saying  - "Without setting up a Fox Spirit Temple / Shrine, it will not consider a village community' - meaning every village has a fox spirit temple / shrine.


9) From the 'Tai Ping Guang Ji' (太平广记):

"At fifty years of age, foxes are able to transform themselves into women. At one hundred years into beauties and magic sorcerers, or they become men and women and screw around. They also have the power to know about faraway events, have the knowledge of sorcery, as well as seduce / attract people, and loses one's intellect. At a thousand years of age they can communicate with Heaven, becoming celestial fox spirits."

狐五十岁,能变化为妇人。百岁为美女,为神巫,或为丈夫与女人交接,能知千里外事,善盅魅,使人迷惑失智。千岁即与天通,为天狐。(出《玄中记》 狐狸活五十岁就能变成妇人,一百岁就能变化成美女,变化成神巫,或者变化成成年男子与女人发生性行为,能知道千里之外的事,善于盅惑迷人,使人丧失理智。狐狸活到一千岁就能和天沟通,叫做“天狐”。

10) In 'The Comprehensive Discussions in the white tiger hall' - (白虎通):"What is the nine-tailed fox? When a fox dies, it turns it's head towards the hill,where it was born; it does not forget its place of origin. It means that in comfort, a man must never lost sign of impending calamities. Why must this fox appeared with nine tails? When the nine concubines of the King each receive their proper place, his sons and grandsons will enjoy abundance peace. Why is the emphasis laid upon at the tail? It is to indicate that his prosperity shall be numerous.

<< 白虎通德论 / 卷五/ 封禅>>:"狐九尾何?狐死首丘,不忘本也,明安不忘危也。必九尾者也?九妃得其所,子孫繁息也。於尾者何?明後當盛也。"

11) In 'Book Of Rites' - (礼记), there is a record: The fox serves as a model of humaneness,for when it dies in the wild, it faces the direction of it's cave. It teaches human beings never forget it's origin and homeland.

《礼记·檀弓七则之狐死正丘首》 - 大公封于营丘,比及五世,皆反葬于周。君子曰:“乐,乐其所自生。礼,礼不忘其本。”古之人有言曰:“狐死正丘首。仁也。” 说明:古代传说狐狸如果死在外面,一定把头朝着它的洞穴。“狐死首丘”比喻不忘本或怀念故乡,也比喻对故国、故乡的思念。亦省作“狐首”。

12) Han Dynasty Pictorial stone carvings of 'Queen Mother Goddess of the West' - Xi Wang Mu (西王母), are presented with an entourage consisting of  a nine-tailed fox, a hare, a toad, a three legged bird.

(Left) Han dynasty tile showing Xiwangmu in the collection of the Sichuan  Provincial    Museum. (Right) Detail of the nine-tailed fox.

Nine Tailed Fox In Japan and Korea

The motif of nine-tailed foxes from Chinese culture were eventually transmitted and introduced to Korean and Japanese culture.

A nine-tailed Fox spirit in Japanese is known as kyūbi no kitsune (九尾の狐). Inari Ōkami (稲荷大神, also Oinari) is the Japanese kami of foxes, of fertility, rice, tea and Sake, of agriculture and industry, of general prosperity and worldly success, and one of the principal kami of Shinto.

A nine-tailed Fox spirit in korea is kown as kumiho (구미호).

Nine Tailed Fox appeared in Thailand 

The Nine-Tailed Fox is a Cultural Motif, originated in ancient China, which then introduced to Japan and Korea. Thailand has no culture in worshiping the Fox -Spirits but lately, there are Thai Amulets with the images of Nine-Tailed Fox.

There might be Thai Monks, or Thai Masters (Ajhans) and many Thai Amulets Sellers, either know the truth but deliberately lie to You. Or, truly has no historical knowledge,and they tell You that the worshiping of "Nine Tailed Fox" is originated in South-East Asia, or India.

Why "Nine Tailed Fox" only appeared in Thai Amulets & Statues recently, might due to money making opportunity. Because, Hongkongers and Taiwan folks are already praying to Chinese Version of Fox Immortal - Hu Xian (狐仙), the Thai Masters can also can make money from these Chinese worshipers by creating Thai Version Spiritual Items of Nine Tailed Fox and sell to them.

Why credits were not given to China, the original culture of worshiping Nine-Tailed Fox, is because there might be people, even oversea Chinese, who has prejudice against China and Chinese Culture, therefore, truth need to be twisted and link the stories as close to the heart of the buyers (Oversea Chinese) as possible (and link it to Thai Culture / Thai "Buddhist" Culture), in order to make as much money out of the Oversea Chinese.

The Fox Spirit Amulets are done mainly for the Oversea Chinese Market like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and etc.

One of the 1st Creator of Nine Tailed Fox's Images of Thai Amulets, Ajhan Meng, said during his daily mediation, a female fox immortal appeared in front of him, and also during sleep, he dreamed of the fox immortal asking him since he had learned the magical skill of invoking her (Fox Immortal) and why didn't he create amulets and fox statues to be worshiped by the public, so she can bless the believers. That's the reason why Ar-Jhan Meng had started making & consecrate Nine Tailed Fox Amulets & Statues.

Soon more and more other Thai Masters began to create and bless their own Nine Tailed Foxes Spiritual Items, to sell to the Oversea Chinese, and even to the China Chinese. The reason why China Chinese buy Thai Version of Nine Tailed Fox, instead of praying to their own Chinese / Taoist Version of Nine Tailed Fox, is because "The grass is greener on the other side".

There is nothing wrong to own Thai Version Amulet / Statue of Nine Tailed Fox,  but folks should be informed and be educated on the truth of the origin of what they are keeping or doing.

Magic Sorcery is universal. Thai Magic can be used to invoke Chinese Deities and like wise, Chinese / Taoist Sorcery can use to consecrate  and re-empower Thai Amulets / Statues.

When Thai Magic combines with Taoist Sorcery, it is known as Siam-Mao Sect Magic (暹茅派).

In order to create and activate the Thai Amulets / Statues Of Nine Tailed Fox , the Thai Spiritual Master may chant Loving Kindess Metta and Maha Saneh Metta (Charming abilities) and uses Metta and Senah Ingredients in the Amulets. Ingredients like Graveyard Soils, and Nam Man Prai (Female Corpse Oil) are known to have added to the Nine Tailed Fox Amulets to improve its' efficacy.


Folks, even Oversea Chinese, who are prejudiced against China and Chinese Culture, but are also fans of "Nine Tailed Fox" and amulets and statues of it, might suddenly lose interest  in it, after realizing that the origin of history and legend is from China. These folks don't want to own anything related to China, which will make them look low-class and Ching-Chong.

However, those western folks and the Chinese, who are die-hard Pro-Chinese-Culture and Pro-Taoist-Magic will be even more keen to seek out Original Fox Spirit Talismans base on Taoist Sorcery Magic.

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The 2 Divine Fox Fairies (狐仙) Of Tian Shi Mansion In Long Hu Mountain (龙虎山天师府)

Many Chinese Folks, especially the ladies,  from China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia and Singapore are only interested to buy and pray to the spiritual items of  Fox Fairies (狐仙 - Hu Xian) but have no interest to find out the origin of worshipping the Fox Fairies.

There are even Thai Arjhans who create Thai Version of Fox Fairies Amulets & Statues but have no knowledge of the origin of  worshipping Fox Fairies, and they  claimed that the legend of Fox Fairies originated in India and South East Asia, or Japan and Korea,  but never mention , or purposely not wanting to relate the culture to China.

There are articles already written in Chinese Language  (from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia) about the legend of Fox Fairies ,  but none is written in English. Even the bilingual Singapore sellers of Fox Fairies Spiritual Items, have no interest to educate themselves and the public , therefore they never spend the time to do research and do write up, neither in Chinese nor English.

The Hall of Fox Fairies (狐仙堂) of Tian Shi Fu in Long Hu Shan (龙虎山天师府) is claimed to be the Main Altar Of  All Altars Of Fox Fairies throughout the world.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Nobody knows whether the legend about the Fox Fairies of Tian Shi Fu in Long Hu Shan (龙虎山天师府)  is a recent made-up one and the Altar is a newly set-up one (with the support of the 'Taoist Masters' in Taiwan & Hong Kong),  just for the sake of of attracting tourists to the temple, in order to collect "Incense Money" (香油钱) ... But then... Chinese Folks (particularly the North & North-Eastern Chinese) have been praying to Fox Spirits since ancient time. Even Taoist Sorcerers have their own secret talismans of  invoking Fox Spirits to work on Love / Lust / Sex Magic.

Over here is the only 1 article written in English, on the exact story being told about the legend of the 2 Fox Fairies (狐仙) - Yellow Fox Fairy (黄狐仙) & White Fox Fairy (白狐仙)of Tian Shi Fu in Long Hu Shan (龙虎山天师府).

 Here goes the story...

On a 3rd month in one of the year of 'Song Ning' Period (崇宁 - 1102 - 1106), the Zhen Yi Sect ( 正一派) 30th Generation Lineage Leader, Grand Master Xu Jing (虚靖) was having his usual routine of Qigong practice in the Hall Of 3 Ministries (三省堂). Suddenly, he heard thunder roared in the sky, followed by lightnings. Immediately, the sky was filled with dark clouds. He stepped out of the Hall and look up to the sky, noticing there was something unusual that day. Using his fingers to calculate and able to foretell a demon will appeared in no time.

While still pondering of the imminent event,there came a beautiful young lady in yellow gown, wheezing and panting breathlessly, knelt down before Master Xu Jing, crying and begging him for his help. She said she was a Fox Demon who had been cultivating (Magical Power) for 2000 years and almost reaching fruition, therefore will go through a serious disaster. Heaven had ordered Thunder God & Thunder Goddess to strike her to death. She begged Master Xu Jing to save her life.

Master Xu Jing replied to her sternly that all demons had to be destroyed. If he saved her life that will be like neglecting a carbuncle which would cause future troubles. Fox Demon said she was not afraid of death but she was pregnant and could giving birth anytime and the baby inside was innocent.

After hearing that, Master Xu Jing felt though Fox Demons were disgusting creatures, but the baby fox inside the womb was not a criminal. If fox demon could turn bad to good by doing good deeds, that would be a righteous act.

Master Xu Jing told her he would rescue her if she promised 3 conditions:

1) Do not injure and kill other animals

2) Have to pick a place and live in seclusion and do not harass people.

3) Be initiated into Human Path, recite scriptures in the morning and evening, abandon evil and do good, help the human folks

Fox Demon agreed and if she ever violated the rules, she was willing to be put to death. Master Xu Jing gathered a group of Taoist Priests to the Temple Hall to do a ritual ceremony to report to the heaven about the issue and need not chase after the Fox Demon anymore. Thunder God & Goddess withdrew the celestial soldiers immediately and the sky turned bright and clear.

Fox Demon bid farewell to Master Xu Jing, and from then on lived in seclusion in Yun Tai Mountain, feeding on fruits in the mountain, and concentrated herself on cultivating The Tao. Not long later, she gave birth to a Baby Fox, called "Little White Fairy" (小白仙).

 The Original Painting Of
Yellow Fox Fairy in Long Hu Shan

Returning Kindness 1 - Gathering The 'Diao Lan' Herbs To Stop Epidemic

100 years had passed.The memories of Master Xu Jing rescued the Fox Demon had faded away. During the 'Shao Ding' Years ( 绍定 - 1228 - 1233) of Southern Song Dynasty, Jiangxi Province was flooding, followed by epidemic. Folks from An Qi County (资溪)、Li Chuan County (黎川)、An Ren County (安仁) - now is known as Yu Jiang County (余江) were dying from epidemic. People gathered at Tian Xi Temple to seek help from Master Zhang (35th Generation Lineage Leader) - Zhang Ke Da (张可大), to destroy the evil force. Master Ke Da gathered a few Taoist Masters to do a check on the surroundings and found there was no evil doers but caused by natural causes. It the problem was not rectified immediately, the problem will spread further and more people will die.

Master Ke Da was an expert in Herbs and knew that the plant - Diao Lan (吊兰) -(Chlorophytum comosum(Thunb.)Baker.), was able to cure the sickness of the folks suffering from the epidemic. However, the plants of Diao Lan (吊兰 were only found in the cave of the mountain cliffs. It was difficult to climb to gather the plants. Even if dispatched a big numbers of people to do the job of collecting the plants back, the amounts of plants collected each day wouldn't be enough to stop the epidemic. Master Ke Da was at his end wits.

On the next day, while the folks were busy collecting the plants, a large pack of Foxes leaped quickly towards and brought before Master Ke Da with a mouth full of Diao Lan Plants. Within short period of time, there were able to collect many big bags of Diao Lan Plants.

At 1st, people thought were the magical power of Master Zhang Ke Da, but Master was feeling puzzled as well. After thinking through for awhile, he realized his ancestors had ever told him the 30th Master - Xu Jing had ever rescued a Fox Demon, and must be the work of the Divine Fox to repay her gratitude. Master Ke Da sent people immediately to brew the herbs and sent to the patients. Sure enough, the medicine took effect and the patients were cured. After that, the village folks praised Master Ke Da for his superb medical knowledge.

Actually, not many people knew about support from the Divine Fox Spirit, but only Master Ke Da and few other Taoist Masters knew about the truth. It was said that Master Ke Da had tracked the Yun Tai Mountain by himself to search for Divine Fox Spirit to express his appreciation but nobody knew whether he was able to find the Divine Fox.

Returning Kindness 2 - Bringing Rain To Stop Drought

40 years gone by, the dynasty had changed. Kublai Khan of Yuan Dynasty, unified China. One year, there was a drought in North China. Many folks were dying from the drought. Even the queen and princes became sick of the summer heat. The officials explained that must be the work of the evil spirits causing troubles, need to invite Master Zhang to eliminate the evils. 36th Lineage Leader - Zhang Zong Yan (张宗演) received the degree and hurried toward the Palace Hall. Even though the heat was unbearable, after checking out the surroundings, he couldn't feel the presence of any evil forces. Grand Master Zong Yan couldn't proceed with the ritual ceremony to catch the evil spirits , yet also cannot disobey the king. He was worried with a frown, shaking with fear.

In the wee hours in the post-house and the night sky was lighted with stars and cloudless, Grand Master Zong Yan couldn't fall sleep. He went to the garden to contemplate the issue and not long after, came a middle age woman with a sweet young lady, both greeted Grand Master Zong Yan politely.

Middle age woman said to Grand Master Zong Yan, the cause of the drought was not the doing of any evil spirits. She said while Wen Tian Xiang (文天祥) were retreating his army to the sea side, he had prayed to the Northern Sea Dragon King. Kubrai Khan had killed Weng Tian Xiang, causing North Sea Dragon King to be furious, which caused the drought. She told Grand Master Zong Yan to report the matter to Palace to offer sacrifice to Wen Tian Xiang to get rid of his resentment. She and her daughter would enter the Eastern Sea instead to implore Eastern Dragon King to bring rain, a way to  return her kindness.

Only this time, did Grand Master Zong Yan realised they were the 2 divine foxes, waving his hands towards the direction which they were rushing off.

While Madam Fox and her Little Fox entered the Eastern Sea to seek help from Eastern Dragon King to deliver water, Eastern Dragon King said they were busy building the Palace and had no time for such issue and should seek help from Southern Dragon King. While reaching Southern Dragon King, that area was not under his jurisdiction, therefore cannot sent water down and should seek Eastern Dragon King instead. 2 foxes returned back to Eastern Sea again and explained to Eastern Dragon King that the ordinary folks should not suffer the same punishment just because Kublai Khan had killed the loyal, righteous man - Wen Tian Xiang. Eastern Dragon King was awaken, whereupon he gave command to bring rain immediately.

As a result of the ability to bring rain to stop the drought, during the 100 years of Yuan Dynasty, Grand Masters of Tian Shi Mansion were highly praised and respected. The 2nd son of Grand Master Zhang Zong Yan, who was the 38th Lineage Leader - Master Zhang Yu Cai (张与材), was conferred the title "The Hierarch Of Zheng Yi Lineage (正一教主)", in charge of the talisman registers of the 3 mountains - Mao Shan Mountain (茅山)、Ge Zhao Mountain (阁皂山)、Long Hu Mountain (龙虎山).

Due to the sincere invitation of Grand Master Zhong Yan, Madam Fox and little fox had often been attending Tian Shi Mansion as guests, therefore his daughter's room - Xiu Hua Lou (绣花楼) was offered to Madam and Little Fox to occupy. From then on until now, there was "Hu Xian Lou" (狐仙楼) - The Floor Of 2 Divine Foxes.

Returning Kindness 3 - Exterminating The Rat Demons

When Zhu Yuan Zhang (朱元璋) ascended the throne as the founder and first emperor of the Ming dynasty of China, he had high regards on the Grand Masters Of Tian Shi Mansion. He poured in a lot of money for construction to expand the Tian Shi Mansion.

During Hong Wu Period, the West Lake in Hang Zhou was constantly reported that demons were creating havoc. People were too afraid to take a stroll in the scenic park and had to close down. Zhu Yuan Zhang immediately ordered 43rd Grand Lineage Leader - Yu Chu (张宇初) to rush down to Han Zhou to eliminate the public threat.

While reaching West Lake, Grand Master Zhang Yu Chu discussed the matter with the followers. They decided to observe the surrounding and then plan for a solution. On the 2nd Day, they spotted there were ripples on the surface of the water, spotted rat demons were the trouble makers.

Grand Master Zhang Yu Chu brought to mind that Foxes were rats' most unbeatable rival. An invocation ritual was held immediately to call upon the 2 Divine Fox  Fairies to hurry down to West Lake to catch the Rat Demons. The Rat Demons was caught finally.

After that incidence, the visitors of West Lake said they and their descendants would forever remember the heroic act of Grand Master Zhang.

The story continues...

After returning back to Tian Shi Mansion in Long Hu Mountain, Grand Master Zhang Yu Chu went to thank Divine Yellow Fox & Divine White Fox for their help and at the same time to exchange Taoist Magical Skills.

Since the Divine Foxes had been practicing Taoist Magical Skills for very long time, Master Zhang Yu Chu had benefited a lot from the skills taught by the Divine Foxes.

Zhu Yuan Zhang assigned Grand Master Zhang Yu Chu to compile Tao Zhang (道藏). During those days, pathways were inconvenient for the collection of Taoist Scruiptures. The 2 Divine Foxes had travelled throughout the famous temples of the whole country to assist the collection of the lost ancient scriptures.

Grand Master Zhang Yu Chu  aware that for the past few hundred years, the 2 Divine Foxes of Yun Tai Mountain had doing a lot of good deeds and their cultivation had reached fruition and they should be worshipped.

Praying To The Altar Of Divine Fox Fairies In Tian Shi Mansion in Long Hu Mountain (龙虎山天师府) Since Ming Dynasty

The 44th Lineage Leader - Zhang Yu Qing (张宇清) obeyed the order. The Western Hall of Tian Shi Mansion was set up to hold the statues of the 2 Divine Foxes to be worshipped.

That is the legend of The Hall of Fox Fairies (狐仙堂) of Tian Shi Mansion in Long Hu Mountain (龙虎山天师府), which still exist until this day.

The Hall of Fox Fairies (狐仙堂) of Tian Shi Mansion in Long Hu Mountain (龙虎山天师府) is  claimed the Main Altar Of  All Altars Of Fox Fairies throughout the world.

The Original Incantation To Call Upon The Arrival Of Madam Yellow Fox Fairy From Tian Shi Mansion (天师府黄狐仙子临真咒)




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Yin Shan Sect Ghost Busting - Talismans For Catching Ghosts

There are several reasons on why ghosts busting are needed.

Not all Human Beings die naturally, such as old age and sickness. Some people die in accidents or committed suicide.

Human Beings that die in unnatural death will turn into ghosts and linger at the same location / premises where they died. Their souls are not allowed to enter the gate of hell as the actual date of death is not yet reach.

Souls died of unnatural death, such as committed suicide by hanging and self-drowning need to find human replacement, in order to be reborn.

In the West( Caucasians/Whites/ Farangs/ Ang Mo), who are mostly Christians, Free Thinkers etc will not know / understand or believe in ghosts.

Singaporeans will often hear/watch the news about same accidents/ same type of suicides occur at the same spots of the previous cases.

Once, the location which unnatural death has occurred and no Spiritual Salvation/ Cleansing(超度) is done, same type of deaths will appear again and again at the same spot because the ghosts of the previous death need to lure and influence the mind of the human folks with low energy/luck /moody and die like them, so that the previous ghost can move on for rebirth.


In Western World, there is no such thing as "Spiritual Cleansing" of the haunted location.

It is also the same sad fact that in Singapore, the government do not order the "Spiritual Cleansing" of the location, where unnatural deaths had occurred. ( Anyway, it is considered good for Black Magic Practitioners to carry out their ritual to destroy/kill their enemies in Singapore, because in Singapore Law, there is no such thing as 'Someone use Black Magic to harm/kill him/her/me.')

Unless the kind-hearted people or the relatives/children of the dead engage the Spiritual Cleansing and Salvation service for the deceased from the Taoist Masters or Buddhist Monks , the place /location/premises will be haunted.

Taoist Masters or Sorcerers will carry out Ghost Busting either for self-interest or mainly for good cause.

Self-Interest is to catch and control the ghosts and get them to be their servants.
Good Cause is to do a Cleansing Ritual on the haunted place and Salvation Ritual for the ghosts to let them go through rebirth faster or send them to Western Paradise(In Buddhist Context).

Taoist Talismans shown below here belongs to Yin Shan Sect (阴山派). They are used to lure and capture the ghost.

The left talisman is to call upon/lure the ghost to enter the container/bottle by chanting the mantra and then to burn the talisman inside it. The ghost will enter the container/bottle.

The right talisman is to paste over the cover of the container/bottle to prevent the ghost from escaping.

At this point of time, the Taoist Sorcerer/Master can then decide to send the ghosts to a Yin Temple ( Temple of hell gods) and let the hell gods to handle the ghosts or bring the ghost for Spiritual Salvation Ritual, in order to has a faster chance of rebirth or send to 'Western Paradise' to practice Buddhism. The Taoist Master may also control the ghosts to help him do work.

If the Taoist Master decide to keep the Ghosts, there are many more talismans to be used, such as feeding the ghosts. There are also different talismans to control Male Ghosts and Female Ghosts.

To view Taoist Talismans on Ghost Keeping , Feeding and Worshiping:
Ghosts Keeping Talismans of Yin Shan Sect (阴山派)

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