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Praying for Your Pets - The Folk Taoist Way

Many Chinese Folks, even those who pray to Chinese Gods, have no idea who to pray to for the well-being of their own pets.

Not long ago, one client from USA emailed me (Taoist Sorcery Master a.k.a Kumantong 4D Master) and ask about whether there is any celestial deities to invoke that may help his pet dog who was sick to get better, or at least be more comfortable. 

Immediately, one divine spiritual animal came to my mind. A Prayer Ritual to seek help and protection from it for speedy recovery of his pet dog had produce great result.

"Don't worry about pet surgery! Go to the Er-Lang Shen (二郎神) Temple to find  the  "Roaring Heavenly Dog" (哮天犬) for peace!"

This is the reason for writing this article - To share the information.

In recent years, the trend of keeping pets has become more and more popular. Many families keep puppies, kittens, birds and other animals. 

It is not as if in ancient times, pets were mostly kept for guarding homes and warehouse crops. 

Nowadays, pets are mostly kept for the purpose of companionship. There will always be a close relationship and mutual dependence between you and your pet. Sometimes, pet owners are always worried and distressed when pets are sick or injured, and pets can't describe their conditions, which makes it more difficult to treat pets.

If there is a medical condition for the pet at home, or when the pet needs surgery, You will be wandering which god You should pray for Your pet when You want to...

There is one Divine Animal next to Er-Lang Shen (二郎神) - The "Roaring Heavenly Dog" (哮天犬). 

According to folklore, before Erlang became a god, he lived in Guan Jiang Kou (灌江口) when he was a child. One day, he met a roaring dog living on the street. He took the roaring dog with him because he felt that he was very compatible with himself.

When Er-Lang Shen (二郎神) was practicing Spiritual Skills, he also taught the roaring dog some spells. The roaring dog was very grateful to  Er-Lang Shen (二郎神) for his appreciation and care, and was loyal to him. 

Although it was one person and one dog on the surface of a master-servant relationship, in their hearts, they were already close buddies. 

The roaring dog would follow  Er-Lang Shen (二郎神) to subdue evils and eliminate demons. 

In many temples that worship Er-Lang Shen (二郎神),  the General Roaring Dog (哮天犬將軍) will be next to him.

Due to its status as an animal god, believers who have pets at home can go to the Temple Of Er-Lang Zhen Jun (二郎真君) to pray to General Roaring Dog (哮天犬將軍) for the health of theirs pets. 

Extra Info: There are Chinese folks  who pray to General Roaring Dog (哮天犬將軍) hoping for Good Luck to Strike the Lottery.

Short Note by Taoist Sorcery Master: You can go to the Er-Lang Zhen Jun (二郎真君) Temple to pray to General Roaring Dog (哮天犬將軍) for the health of Your pets. If You can't find any Chinese Temples or Er-Lang Zhen Jun (二郎真君) Temples in Your country and need to seek my help to do a personal prayer ritual for Your Sick Pet, there will be Fee Charges and is not Cheap.

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The different honorific titles of different gods and goddesses in Taoism

Understanding the "Di Jun(帝君), Dao Jun (道君), Zhen Jun (真君), Xing Jun (星君), Yuan Jun(元君)" in Taoist Mythology 

 There are many "Lords" (Jun - 君) in Taoism, and they are divided into different identities, representing different positions, or in charge of different affairs. What is the difference between them? 

Yuan Jun (元君) - In Taoism, there are not only male gods, but also many female goddesses, and this "Yuan Jun" refers to the female goddesses with relatively high status in Taoism. For example, the Queen Mother of the West, she is called Jin Mu Yuan Jun (金母元君).  Another example, the goddess of Mount Tai, childbirth and destiny in Chinese traditional religion, known as Bi Xia Yuan Jun (碧霞元君). 

Take note: Not all female goddesses in Taoism are given the title as Yuan Jun (元君), which often requires very high  status before they can be named this title.

Xing Jun (星君) - The "Star Lord", honorific title given to the stars in the sky. In the eyes of ancient people, the stars in the sky represent everyone, and the movement of  stars actually  influence human beings. So this also evolved a Taoist technique of Star Gazing.  According to Taoism, the more famous stars in the sky represent different gods.  

Of course, Xingjun is only the title of the middle-level constellation gods, and some gods manage a galaxy, such as the manager of the Taiji Dao galaxy, the Zhongtian Ziwei North Pole Taihuang Emperor(中天紫微北极太皇大帝). Calling him Xing Jun (星君) is an insult to him, because Emperor Zi Wei (紫微大帝) assisted the Jade Emperor in controlling the latitude, the sun, the moon, the stars, the stars, the four seasons, the weather, the wind and the rain, the use of ghosts and spirits, and the master of all phenomena. , Master of the Stars. 

Zhen Jun (真君) - The "True Monarch / Lord".  - Zhen Jun (真君) is actually a title for those middle-level gods in the sky. The status is neither too high nor too low, because immortals who are too low have no titles. They either serve as pawns to others as soldiers of the heavens, or they have little status as servants to the gods. 

For example, Er-Lang Shen (二郎神) is revered by Taoism as Qing Yuan Miao Dao Zhen Jun (清源妙道真君) , Er Lang Xian Sheng Zhen Jun (二郎显圣真君). He is a god related to water conservancy, farming, prevention of floods, and even the god of water. 

 Another example: The three patriarchs Mao Ying (茅盈), Mao Gu (茅固) and Mao Zhong (茅衷) were revered as the Three Mao Zhen Jun (三茅真君), and they were regarded as the patriarchs of the Maoshan School of Taoism. 

Sa Shoujian (萨守坚) of the Four Heavenly Masters is also known as Sa Zhen Ren (萨真人), Chon Gen Zhen Jun (崇恩真君), Taoism respects him as the One Yuan Supreme Saweng Zhenjun (一元无上萨翁真君), Xuanfeng Yongzhen Tianzun (玄风永振天尊) and so on. It can be seen from the above-mentioned immortals that they are also honored as true monarchs by mortals who have acquired the Tao.

Dao Jun (道君) - Dao Jun is a general term for all high-level immortals. He is not a certain type of immortal, but refers to all immortals in high-level positions. In the period of Song Huizong (宋徽宗), he himself believed in Taoism and proclaimed himself Emperor Daojun (道君皇帝). 

In many cases, Daojun refers to Song Huizong. Volume 662 of "Taiping Yulan"《太平御览》 quoted in Tao Hongjing's "Dengzhen Hidden Secret" (南朝梁陶弘景《登真隐诀》) of the Southern Dynasty: "The Three Qing Dynasty and the Nine Palaces also have subordinates, the left is better than the right, and its high general is called Dao Jun (道君),  then followed by Zhen Reng (真人), Zhen Gong (真公), and Zhen Jun (真君)." (“三清九宫并有僚属,例左胜於右,其高总称曰道君,次真人真公、真君。”)

Di Jun (帝君) - "Di Jun" is an honorary title and a symbol of power and status in ancient times. The "Di Jun" was under the Jade Emperor. There were many “Di Jun" in ancient times, and different "Di Jun" were in charge of different functions. 

The most famous ones are: Wen Chang Di Jun (文昌帝君), Dong Hua (东华帝君), Guan Sheng (关圣帝君) - Saintly Emperor Guan, etc. As the leader of all immortals, the Jade Emperor is in charge of the three realms, and can also be called an "Di Jun", but this emperor is special. The Emperor Ziwei (紫薇大帝)is also one of the "Di Jun".

The Win Toto (Lotto / Bingo) Super Power (7 In 1) Talisman

The Win Toto (Lotto / Bingo) Super Power (7 In 1) Talisman

(This same article is available at 'Kumantong 4D Power' Blog)

After they have been Winning 4D big time and personally experienced the effect of the Talismans done for them,  the Taoist Sorcery / Kumantong 4D Clients and Followers have been encouraging  me (Taoist Sorcery Master a.k.a Kumantong 4D Master) to come up with a very powerful talisman to focus on Striking TOTO (Lotto / Bingo / Power Ball / Mega Millions etc) Numbers. - WINNING 4D DIRECT TOP 3 Prize is not enough.. NOW IS TO  WIN TOTO.

Folks who have been playing TOTO (Lotto / Bingo / Power Ball / Mega Millions etc) Numbers, know that  winning this type of Lottery is the most difficult, even when apply the "Wheeling System" Method. I, personally, is happy enough to Win 4D Top 3 Prizes occasionally and never put the attention to Win Toto. 

Due to the constant request for 'WIN TOTO' Talisman, I have decided to take on task to create and bring into existence... a Folk Taoist Talisman that should help  on Winning Toto Big Time and hopefully.. Everytime.  

It took me more than 9 months to brain-storm and plan out  which deities / gods and ghosts to call upon, in order to create a super-duper spiritually powerful talisman to help us Strike Toto (Lotto / Bingo / Powerball / Mega Millions) like crazy. 

Now,  it has finally come into existence.  This talisman is not only just for You to seek Potential Winning TOTO numbers, it is also for You to seek Potential Winning 4D Numbers and also increase Your gambling luck in Casinos, or other gambling fun. This talisman is also designed in a way to be used together with the 'Electronic Bingo Toy Set', or can be prayed to it by itself alone.

*The 'Win Toto (Lotto / Bingo) Super Power (7 In 1)' Talisman calls upon '8-Roads' Gods Of Wealth, 8 Heavenly Horse Generals, Han-Xin Gambling God (in order to invite other Gambling Gods , Gambling Immortals and Gambling Ghosts), Local Earth God of Your area, 5 Ghosts and other Wandering Spirits to provide support and help pick the Potential Winning Lottery Numbers and to improve gambling luck*  

Several Ways to use this Talisman:

By keeping it inside Your wallet / bag or put it on altar, this will increase Your Toto / 4D / Gambling Luck

Fold it and keep inside Your pocket or wallet when going to gamble in Casinos, or other gambling games.

Fold and put the talisman on a tray - Light up incense stick or aroma cone, quietly call upon the gambling deities and ghosts to come over, then shake a cup of numbers (0 - 9) to seek  High Potential Winning 4D Numbers. Or use a Bingo-Toy to seek  High Potential Winning TOTO Numbers. 

Fold and tie the talisman around the Shake-Cup - Light up incense stick or aroma cone, quietly call upon the gambling deities and ghosts to come over, and then shake the cup to seek High Potential Winning 4D Numbers.

Frame up the Talisman -  Light up incense stick or aroma cone. Quietly call upon the gambling deities and ghosts to come over,then use the Bingo Toy Set to seek High Potential Winning Toto Numbers. Or use a Shake-Cup to Shake for 4D Numbers. 

Spread the talisman on the table - Place the Bingo Toy Set on the Circle in the centre of the Talisman. Light up incense stick / aroma cone. Quietly call upon the gambling deities and ghosts to come over, and then press a Button to seek High Potential Winning Toto Numbers.

*When seeking Toto or 4D Numbers, remember to light up Joss Sticks / Aroma Cones*

Video of Using 'Win Toto (Lotto / Bingo) Super Power (7 In 1)' Talisman 

Part 2 of the Article - The Detailed Explanation of the 7 Talismans in 'Win Toto (Lotto / Bingo) Super Power (7 In 1)' Talisman

Important Points to take note: 

The main focus of 'Win Toto (Lotto / Bingo) Super Power (7 In 1)' Talisman  is on Winning TOTO (Lotto / Bingo / Power Ball / Mega Millions etc) Numbers and also for seeking 4D Numbers and improve Gambling Luck in Casinos or other gambling purposes. 

This talisman IS NOT used for multi-purpose conventional wealth bringing purpose - Jobs, Careers, Sales and Business.You have other Wealth Bringing Talismans for such purposes, such as: 

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