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Ultimate Salesman Talisman

How "Ultimate Salesman" Talisman comes about and why promote it?
It actually started with one guy. He was seeking for a specific talisman that can help to improve his sales results.  After much brainstorming on every details on how a sales-person with the support of sales-related talismans can turn into a Power Salesman , "Ultimate Salesman" Talisman is then being created and custom-made just for him (after he had paid a super high fee to have it created for him). It is a combination of several individual sales-related talismans.

"Ultimate Salesman Talisman"  was not intended to be promoted to the public when there is already "Gods Of Wealth Of All Direction" Talisman , which is a Money-From-All-Sources-Keep-Coming Talisman.

Soon, more and more Folks are also asking the same question:" Is there a talisman that can help me specifically to improve my sales?" This is the main reason which it is finally promote to the public, so that sales people who need the "Ultimate Salesman" Talisman can own it as well.

"Ultimate Salesman Talisman" and "Gods Of Wealth Of All Direction" Talisman complements each other. They are often kept together  by Scare-To-Lose Folks. Their motto is "Every talismans that can help to Suck-In-Money to me will be kept".

"Ultimate Salesman" Talisman consist of:
1) Social Power Talisman
2) Salesman Talisman 1
3) Salesman Talisman 2
4) Customers Keep Coming Talisman
5) Strike Lottery (1st Prize) Talisman

The Purpose of Social Power Talisman -
 Whether You need to attend social functions for networking sessions or get sales and also if You enjoy going clubbing or attend many social events and want to shine brighter than the rest, this talisman will transform You into MR / MISS / MRS MOST POPULAR. This Talisman is most sought-after by Businessmen, Salesmen , Public Relation Officers , Property Agents and Sales Agents.

The Purpose of Salesman Talisman 1 & 2
These 2 Salesman Talismans are the two main Talismans that work the magic on a Sales Person. They are always combined together side by side to produce  tremendous success on sales results for a sales person.

The Purpose of "Customers Keep Coming" Talisman
Have You ever noticed a shop that is always full of customers and the flow of incoming customers never stop? Or ever notice there are always customers surrounding just one particular sales person and not the others? The reason could be that the shop owner might had secretly paste this Talisman inside the shop, or the sales person (or sales-assistant) might be carrying this Talisman with him / her.

"Customers Keep Coming" Talisman is a talisman that bring customers non-stop to You , or Your shop (or office). Whether You are just a sales-person stationed at the shop or the owner of the shop , You will always have customers keep visiting You  or Your shop.

The Purpose of Strike Lottery (1st Prize) Talisman
Many people will  ask "What the hack is Striking Lottery going to do with sales?".

Yes, Striking the Lottery has nothing to do with Sales ... BUT...  folks seeking for a Sales Related Talisman, always ask whether a Sales talisman can also help to STRIKE LOTTERY (4D / Lottery) and whether such a purpose (Strike Lottery) can be included.  Now, not only You can make good money from achieving Super Sales Results with the "Uultimate Salesman" Talisman, You can also use the Talisman to seek Lottery (4D /Toto / Lotto / Pick 3 / Pick 4) Numbers by tying around a "Shake Cup" and shake the numbers to strike 1st Prize.

"Ultimate Salesman" Talisman is most suitable for:
1) Shop Owners
2) Car Salesmen
3) Insurance Agents
4) Property Agents
5) Sales Persons stationed in Shops
6) Credit Card Salesmen
7) Commission Earners
8) Folks who intend to become a Sales Person


 !!UPDATE!! (12 April 2021)

Due to Client's personal request, the 'Strike Lottery' Talisman on the Ultimate Salesman Talisman (Version 1) is replaced with 'Gods Of Wealth' Talisman and make it Version 2 .

"I would like to get the Ultimate Salesman Talisman .I want to replace the "Lottery Talisman" to "Gods of Wealth Talisman" for online/offline sales, customers, visitors, closing deals, business success, and wealth." - Client N.E. , Singapore

Video of Ultimate Salesman Talisman (Version 2)



Folks can order the whole talisman as it is, or request for a change of either one or two of the talismans. Extra Fee might be charged. 

Folks can also request to add on more talismans into the main talisman (of talismans), with add-on charges. 

Take note that, not all types of  main talismans can be changed or added. You may email me (Taoist Sorcery Master - Email:  and discuss about Your issues and then let me  customize a Talisman that suit Your needs.

Chinese Hungry Ghosts Festival - 2 Proper Praying Methods and 1 Lay Method

This article is a guide to 2 Proper Methods and 1 Lay Method  of Praying during Hungry Ghosts Festival.

For pure Taoists and pure Buddhists and those Western Folks who want to follow the proper methods , You have 2 choices.

The Proper Taoist Method
You should go to a Taoist Temple that worship the San Guan Da Ti (三管大帝). You will join the Priests to recite  8 Important Incantations Of Taoism , "Praise/Invitation Mantra for the Three Lord Emperors of the Three Realms" (三官大帝宝诰), and other Important Taoist Mantras for paying respect to San Guan Da Ti (三管大帝). This is the proper methods for Taoists to pray for prevention of natural disasters, releasing of illnesses and eliminating of all the negative entities.

The Proper Buddhist Method
You should go to a Buddhist Temple and join the Monks to recite several Buddhist Mantras, such as "Ullambana Sutra"(佛说盂兰盆经), Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva Pūrvapraṇidhāna Sūtra (地藏菩萨三愿经), perform the "Food Offering To Hungry Ghosts Ceremony" (慈悲甘露施食儀軌), which includes the chanting of "Gate of Sweet Nectar Dharani" (甘露水真言)and "Transform Food Dharani"(变食真言) and also "Fan Yan Kou"(放焰口) etc. If these mantras aren't chant, food that touches the mouths of Hungry Ghosts  will burn into ashes.

The Chinese Folks/Lay Men Method - Interesting and without the hustles of reciting sutras

The grand food offering method - Usually applied on 15th Day of Hungry Ghost Month

Place a table right in front of Your Main Door of Your House / Company / Shop. Display all kinds of meats, canned foods , rice , packet drinks, beers and whatever You think can be a big feasts. Poke a Triangle Flag (with Dragon Image) or one incense  stick on each food , representing the food is to be offered to the Wandering Ghosts. After that, place the joss papers and hell bank notes at the side and then light up 2 candles and joss sticks to pray to the "Good Brothers" (wandering ghosts).

The simple food offering method - Usually applied on 1st Day and Last Day of Hungry Ghosts Month

Go to the grass patch outside Your house or near the road junction in the evening or night time. Display the simple food offering on the ground and also place the joss papers and hell bank notes at the side and then light up 2 candles and joss sticks to pray to the "Good Brothers" (wandering ghosts).

Ask 4D Numbers and Burn Joss Papers and Hell Bank Notes
After doing the Grand or Simple Food Offering Method, You can start seeking 4D Numbers with the  Shake Cup Method (Bring Along Your Shake Cup) if You want to. After the candles and joss sticks are almost complete burning, You can begin to burn the Joss Papers and Hell Bank Notes to the Wandering Spirits. After that, pack up the Food Offerings and share the food with family members, working colleagues, Business Partners or workers.

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Hungry Ghost Month and Festival - Warning and Taboos

1) During Hungry Ghost Festival, do not badmouth (Christians love to do this) in the public and on the street about the bullshit of existence of ghosts and the stupidity of Hungry Ghosts Festival. There are cases that folks who have done that end up with crooked mouth or the leg got swollen and need to seek help from Taoist Master immediately to get rid of the ghostly punishment.

2) Do not curse and swear and intentionally kick the burnt joss papers and food offerings on the ground when You (especially the Christian) don't believe in ghosts and Hungry Ghost Festival.There are real cases that some youngsters (usually the Christians) start to have mental illness and cannot continue their studies. They either end up in Mental Hospital , or they have to lower their pride and seek help immediately from Taoist Master or Tang-Ki (Spirit Medium) in Taoist Temple.

3) Do not sit on the 1st roll of "empty" seats of the makeshift stage  (known as 歌台 - Go-Tai). These chairs are reserved for the ghosts. There use to be cases that  folks, either being stubborn, skeptical or un-informed, sit down on "empty" seat and later got possessed and pass out.  After recovering from the ghostly  attack,  the victim had to obediently burnt joss papers and do offerings to apologize to the spirit being  that has been offended.

4) Address the ghosts as "Good Brothers"(好兄弟), "Uncles" (叔伯) and not "Ghosts"(鬼).

5) If You strike 4D Lottery with the help from the Wandering Ghosts, remember to thank them by going back to the same spot and do another offerings and burn Joss Papers and Hell Bank Notes to them as a form gratitude.

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Secret To Strike 4D Lottery During Hungry Ghost Festival

There are Taoist Masters Of The Right Path  that discourage You from seeking 4D lottery luck and wealth from the wandering souls, thinking that these wandering souls are already suffering and You will give them more burden for helping You in Striking 4D Lottery. Well.. there is no right or wrong in what they say. They may has a valid point... But then...

Different people have different views and experiences on dabbling in ghostly matters. Being a Taoist Of the Left Path and achieve constant positive experiences with the help  from Ghosts ( and also Kumantongs), therefore I am here to teach You How To Strike 4D Lottery During Hungry Ghost Festival. If You dare, follow me...

Let me show You something..

It happened on 19 August 2009, Wednesday , which was the eve of Chinese Hungry Ghosts Festival. Chinese folks were preparing Prayer Materials and Food Offerings since morning until evening and getting ready to welcome the Ghosts from Hell when the clock strike 12 midnight.

Since it was going to be the start of Chinese Hungry Ghosts Festival that night, I  met up an old Taoist Sorcery Master, whom I know for a long time since I was still a Kid, in the afternoon for a chat over coffee session. He handed me a "scratch it" 4D Lucky Numbers Card, which he created himself and also empowered with "god of wealth come visiting" talisman at the back of the scratch card. He gave it to me as a gift and said " If You believe in ghosts, You buy the numbers shown after scratching it".

As a Taoist Sorcery Practitioner myself and he is someone I look highly upon and respect him a lot,  I 100% believe whatever "magic trick" he does. I scratched the card and went to buy the 4D Lucky Numbers for that day, which was Wednesday and was also a 4D Draw Day.

The 4D Numbers shown on the card was 1007. At night, it came out on Singapore Pools as 0701 - 3rd Prize. I don't have to tell You how much I bet on it and how much I strike. You just think if You already 100% sure that it will confirm strike, how much will You bet on the Numbers?

Many people will  jeer at such incidence as PURE LUCK.. Well Look Again...

While checking on Malaysia Magnum 4D , it came out as Direct 1007 - 3rd Prize on the same night. Will You still consider "By Luck" when Singapore side and Malaysia side hit same numbers on 3rd Prize on the same night?

4D Numbers given on the Scratch it card 1007 , means it was 1st day of 7th lunar month (Hungry Ghost Festival). 0701 also means 1st day of 7th month (Hungry Ghost Festival).

So, does it seems eerie and strange to You now? 够邪门吧!

There is no point forcing people to believe that ghosts exist. Whether You believe or not is up to You. If You believe that ghosts exist and ghosts can be Your good friends and help You strike Lottery, continue reading...

How You Can Strike 4D for Yourself on Chinese Hungry Ghost Month?
If You 100% believe that ghosts exist  or think that there are even more ghosts on Hungry Ghosts Month and want to seek help from Ghosts , or mutually help each other (or use each other), it is one of the best time to seek 4D numbers during this period.

This is what to do to ask 4D on Ghost Month...

1) The best time to seek 4D Numbers will be at 12am - 1st Day of Chinese Lunar 7th Month, when the hell gates just open.

2) 2nd Best time is 15th Day of Chinese Lunar 7th Month.

3) The 3rd best time is during the end of Hungry Ghost Festival, before the closing of Hell Gates - before 12am of 30th Day of Chinese Lunar 7th Month.

During 1st Day or Last Day of Hungry Ghosts Month, You can do Simple Food Offering Method.
Go to the glass patch outside Your house or near the road junction , best is if You can go to Graveyard if You dare. Display the Simple Food Offering on the ground and also place the joss papers and hell bank notes at the side and then light up 2 candles and joss sticks to pray to the "Good Brothers" (wandering ghosts).  While the candles and joss sticks are still burning , kneel down and use the "Shake a Cup for 4D Numbers" Method (Bring Your Shake Cup along) and get Yourself a set of 4D Numbers to buy.

On 15th Day of Hungry Ghosts Month, You can do Grand Food Offering Method.
Place a table right in front of Your Main Door of Your House or Shops / Company / Shop. Display all kinds of meats, canned foods , rice , packet drinks, beers and whatever You think can be a big feasts. Poke a Triangle Flag (with Dragon Image) or one incense stick on each food , representing the food is to be offered to the Wandering Ghosts. After that, place the joss papers and hell bank notes at the side and then light up 2 candles and joss sticks to pray to the "Good Brothers" (wandering ghosts). While the candles and joss sticks are still burning , kneel down and use the "Shake a Cup for 4D Numbers" Method (Bring Your Shake Cup along) and get Yourself a set of 4D Numbers to buy.

Burn Joss Papers and Hell Bank Notes
After seeking 4D Numbers from the Wandering Spirits and the candles and joss sticks are almost complete burning, You can begin to burn the Joss Papers and Hell Bank Notes to them (ghosts). After that, pack up the Food Offerings and share the food with family members, working colleagues, Business Partners or workers. 

Remember to Thank The Ghosts if You Strike 4D Lottery
When You strike 4D Big Big (if small amount never mind), don't forget to go back to the same spot where You ask 4D and thank the ghost or ghosts whom help You strike 4D, by burning Joss papers , Hell Bank Notes and food offerings once again.

And also don't forget to send Ang Bao or "Token of Appreciation" to the person who shared with You this Secret To Strike  4D On Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival.

Important Note:
Western Folks who want to burn offerings to Ghosts during Chinese Hungry Ghosts Festival for the fun of it or and  for the sake to seek their help for Lottery Numbers, but can't get hold of Joss Papers, Hell Bank Notes and Prayer Materials can Email: to buy Standard package of  Prayer Offerings for "Wandering Brothers" during Hungry Ghost Month.

The Prayer Offerings Package will be much more expensive than what You buy at Joss Paper Shops, as inside  will contain "Secret Ingredients" (example: Strike Lottery Talismans and more) not found anywhere else, to boost up the Strike  Lottery Chance.

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Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival - 2 Origins

There are 2 origins to the 7th month Hungry Ghost Festival: The Taoist Origin and Buddhist Origin

Zhong Yuan Jie (中元节) - The Taoist Origin

The Taoist doctrine holds that the three basic elements that generate everything in the universe are heaven, earth and water, namely, "San Yuan(三元)"(three elements), which are also known as "San Guan(三官)" (Three Officials), meaning, the section produced during the flowing process of time and space. They are manifested as the Three Great Official Emperors ( 三官大帝 San Guan Da Di), also known as Officials of Three Realms (三界公 San Jie Gong). Their positions are only second to Great Jade Emperor (玉皇大帝).

Official of Heaven (天官) - Lord Zi Wei (紫微大帝)
The Official of Heaven (天官) named Lord Zi-Wei (紫微大帝) was born on 15th day of 1st Chinese Lunar Month, which is called Shang Yuan Festival(上元节) or Shang Yuan Tian Guang Festival(上元天官节). His Duty is to access the good and bad deeds of heavenly beings and bring blessings to human folks on Earth. Shang Yuan Festival(上元节) is also on the same day as Chinese New Year Lantern Festival (庆元宵).

Earth(地官 - Di Guan) - Lord Qing Xu (清虚大帝)
The Official Of Earth (地官 - Di Guan) named Lord Qingxu (清虚大帝). He was born on 15th day of 7th Chinese Lunar Month, which is called Zhong Yuan Festival (中元节) or Zhong Yuan Di Guan Festival (中元地官节). His duty is to inspect the good and evil deeds of Human Folks on Earth and whether to bring fortune to the worthy person. He may pardon sins on those human folks and those who pass on who did wrong.

Official Of Water(水官 - Sui Guan) - Lord Dong Yin (洞阴大帝)
The Official Of Water(水官 - Sui Guan) named Lord Dongyin (洞阴大帝) was born in 15th Day of 10th Chinese Lunar Month, which is called Xia Yuan Festival (下元节) or Xia Yuan Sui Guan Festival (下元水官节). He is in charge of the matters happening in the nether world, access the good and bad deeds of the spiritual beings waiting for rebirth. His duty also includes dispelling misfortune of human folks on earth.

During these three festivals, the three officials would descend upon earth in their respective festival to execute their duties.

Ulabhama Festival (孟兰盆 节 Yu-Lan-Pen-Jie) - The Buddhist Origin

In the Ullambana Sutra (孟兰盆经), there is a descriptive account of a Buddhist monk named Maudgalyāyana (目犍连), originally a Brahmin youth who later ordained, and later becoming one of the 10 Buddha's chief disciples. Mahāmaudgalyāyana was also known for having clairvoyant powers.

After he attained arhatship, he began to think deeply of his parents, and wondered what happened to them. He used his clairvoyance to see where they were reborn and found his father in the heavenly realms i.e. the realm of the gods. However, his mother had been reborn in a lower realm, known as Avici Hell, or the Realm of Hungry Ghosts. His mother took on the form of a Hungry Ghost (Preta) – so called because it could not eat due to its highly thin and fragile throat in which no food could pass through, yet it was always hungry because it had a fat belly. His mother had been greedy with the money he left her. He had instructed her to kindly host any Buddhist monks that ever came her way, but instead she withheld her kindness and her money. It was for this reason she was reborn in the realm of hungry ghosts.

Maudgalyāyana eased his mother's suffering by receiving the instructions of feeding pretas from the Buddha. The Buddha instructed Maudgalyāyana to place pieces of food on a clean plate, reciting a mantra seven times to bless the food, snap his fingers to call out to the deceased and finally tip the food onto clean ground. By doing so, the preta's hunger would be relieved. Through these merits, his mother was able to be reborn as a dog under the care of a noble family.

Maudgalyāyana then sought the Buddha's advice to help his mother gain a human birth. The Buddha established a day after the traditional summer retreat (the 15th day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar, usually mid-to-late August) on which Maudgalyāyana was to offer food and robes to five hundred bhikkhus. Through the merits created, Maudgalyāyana's mother finally gained a human birth.

Ullambana Festival Festival , the Buddhist version of Hungry Ghost Festival, is the day to  emphasize on filial piety. Monks the Buddhist Folks would   recite mantras and prepare vegetarian food offering to the Hungry Ghosts (Pretas) and offer prayers to help them in their rebirth to higher realms.

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva's Birthy - Last Day of Chinese Ghost Festival

 Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva's Birthday, on 30th of Chinese Lunar 7th Month, which also falls on the last day of Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival, therefore during last day of Hungry Ghost Festival, Chinese Folks of  both Taoist and Buddhist Faith pay respect and worship him and seek his help to protect and assist their pass-on parents, family members, relatives and ancestors for better rebirth.

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (地藏王菩萨) is known for his great vow to help beings in all realms to gain enlightenment before he would become a Buddha. He is also tasked to teach the Dharma to all beings during the time between the passing of Gautama Buddha and the arrival of Maitreya Buddha.

Important Note for Buddhists and Non-Buddhists:

Maudgalyāyana  (目犍连)  is not Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (地藏王菩薩).

Maudgalyāyana  (目犍连) has often been mistaken to be  Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (地藏王菩薩) , because both were trying to saved their mothers, who were reborn in Hell Realms. The stories may sound similar but they happened at different time and place.

Maudgalyāyana  (目犍连) was Gautama Buddha's one of the 10 chief disciples , who attained arhatship. Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (地藏王菩薩) was a Bodhisattva that Gautama Buddha met and had a dialogue with, that took place in Trāyastriṃśa Heaven, while Gautama Buddha was there to expound the Dharma to his mother, Māyādevī.

Zhong Yuan Festival (中元节) Celebration - The Past and Present

On the 15th of 7th Lunar Month the Taoist Priests would perform rites to honor  the Manifestation Anniversary or Inspection Day of The Official Of Earth (地官 - Di Guan) and Salvation Rituals for the Passed-on, in-order to assist them to ascend to the Eastern Palace to enjoy the Eternal Joyous and also, to assist a Good Cultivated Person to attain Enlightenment.

On the same day,  the Chinese Folks paid respect to their Ancestors, Passed-on Parents, Masters, Teachers, etc. A Month of Festive Period to pay respect and remember  the Wise People of the past, who had Positively Influence oneself. It is also  a day to remember the importance of Filial Piety.

These days, Zhong Yuan Festival (中元节)is popularly known as Ghost Festival (鬼节) by the Chinese Folks. Chinese Folks offer prayers to their deceased relatives and other wandering ghosts, such as offer food and drink and burn hell bank notes and other forms of joss paper. A large feast is held for the ghosts on the 15th of the seventh month, when people bring food and place them on an offering table to please the ghosts and ward off bad luck.

In some South East Asian countries today, live performances are held and everyone is invited to attend. The first row of seats are always empty as this is where the ghosts sit. In the past, it used to be Chinese operas but these days, the trend has shifted towards pop Chinese music on a makeshift stage.

Although there are some differences in the rituals and beliefs  between Buddhist and Taoist, Chinese will participate in both forms of worship and rituals during this period. 

Take Note:
1) Ghosts don't only appear on Chinese Lunar 7th Month. They can be anywhere anytime. They are Earth Bound Ghosts and they usually hide at dark corners, without much human disturbances.

2) Ghosts have no time to harm you or disturb You, unless You have offended them and that they may come to You to seek revenge or Payback. Example: Ask for 4D Numbers from the ghost and forgot to do offerings to the ghost after  winning a lot of money.

3) Ghosts might come to disturb or harm You when it is under the command and control of a Taoist Sorcerer or any Black Magician of other faith, for revenge purpose or someone has engaged him to destroy You.

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Hungry Ghost Festivals Celebrated outside Chinese Communities

Chūgen (中元) - Zhong Yuan Festival (Taoist Version) in Japan
In Japan, Chūgen (中元), also Ochūgen (お中元) was originally an annual event for doing offerings to the ancestral spirits. Now, the tradition has changed to giving gifts to their superiors and acquaintances. It is sometimes considered a Zassetsu in the Japanese calendar.

O-bon - Ullambana Festival (Buddhist Version) in Japan
Obon is a shortened form of Ullambana (Japanese: 于蘭盆會 or 盂蘭盆會, urabon'e). O-bon, or simply Bon, is the Japanese version of the Ghost Festival. It has since been transformed over time into a family reunion holiday during which people from the big cities return to their home towns and visit and clean their ancestors' graves. Many Obon celebrations include a huge carnival with rides, games, and summer festival food like watermelon. The festival ends with Toro Nagashi, or the floating of lanterns. Paper lanterns are illuminated and then floated down rivers symbolically signaling the ancestral spirits' return to the world of the dead. This ceremony usually culminates in a fireworks display.

Tết Trung Nguyên - Hungry Ghost Festival in Vietnam
This festival is viewed as the time for the pardoning of condemned souls who are then released from hell. The "homeless" should be "fed" and appeased with offerings of food. Merits for the living are also earned by the release of birds and fish. The lunar month in which the festival takes place is colloquially known as Tháng Cô Hồn - The month of lonely spirits, and believed to be haunted and particularly unlucky. Influenced by Buddhism, this holiday coincides with Vu Lan,the Vietnamese transliteration for Ullambana. In modern times, Vu Lan is also seen as Mother's Day. People with living mothers would bear a red rose and would give thanks while those without, who can choose to bear a white rose; and attend services to pray for the deceased.

Pchum Ben (Khmer: បុណ្យភ្ជុំបិណ្ឌ; "Ancestors' Day") - Hungry Ghost Festival in Cambodia
Pchum Ben is a 15-day Cambodian religious festival, culminating in celebrations on the 15th day of the tenth month in the Khmer calendar, at the end of the Buddhist lent, Vassa. The day is a time when many Cambodians pay their respects to deceased relatives of up to 7 generations.Monks chant the suttas in Pali language overnight (continuously, without sleeping) in prelude to the gates of hell opening, an event that is presumed to occur once a year, and is linked to the cosmology of King Yama originating in the Pali Canon. During the period of the gates of hell being opened, ghosts of the dead (preta) are presumed to be especially active, and thus food-offerings are made to benefit them, some of these ghosts having the opportunity to end their period of purgation, whereas others are imagined to leave hell temporarily, to then return to endure more suffering; without much explanation, relatives who are not in hell (who are in heaven or otherwise reincarnated) are also generally imagined to benefit from the ceremonies.

10 Power Incantations of Taoism

The 10 Power Incantations of Taoism (道教十大神咒) shared here are most basic and most important Incantations that  most Taoist Sorcery Masters, need to have them memorized by heart and  able to chant with ease anytime anywhere when in need of execution. Most of the different Taoist Sects  also include  these 10 Power Taoist Incantations in their Rituals.

In Taoist Sorcery, Taoist Masters often need to recite several of these 10 Taoist Incantations for:
  •  Personal Spiritual Cleansing
  •  Self Protection against Black Magic , Evil Spirits
  • Before and during exorcism
  • While creating  Positive Taoist Talismans (Protection Talisman, Wealth Bringing Talisman etc)
  • During  Consecration (Spiritual Empowering) of Deity Statues
  • While training Taoist Spirit Mediums
  • Entering and Cleansing of Haunted Places
  • During Spiritual Warfare (斗法)  against  other Taoist Sorcerers or Black Magicians of other Faiths
    净心神咒: (Incantation for Purifying the Heart)

    净口神咒: (Incantation for Purifying the Mouth)

    净身神咒: (Incantation for Purifying the Body)

    安土地神咒: (Incantation for Pacifying the Earth Spirits)

    净天地神咒: (Incantation for Purifying Heaven and Earth)

    祝香神咒: (Incantation for Offering of Incense)

    金光神咒: (Incantation Golden Light)

    发豪光神咒: (Incantation of Executing Extreme Bright Light)

    净三业神咒: (Incantation of Purifying Karma of  3 Lives - This Live and Previous 2 Lives)

    净坛神咒: (Incantation of Purifying the Altar)

    太上三官宝经 (Tai Shan 3 Official Treasures Sutra)

    7 of the 10 Power Incantations of Taoism (道教十大神咒), used by Taoist Sorcery Masters, are also recited during Morning Recitation by Taoist Priests in Taoist Temples.

    太上三官宝经 (Tai Shan 3 Treasures Scripture) is the popular scripture recited by Taoist Priests early in the morning and also during evening prayer. It is also known as 8 Power Incantations of Taoism (道教八大神咒).

    The 8 Power Incantations of Taoism, found in 太上三官宝经 (Tai Shan 3 Treasures Sutra):

    • 净心神咒 (Incantation for Purifying the Heart)
    • 净口神咒 (Incantation for Purifying the Mouth)
    • 净身神咒 (Incantation for Purifying the Body)
    • 安土地神咒 (Incantation for Pacifying the Earth Spirits)
    • 净天地神咒 (Incantation for Purifying Heaven and Earth)
    • 祝香咒 (Incantation for Offering of Incense)
    • 金光神咒 (Incantation Golden Light)
    • 开经偈 (Incantation for Opening Sutras)
    开经偈 (Incantation for Opening Sutras) is not included in the 10 Power Incantations of Taoism (道教十大神咒) used by Taoist Sorcery Masters.

    开经偈 (Incantation for Opening Sutras):
    寂寂至无宗, 虚峙劫仞阿, 豁落洞玄文,谁测此幽遐, 一入大乘路, 孰计年劫多,不生亦不灭, 欲生因莲花, 超凌三界途,慈心解世罗, 真人无上德, 世世为仙家,稽首皈依天地水, 三官大帝慈悲主,神功妙德不思议, 谨运一心皈命礼。

    So Now You know:
    • 10 Power Taoist Incantations used by Taoist Sorcery Masters
    • 8 Power Taoist Incantations used by Taoist Priests

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