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The "Ghost Door 13 Needles" (鬼门十三针) - The 13 Acupuncture Points For Exorcism

Ghost Door 13 Needles Diagram (鬼门十三针)

        Some Western TCM Practitioners might already heard or learn about it but majority of the Western Folks, and even the Chinese People themselves, have never heard of  it - The "Ghost Door 13 Needles" (鬼门十三针).

        There are already several articles on this Topic, found on the Internet, but the detailed articles are catered for the Western TCM Practitioners, which are also lacking the original Chinese Texts. 

        This article is written to share more advanced information on this topic - "Ghost Door 13 Needles" (鬼门十三针) for folks who have never heard of it and keen to  understand more details about it.

*The general acupuncture practice is used to treat people, but this type is used to treat "Ghosts"*

        The "Ghost Door 13 Needles" (鬼门十三针) Method is a special treatment method in acupuncture and moxibustion of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is the magical / spiritual path of Chinese Acupuncture and moxibustion, which specializes in treating "Different Type Of Demonic Possessions"(百邪癫狂).

         Folks who believe in ghosts and demons, can consider it as "Exorcism through Acupuncture". From the modern medical science point of view, and to cater to folks who don't believe in the spiritual world, or TCM Practitioners who can't mention about ghosts and demons but have to "sell" or promote it as modern science, then it is also correct to say that this unique method of acupuncture is to treat depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.

Important Note: The application of "13 Ghost Acupuncture Points" (十三鬼穴)  was founded by Bian Que (扁鹊) (407 – 310 BC)  of the Warring States Period.  Many Articles found online were wrongly stated that Sun Si Miao (孙思邈) founded it. He didn't found it but record what Bian-Que had said.

        The "13 Ghost Acupuncture Points" (十三鬼穴) were recorded in an Ancient TCM Book - "A Thousand Gold Essential Prescriptions" (备急千金要方) , written by Sun Si Miao (孙思邈) , but Sun Simiao clearly quoted "Bian Que (扁鹊) said that...", which means that  the founding of "13 Ghost Acupuncture Points" (十三鬼穴) was not by him - Sun Si Miao (孙思邈), but from the Bianque School of the Warring States Period.  

        Due to the precious historical materials, Sun Simiao included it in his work in "A Thousand Gold Essential Prescriptions" (备急千金要方). 

        On the 14th Chapter - 5th Topic - Madness in the TCM Book of  "A Thousand Gold Essential Prescriptions" (备急千金要方) :

Discussion: All diseases of  “hundred evils” originate in many ways, and there are various forms that show the end of the evils, and the disease is seen. There may be silence, or multiple talks, or singing or crying or chanting or laughing or sleeping, sitting in a ditch and eating feces, or naked, or walking around day and night, or insulting indefinitely, or caused by 蜚蛊 (Flying "Gu") , with confused hands and anxious eyes, such as a kind of crazy person, now acupuncture and prescription drugs are used together, where the wind is

蛊 - artificially cultivated poisonous insect; the one insect remaining in the vessel where toxic insects are allowed to eat each other. Used in Black Magic Purpose.

(论曰∶凡诸百邪之病。源起多涂。其有种种形相。示表癫邪之端。而见其病。或有默默而不声或复多言而HT 说。或歌或哭。或吟或笑。或眠坐沟渠。啖食粪秽。或裸形露体。或昼夜游走。或嗔骂无度。或者蜚蛊向导。手乱目急。如斯种类。癫狂之人。今针灸与夫方药。并主治之凡占风之家。亦以风多鬼断之。)

Bian Que Said: To handle a "possessed" person,  there are "13 Ghost Acupuncture Points" (十三鬼穴) to deal with. The application of '13 Ghosts Acupuncture Points'  is to follow accordingly..  1st step, needle on 鬼宫, 2nd step, needle on 鬼信 and 3rd step, needle on 鬼垒, and  then 鬼心 and so on. Usually until 5th to 6th ghost points, will be able to understand the cause of the patient. If it is caused by an evil spirit, it will explains itself about it's origin and reason.... "


*Bian Que (扁鵲) (407 – 310 BC) was the earliest known Chinese physician during the Warring States period.

*Sun Simiao (孙思邈) (541 or 581 - 682) was a Chinese physician and writer of the Sui and Tang dynasty. 

The  '13 Ghosts Acupuncture Points' (十三鬼穴) are: 人中(鬼宫)、少商(鬼信)、隐白(鬼垒)、大陵(鬼心)、申脉(鬼路)、风府(鬼枕)、颊车(鬼床)、承浆(鬼市)、劳宫(鬼窟)、上星(鬼堂)、男会阴女玉门头(鬼藏)、曲池(鬼腿)、海泉(鬼封

Ghost Door 13 Needles Diagram (鬼门十三针)

The Song Of  '13 Ghosts Acupuncture Points' by Sun Simiao   (孙真人"十三鬼穴歌"):











How the Chinese Masters do it  - Standard Operating Procedure

        When a Chinese TCM Master (who belief in the spiritual world) or a Taoist Master / Sorcerer (who is TCM Trained) is applying the "Ghost Door 13 Needles" Method,  the Accupunture Needle would be pierced down on the patient, starting from 1st Ghost Point and then question the "Spirit Entity" (Ghost / Demon) , and followed by the 2nd Ghost Point and so on. 

        Once the spirit entity (ghost / demon)feels  unbearable, it will speak to the needle master and beg to stop the piercing (of needles). The Spirit Entity would then explain the reason of possession. Both party would later come up with a mutual agreement. 

Very Important Point: The 'Spirit Possession" on the patient is highly likely caused by Karmic Issue between the spirit entity (ghost / spirit / demon) and the patient. The Needle Master who performed the exorcism  by applying  "Ghost Door 13 Needles" (鬼门十三针) Method, may have successfully expelled the ghost out of the patient, but  if gone overboard, without giving care and concern on the spirit entity, it may cause a backlash, whereby the ghost will seek revenge, or  the karmic debt will pass onto the Needle Master or the patient's future generation.

The  "TAI YI TALISMAN (太乙灵符)"

In "The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion" (针灸大成 Zhēn Jiǔ Dà Chéng), written by Yang Ji-Zhou (杨继洲), there is a chapter: "The Secret Essentials Of Needling The Evils" (针邪秘要 Zhēn Xié Mì Yào).  Inside here, shown the  "TAI YI TALISMAN (太乙灵符)".

*Yang Ji Zhou (approximately 1522~1620), famous acupuncturist in Ming Dynasty. His main work is "针灸大成 " (The Great Compendium of Acupuncture and Moxibustion)*

First use cinnabar to draw 2 Tai Yi Talismans. When drawing the talisman, recite the mantra of Xiao Tian Gang (小天罡咒)  - "天罡大神,日月常轮,上朝金阙,下覆昆仑,贪狼巨门,禄存文曲,廉贞武曲,破军辅弼,大周天界,细入微尘,玄黄正气,速赴我身,所有凶神恶煞,速赴我魁之下,毋动毋作,急急如律令".

Then, burn one into ash and add to the wine tune for the patient to drink. Paste another one in the patient's room. 

Before needling the patient, recite:"大哉乾元,威统神天,金针到处,万病如拈,吾奉太上老君,急急如律令".

While about to begin needling the patient, recite:"布气玄真,万病不侵,经络接积,龙降虎升,阴阳妙道,插入神针,针天须要开,针地定叫裂,针山必使崩,针海还应竭,针人疾即安,针鬼悉馘灭!吾奉太上老君,急急如律令,摄!"

After that, recite:"手提金鞭倒骑牛,唱得黄河水倒流,一口吸尽川江水,运动人身血脉流,南斗六星,北斗七星。太上老君,急急如律令".

*Notice that in Ancient TCM Texts, the Rituals, Spells and Talismans were included.  The modern mainstream TCM Practice omit the "Magical" Sections and also not taught to the Western TCM Practitioners. This might be due to getting rid of "superstitious", in order to sell to the general public. However, The Folk TCM Practice and Taoist TCM (by Taoist Masters / Sorcerers / Priests) still include Rituals,Spells and Talismans while  giving TCM Consultations* 


When all else failed, there is the Taoist Spiritual Method. This method is not found in mainstream TCM, nor taught to Western TCM Practitioners. This spiritual method belongs to the TCM 13th Discipline (祝由十三科 - Zhù Yóu Shí Sān Kē). Only Taoist Masters / Sorcerers (with TCM Knowledge) and Taoist TCM Practitioners, include Spells, Talismans and Chants in their TCM Practice.

Each specific talisman is pasted on each specific Ghost Point (of the 13 Ghost Points) accordingly.

What Western TCM Practitioners don't know... 

        The above explanation of the spiritual side of "Ghost Door 13 Needles" (鬼门十三针) Method is not taught and explained to the Western TCM Practitioners. TCM has to be sold to the Western World as "modern and scientific", which has to exclude the "Demonic Possession" Part. 

        Folks who need to read and explain the "Ghost Door 13 Needles" (鬼门十三针) Mehod in a "modern and scientific" way, can do research on this topic on other websites catered for Western TCM Practitioners  to deal with Western Patients.

The "Shadow Corpse" (荫尸) brings misfortune to all descendants

Many people, even the Chinese Folks, who are not well-versed in the Chinese Mystical Knowledge (中华玄学) , Taoist Folk Practice, Taoist Sorcery  or the knowledge of Yin House Feng Shui (Burial / Graveyard Feng Shui), have a misconception that an undecomposed corpse of  a late person,  means that the late-person  had done lots of good deeds and gained good karma when he / she was alive, therefore his / her body had become incorrupted. 

That might be the case if the late-person was a monk or saint, not for the case of ordinary human being with living descendants.  - If it has happened to Your late elder family members, You should be worried, and not be amazed.

Most of the time, it is only when there are continuous signs of bad-luck occuring one after another in a very short period (within weeks or few months), befalling onto several members in a family,  such as fatal accidents and death from sicknesses, then they decide to consult a deity (in trance of spirit medium) from a temple, or a Taoist / Feng Shui Master. That is the only time when they  are told that the causes are due to the undecomposed body of an ancestor, which has turned into Yin Shi (荫尸) - "Shadow Corpse", which sucks their life energy.

Why do the burial of ancestors have great impact on descendants? 

Many people never heard of the term 'Yin House' Feng Shui  (Graveyard/ Cemetery / Burial Feng Shui), let alone knowing how it affect the future generations. In fact,  in ancient time, "Feng Shui" was 1st started off to study the land area to bury the dead - The Book of Burial (葬书 Zàng Shū) , an 4th or 5th-century AD work, by the Taoist mystic Guo Pu (郭璞).

Although ancestors are dead and buried , but their aura is filled with a certain amount of space, and they are still silently affecting their living children and grandchildren. Broadly speaking, the closer the blood relationship is, the greater its influence. This is because the genetics of the ancestors and their offspring are very similar and have great commonalities, so it is easy to be affected from the aura.

In terms of Fengshui, the influence of ancestral grave Feng Shui on immediate descedants covers almost all aspects of life, such as wealth, marriage, children, health, official luck, etc. 

The Undecomposed Corpses

Corpse that is not decomposed properly is called Yin Shi (荫尸) - "Shadow Corpse" , or  “养尸” - "Corpse Raising". There are two types of Yin Shi (荫尸): one is a dry corpse, the other is a wet corpse. 

"Corpse Raising" (养尸) - The Corpse has shown the signs of  skin remains elastic, and the  hair, nails and teeth continue to growing bizarrely, as if they are "nourished" by some mysterious force, and this is the "life energy" derived from the descendents.

The Yin Shi (荫尸)  of an ancestor

- Will cause misfortune to all the direct descendants among 3 generations. The family members could die tragically, or died due to illnesses or meet with fatal accidents etc one after another, within short period of time (within weeks , or months) . 

The dry corpse is caused by "恨性八煞" - The 'Hateful Eight Evil Killings Energy', and the wet corpse is caused by "恶性八煞" - 'Vicious Eight Evil Killings Energy'. 

"Shadow Dry Corpse" - An undecomposed corpse that is of dried flesh, with it's mouth wide open.  In Yin Feng Shui perspective, this is caused by 'Hen Xing Ba Sha' (恨性八煞), or  known as 'Hen Xing Ba Sha Huang Quan Shui' (恨性八煞黄泉水).

"Shadow Wet Corpse"- An undecomposed corpse that is still intact even after buried more than ten years, or even 20 years. The hair and nails continue to grow, and the clothes never rot.  In Yin Feng Shui perspective, this is caused by 'Vicious Ba Yao Sha' (恶性八曜煞) , or  known as, 'Huang Quan Sha Shui' (黄泉煞水) .

八曜煞歌诀: 坎龙坤兔震山猴,巽鸡乾马兑蛇头。艮虎离猪为八煞,宅墓逢之一齐休 

There are several ways to deal with 'Shadow Corpses': 

  1. One way is to move to a new "house" - Bury it in a new "Rottable" location - A Good 'Yin House' Feng Shui Spot. 
  2. 2nd way is to do 'Corpse Dissolving' Ritual (With Spells and Talismans) - Taoist Sorcery Master will burn the 'Corpse Dissolving' Talismans into ash and add onto the Rice Wine. During the 'Corpse Dissolving' Ritual, 'Corpse Dissolving'  Spells will be chanted  and the Spiritually Empowered Rice Wine will be poured onto the 'Shadow Corpse'. The ritual will help the 'Shadow Corpse' to decompose an dissolve into the Earth.
  3. 3rd  Way -  The best solution is to Cremate it and place the ashes into an urn and then place the urn in a columbarium. If the urn (of the ashes & bones) is placed back into the ground, in future, there might be complications again, and yeat again, cause troubles to the descendants.

Side Notes:  

Yellow Spring (黃泉) - In Chinese Culture, this means the land of dead. The place we all go after dead. - When a well is bored deep down into the ground, initially yellow water flows out.  It becomes yellow spring. After someone passed away, they were buried underground. Yellow Spring is used describe the land of dead or the Underworld.

Ba Sha Huang Quan (八煞黄泉) -The Eight Evil Killings (Energy) of the Yellow Springs (Underworld).

To understand the terms and deeper understanding of the causes of the "Shadow Corpse" - Yin Shi (荫尸) , You need to have a Deep Knowledge of 'Yin House' (Burial) Feng Shui (阴宅风水) - Feng Shui For The Dead.

The Burglar's Greatest Regrets (7 In 1) Talisman

*A Talisman of Talismans that punishes the burglar 
by harming his eyes, hands, legs and his life 
- All by himself*

One Loyal Follower - C.Chin from USA asked:"Was wondering what talisman would you suggest for a friend who suffers from constant  targeted robberies, spying neighbors and such. She has shady neighbors who like to hack wifi and spy as well as enter her home when she is not present. - A talisman to curse whoever trespasses on the property. And is there a possible talisman to protect against hacking? The neighbor directly upstairs from her has severe stalking/sneaking behavior."

How the 'The Burglar's  Greatest Regrets (7 In 1)  Talisman' came into fruition..

He was told that I need time to brainstorm and then able to come up with a proper talisman (of several Talismans) that suit his friend's needs and purposes. 

Finally, after 11 days of brain-storming and planning, I (Taoist Sorcery Master a.k.a Kumantong 4D Master) was able to come up with a talisman (of several talismans) that will hinder the burglar from performing his action and if he does so, he will be hurt very badly - from his eyes, hands, legs and even his life. All caused by his own actions.

Explanation of the 'The Burglar's  Greatest Regrets (7 In 1)  Talisman'

The talisman is designed in such a way that... on the surface,  the talisman (of talismans) will be mistaken as a normal "home-blessing" talisman. Even to a Chinese person (who can read Chinese), by looking at the Talisman 1, he / she will think that the whole talisman is for "warding off evil spirits" purposes.

*Talisman 1 to 3 will cause the Burglars to become fearful and frightened, thus,  quickly leave without stealing* 

Talisman 1 (For Burglary Prevention) - This is Taoist Sorcery Version of Burglary Prevention Talisman. It is to Call Upon Fu-Mo-Da-Di (伏魔大帝) - "The Great Heavenly Emperor that subdue the Evil Spirits" to send out the evil-warding heavenly generals (辟邪将军) to stay on guard throughout the 4 seasons (四时八节) - Meaning: 24hrs non-stop, throughout the whole year and beyond, to protect and guard the house from "Evil Spirits" Influences, so that there will be no disasters and have Celebrations (无灾-有庆).

This talisman looks as if it is for the sole purpose of  Protecting The Place / House / Premise from the spirits , instead of guarding against human folks with bad intentions.  In actual fact, this talisman's main function is used to prevent Burglary. Secondary benefit, is that it can also protect against  evil spirits.

Who is Fu-Mo-Da-Di (伏魔大帝)? - Guan Di (关帝) , is also known as Guan Sheng Di Jun (关圣帝君) , Dang Mo Zhen Jun (荡魔真君), Fu Mo Da Di (伏魔大帝), and so on. In this context, he is invoked and revered as Fu Mo Da Di (伏魔大帝).

Talisman 2 (For Burglary Prevention) -  This Burglary Prevention Talisman is derived from 'The Tai Shang (Lao Jun) Secret Talismans of Home Protection'.   (太上秘法镇宅灵符). This is an add-on spiritual power booster for Burglary Prevention. Work best in 3 in 1 formation -  Talisman 1 + 2 + 3.

Talisman 3 (For Burglary Prevention) - This Talisman is 'Thieves/Burglars Restraining' Talisman (镇盗贼符) derived from 'The  Emperor Wu's Book of Practical Talismans'. This is an add-on spiritual power booster for Burglary Prevention.  Work best in 3 in 1 formation -  Talisman 1 + 2 + 3.

If the burglar / burglars decide to carry on his / her / their business, the Talisman 4 to 7 will take effect. They will be in a good time of Rollar Coaster Disasters.

*Talisman 4 to 7 are derived from "The Taoist Sorcery Secret Method of Scrying" (道教圆光术).  
- Scrying, also known by various names such as "seeing" or "peeping", is the practice of looking into a suitable medium in the hope of detecting significant messages  or visions. 

Talisman 4 - Hurting Burglar's Life by his own actions
Talisman 5 - Hurting Burglar's Eyes by his own actions
Talisman 6 - Hurting Burglar's Hands by his own actions
Talisman 7 - Hurting Burglar's Legs by his own actions

How To use 'The Burglar's  Greatest Regrets (7 In 1)  Talisman'?
  • It can be framed up and display on the wall of the main hall / living room.  Everyone in the house, including the Buglars, will mistaken that it is some form of "superstitious" Taoist Talismans for Home Blessing. 
  • It can also be folded up and put inside a pouch and hang on the side of the main door. 
  • It can also be placed on the praying altar (if You already have one in the main hall / living room).
 Short Video Of 'The Burglar's  Greatest Regrets (7 In 1)  Talisman'

Important Note: This is one of the more "expensive" talismans. If You are interested to own one for Your home or business premise, kindly email me to ask how much is the Fee to create and empower the same talisman for You. If it is over Your budget or You have a much higher budget, We can discuss and then customise a  suitable talisman (of talismans) that suit Your needs, at Your budget.

Important Side Note:

Long, long time ago, when there was no high-tech equipment like the hidden video cameras, Taoist Sorcery Masters were relying on  "The Taoist Sorcery Secret Method of Scrying" (道教圆光术) to seek for information  and clues.  The 'Taoist Sorcery Secret Method of Scrying' applies a lot of certain Taoist Talismans and chanting of magical incantations, pertaining to scrying ritual, in order to bring out visions, like watch a movie of actions (like the recorded video of hidden video camera). 

After finding out the exact thieves / burglars from the scrying ritual,  the "Punishment Talismans" will be applied to hurt  and harm the Thieves / Burglars from a far distance (as if remote control), in order to punish them by themselves. 

Due to existence of modern high-tech equipment, people are already using Hidden Video Camera to keep a watchful eye on their own home. Secondly, many people, even the mordern Chinese Folks, have never heard of  "Taoist Sorcery Method Of Scrying".  

You get to know about it now because someone was asking for help by applying the "Spiritual Method of dealing with Burglary".

Take Note: There are many more different Talismans for prevention and punishment of Thieves / Burglars on different situations, which are not shown and shared here. 

The Ghosts Of Your Deceased Family Members Are Still Watching Over You... and how to communicate?

There are many stories about people who have seen the ghosts of their deceased family members. You might have seen them , or  Your family members, relatives or friends have told You, they actually saw the ghost of Your deceased family members. 

Usually when one of Your love one (father, mother, siblings, grand parents etc)  passes away,  You will miss the person dearly. You wish You can see him / her again and be able to communicate with him /her , or at least tell him / her how much You have loved him / her , or tell him / her about something that You have no chance to tell when he/she still alive.

This is real story told by my own relative:

When my uncle (my father's elder brother) was in the hospital, his late mother (my late grandmother) who had passed away 30 years ago at that time, came to his house's bedroom to wait for him to move over ( pass on). Late mother must had known that his son was "crossing over" anytime soon.

Uncle's young grand daughter, around 12 yrs old at that time, and her little neighbour friend, together saw the old granny ghost sitting on the bed.  The 2 girls went to inform Aunty (Uncle's wife) about it and describe about her appearance and dressing style. Aunty recalled.. she was the late uncle's mother, who had passed away 30 year ago (at that time).

Another real story told by a Facebook Friend:

"Today my maid told my Mum that she saw someone in my room near the wardrobe. But that was 2 week ago, only today she told us because she didn't want my kids to hear this. Since my kids sleep in my room. 

I don't feel anything or see anything all these while (as I can see or feel all this). She saw a man smoking while sitting with his legs crossed.  She even saw the smoke. 

My sis and I have the same thoughts. The man that my maid saw was my Godfather that passed away last year. Cause he like to cross his leg and smoke. Like he always did.

So i showed my maid my Godfather’s photo & she confirmed “Yes, it’s him!”  "

and there are a lot more similar stories, even though not family related, happened in real life... 


1) A Recruit was serving his National Service in the Army. He was killed while clubbing on a weekend night.  His spirit went to visit his buddy mates in the camp to say the last good-bye.  The buddy mates were also my army camp mates, who told me about it. (I wonder whether the recruit ghost went to visit his living family members at that time).

2) A Chinese "guy" approached my  Indian friend on a 1st night of Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival.  After their conversation, the Chinese "guy" said he had to go and then told that he actually had passed-away in a car accident several years ago. Within 2 secs after saying Good-Bye, the Chinese "guy" just disappeared. This got my Indian friend taken aback and realised  he was actually talking to a Ghost and that was the start of Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival.. (I wonder whether the car accident ghost went to visit his living family members at that time).

The lists of real events of folks who saw ghosts, or met  up and communicate with them can go on and on...

Some religions don't allow You to have such thoughts & practices:

To some religions, the appearing of ghosts of family members / loved ones,  are the transfomation of the devils or jinns to harm You.  To the folks of these religions, human beings have only one life and  after their death,  they go straight to heaven. Anything related to ghosts , are the making of Devils.   

Folks in these religions,  will be stuck in a dilemma - He / She wished to be able to meet the "person" (ghost) again,  but it will be going against the teaching and contradict themselves from their own  religion. 

When there is even a chance of meeting up or communicate with the ghost of their loved one, through  spiritual methods, either the way of Folk Chinese Seance or Western Method Seance or other spiritual methods of other religions or races, they are not allowed to participate. 

Your deceased family members are still around You but afraid to appear and get You frightened...

From the stories above, noticed that some of these people who saw the ghosts,  they had never met before personally when the ghosts were alive as human beings. 

When they informed about the ghostly incidences to people around them, then they got to know the ghosts were related to the people around them. If the ghosts were the transformation of the devils / jinns, why would the devils/jinns waste their time / energy of influencing other people, instead of directly influencing on the targeted people? 

To my own understanding, the ghosts of  Your loved ones might afraid that You will get frightened by their presence, therefore they appear to other people around You, instead of directly in front of You.

Folk Taoists / Buddhists believe in ghosts:

To Folk Taoists / Buddhists, this kind of thing (ghosts and able to see and talk to them) is real and explainable. The understanding from these 2 religions (Folk Taoism / Folk Buddhism) is that the souls of the dead will go for  rebirth into either one of the 6 different realms, within 49 days. 

Base on personal research and stories from own family members, relatives and friends and also similar stories from other folks... This is to say:

When people passed on, their souls don't immediately go for rebirth.  They may linger on the spiritual side and may take a long long time to go for rebirth. 

While they are on the "OTHER SIDE" (Underworld / Spirit World), they know what is going on with their loved ones, who are still living on the Human Realm. When You are about to die,  the spirits / ghosts of Your family members / relatives can feel it and come over to fetch You to Cross Over.

This is the reason why the Chinese Folks pray and do offering to their deceased love ones on Qing Ming Festival, Chinese Hungry Ghosts Festival and the Date Of Death Of their loved ones.

Communicating with Your Deceased Loved Ones:

Since You already know the ghosts of Your loved ones might still be around and they are still watching over You,  or You personally have met the ghosts, or someone has told You  that he /she saw the ghosts of  Your loved ones..  

This method anyone also can do - Follow the  simple Folk Taoist Method  - Write down the Name of the deceased person's name on a paper (Chinese will use red paper) and display it on a table of food offering. Light up  Joss Sticks and Candles. 

While praying to them, use Your mind to feel and think, or just whisper about Your feelings and the messages You wish to convey to your deceased loved ones.  They can receive your feeling and thoughts over them.

After the prayer and sending of thoughts and messages to them, burn  some Joss Papers to them.  

Let's wish the ghost / spirit of Your late loved one will one day appear right in front of You and You both can communicate with each other directly. Hopefully, if really happend, You won't be fainted.

Advanced Method / Direct Method - You may also seek help from "Granny Asking Rice" (问米婆 - Wen Mi Po). "Granny Asking Rice" (问米婆 - Wen Mi Po) is a Taoist Sorcery Ritual usually performed by an old age woman, who called upon the spirit of the dead from the underworld to possess her and then communicate with You. A bowl of rice is usually placed on the ritual table, hence it is called "Asking Rice" (问米).

How do I know the ghosts (of Your Loved Ones) can received Your feelings & Messages:

Base on Real Personal Experience:  When I was small, about 9 years old, in my old house, there was a ghost who would Cry (high pitch - woo woo woo) in the corner of my bedroom occasionally... 

Then one day, I found out, everytime if I were to think about whether the ghost was still around... The ghost would make the 'woo woo wo' sound. 

Fews years later, about 16 yrs old at that time... I told my sister... actually there was a ghost in the house, I could made the ghost cry by using my mind power.... whether she would want to hear it. She said give it a try..  Indeed, suddenly the ghost cried... My sister heard it and scream.

This is to tell You, ghosts (of Your Loved Ones) can feel You from Your heart , mind and soul, without speaking. 

Important Note: Remember to Light Up  Joss Sticks / Aroma Cones and / or with candles, when You want to send feelings and thoughts to the ghosts / spirits of Your Late Loved Ones.  The Amber Light of burning Joss Sticks is a communication channel between the living and the souls / spirits / ghosts. 

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The 'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman

One loyal client, who already owned several other Wealth Related Taoist Talismans, wanted to 'add-on more power' into his life, comes back to request for a new version talisman, that will help make his dream career comes true. 

He wished for a talisman that can help him find (and keep) a dream job e.g. work that is meaningful, high job satisfaction, etc. He felt that he is at a crossroad with his career and would like to move on to a better future. 

 The following lists are his expectations from the newly customised talisman: 

  • Create something truly powerful and beneficial for his life in the long term 
  • Should only involve deities (no ghosts, hell beings) 
  •  Depending on his circumstances and desire, the talisman can help him to easily find full time jobs/projects/part time or freelance work that is meaningful (e.g. making a difference in people's lives), high job satisfaction (e.g. no stress, the work brings him happiness).
  • Able to help him find job easily, whether he is staying in the current industry or changing to something else
  • Help him find or connect with the right people/organization/information whenever he encounters problems in his life e.g. career, family, medical, whatever, etc. 
  • Help him find employment in any country of his choice

How the 'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman came into fruition..

His requests took me several days of pondering, before I decided to take up the challenge to fulfill his wishes. The reason is because  there are few thousands different Taoist Talismans that cater for different purposes and then to fine tune the suitable talismans that will suit his exact needs. 

He was told that I need time to brainstorm and then able to come up with a proper talisman (of several Talismans) that suit his needs and purposes. It shall be something totally different from  the talismans he already owned, yet complements them, which will boost the Spiritual Power exponentially when all talismans are kept together.

It took me more than a week to visualise and plan out a new talisman that is customised for him.  

Finally,  the 'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman is materialised. 

Explanation of the 'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman

This talisman is designed in such a way that it can work by itself, or become a super-charge spiritual power with other talismans combined.

  • Talisman 1 - When folks are busy chasing after money, they always forget that being 'Safe & Sound' (平安) is number one priority.  No point having a lot of money on a disabled body. You won't find happiness in this Combo. This Talisman protects a person from mishaps in everyday life. It also protects against evil spirits / ghosts / demons or black magic hex. This talisman will protect a person from  danger on everyday life, as well as in the work place.  In South East Asia, black magic hex might be brought upon  on You by jealous co-workers, so better take precaution. 
  • Talisman 2 - Calls Upon  Wealth Deity  - Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) to help bring good luck for a person to be "bestowed" (赐职位)with a super high position in the company. Securing 'Good People Fate' (護人緣). It also calls upon heavenly spiritual servants to come and help up - 仙师 / 仙人勅 . Infusing the spiritual energy into heart, mind and soul, thereby anything  a person wishes, will immediately furfill  - 靈魂順心 / 符魄順意.
  • Talisman 3 - Calls Upon Gods Of Wealth Of 5 Directions to help open up "Roads" (路) - Opportunities of all directions (東南西北中) and having Noblemen (Supportive People) come and give support  - 貴人相助. Many times, succcess depends on people giving You opportunities. 'Big Ships' bringing loads of Prosperity - 大船進旺. - Bringing Job Opportunities around the world to You - Fo You To work everywhere You like.
  • Talisman 4 - Called Upon Zi Wei Xing Jun (紫微星君) - Heavenly Spiritual Assistant of the North Pole Star of Purple Subtlety to help 'Open Good Luck Channels' (開運)- Create Opportunities and bring in wealth from all directions.
  • Talisman 5 - Calls Upon Gods Of Wealth Of 5 Directions to help turns any  BAD LUCK to GOOD LUCK (轉) and creates Prosperous Energy (氣旺) upon the person. Noblemen (Supportive People) from many different paths keep coming to give support and putting prosperity and wealth into Your hands (吉祥,财来到手). 
  • Talisman 6  - Calls Upon Gods Of Wealth Of 5 Directions to help bring steadiness in the person's career path (事業順利). Wealth passes the '4 Seas' (財通四海) - Bringing in Wealth from Overseas - Ability to work at any place, anytime, anywhere of Your wish. Money non-stop coming (財源滾滾).
  • Talisman 7 - Calls Upon Gods Of Wealth Of 5 Directions and to gather other wealth-bringing spiritual assistants (招財使者) to come together to keep reminding (催顯) the supporters (貴人- Gui Ren) of all roads / directions to help lifting the person  to greatest height in his career. 
Short Video Of The 'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman

Important Note: 

The 'Career Super Power' (7 In 1) Talisman is a customised talisman for a client, who had  paid a very high fee for it to be created and empowered.  Before this talisman came to existence, he had already owned several other talismans as well. 

If You intend to request for the same talisman to be created and empowered for You, You have to pay the same amount of fee. To know how much is the fee to create and empower this talisman for You, or want a Talisman to customise towards Your specific needs, kindly email me at :

If You are just starting out to own a Talisman from me (Taoist Sorcery Master), You might want to start off with something cheaper and popularly ordered, such as Gods Of Wealth Talisman

Extra Info: The following talismans are also owned by the same Client..

Applying Taoist Sorcery In Your Daily Life - By Striking 4D / Lottery Continuously? (A Case Study to learn so You can Strike 4D For Yourself)

Client Cham is an owner of a Kumantong from Kumantang 4D Master and  Gods Of Wealth Of All Direction Talisman

Recently (25 July 2021) , she just Strike 4D again - Direct 2nd Prize - Win SGD$2000. In total, she has Strike 18 times Singapore Pools 4D (Since 2015 to now - 2021), mostly on Direct TOP 3 Prizes.

The reason why pick her as an example for a "Case Study", because she is someone who applied the "Same Method" taught to her and go on to Keep-On Winning 4D on TOP 3 Prizes non-stop.
A Testimonial from Client Cham:"I was facing deep financial problem during the period of 2013.

Like most people, when life is smooth, they will shunt away  from anything spiritual and consider them as bullshit.  I used to be like that too. Due to my desperate situation, I end up seeking spiritual intervention to clear my money problem.

I  was searching online with the search terms like,  'How To Strike Lottery  with black magic', 'How to ask ghosts for 4D numbers' etc. I was very lucky to land on Kumantong 4D Master's Blogs / Websites.

After reading the articles about folks getting blessed by his Kumantongs for letting them Strike The Lottery, I decided to follow the same method by just sincerely praying on his Kumantongs' Picture to seek own private personal 4D numbers, because I can't afford the fee for Kumantong 4D Prediction at that time.

On the very 1st try, I managed to strike 4D Starter on 1st June 2013 - Saturday. Immediately, I sent over my Token Of Appreciation as Ang Bao to Kumantong 4D Master and offerings to his Kumantongs.

From then on, I always pray to his Kumantongs before I seek 4D Numbers or buy my own personal 4D Numbers. Since then, I have been striking 4D Direct Prizes (TOP 3 Prizes & Starters) very often and continue to send Ang Baos to Kumantong 4D Master and offerings to his Kumantongs.

By the way, I have used some of my winnings to buy the powerful talismans done by Kumantong 4D Master, a.k.a Taoist Sorcery Master.

Now, my financial problems have been cleared and I continue looking forward to more 4D winnings.

All Thanks to Kumantong 4D Master and his Kumantongs

Points To Take Note from her experience:

Just like majority of the ordinary folks, Client Cham started off  as a non-believer in anything spiritual and supernatural.  

Note: Many  ordinary folks in their whole life are not fated to be blessed by the divine beings, just because they never believe "such things" exist. Typical Example from their mouthes is:"If everybody can Strike 4D, then nobody need to work already".

It was only when she was facing Financial Problems and no Humans were willing to help her, then that was the time  she was fated to come across my Blogs and learn about Seeking Help from Deities and Ghosts.

Note: Through fate, she found a Genuine 4D Master (Kumantong 4D Master a.k.a Taoist Sorcery Master) who taught her the same method (like what I do) to seek 4D numbers from Ghosts or Deities. 

*Many folks were conned by the FAKE 4D MASTERS (who show off their 'Fake 4D'  (Photoshopped) Winning Tickets) to lure You into thinking that they indeed are the "REAL 4D GURUS" and then they charge You High Fees without giving You any Numbers and disappeared.*

During that time, She couldn't afford to pay me to do ritual to seek 4D from my Kumantongs . She was told to pray to the Picture of the 3 Kumantongs by herself and buy her personal numbers. In deed,  Kumantongs able to hear her cry and immediately blessed  her to Win 4D several times.  

Note: Yes, the 3 Kumantongs can hear You from far away, by You praying to the Picture of the 3 Kumantongs, shown on the Blogs. 

She always remember to send Kumantongs Offerings and Token Of Appreciation whenever she wins the Lottery. 

One of her Biggest "Token Of Appredication" (ANG BAO) - SGD$1388

Note: This is very important. - In Chinese, it is called "饮水思源" - When You drink water, remember where the source com from - Meaning: Remember to show Gratitude. By doing "Thank You" Prayer Offerings to the Kumantongs / Ghosts and Deities, they will be happy to continue to bless You to Win The Lottery again and again.

Once she had enough money, she quickly ordered a Kumantong and then followed by a Gods Of Wealth (Of All Direction) Talisman.

Since then, she would pray to her Spiritual Items before buying her 4D Numbers. Client Cham has been Striking 4D Direct TOP 3 Prizes and will continue to Strike Direct TOP 3 Prizes into the future. 

Client Cham had since long ago cleared her Financial Problems and moving on to Financial Freedom, through Winning 4D Lottery. 

What You learn from here: Gods and Ghosts are always ready to help You Win The Lottery. Only individuals ownselves shunt away from them and never get the chance to be blessed by them. Once You believe in them and apply "the same proper method" to Seek Help, they will bless You to WIN DIRECT 4D TOP 3 PRIZE. By showing Your Gratitude in the form of Prayer Offering to Thank Them, they are more than happy to continuously bless You with Lottery Strike.. Non-Stop.

The lists of Previous (Singapore Pools) 4D Winnings by Client Cham:
*To learn how to Strike 4D By Yourself with the Help Of Kumantongs , go here: Kumantong 4D Master

*To Learn more about Kumantongs, go here: Kumantong 4 You

*To Learn more about Gods Of Wealth Talisman, go here: "Gods Of Wealth Of All Direction" Talisman

*To ask for Kumantong 4D Prediction Number (Take Note: There is a Fee Charge), or to order a Kumantong or Talisman, Kindly email me (Kumantong 4D Master - a.k.a Taoist Sorcery Master):

The 'WAY' Is Not Easily Gained - The 'TAO' Is Not Sold Cheaply

There are unspoken rules when seeking help from the Chinese (Esoteric Skills) Masters. The older generation Chinese know about that and the Chinese Masters behave as such. 

Since ancient times, all walks of life have had their own Trade Standards (行业规范) , which are called "Codes Of Practice" (行规). The several fields of Chinese Esoteric Arts  are no exception. 

For example, with regard to the question of whether to charge and how to charge, the Patriarch  has long admonished: 卦不空断 - No 'Empty-Handed' (Free) Gua Reading and 命不空算 - No 'Empty-Handed' (Free)  Fortune-Telling.

Often time, there are folks (especially online) seeking FREE Consultations. There are still many half-past-six "practitioners" casually give Free Advices to these Free-Service Seekers and then the Free-Service Seekers will half-heartedly accept the Free-Advice and yet again going around seeking for more Free-Advices in a loop. 

* On my side, as a Taoist Sorcery Master cum Kumantong 4D Master, there are Folks, who can't afford the fee or not interested to pay that kind of fee, will immediately dissappear by themselves, when they realised there are High Fees involved.  Some folks, especially the Foreign Workers like to ask for Kumantong 4D Prediction, and expecting to be Free.*

Surprisingly, these sayings of  'Ancient (Chinese) Codes Of Practice of Ancient (Chinese) Mystic Masters', which the Chinese know about, have never been translated into English or other Foreign Languages to guide the foreigners, when seeking help from the Chinese (Esoteric Skills) Masters.

 The Ancient Chinese Codes Of Practice Of The Chinese Mystic Masters: 

法不轻传 - The 'Way' is not easily gained

In a narrow sense, the "法" (Fa) - "The Esoteric (Secret) Ways (Methods)" here refers to "法术" (Fa Shu) - Taoist Sorcery.  In a broad sense,   "法" (Fa)  refers to other worldly skills, such as the superb craftsmanship of a Stone Carver, the carpentry skills of a carpenter, and the martial arts skills of martial arts masters. 

Generally speaking, the ancients would pass on their unique skills to their children and grandchildren. Those with a larger structure would accept some apprentices and then pass them on to those with higher talents.

The reason why "The 'Way' Is Not Easily Gained" is not a manifestation of narrow-mindedness and selfishness, but rather helplessness. 

Why do you say that? If the 'Skills Of Trade' is passed on to outsiders, once the other party has a character problem and does not Show Gratitude (知恩图报) , it is very likely that "After disciples mastered the Skills, the master starved to death" (教会徒弟,饿死师傅). 

*This issue is very common in ancient time, whereby the non-Chinese Folks (Foreigners) would learn the Secret Knowledge of the Chinese People, and then self-proclaim the skills they gained were their own creation, without paying respect to the Chinese Patriach Of that particular Knowledge & Skills.*

In addition, everyone's talents are different. If the talents of children / grand children or apprentices are average, it is difficult to learn the essence of the "法" (Fa), and it will be lost over time.

In this way, before teaching  the "法" (Fa), two aspects are often considered. On the one hand, it depends on the character of the other party. If the character is not good, no matter how high the talent is, he / she will not be considered; on the other hand, it is the talent of the other party. Every Trades needs talent. For a person with average talent, no matter how much time it takes, it will not be unique.

道不贱卖 - The 'Tao' is not sold cheaply

The "道" (Tao)here can be understood as truth, method, and experience. A person sums up useful methods and skills through study and life experience, and cannot easily tell others. Even if the other person wants to learn very much, he must pay the corresponding price. 

As the saying goes, there is no shortcut to success, but there must be a method. If you master this method, you will be able to avoid many detours and achieve success more easily. Otherwise, you will get half the result with half the effort.

Tao is not cheap, similar to the modern method of paying for knowledge. Others spend their time and energy to master the method, generally will not be not free to you. After all, time is money. It is almost impossible to get successful experience and methods without paying. 

There is no free lunch in the world. The Tao Te Ching writes: "That which you want to take. Must first be given." (Tao Te Chin Verse 36) If you want to learn from others, you must understand the truth that “Tao is not cheap”. At that time, be sure not to be stingy.

师不顺路 - The Master doesn't answer the Passer-By

The "Teacher / Master" (师) in '师不顺路' - "Teacher does not answer the Passer-By" originally referred to the Feng Shui Master (风水师), and later included the Teacher / Master (of a Skilled Trade).  

As we all know, the ancients believed deeply in Feng Shui, and they would find people to look at Feng Shui when they built a house, and  also when look at Feng Shui for a cemetery. 

The overall meaning of '师不顺路' - "Teacher does not answer the Passer-By"  means that when a Feng Shui Master gives Feng Shui Audit to someone else's home, you should not casually ask him to take a look at your home. This is a huge disrespect for the Feng Shui Master. The Rule is You need to show your sincerity by formally inviting him over, by Paying WITH A FEE of course. If not, he will not entertains You.

The same is true for Education Teachers. In ancient times, there was a saying that “To be a teacher for one day, and to be a father for life” (一日为师,终身为父)  In ancient times, the private school teachers (私塾先生) basically did not take the initiative to accept students, but the parents sent their children to the school with a sincere attitude. 

It is not that ancient Feng Shui Masters and / or Education Teachers deliberately put on airs, but they need to be respected. If they are easy to give Feng Shui Audits , or accept students at will, their value will not be reflected.

医不叩门 - The Chinese Physician doesn't Knock on Doors

Under normal circumstances, if someone in the family is sick, the family members will invite the Chinese Physician to the house, instead of the doctor who takes the initiative to come over. 

There are two reasons behind the reason why the doctor is not stingy. The first reason is that if the doctor only hears from others that someone is ill, he is in the kindness of the doctor, and takes the initiative to rush to the patient's home, only to find that the other person is alive and healthy, there is no disease at all, and it is very embarrassing to cause misunderstanding.

The second reason is that each patient’s condition is different. The doctor does not know what preparations to make before he does not understand the condition. If he takes the initiative to come to his home for treatment when he is not prepared enough, it may delay time or even make it too late for treatment. If relatives go to ask a doctor, describe the patient's condition, there is probably a spectrum in the doctor's center. In addition, if the patient is still not cured after doing their best, the relatives will not complain, after all, they invited the doctor over.

Further Codes of Practice:

卦不空断 - No "Empty-Handed" (Free) Gua Reading

Takes Da Liu Ren (大六壬)  as an example, the former sages have long stated that if the heart is sincere, it will be accurate, and the insincere , will not. (凡六壬课占,诚占必准,不诚则否). 

Sincere person burns incense and pray with pious, solid heart.  With sincere heart, therefore, the divination will be accurate. If you treat it as just a  leisure game, it will not be accurate. 诚者,心一而已,焚香虔祷,心固一矣。仓猝惶急而占,心亦必一,故此占皆准,若懈怠游戏而占,百无一准。

If you take up the trouble to do the divination, you must take the Consultation Fee, and is not about Greed over Money. If you don't take the Consultation Fee for good reasons, then people will treat it for granted, and you can't avoid being slack. When You charge a Fee,  people will treat it seriously, and if you have to, you will not provide the service. If they pay You, this will show their sincerity. 为人占事,必取课金,非为贪财,良因不取课金,则人随便来占,不免懈怠。限以课金,则世人惜财,非不得已则不占,不得已则心诚,诚则准矣。

Divination (on particular issue) should be done only one time, and if you redo on the reading again, you will blaspheme upon it and therefore unreliable. If the predicted outcomes have not been fulfilled after the Divination, or have changed in the course of the event, do not need to re-consult about it it again, that is, the previous lesson has already made every effort to make it clear. 一事只占,再占则渎而不靠矣。设占后未见应验,或事中又生变化者,不必再占,即以前课尽心推求,无不昭然若揭。

Consultation Reading on common issues were originally only done for one time. In the case of critical illness or disasters, even if they are Counsulted (Divine-Reading) repeatedly, they must be accepted. Here, seeing the gods’ kindness, pitying him for his sincerit. However, it must be reasonable.  常事原只一占,若遇疾病危急,灾难逼迫之际,虽迭次占之,亦必皆准,于此见神明仁慈,怜其慎恻之诚,故略其再三之渎也。然亦必所占顺理,非理之事,神岂来告? 

命不空算 - No "Empty-Handed" (Free) Fortune-Telling 

The above explanation clearly pointed out the importance of consultation fees. Unfortunately, the world cannot understand the profound meaning of it, thinking that it is just a matter of money. 

As for '命不空算 - No "Empty" (Free) Fortune-Telling' , the ancients made it more clear: Fortune-telling is not for Free. If provide Free, that will have a Karmic debt on the Free-Loaders. Free Reading will hurt the Two Males -  Free-Loading Men Clients will hurt their wives and wealth, Free-Loading women will hurt their husbands. 古人就说得更明确了:算命不算空,算空两不公,男人伤妻财,女人伤老公。

Firstly, money is one of the standards for measuring sincerity, and fortune-telling (Life Reading) must be respectful. Reluctant to pay, just want to know the answer (of the secret of heaven), is against God's will.

Secondly, be willing to give, then You are are able to be rewarded (有舍才有得) -  *Tao Te Ching Chapter 36. As the saying goes:"It take ten years to produce a scholar,  it is even much more difficult to master Zhou Yi (周易) in twenty years.  In You can't using  simple thing like "Money" to express as a word of "thank you" to the Master for help, will Your heart feel at ease?

Special "Free Service" Consultation Situation

Thirdly, there is indeed a special "free service" situation in  Chinese Divination / Fortune-Telling / Life Reading, but this is a special situation, and there are three:

1. There is no charge of Consultation Fee for people who are ABOUT TO DIE.

2. From then on, people who have never made it to the end will not be charged.

3. There is no charge for those who are imminent and unable to resolve the disaster. In addition, the rich  pays more, the poor pay less, and so on.

For thousands of years, there has been a saying among the Chinese People: 

*If a (Chinese) person goes to a Chinese Fortune Teller to tell his fortune, and the fortune teller tells him after the consultation, he will not have to pay,  the person will cry!*

By giving himn / her, Free Consultation.... Not only is he unhappy, but he cries loudly instead? The answer is very clear: Giving Free Service after the consultation, means the Master found out he / she is confirmed going to Die anytime soon. 

In today's society, on the contrary, everyone thinks that the more cheaper the fee the better, the BEST  is for FREE, otherwise, they think that the Divination Master / Fortune Teller / Feng Shui Master / Taoist Sorcerer is too calculative.


Although the times are different, the Ancient (Chinese) Codes Of Practice of Ancient  (Chinese) Mystic Masters still apply today.   

The cycle of heaven requires balance. If you want to get it, you have to pay. Be Respectful and willing to pay the Master You are seeking for answers or for spiritual intervention. Otherwise, Gods won't tell and won't help!

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