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The 2 Divine Fox Fairies (狐仙) Of Tian Shi Mansion In Long Hu Mountain (龙虎山天师府)

Many Chinese Folks, especially the ladies,  from China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia and Singapore are only interested to buy and pray to the spiritual items of  Fox Fairies (狐仙 - Hu Xian) but have no interest to find out the origin of worshipping the Fox Fairies.

There are even Thai Arjhans who create Thai Version of Fox Fairies Amulets & Statues but have no knowledge of the origin of  worshipping Fox Fairies, and they  claimed that the legend of Fox Fairies originated in India and South East Asia, or Japan and Korea,  but never mention , or purposely not wanting to relate the culture to China.

There are articles already written in Chinese Language  (from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia) about the legend of Fox Fairies ,  but none is written in English. Even the bilingual Singapore sellers of Fox Fairies Spiritual Items, have no interest to educate themselves and the public , therefore they never spend the time to do research and do write up, neither in Chinese nor English.

The Hall of Fox Fairies (狐仙堂) of Tian Shi Fu in Long Hu Shan (龙虎山天师府) is claimed to be the Main Altar Of  All Altars Of Fox Fairies throughout the world.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Nobody knows whether the legend about the Fox Fairies of Tian Shi Fu in Long Hu Shan (龙虎山天师府)  is a recent made-up one and the Altar is a newly set-up one (with the support of the 'Taoist Masters' in Taiwan & Hong Kong),  just for the sake of of attracting tourists to the temple, in order to collect "Incense Money" (香油钱) ... But then... Chinese Folks (particularly the North & North-Eastern Chinese) have been praying to Fox Spirits since ancient time. Even Taoist Sorcerers have their own secret talismans of  invoking Fox Spirits to work on Love / Lust / Sex Magic.

Over here is the only 1 article written in English, on the exact story being told about the legend of the 2 Fox Fairies (狐仙) - Yellow Fox Fairy (黄狐仙) & White Fox Fairy (白狐仙)of Tian Shi Fu in Long Hu Shan (龙虎山天师府).

 Here goes the story...

On a 3rd month in one of the year of 'Song Ning' Period (崇宁 - 1102 - 1106), the Zhen Yi Sect ( 正一派) 30th Generation Lineage Leader, Grand Master Xu Jing (虚靖) was having his usual routine of Qigong practice in the Hall Of 3 Ministries (三省堂). Suddenly, he heard thunder roared in the sky, followed by lightnings. Immediately, the sky was filled with dark clouds. He stepped out of the Hall and look up to the sky, noticing there was something unusual that day. Using his fingers to calculate and able to foretell a demon will appeared in no time.

While still pondering of the imminent event,there came a beautiful young lady in yellow gown, wheezing and panting breathlessly, knelt down before Master Xu Jing, crying and begging him for his help. She said she was a Fox Demon who had been cultivating (Magical Power) for 2000 years and almost reaching fruition, therefore will go through a serious disaster. Heaven had ordered Thunder God & Thunder Goddess to strike her to death. She begged Master Xu Jing to save her life.

Master Xu Jing replied to her sternly that all demons had to be destroyed. If he saved her life that will be like neglecting a carbuncle which would cause future troubles. Fox Demon said she was not afraid of death but she was pregnant and could giving birth anytime and the baby inside was innocent.

After hearing that, Master Xu Jing felt though Fox Demons were disgusting creatures, but the baby fox inside the womb was not a criminal. If fox demon could turn bad to good by doing good deeds, that would be a righteous act.

Master Xu Jing told her he would rescue her if she promised 3 conditions:

1) Do not injure and kill other animals

2) Have to pick a place and live in seclusion and do not harass people.

3) Be initiated into Human Path, recite scriptures in the morning and evening, abandon evil and do good, help the human folks

Fox Demon agreed and if she ever violated the rules, she was willing to be put to death. Master Xu Jing gathered a group of Taoist Priests to the Temple Hall to do a ritual ceremony to report to the heaven about the issue and need not chase after the Fox Demon anymore. Thunder God & Goddess withdrew the celestial soldiers immediately and the sky turned bright and clear.

Fox Demon bid farewell to Master Xu Jing, and from then on lived in seclusion in Yun Tai Mountain, feeding on fruits in the mountain, and concentrated herself on cultivating The Tao. Not long later, she gave birth to a Baby Fox, called "Little White Fairy" (小白仙).

 The Original Painting Of
Yellow Fox Fairy in Long Hu Shan

Returning Kindness 1 - Gathering The 'Diao Lan' Herbs To Stop Epidemic

100 years had passed.The memories of Master Xu Jing rescued the Fox Demon had faded away. During the 'Shao Ding' Years ( 绍定 - 1228 - 1233) of Southern Song Dynasty, Jiangxi Province was flooding, followed by epidemic. Folks from An Qi County (资溪)、Li Chuan County (黎川)、An Ren County (安仁) - now is known as Yu Jiang County (余江) were dying from epidemic. People gathered at Tian Xi Temple to seek help from Master Zhang (35th Generation Lineage Leader) - Zhang Ke Da (张可大), to destroy the evil force. Master Ke Da gathered a few Taoist Masters to do a check on the surroundings and found there was no evil doers but caused by natural causes. It the problem was not rectified immediately, the problem will spread further and more people will die.

Master Ke Da was an expert in Herbs and knew that the plant - Diao Lan (吊兰) -(Chlorophytum comosum(Thunb.)Baker.), was able to cure the sickness of the folks suffering from the epidemic. However, the plants of Diao Lan (吊兰 were only found in the cave of the mountain cliffs. It was difficult to climb to gather the plants. Even if dispatched a big numbers of people to do the job of collecting the plants back, the amounts of plants collected each day wouldn't be enough to stop the epidemic. Master Ke Da was at his end wits.

On the next day, while the folks were busy collecting the plants, a large pack of Foxes leaped quickly towards and brought before Master Ke Da with a mouth full of Diao Lan Plants. Within short period of time, there were able to collect many big bags of Diao Lan Plants.

At 1st, people thought were the magical power of Master Zhang Ke Da, but Master was feeling puzzled as well. After thinking through for awhile, he realized his ancestors had ever told him the 30th Master - Xu Jing had ever rescued a Fox Demon, and must be the work of the Divine Fox to repay her gratitude. Master Ke Da sent people immediately to brew the herbs and sent to the patients. Sure enough, the medicine took effect and the patients were cured. After that, the village folks praised Master Ke Da for his superb medical knowledge.

Actually, not many people knew about support from the Divine Fox Spirit, but only Master Ke Da and few other Taoist Masters knew about the truth. It was said that Master Ke Da had tracked the Yun Tai Mountain by himself to search for Divine Fox Spirit to express his appreciation but nobody knew whether he was able to find the Divine Fox.

Returning Kindness 2 - Bringing Rain To Stop Drought

40 years gone by, the dynasty had changed. Kublai Khan of Yuan Dynasty, unified China. One year, there was a drought in North China. Many folks were dying from the drought. Even the queen and princes became sick of the summer heat. The officials explained that must be the work of the evil spirits causing troubles, need to invite Master Zhang to eliminate the evils. 36th Lineage Leader - Zhang Zong Yan (张宗演) received the degree and hurried toward the Palace Hall. Even though the heat was unbearable, after checking out the surroundings, he couldn't feel the presence of any evil forces. Grand Master Zong Yan couldn't proceed with the ritual ceremony to catch the evil spirits , yet also cannot disobey the king. He was worried with a frown, shaking with fear.

In the wee hours in the post-house and the night sky was lighted with stars and cloudless, Grand Master Zong Yan couldn't fall sleep. He went to the garden to contemplate the issue and not long after, came a middle age woman with a sweet young lady, both greeted Grand Master Zong Yan politely.

Middle age woman said to Grand Master Zong Yan, the cause of the drought was not the doing of any evil spirits. She said while Wen Tian Xiang (文天祥) were retreating his army to the sea side, he had prayed to the Northern Sea Dragon King. Kubrai Khan had killed Weng Tian Xiang, causing North Sea Dragon King to be furious, which caused the drought. She told Grand Master Zong Yan to report the matter to Palace to offer sacrifice to Wen Tian Xiang to get rid of his resentment. She and her daughter would enter the Eastern Sea instead to implore Eastern Dragon King to bring rain, a way to  return her kindness.

Only this time, did Grand Master Zong Yan realised they were the 2 divine foxes, waving his hands towards the direction which they were rushing off.

While Madam Fox and her Little Fox entered the Eastern Sea to seek help from Eastern Dragon King to deliver water, Eastern Dragon King said they were busy building the Palace and had no time for such issue and should seek help from Southern Dragon King. While reaching Southern Dragon King, that area was not under his jurisdiction, therefore cannot sent water down and should seek Eastern Dragon King instead. 2 foxes returned back to Eastern Sea again and explained to Eastern Dragon King that the ordinary folks should not suffer the same punishment just because Kublai Khan had killed the loyal, righteous man - Wen Tian Xiang. Eastern Dragon King was awaken, whereupon he gave command to bring rain immediately.

As a result of the ability to bring rain to stop the drought, during the 100 years of Yuan Dynasty, Grand Masters of Tian Shi Mansion were highly praised and respected. The 2nd son of Grand Master Zhang Zong Yan, who was the 38th Lineage Leader - Master Zhang Yu Cai (张与材), was conferred the title "The Hierarch Of Zheng Yi Lineage (正一教主)", in charge of the talisman registers of the 3 mountains - Mao Shan Mountain (茅山)、Ge Zhao Mountain (阁皂山)、Long Hu Mountain (龙虎山).

Due to the sincere invitation of Grand Master Zhong Yan, Madam Fox and little fox had often been attending Tian Shi Mansion as guests, therefore his daughter's room - Xiu Hua Lou (绣花楼) was offered to Madam and Little Fox to occupy. From then on until now, there was "Hu Xian Lou" (狐仙楼) - The Floor Of 2 Divine Foxes.

Returning Kindness 3 - Exterminating The Rat Demons

When Zhu Yuan Zhang (朱元璋) ascended the throne as the founder and first emperor of the Ming dynasty of China, he had high regards on the Grand Masters Of Tian Shi Mansion. He poured in a lot of money for construction to expand the Tian Shi Mansion.

During Hong Wu Period, the West Lake in Hang Zhou was constantly reported that demons were creating havoc. People were too afraid to take a stroll in the scenic park and had to close down. Zhu Yuan Zhang immediately ordered 43rd Grand Lineage Leader - Yu Chu (张宇初) to rush down to Han Zhou to eliminate the public threat.

While reaching West Lake, Grand Master Zhang Yu Chu discussed the matter with the followers. They decided to observe the surrounding and then plan for a solution. On the 2nd Day, they spotted there were ripples on the surface of the water, spotted rat demons were the trouble makers.

Grand Master Zhang Yu Chu brought to mind that Foxes were rats' most unbeatable rival. An invocation ritual was held immediately to call upon the 2 Divine Fox  Fairies to hurry down to West Lake to catch the Rat Demons. The Rat Demons was caught finally.

After that incidence, the visitors of West Lake said they and their descendants would forever remember the heroic act of Grand Master Zhang.

The story continues...

After returning back to Tian Shi Mansion in Long Hu Mountain, Grand Master Zhang Yu Chu went to thank Divine Yellow Fox & Divine White Fox for their help and at the same time to exchange Taoist Magical Skills.

Since the Divine Foxes had been practicing Taoist Magical Skills for very long time, Master Zhang Yu Chu had benefited a lot from the skills taught by the Divine Foxes.

Zhu Yuan Zhang assigned Grand Master Zhang Yu Chu to compile Tao Zhang (道藏). During those days, pathways were inconvenient for the collection of Taoist Scruiptures. The 2 Divine Foxes had travelled throughout the famous temples of the whole country to assist the collection of the lost ancient scriptures.

Grand Master Zhang Yu Chu  aware that for the past few hundred years, the 2 Divine Foxes of Yun Tai Mountain had doing a lot of good deeds and their cultivation had reached fruition and they should be worshipped.

Praying To The Altar Of Divine Fox Fairies In Tian Shi Mansion in Long Hu Mountain (龙虎山天师府) Since Ming Dynasty

The 44th Lineage Leader - Zhang Yu Qing (张宇清) obeyed the order. The Western Hall of Tian Shi Mansion was set up to hold the statues of the 2 Divine Foxes to be worshipped.

That is the legend of The Hall of Fox Fairies (狐仙堂) of Tian Shi Mansion in Long Hu Mountain (龙虎山天师府), which still exist until this day.

The Hall of Fox Fairies (狐仙堂) of Tian Shi Mansion in Long Hu Mountain (龙虎山天师府) is  claimed the Main Altar Of  All Altars Of Fox Fairies throughout the world.

The Original Incantation To Call Upon The Arrival Of Madam Yellow Fox Fairy From Tian Shi Mansion (天师府黄狐仙子临真咒)




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