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Powerful Taoist Nine Syllables and Hand Seals - 九字真言

Nine Syllables | Kuji | 九字真言 | 九字法 | 奥义九字 | 六甲秘祝 | 六甲秘咒 | 九字秘咒 | く じ

The Nine Syllables (九字 - Kuji ) most often referred to is of TAOIST ORIGIN. It is a string of nine words used in Taoist Sorcery and Incantations to expel spirits, ghosts, demons, wild animals, poisonous insects and protect from dangers while going into untamed forests and mountains.

Western Kids who are crazy over Japanese Comics and also the Adults who are Ninja-Wannabes have mistaken that "The Nine Syllables" (known as Kuji) is originated either from Japan or Tantric Buddhism. 

The Buddhist mudras were added to the spell later. The combined technique was received in Japan from China during the Tang dynasty. It was originally used by the Onmyoji (阴阳师 Yin-Yang Masters) of the Japanese court. But during the Kamakura period, after most of the Department of Yin-Yang (Onmyoryo) was disbanded, the techniques were picked up by Shugendo practitioners (who were originally made up of both Vajrayana Buddhists and former Yin-Yang Masters). Since Shugendo is often considered a form of Buddhism (even though it is no more or less Buddhism than it is Taoism or Shintoism) the Kuji-In are often mistaken as being purely Buddhist, and the mantra as being originally from Sanskrit.

Taoist Nine Syllables were 1st recorded in the ancient Taoist Text - Baopuzi (抱朴子).

Nine Syllables (九字 - Kuji ) is first introduced in the Taoist text Baopuzi (抱朴子) a poem written by Ge Hong c.280-340 ADE). In it he introduces the 九字真言(KUJI) in Chapter 17 titled Deng-She (登涉) ( Climbing Mountains and Crossing Rivers ) as a prayer to the Liu Jia (六甲, Generals of Yang), ancient Taoist gods.

In Daoist Magic, the Liu Jia (六甲) are 6 Spirit Generals (甲子、甲戌、甲申、甲午、甲寅),who are powerful celestial guardians and part of Tammon-Ten's (Vaiśravaṇa), The God of the North, Celestial Thunder Court.

Modern days publishing of the text of Bao-Pu-Zi by different publishers and also information found online have provided slightly different version of Taoist Nine Syllables. The "斗者" and "门者" and also between the "数组"(meaning array) and "阵列"(meaning array) have been used interchangeably by different Taoist Masters and anyway, they share the same meaning.

1st version: of Taoist Nine Syllables:

2nd version: of Taoist Nine Syllables:

3rd version of Taoist Nine Syllables:

4th version of Taoist Nine Syllables:

The above 4 versions share the same meaning:
"Celestial soldiers/fighters, All arrange yourselves and proceed forward"


How to Use Taoist Nine Syllables?

When You are climbing up a mountain or entering into deep forest or going into the wild, constantly recite this 9 words in Your heart or speak softly and everything will go smoothly. It means no spirits, ghosts, demons, wild animals, poisonous insects will harm You and You are protected from all dangers.

Deng- She /登涉 - Chapter 17 - Line 5:

Baopuzi said: To enter a mountain (and forest), choose an auspicious day, take silk of five colors, with each of them five inches wide and place it on a large rock and You will succeed in your goal. When entering the mountain, know the Liu-Jia Secret Spell ( meaning Nine Syllables 九字真言, Kuji Verse). It goes: "临兵斗者皆阵列前行" (Lín bīng dòu zhě, jiē shù zǔ qián xíng) - (Celestial soldiers/fighters, All arrange yourselves and proceed forward). Constantly recite this nine words prayer in secret, nothing cannot be avoided. (Protect against Demons,ghosts,spirits, wild animals and dangers etc).

Nine Hand Seals | Kuji-In | 九字真言手诀 | 九字手印 | 九字法印 | 奥义九字印

Hand gestures were added to each of the Taoist Nine Syllables and become known as the Nine Hand Seals (九字手印).

Most kids and adults have only seen the Japanese version of Kuji-In due to watching too much  Japanese Cartoons and also the Japanese enter Western Countries to aggressively promote their Japanese Martial Arts to cash in from Western Folks during the early 70s and 80s. The Original Taoist Kuji-In is shown below.

Taoist Sword Nine Hand Seals Ritual (道教剑宗九字真言手诀)

The Original Taoist Kuji is used "临兵斗者皆数组前行" (lín bīng dòu zhě jiē shǔ zǔ qián xíng)

When Taoist Nine Syllables (The spell alone) entered Japan , some words had changed slightly. The "阵列前行" (zhèn liè qián xíng) is changed to "阵列在前" (zhèn liè zài qián).

Original Taoist Verse:
临兵斗者皆阵列前行 (Lín bīng dòu zhě, jiē shù zǔ qián xíng)

Japanese Verse:
临兵斗者皆阵列在前 (Simplified Chinese Characters)
Meaning "Celestial soldiers/fighters, all arrange yourselves in front of me" .

臨兵闘者皆陣列在前 (Traditional Chinese Characters)

りん・びょう・とう・しゃ・かい・じん・れつ・ざい・ぜん (Japanese Characters)

Rin・Pyō ・Tō ・Sha ・Kai.・Jin・Retsu・Zai・Zen (Pronunciation)

Korean Verse ( The 10 Syllables):
Meaning "Celestial soldiers/fighters, All arrange yourselves in front and proceed !".

The video of the more popular Japanese Kuji-In (九字の印).

Sanskrit Mantras are added to the Kuji-In (九字の印) as well.

奇门四纵五横法 | 四縱五橫防身術 | 奧義九字切 | 九字切り | 九字大事 | 纵横法 | Kuji-Kiri | Four vertical and five horizontal lines of Qi Men-Dun Jia

Nine Syllable Cuts (Kuji-Kiri , 九字切り) is the practice of making nine cuts - five horizontal and four vertical, alternately in the air with the finger or on paper with a brush .

The Taoist Nine Syllables are combined with "Qi Men - Dun Jia" (奇门遁甲) and become known as Four Vertical Five Horizontal Cuts(奇门四纵五横法). Since ancient time, the Taoists use it to seek safety and to make their wishes come true.

For the Japanese, while performing the action of Nine Syllable Cuts, the syllable Kō (行) is sometimes spoken, which become "临兵斗者皆阵列在前.. 行!". Meaning "Celestial soldiers/fighters, All arrange yourselves in front..  Proceed!"

Adaptability of Taoist Nine Syllables 

The usage of Taoist Nine Syllables are a very adaptable ritual to the needs of the individual or organization. Once the overall structure of Taoist Nine Syllables is understood, it can be adopted to fit almost any need.

Video shows using Taoist Nine Syllables - 九字真言 (Kuji-Kiri) to get rid of ghosts before entering hotel room

Taoist Black Magic Talisman To Lock Enemy's Throat

Very often You get to meet friends, colleagues, relatives and also interact with people from all walks of lives and they will always smile and talk nicely with You but soon You found out something...

You finally found out that these smiling angels have been talking bad about You to Your superiors in the workplace, which cause You to miss the promotion..

Your so-called "friends" have been gossiping about You to other people..

The girl/guy You like , who also has same liking on You, suddenly stops liking You and starts to dislike You.. and later You found out , it is caused by the badmouthing of You from Your "friends" who are jealous of You..

You wish these people dead but You cannot kill them physically but You really want to seek revenge and give them a good lesson ..

"Lock Enemy's Throat" Magic Talisman is the answer.

"Lock Enemy's Throat" Magic Spell makes Your enemy has difficulty in talking and whenever he/she wants to talk bad about You, he/she finds difficulty to produce sound from the throat. He / She feels her throat is tied up by a thick metal chain whenever he /she is going to badmouth You.

The target victim's name is needed to be written on the Talisman, replacing the XXX shown on the Talisman.

"Lock Enemy's Throat" Magic Talisman is to be burnt and put the ash in a glass of water and let Your enemy consumes it ( without him / her knowing You are casting a spell on him / her) or just burn the talisman in the office or the main door of the enemy's house.

There is a secret spell given to You to chant, while burning the Talisman.

Taoist Black Magic Talismans To Bond Married Couples

There are many cases of husband or wife ceases to be faithful. No matter how much human meddling on the love issues, trying very hard to win over the heart of the opposite party once again, it stills fail. This is the time to seek Taoist Black Magic. This "Bond The Married Couple" Spell  can be considered as "White Magic" because it can only patch up Married Couples and harm no one. People who need  the help of these talismans get panicky because they realize they are seeking help from spiritual beings of the Underworld, instead of Heaven.

"Bond The Married Couple" Talismans shown above belongs to Yin Shan Sect (阴山派).

"Bond The Married Couple" Talismans will works only on Married Couples.

These Taoist Talismans  of the Yin Shan Sect (阴山派) for Bonding Married Couples come in a set of 5 pieces of talismans.

Each Talismans is to be burnt in the specific order per night for 5 nights.

Method 1: Each Talismans is to be burnt inside the couple's bedroom. ( Use a Sauce Tray or Ash-tray to put the talisman while burning).

Method 2: Each Talismans is to be burnt and  then put the ash inside a glass of water and consumed by both parties. The other party ( husband or wife) should not know about the spell You are casting.

There is a secret spell given to You to chant, while burning the Talismans. 


Day 1 Talisman: Stop husband / wife from listening to the gossips and getting influenced by outsiders.  This is often the main reason why  most couples break apart.... It is always due to  someone or group of people in the office / friends/ family members of  husband/wife , who  has / have been keep badmouthing about You behind Your back and soon  Your husband or wife starts to get hypnotized by the negative influence, which change the thinking pattern and the feeling of the heart.

Day 2 , Day 3 and Day 4 Talismans:  To make Your husband or wife to keep thinking and missing You at night. Desperately wanting to come back to You.

Day 5 Talisman:  Husband's or Wife's Name is to be filled on the XXX shown on the Talisman.  This Talisman is to make him / her willingly give all his / her heart, mind and soul to be with You forever and together both of You produce new generations.

Taoist Black Magic Talisman To Cause Sickness On Enemy

This is one rare example of Black Magic Talisman of Yin Shan Sect (阴山派) used in Chinese Black Magic Ritual..

Taoist Black Magic Talisman shown above is to cause Sickness on Your Enemy. Your Enemy's name will be written on the XXX.

It can be placed and hidden on the ground at the corridor of his/her house  or office / shop or the place he /she will walk over it. Once, he / she walks over the Talisman, he /she will falls sick.

If  You can't place the Talisman near his location, then You can burn the talisman in front of his / her house or along the corridor he /she walks.

If You can't get near to his location, You will need Your Enemy's photo and his /her Address (Home/ Office/ Shop / Anywhere to reach him /her). Name and Address will also be written behind the Talisman. Your enemy's Photo will be placed in front of the ash-tray ( to put the talisman while burning inside Your home) while You cast the spell by burning the Talisman. Burn the talisman at the comfort of Your own home , facing out the window or go outside Your house and face the open space.

The ghost servant will find it's way to reach Your enemy's location and do his work (To make Your Enemy falls Sick).

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