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Chinese Monkey God(s)? - What You Don't Know

Most Chinese, and folks around the world, only know about the Monkey God, base on the novel - Journey to the West (西游记), by Wu Cheng En (吴承恩), written in the 16th century, during the Ming dynasty.

Earlier Version of the novel - Journey To The West (西游记)

During the end of Yuan Dynasty and beginning of Ming Dynasty Period, there was already a playscript, by the Mongolian play-writer, Yang Jing-xian (杨景贤), also Titled: "Journey to the West", which contains an autobiographic line by a certain "Itinerant Monk Sun (Sun Wu Kong  [孙悟空] - The Monkey)" (recycled into the much later novel as a common title for Sun Wu Kong).

Itinerant Monk Sun (Sun Wu Kong [孙悟空] - The Monkey) said:
"I have five brothers and sisters. Big sister is the Old Lady of Mount Li (驪山老母 - Li Shan Lao Mu); little sister is the Wu-Zhi-Qi Sage (巫枝祗聖母); elder brother is the Heaven Rivaling Great Sage (齐天大圣 - Qi Tian Da Sheng); I am the Heaven Reaching Great Sage (通天大圣 - Tong Tian Da Sheng); and 3rd  youngest brother is Shua Shua San Lang (耍耍三郎)."

《元·楊景賢·西遊記·第三本》 - "小聖弟兄、姊妹五人,大姊驪山老母,二妹巫枝祗聖母,大兄齊天大聖,小聖通天大聖,三弟耍耍三郎"

In this earlier version of Journey To The West, Monkey Sun Wu Kong said he was  (通天大圣 - Tong Tian Da Sheng) , who had a elder brother, known as  Qi Tian Da Sheng (齐天大圣).

Origin of Monkey Gods Worship In Fu Zhou , China

People in Fuzhou, China were worshipping Monkey Gods, long before the novel made the character a household name. The two traditional mainstream religions practiced in Fuzhou are Mahayana Buddhism and Taoism. Traditionally, many people practice both religions simultaneously. However, the origins of local religion dated back centuries. These diverse religions incorporated elements such as gods and doctrines from other religions and cultures, such as totem worship and traditional legends.

As the most popular religion in the Min River Valley, the worship of Lady Lin Shui (临水夫人) is viewed as one of the three most influential local religions in Fujian, the other two being the worship of Mazu (妈祖) and Bao Sheng Da Di (保生大帝).

Base on records in Lin Shui Sect / Lineage:

There were 3 Monkey Sages (三圣王) of Lin Shui Palace, who were once Monkey Demons, being subdued by Empress Lin Shui Madam Chen Jing Gu (陈靖姑):
  1. Dan Xia Da Sheng (丹霞大圣) - The Red Face Monkey Sage
  2. Tong Tian Da Sheng (通天大圣)- The Black Face Monkey Sage
  3. Shua Shua San Lang (耍耍三郎) / Shuang Shuang San Lang (爽爽三郎) - The White Face Monkey Sage
Monkey God's Original Ancestral Temple

In the 1990s, Qi Tian Fu Temple (齐天府屏山祖殿), located in Ping Shan Mountain (屏山) in Fuzhou, is regarded as the Monkey God's Original Ancestral Temple, with registration of more than 200 offshoot temples , including  Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.

The 5 Monkey Gods worshipped in Qi Tian Fu Temple of Ping Shan Mountain (齐天府屏山祖殿):
  1. Qi Tian Ta Sheng (齐天大圣) - Sun Da Sheng - 斗战胜佛孙大圣 (孙悟空 - Sun Wu Kong)
  2. Tong Tian Da Sheng - 通天大圣 - 伏魔陀佛黑大圣 黑圣王
  3. Mi Tian Da Sheng - 弥天大圣 - 耍耍三郎 - 啰哩沙佛白大圣
  4. Dan Xia Da Sheng - 恒河沙佛丹霞大圣
  5. Chi Xia Da Shen - 监河圣佛赤霞大圣

Chinese Videos Of The Origin Of Chinese Monkey God(s)-(齐天大圣)

Video Of Taoist Spirit Medium Trancing Qi Tian Ta Sheng (齐天大圣) / Sun Wu Kong(孙悟空) - Folk Taoism

Video Of Indian Taoist Spirit Medium Trancing Chinese Monkey God - Folk Taoism

The Chinese God Of Marriage & Love - The Old Man Under The Moon (月下老人)

Are You having difficulty to find someone to love and to get married? Are You parents pestering You to get married, but You can't seem to find a suitable person to fall in love? Do You feel Your age is catching up and still can't find someone to love and get married?

After reading this article, Your will realise Your chance of falling in love and getting married  can come through finally.

1st, lets get to know an Old Man...

The tale of "The Old Man Under The Moon" (月下老人) originated from a story in The Sequel to the Collection of Mysteries - Inn Of Marriage Engagement (续玄怪录·定婚店), a book of mythology from the Tang Dynasty, by Li Fu Yan (李复言).

The story was told that during Tang Dynasty, 2nd year of Yuan He's Era (807 A.D),  there was a young scholar, named Wei Gu (韦固), who one day decided to visit his friend in Qing He (清河).

Once he was passing the Song City (宋城), where he saw an old man leaning on his pack reading a book in the moonlight. Being amazed at it, Wei Gu walked up and asked what he was doing. The old man answered, "I am reading a book of marriage listing for who is going to marry whom. In my pack are red cords for tying the feet of husband and wife." When Wei Gu and the old man came together to a marketplace, they saw a blind old woman carrying a three-year-old little girl in her arms. The old man said to Wei Gu," This little girl will be your wife in the future." Wei Gu thought this was too strange to believe and he ordered his servant to stab the girl with his knife.

Fourteen years later, Wang Tai (王泰), the governor of Xiang Zhou (相州), gave Wei Gu his daughter in marriage. He was having difficulty finding a suitable match of higher standing for his daughter even though she was a beautiful young woman because she had difficulty walking and had a large scar on the small of her back. When Wei Gu asked what had happened, he was told that she had been stabbed by a man in the marketplace fourteen years before.

After ten years and three children later, Wei Gu sought the old man for suitable matches for his two younger sons and daughter. The old man refused to find suitors for his children. During the later years Wei Gu sought to find a possible match for his children but by coincidence, no marriage was put to order.

Praying To Yue Lao Since Then

Since Tang Dynasty, due to this popular story of "The Old Man Under The Moon" (月下老人), Yue Lao’s reputation spread far and wide. Chinese built temples for Yue Lao and prayed in front of his statue for good marriages. Gradually, Yue Lao became a graceful synonym for matchmaker, who played a very important role in ancient arranged marriages.

The Meaning Behind The Story

The fate of marriage of 2 persons, doesn't depend on the family status. As long as You have fate, no matter You are high class or low class, or rich or poor, stupid or smart,  or pretty or handsome, even when there is different in social status between the man and the woman, huge different in age, or even if there is enmity between 2 families, it doesn't matter. Even if the 2 couple are ocean apart, it doesn't matter. As long as You are fated with that person, You will have a happy marriage.

Yue Lao Ritual

If You are a Chinese who can find a Yue Lao Temple to pray and know how to pray correctly, You may do it yourself.

If You are a Western Folk, or Chinese Folk staying in Western Country or Your area has no Yue Lao Temple, or any person who needs to improve the marriage luck, or hope to marry a particular someone, but has no way, or no idea how to pray to Yue Lao, there is a Yue Lao Praying Ritual available by Taoist Sorcery Master. Your Personal Particulars are needed for creating Talismans and the Ritual, to inform Yue Lao to help You achieve Your Marriage Dream Come True.

Yue Lao will help You find a suitable life partner whom You will love, and who will love You dearly, and tie the knot for a ever lasting happy marriage.

Important Note: There are several different types of talismans and rituals for different Love and Marriage Situation. Each individual is unique in his / her love problem. Yue Lao Love Ritual is just one of the several types of love rituals available. Kindly send an email and discuss Your issue, to pick the most suitable love ritual to work on Your love issue.

Origin of the Great Perfect Warrior Emperor - Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝)

Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝) is one of the most popular Chinese God, being honoured and worshipped worldwide from Northern to Southern China, Taiwan, and Chinese Communities in South East Asia - Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. In South East Asia, he is revered as Shang Di Gong (上帝公). He ranks among the highest Gods, next to Yu Huang Da Di (玉皇大帝), The Yellow Jade Emperor (Ruler of All Heavens).

The antonym of Xuan Tian Shang Di(玄天上帝) is Zhen Wu Da Di (真武大帝) - The Great Perfect Warrior Emperor. He is also called Xuan Wu Shen (玄武神) - The Mysterious Warrior God.

According to the Supreme Venerable Sovereign's Sublime Book of Divine Incantations Telling the Story of the Great Sage and Perfect Warrior of the Mysterious Northern Heaven ( 《太上說玄天大聖真武本傳神咒妙經》 Taishang Shuo Xuantian Dasheng Zhenwu Benzhuan Shenzhou Miaojing ), he was the 82nd avatar of the Supreme Venerable Sovereign ( 太上老君 Tai Shang Lao Jun ).

As a son of the King of Pure Bliss ( 淨樂國王 Jing Le Guo Wang ) and of the Queen of Virtuous Victory ( 善勝皇后 Shan Sheng Huang Hou ), he was born in the Heavenly Palace of Non-Desire in the All-Embracing Realm. The queen dreamed that she had swallowed the sun, and was found pregnant after awaking. She gave birth to a baby after 14 months pregnancy.

Grown up, the prince left his home and his parents to cultivate Dao on Mt Wudang, and attained immortality after 42 years. He ascended to Heaven in full daylight. He was given the title 'Supreme Mystery" and ordered to guard the north by the Jade Emperor ( 玉帝 Yudi ). The Mysterious Warrior" was originally the collective name of the northern seven of the 28 constellations.

In the section 'Distant Excursion" of the Elogies of the Chu ( 楚辭 Chuci ), Qu Yuan sings "to invoke the Mysterious Warrior and fly towards it". The Mysterious Warrior constellation is shaped like a tortoise and a snake, so the commentary says: "The Mysterious Warrior is the tortoise-and-snake. It is called mysterious (dark) because its position is to the north; it is called warrior because it has scales and an armament on its body."

In the Kai-Bao Era (开宝) (968–976) of the Northern Song dynasty, the Mysterious Warrior Spirit descended on Zhongnan Mountain. In the seventh year of the Dazhong Xiangfu Era of Emperor Zhen (AD 1014), he was given the title 'Perfect Sovereign Who Aids the Sagely and Protects the Virtuous" ( 翊聖保德真君 Yisheng Baode Zhenjun ). Afterwards, the name 'Mysterious Warrior' was changed to 'Perfect Warrior' ( 真武 Zhenwu ), to avoid using the the character 'Xuan' (mysterious, dark) which appeared in the name of the royal ancestor, Zhao Xuanlang. Emperors Zhen, Hui and Qin of Song dynasties all honoured him with titles.

In the seventh year of the Da-De (大德) 1297–1307 of the Yuan Dynasty (AD 1303), he was honoured as 'Original, Holy, Kind and August Holy Emperor of the Mysterious Northern Heaven" ( 元聖仁威玄天上帝 Yuansheng Renwei Xuantian Shangdi ). Emperor Cheng of the Ming dynasty worshiped the Perfect Warrior, and so Perfect Warrior Temples were built in the imperial offices at all levels such as agencies, bureaus, ministries, and the treasury. In the tenth year of the Yongle Era, Marquis Zhangxin was ordered to build a complex of temples on Mt. Wudang with 200,000 soldiers, and promoted the worship of the Great Perfect Warrior Emperor to the highest peak.

The Big Dipper Who Decrees Death (北斗注死)

'Mysterious Warrior" is the general name of the seven northern constellations, among which is the Dipper constellation. Daoism, saying that "the Southern Dipper decrees life and the Northern decrees death", attaches much importance to the worship of the Dipper stars. From entering the womb, a man's destiny is transferred from the Southern Dipper to the Northern Dipper. Therefore, he who prays for longevity must worship the Great Perfect Warrior Emperor.

Essence of Water

The Sage Protecting Mantra  《佑聖咒》 - You Sheng Zhou, calls the Perfect Warrior the "essence of water who is the transformation of Supreme Yin. It corresponds to the Xuwei Constellation and is shaped like a combination of a tortoise and a snake. Omnipresent in all directions, its power frightens all the spirits." Belonging to water, the Perfect Warrior can administer the rivers and fire, and thus eliminate relevant disasters. This is the reason why many Perfect Warrior Temples were built in the palaces of the Ming Dynasty.

Worship in Temples

The 3rd day of the 3rd month of the lunar calendar is the divine birthday of the Perfect warrior. On that day, birthday celebration ritual offerings are held in all places, among which the worship on Mt Wudang is the most flourishing.

Taoist Exorcism By Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝)

Legend as a repented butcher

Upon the fall of Zheng Cheng Gong’s regime, the Qing Dynasty from Manchu came into power, discrediting Shang Di Gong (上帝公) by claiming that He was actually a repented butcher. The political aim was to morally wipe out the remaining followers of the Ming Dynasty by exploiting tales from the Buddha’s teaching about a repented butcher who cut opened his stomach, removed its content, and then became the Buddha’s follower..

Here goes the story:

Xuan Wu was originally a butcher who had killed many animals. As days passed, he felt remorse for his sins and repented immediately by giving up butchery and retired to a remote mountain for cultivation of the Tao.

“放下屠刀,立地成佛” - A killer becomes a Buddha at the moment he drops the kinfe.

One day, while he was assisting a woman in labor, while cleaning the woman’s blood stained clothes along a river, the words "Xuan Tian Shang Di" appeared before him. The woman in labor turned out to be a manifestation of the Goddess Guan Yin. To redeem his sins, he dug out his own stomach and intestines and washed it in the river. The river turned into a dark, murky water. After a while, it turned into pure water.

Unfortunately, Xuan Wu did indeed lose his own stomach and intestines while he washing them in the river. The Jade Emperor was moved by his sincerity and determination to clear his sins; hence he became an Immortal known with the title of Xuan Tian Shang Ti.

After he became an immortal, his stomach and intestines after absorbing the essences of the earth, it was transformed into a demonic turtle and snake which harmed people and no one could subdue them. Eventually Xuan Wu returned to earth to subdue them and later uses them as his means for transportation.

Due to this story, Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝) became the patron saint of butchery.

Chinese Video Of Xuan Tian Shang Di (玄天上帝)

Never Offend The Wrong People - They Might Use Black Magic To Punish You

There is a Chinese Saying :"病从口进,祸从口出". (Bing Cong Kou Jing, Huo Cong Kou Chu).
It means: Sickness Come from Eating Rubbish, Disaster Starts From Careless Talk.

In the olden days, folks know how to speak carefully and to prevent offending anybody or any strangers.

In this modern era, the Younger Folks,especially Singaporean Kids, going through Westernized thoughts and English Medium Education are told to look down upon anything spiritual and to condemn such practice as superstition. The worst are the Modernized Parents , who are Christians and never warn their kids about the danger of being attack by Black Magic.

Modern Day Kids are trained to think "I Am God" - " I Know Everything" type of behavior and go around mocking people as if they are the greatest sent from god.

With the advancement of Technology, people don't just communicate with mouth to talk and paper to write. With Social Media such as Facebook , Youtube , Twitter etc... one person can offend somebody or stranger or the masses unknowingly at the speed of light.

Many people think.. Getting Beating Up is the worst outcome for bad-mouthing or teasing someone. but it is not. The person who beat up someone will have to face the law and getting into jail. The most dangerous revenge when You offended someone is...... You will know the answer below..

The truth is...  When You Tease or Insult Someone whom You think is a weakling.. may keep quiet and walk away.. but You will be in for a Biggest Surprise later . You may not even know what has happened . When You realised  what has happened, You don't know where to seek help.

A Powerful Black Magic Practitioner can do damage on You from afar, even ocean apart, by just needing either:

1) Your Photo and Address
2) Your Photo, Your Name and Date of Birth
3) Your Home Address - to disturb the whole family members

Your hair and finger nails are not needed. Not like what You see on Hong Kong Or Thailand Ghost Movies.

When a person is beaten up, he will either die or physically healed later.

When a Black Magic Master is to seek revenge or engaged by someone to seek revenge, here are things that they normally do:

A) He doesn't want you to die but  to "Play You" by inviting ghosts to disturb You and Your family.  

In Taoist Sorcery, revenge and punishment magic is usually done by engaging the ghost servants kept by the master or “5 ghosts" of Taoist Sorcery - 5 ghosts [Yao Bi Song (中央姚碧松),Lin Jing Zhong (北方林敬忠), Cai Zi Liang (西方蔡子良), Zhang Zi Gui (南方张子贵), Chen Gui Xian(東方陈贵先)].

These are the typical paranormal havoc done  by the ghosts invited by Black Magic Master to enter Your house:

1) Things that You put on the desk will be relocated on it's own somewhere.
2) Things suddenly gone missing and appear again later at the same location.
3) Eggs or Food from the fridge will appear on the dining table placed neatly when no one brought them out.
4) Hearing Voice calling Your name but no one is around You.
5) Things dropping when no one around.
6) The switch to turn on TV, Hi-Fi , Lights are turned on by itself when no one around.
7) Self-Slapping by Your Own Hand or being slapped or pinched from unknown force.
and many more...

B) Make You Fall Sick
C)  Make You Die By Meeting an Accident
D) Make You feel Suicidal and You Commit Suicide Yourself
E) Self-Talking or Turn Crazy
F) To destroy Your Business and Make You go Bankrupt

Black Magic Practitioner will "Play" You and yet You cannot turn to police for help because You cannot complain to police that someone is using BLACK MAGIC to destroy You.

The only way to stop  is:
1) To engage another Taoist Sorcerer, Bomoh etc to get rid of the ghosts or destroy the spell.
2) When the Taoist Black Magic Practitioner feels that he has play You enough and have given You a good lesson.

The lesson from this article is to tell You 
1) Not to be Cocky
2) Not to be Arrogant
3) Be Humble and Never offend anyone when You speak to people or messaging online
4) Black Magic is still alive and is real

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