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Zhang Gong Sheng Jun (张公圣君)

Zhang Gong Sheng Jun (张公圣君), was a real historical figure, born on 23rd day of the 7th Lunar month of 1139 AD as Zhang Ci Guan (张慈观) in Yong Fu  (永福)- present day known as Yong Tai County (永泰县), Song Kou Town (嵩口镇), Yue Zhou Village (月洲村) in Fujian (福建), China.

Zhang Gong Sheng Jun (张公圣君) is also known as : 
    •  Jian Lei Yu Si (监雷御史)
    • Wu Lei Fa Zhu  (五雷法主)  
    • Dang Mo Jiang Jun (荡魔将军) 
    • Zhang Zhen Jun (张圣君)
    • Zhang Sheng Gong (张圣公)
    • Zhang Sheng Zhe (张圣者)
    • Fa Zhu Gong (法主公)
      Zhang Ci Guan (张慈观)  - Zhang Gong Sheng Jun (张公圣君) - Black Face, had 2 sworn brothers:

      1) Xiao Min (肖明) - Taoist name of Lang Rui (朗瑞)  - Xiao Gong Sheng Jun (肖公聖君)  - Green Face

      2) Zhang Ming (章敏) - Taoist name of Lang Qing (朗庆) - Hong Gong Sheng Jun (洪公聖君) - Red Face


      营木炭, 于北宋政和三年(1113年)因烧炭失火, 避祸迁居永福县(今永泰县)廿九都(今嵩口镇)和平乡感衣里月洲村, 住溪畔。

      长子字克顺, 南宋绍兴九年己未(1139 年)七月廿三日酉时,再生一子,临盆时,云五彩,室异香,三旦取名慈观,亦写自观,字克勤,又名祥,亦曰沙。

      Prove of his existence were recorded in Historical Texts, such as:
      • 《月洲张氏世谱》
      • 《中国人名大辞典》
      • 《福建通志》
      • 《永泰县志》
      • 《闽清县志》
      • 《闽都别记》
      • 《夷坚志》
      • 《游宦纪闻》
      Zhang Ci Guan's father, was a court official,  named  Zhang De Ren (张德仁), and his another name was Chun Hou (淳厚), and courtesy name was Ju Shi (居仕). His mother name was Guo Ming Shi Niang (郭氏十娘).

      On the day of Ci Guan's birth, the sky shines brilliantly in five color, and air filled with flowery fragrance.

      One day, his father (De Ren) was traveling in a remote mountain path and was confronted by a demon. At the critical moment, a child spirit appear and chased the demon away, thus saving De Ren. De Ren was so grateful but didn't realized that the child spirit was non other than his son (Ci Guan).

      1142 AD - Age 3

      At that time, his father (De Ren) was very sick, in fact bedridden. Ci Guan stayed by his side all day long, preparing and brewing herbal medicines continuously. His loving care touches his father. Unfortunately, his father soon passed away. Ci Guan mourned for three years.

      1143 AD - Age 5

      After his father demise, due to his family poverty, Ci Guan worked in his auntie' farm planting vegetables for his daily meals. He toiled in the farm for several years. Ci Guan stayed with his auntie and his brother nephew. Auntie laboured in the field together with his nephew. Although they were very poor and life was tough, but they lived happily together.

      绍兴十三年癸亥(1143 年),慈观 5 岁时,父张淳厚病亡, 慈观随胞兄张克顺守孝三年,因家境贫寒,常随嫂采野菜充饥。 

      1147AD - Age 9

      Due to their poverty, Ci Guan's mother remarried and handed Ci Guan to the care of a distant relative. Ci Guan was accepted by Taoist Master Zhou Zuo (周佐道長) and learned martial art at night, while working in the day.

      绍兴十七年丁卯(1147 年),慈观 9 岁,因家计困迫,母已改嫁。慈观随母寄养于辅弼乡平角洋黄家,执牧童,衣单薄,炭窑地,遇周师,学武艺,遵师言,练寅卯。 

      1148 AD - Age 10

      Ci Guan worked in the village of Ping Jiao Yang (平角洋) in Yong Tai. One day, he ventured into a mountain in search of wood. In the depth of the forest, he saw two Sages/Immortals, with similar appearance and dressed in Taoist high priest robes playing chess. Beside the chess board there was a half red half green big peach. Ci Guan approaches and observes the game with interest. The Sage offer the peach to Ci Guan. After eating half of the peach, Ci Guan quietly discard the balance half peach as it don't taste good. On seeing this, one of the Sages immediately told Ci Guan to leave.

      Ci Guan then left for home, carrying the day-collected wood. On the way, he rested at a pavilion. Nearby, there was a temple, Geng Yi Ting and there lived a famous Taoist High priest by the name of Master Fang Long Shu.

      Ci Guan consulted this Master and related the day event. Master Fang Long Shu then explained that these two Sages/Immortals are non other than Tai Shang Lao Jun and Yuan Shi Tian Cun. And the half red half green peach was a three thousand years heavenly peach! If you (Ci Guan) had completely eaten the whole peach he would have gained deityhood and able to ride the cloud (that is, travel/fly on a cloud). However, since he only eat half the peach, you (Ci Guan) would have to cultivate and practice longer and do more good deeds in saving human sufferings and terminating devils and demons.

      Ci Guan then asked the Master how could he meet these two Immortals again.

      Ci Guan then begged the Master: I wish to go back to these two Sages/Immortals. Can you please assist me?

      The Master said: Tai Shang Lao Cun already ascended to heaven. Yuan Shi Tian Cun resides in the Purple cloud pavilion also in heaven. You're still a human and can't ride the cloud. So how can you find them?

      However, the Master advised. On the 16th day of the 8th lunar Month, you and your two brothers (Xiao Ming) of Xian You and Zhang Min (of Jiu Du), must go to Yang Jiao Zhou, Fuzhou and wait there. When you saw a boat in the middle of the river, the three of you can ride this magic boat which will take you to Lǘ shan (闾山) to learn and practice Taoist skills and martial arts and cultivates. After which, you three will achieve deityhood and will reach a high level.

      Ci Guan immediately set-off as instructed and headed towards Lǘ Shan (闾山), where he learned many mantras and scriptures and advanced in this Taoist skills.

      On the 49th day, he mastered all the 36 Heavenly Stars Formation, 72 Earthly Stems combination and divination methods and many Taoist skills.

      In their spare time, Ci Guan will chop wood to keep fit. Zhang Min plotted the land and planted rice. Xiao Ming pounded and grinded herbs into powder to make medicines as per Master Zhou Zou.

      绍兴十八年戊辰(1148 年),慈观 10 岁,仍在平角洋帮 工,上高盖山砍柴,因见顶峰怪石嶙峋,奇景悬天,遂登临绝顶,见两老者童颜鹤发,身着道衣,在石棋盘上对奕,旁放一粒 半红半绿的大桃子,慈观走近伫立观奕,一老者将桃递与他, 示意唤下,慈观吃了一半,感到不好吃,便将另一半偷偷丢掉, 另一老者挥手示意他离开。

      慈观挑柴下山,至半岭息肩时,遇见名山室法师龚龙树, 遂将详情禀告。

      法师反问:“ 你可知道两位老者是谁? ”
      张答:“ 不知道 ”。

      法师才说:“ 两位奕棋者,一为太上老君 ; 一为元始天尊。送给你吃的桃子是三千年才一 熟的蟠桃,你能全吃了就能升入仙界,腾云驾雾,遨游广宇,但你只吃了一半,暂时未能脱出尘缘,还须下一番修炼功夫。”

      慈观后悔不及,乞求法师指点修炼之道,法师说:“等你到了十八岁那年的八月十六日午时,你可与仙游人肖明(信)、闽清人章 敏 ( 真 ) 到福州羊角洲等待,届时有一仙槎停泊江中,你三人可乘槎往江西闾山问道。”


      1150AD - Age 12

      After 4 years of intensive training and practises, Ci Guan is now so strong and fit that he can lift a 500 lbs stone and leaps very high.

      One day, suddenly the weather changed drastically. The sky darkened and strong wind blows. The three brothers decided to leave the mountain to investigate. On the way, the whole forest suddenly gone up in flames, the river boiled and rose violently. In the mist of all this sudden violent happenings, a huge python appeared in the distant. A crow-faced deity that was causing all this disturbances.

      The three brother concentrate and focus on this thing. Then they realized that it's the coming of the Heavenly Master.

      The Heavenly Master instructed: Ci Guan, you must go help capture the devilish demon. Zhang Min, Xiao Ming, you two have other assignments. Thus the three brothers departed on their separate way.

      Ci Guan requested for a protective treasure. The Heavenly Master advised: Your wood cutting tools are your protective treasures. It will protect you against any evil spirits. Ci Guan bowed, thanks the Heavenly Master and took leave, hastily returning to the chaotic and troubled human world.

      On the way, Ci Guan reached a mystic island where he saw two hemp ropes on the path. The two hemp rope suddenly turned into two long snakes. One of them quietly stole away. Ci Guan quickly seized it but it quickly coiled rounded his neck. With his magical skill learned from his Heavenly Master, he finally managed to control the snake. Various magical colors radiated in its eyes and it loud breathing sound can be heard from a distant. Suddenly the snake became a precious protective weapon. (This is why there's always a snake coiled rounded one of his hands).

      绍兴二十年庚午(1150 年),慈观 12 岁,经过 4 年苦练武艺,一掌能劈开五百斤巨石,轻功起步拔地飞升三丈高。 

      1151AD - Age 13

      It was soon winter month of 1st lunar month. It snowed heavily thus Ci Guan he couldn't tend to the sheep. He returned home to spent the New Year with his auntie and siblings. On reaching home, he found all the wood used up (as they are very poor). He practiced his martial skills the whole day to kept himself warm.

      His body soon became very hot. As there was no wood in the house for cooking, Ci Guan put his feet into the stove to boil some water. At that moment, his auntie was awaken by the noise and was shocked to see Ci Guan using only his feet to boil water! On realising this, Ci Guan immediately jumped out of the window and ran away.

      This news spreaded fast and soon all the villagers regards Ci Guan as an Immortal.

      After leaving his auntie's house, Ci Guan wandered aimlessly, travelling from village to village and often spent the cold nights at discarded temples. He could go for days without food. He managed to survive only because he had a physical strong and fit body, thanks to his master's training in martial arts.

      After leaving his auntie's house, Ci Guan travelled from village to village and arrived at Bai Ma Bo, Xian You, and worked in the Liu household. As he didn't know the local dialect, he faces many communication problem. Fortunately, at the same time, Xiao Ming [萧明] (then 11 year of age) was also staying with his auntie in the same village. Soon they became very good friend and decided to be sworn brothers. Both worked very hard during the day and practices martial skills at night.

      绍兴二十一年辛未(1151 年),慈观 13 岁,是年正月,春雨连绵,天气寒冷,慈观不能为黄家上山砍柴,日食无依,元霄节时便回家与兄嫂过节,但兄嫂家中柴薪全尽,慈观为了御寒,从亥时练功一直练 到寅时,自感浑自发热,以脚伸入灶中, 运起神功,锅中水自沸,即以脚代柴辰炊,锅中饭熟,此时恰被 嫂嫂起床看到,无限惊奇,慈观施展轻功,越窗而走。

      消息传开,都说慈观是神人。 慈观离开兄嫂家后,到仙游白马坡刘家村帮工,因言语不通,常餐风宿露。


      1153AD - Age 15

      Ci Guan left Yong Fu (永福) and traveled the mountainous land. He reached a famous ancient temple known as Bai Yun Si (白云寺/White Cloud temple) in Yong Tai, a famous Taoist retreat. There, he was accept as a student by the High Priest Gong Long Zu (龚龙注). He again worked during the day and study the various Taoist sacred scripts (in the temple library) at night. He also practiced his martial arts and magical skill too. His skills thus advanced to another higher level.

      慈观在仙游帮工三年,日间做工,夜间练武。 绍兴二十三年癸酉(1153 年),慈观15岁时返永福县,栖身白云寺 ( 即白云堂,宋乾德五年建,为永泰道教地之一,位于 永泰县赤锡乡东坑村东南4公里处),拜龚龙树 ( 亦写龚龙注) 法师为师,日间帮工,夜间学经典,练法术,脱俗入道。

      1154AD - Age 16

      It was 7th Lunar Month, he again left and travelled from Yong tai to Xian You, thorough the mountainous terrances. He passed through an infamous stockade. The muddy path (its only road) was dangerous, windy and long. Its more that 10 li. He noticed that all the people that travelled this path does it at a high risk. Ci Guan decided to mend/repair the long and dangerous muddy path (road). In one night work, he smashed and levelled this long and windy muddy path (which is at least 3,400 steps long)! Ci Guan left the place immediately after completing the job. His feat was noted by the locals and the legend of "an Immortal repair path" was born.

      绍兴二十四年甲戌(1154 年),慈观 16 岁,是年七月,由永福去仙游,路过古寨岭 ( 亦写五寨岭),黄泥山路长 10 里,见来来往往的行人肩挑步行非常艰难,时逢盛暑,人人汗流夹背,慈观决意筑路,即宿于山腰一老叟家,更深夜静时利用星月之光,运用神力,一夜砌成 3400 多级石阶,为防石滑,用铁条耙石痕,此石阶路自南宋一直通行至今,其路石耙痕犹存。 

      1155AD - Age17

      Ci Guan again found a job in the village of Yong tai.

      In February, Taoist Master Zhou of Mount Lǚ came to visit him and taught him various advanced talisman skills and Taoist skills.

      In 3rd Lunar Month, Ci Guan helped the people of Wu Tong (梧桐) village planted paddy. The village women folk provided daily meals. They cooked mud loach with red wine to serve with the cooked rice. Ci Guan decided to save the mud loach. He used his chopstick to pick the mud loach one by one and placed them in the drain and chanted a life-giving/reactivation spell. Slowly but surely, the cooked mud loach came to life and swimming again in the drain. This created a new species of red colored mud loach in Yongtai. This is the legend of the famous red colored pond loach of Yongtai. This special type of  pond loach still carry a distinguished marks at its midpoint (the place where Ci Guan used his chopstick to pick them up!

      绍兴二十五年乙亥(1155 年),慈观 17 岁,二月间在永福赤锡帮工,江西闾山周道长再次来找慈观,正好于赤锡相遇, 道长又传授玄机道法和复生咒。

      三月,慈观在梧桐帮人插秧, 雇主的婢女送饭,以红酒糟煮泥鳅为菜,慈观决意放生,用筷夹起泥鳅放入水沟,念起复生咒,果然泥鳅复活。

      自此梧桐一 带便增加了一种红泥鳅,是因被红酒糟染红的缘故其, 腰部还有两处凹痕,是被慈观筷夹所致,红泥鳅繁殖至今。 

      慈观把此咒传于梧桐和仙游东乡等地,人危病急,念此咒 便能复苏言语,被称为仙方妙法。

      1156AD - Age 18

      Ci Guan still worked in Yong Tai. It was a very hot summer. The whole region was dried and earth cracked. There was much suffering and salvation due to the drought. In order to save the whole village, he decided to dig a canal to bring water. He borrowed a buffalo and an iron plow from a nearby village. He started in the early hour and travelled to the nearest waterway and begins digging the canal. He worked non-stop till the next day noontime. Suddenly he heard a woman shouting : Strange! Strange! There's a man digging a canal! At this moment, the man and the buffalo disappeared, leaving behind only the iron plow. When the villagers arrived at the screen, there's already a canal (with water flowing from the rocky mountain). All the villagers was so happy and grateful when they saw the newly dug canal is flooding all the paddy field with water, thus saving their crops. They realized that this is the work of a kind heart Immortal. They all immediately knelt down and prayed towards heaven to thanks this Immortal. Some villager saw Ci Guan returning the buffalo to its owner. They realized that this is the work of Ci Guan but couldn't find him around.

      Ci Guan then travelled to Jin Sa (金沙) and worked for the Yan Household (严家). Once, there was a drought, and weather was hot and dry, Ci Guan used his Taoist magical skills to bring rain and worked tirelessly to repair the dangerous mountain path. Soon, the place was plentiful of water to cultivate the lands. The country folks of Jin Sha, realised that this is the work of an Immorta, they build shrines and a statue of Ci Guan (white face) in appreciation. Ci Guan stayed there for several years.

      It was 8th Lunar Month, when Ci Guan returned to Mount Lǚ's Bai Yun Tang (白云堂)  where he further improved on this magical skills and arts from the High Priest, Master Gong Long Shu. Master Gong Long Shu taught him a special magical skill, known as Wu Lei Tian Xing fa (Five Thunder Heaven Heart spell). And was also given a very powerful seven-star sword. Ci Guan quickly paid his due respects and leave to do more good deeds ( on a life-saving mission).

      He visited his sworn brother Xiao Ming at Xian You. They set off together. Both learned very fast and are very well advanced in their respective skills and arts. On their way, they meet Zhang Ming. The three of them became sworn brothers. At that time, Zhang Ming was 26 of age, Ci Guan 18 of age and Xiao Min 16 of age. The three of them set off to FuZhou village of Yang Jiao Zhou, as instructed by Master Lung Shu (where they were transported by a magical boat to Jiangxi Lǘ Shan (闾山) to further their magical skills.)

      其复生咒另附。 绍兴二十六年丙子(1156 年),慈观 18 岁,是年夏天,在 永福梅洋帮工,时干旱,赤地千里,禾苗枯死,百姓忧心如焚。 

      慈观为保禾丰收,济世利民,暗地里向农家牵来一牛,取一犁, 乘黎明前大雾弥漫,犁开梧桐头至大洋坡之间的石壁,开出一水渠引水灌田,及至天亮,被一妇女发现叫喊:“ 有一人腾空驾牛犁石。”,牛、犁、人霎时消失,众人赶到现场一看,石壁已犁 出一条引水渠,众人见旱田得水,枯苗复活,都跪地向天拜谢神仙之恩。但有人看到慈观牵一头牛还人家,才知道是慈观造福于民的神功, 但巳不见慈观人影。 

      慈观到闽清金沙严家做长工,因干旱无雨,慈观显其神功:“粪勺创幵石阶座,石壁犁田车确岩,茅草接水下流上,浇田灌溉钱马坪,耕作田园人不识,神仙妙法显 神灵。”,引水灌田,保禾丰收,造福于人民,所以金沙为张慈观立生祠,塑白脸 张慈观肖像奉祀,以示纪念。 

      1156AD - 16th Day of 8th Lunar Month

      At Lǘ Shan (闾山), they meet Taoist Master Zhou Zuo (周佐道长). Xiao Min (肖明) was given a Taoist name of Lang Rui (朗瑞); Zhang Ming's (章敏) Taoist name of Lang Qing (朗庆). The three brothers worked and practiced their skills with great vigor.

      At Mount Lǚ, Master Zhou drilled them daily with various skills. The three brothers learn diligently and tiressly. After 49 days, they mastered all the 36 heavenly stars formations, 72 Earthly Branch magical combinations, and various divinations skills as well. Master Zhou also taught them various martial arts. Very quickly five years passed. By now, they are very skillful and their magical skill is of a very highest standard.

      Very quickly five years passed. By now, they are very skillful and their magical skill is of a very highest standard. However, Master Zhou still didn't instruct them to leave for any mission. Instead, he ordered Ci Guan to cut wood; Lang Rui to grind powders (for making pills); and Lang Qing to plant paddy; till all three are expert martial arts exponents.

      When Master Zhou is satisfied that the three of them have mastered the various skills and arts, he instructed them on a mission to travel the country of Fujian to save the villagers. Ci Guan requested a protective talisman from Master Zhou. Master Zhou departed a special skill known as Feng Huo Lun martial art and a metal walking rod (that weights 7000 jin) . Ci Guan felt that this is too heavy and turned it into a lighter and shorter walking rod.

      By now Master Zhou is satisfied that the three brothers had learned all he could teach and asked them to leave Mount Lǚ to put their skills into good use. They are instructed to save all the poor and weak and destroy all devils and demons that come their way.

      The three brothers pays their respect to Master Zhou and travel all over Fujian on their mission.

      Ci Guan left Bai Yuan temple and reached the seaport of Minjian. In his path, he saw two pieces of jute strings tired together in a coil. It sudden turned into two huge python. One of them quietly snaked away. Ci Guan quickly caught hold of the other (before it escaped) but it coiled round his neck. Ci Guan quickly captured it (with his magical skill) and kept it as his protective weapon/talisman. Ci Guan turned it into a powerful exorcist weapon.

      慈观回到白云堂,时已八月,紧记八月十六日上闾山问道,特向龚龙树法师辞行,龙树法师又传授五雷天心法,并送七星剑一把,慈观即拜别登程,先到仙游招呼谊 弟肖明,两人志同道合,决意同行,途经闽清又登访章敏(亦写章真),三人结为兄弟,是年章敏26岁;慈观18岁;肖明16岁,三兄弟遵龙树法师前嘱到福州 羊角洲乘仙槎到江西闾山道教圣地问道学法。







      慈观求师尊赠护身法宝,师尊授风火轮功夫,并送一把重七千斤的铁拐杖,慈观嫌太重,师尊一化 就成为一把长约1. 2 米,姆指粗的顺心应手的铁拐杖,嘱其终身随带,便能脱尘成道。


      慈观拜别师尊下山,来到闽江口岸,两条原先捆柴的麻绳,突然变成两条蟒蛇,一条凌波溜走 ; 一条被抓住绊于项上, 用灵符封住,作为随身护卫。


      1160AD - Age 22

      Ci Guan returned to Xian You and stayed with Xiao Ming. They gather herbs and cured many villagers without any charges. Their kindness and good reputation soon spread far and wide. That’s why all over Xian You, people make mud status of their likeness and built shrines in gratitude. Soon there was more than 390 such shrines over all Xian You. In fact, in a village of Bangtou, there are only Zhang Gong Sheng Jun’s shrines and temples with his status.

      绍兴三十年庚辰(1160 年),慈观 22 岁,回闽住肖朗瑞家中年余,广施灵药,为民治病,救济众生。

      恩德古今传, 所以仙游到处建造宫庙奉祀张公, 多达390多处, 尤其是榜头一带村皆有圣君宫庙, 塑圣君金身, 奉祀香火, 以彰功德。 

      1162AD Ci - Age 24

      He travels far and wide and reached You Xi County (尤溪县). There, he collected alms/donations to build bridges for the conveniences of travelers and the local villagers. Later generations people crafted Zhang Gong’s statues and paid due respect to this unique Immortal.

      绍兴三十二年壬午(1162 年),慈观 24 岁,到尤溪县莲坂桥、福亭坑等地方募化缘金建桥亭,使来往行人方便,后人于 桥亭中祀张圣君像。 

      1163AD - Age 25

      It was April when Ci Guan and Lang Rui reached Pan Yu Yan mountain in search of herbs.

      On their way, they passed the village of Guyang. They were told that there was a demon living in PanYuYan (潘畲岩). All the villagers that goes there were dead (whole body turned purple, a clear sign of poisoning). Now, nobody dare goes there.

      Ci Guan and Xiao Ming quickly went in that direction and ventured deep into the mountainous forest of PanYuYan. Suddenly the sky was covered with a blanket of dark cloud. Strong wind blew from all directions. A strange animal, bright golden in color, flew straight towards them. Ci Guan quickly flashes his sword. Lang Rui flashed his stone hoe (his magical protective weapon), both combined their skill to face this strange animal. This strange animal emitted a huge cloud of dark smoke and blew at them. They then realized that this demon is a poisonous demonic centipede. With their combined power and skills, they eventually killed this poisonous demonic centipede. Once again, they have done a great deeds for the villagers.

      At a river bank in Yongtai, there was a huge snake monster that pried on maiden doing their laundry at the river side.

      When Ci Guan knew this, he quickly went in search of this water snake monster and with his powerful magical skills, easily cut this monsterous snake into half, thus bringing peace to the region again. The blood from this monster caused the river water to turn red, thus the legend of the Red water river of Yongtai.

      南宋隆兴元年癸未 ( 1163 年),慈观 25 岁,是年春三月, 莆田西埔桥蛇精作怪,专吃妙龄少女,凡到桥下洗衣的少女难逃其害,慈观闻知即赶往西埔,朗瑞手持藏有除蛇毒药竹杆, 随其助战。




      张、肖二人决意上山除害,深入林中, 忽然黑雾冲天,狂风四起,一只金黄色怪物迎面扑来,张、肖纵身闪过,慈观执剑,朗瑞执药锄,合力夹攻,但怪物口吐黑雾, 难以击中,朗瑞气冲斗牛,怒吼连声,唾沫飞溅,他属相鸡,怪物原来是蜈蚣精,一遇鸡唾沫,现出原形,慈观运足功力,上前一剑,将一条数十斤重的蜈蚣精刺死,又为民除了一大害。

      1166AD - Age 28

      It was early January. The three brothers saw a old man crying and pledging for justice as his young grand daughter was taken away by force by a bully playboy son of a rich landlord.

      The three brothers immediate when to find this playboy family and on arrival, find him in the main hall having a good time drinking wines and womanizing. The playboy was about to tear off this young girl's clothing. Ci Guan shouted at him to stop. When this playboy saw that the three brothers were dressed in poor farmer clothing, ignored them and continued with his act. He (the playboy) then throws one punch at Ci Guan's eyes. Ci Guan avoids the punch and kicked his bottom. Unfortunately, the kick was so strong that it immediately killed this playboy. Lang Rui then set fire and burnt down this evil stockade. They then returned this young girl to the old man. Thence fore, peace returned to the village of Mafeng.

      In the same year, Ci Guan and Lang Rui also done a few more good deeds by exterminating more devilish forces and demons.

      While on his travel, Ci Guan reached the village of San Xing Zhuang. He learned from the local folks that three evil spirits was causing havoc. These evil spirits liked to catch young maiden and locked them up in their mountain hideout. On knowning this, Ci Guan immediate went in search of these evil spirits.

      When Ci Guan found these three evil spirits, a fierce battle soon began. With his magical Taoist power, Ci Guan soon killed these three evil spirits. It turned out that one was a pig spirit demon, one a dog spirit demon and one a bear spirit demon.

      Peace returned to this village. Thus Ci Guan done another good deed.

      乾道二年丙戌(1166 年),慈观 28 岁,正月某日,张、肖忽 见一老叟哭诉,说其孙女被仙游马峰寨主花豹掠去凌辱,乞求救命。

      张、肖即赶步入寨,见花豹在厅上饮酒作乐,大发兽性,正在剥开少女上衣,慈观大怒,喝令住手,花豹一看是两个赤手空拳的农民,那里肯听,因作恶成性, 自逞强悍, 挥拳向慈观太阳穴打来, 慈观闪过, 飞起一脚正踢中花豹小肚, 这个罪恶累累的草寇立毙于地。



      1167AD -  Age 29

      While traveling on his mission, Ci Guan reached the village of Shuang Gui Yan (双桂岩). There he met an old Taoist crying and pledging for help. Ci Guan was told that his grand daughter was captured by a group of bandits.

      These infamous bandits robbed and also captured maiden for their pleasure at random. Ci Guan on knowing this immediately went in search of these bandits. He hided on top of a huge cassia tree. In less than two minutes, the notorious bandits appeared. Ci Guan jumped down hoping to caught them unprepared. One fierce bandit immediately throw a dagger at Ci Guan. Ci Guan was swift. He blocked the dagger and make it flying back to from where it came. It struck the bandit’s waist. The evil bandit dropped to the ground and was dead. Ci Guan released three captured maiden and sent them home.

      After this fierce battle, Ci Guan asked the old Taoist if he can spend the night in his hut. The old Taoist was still very frightened and kept crying that his son is still captive (in one of the mountain cave) for the last five days. Ci Guan asked the old Taoist to show him the cave. Upon reaching the cave, Ci Guan noticed that the entrance was blocked by a huge rock (weighting at least 500 jin). Ci Guan gathered his magical power and broke the rock in half with his bare hand! Thus freeing this poor little Taoist boy. However, the boy was so weak and closed to dieing. Ci Guan quickly chanted some magical mantra and feed the boy with herbs. The little boy soon recovered consciousness and survived.

      When the villager knew about this happenings, they came in number to thanks Ci Guan.
      乾道三年丁亥(1167 年),慈观 29 岁。


      慈观闻知此事,乘夜独自进山,隐身桂树枝头,察看动静,二更时分,恶棍果然出动,慈观跳下桂树,手持宝剑,拦住去路,恶棍自恃凶猛,架势对抗,并以先下手 为强,暗发飞刀直向慈观射来,慈观眼快,横剑一挡,飞刀却反飞回去,插进恶棍右胸,恶贯满盈的恶棍自得报应,伏地丧命。 

      慈观向双桂岩老道人借宿,老道惊疑不定, 慈观安慰不须害怕, 恶棍已除, 老道哭诉有一小道童被恶棍禁锢石洞已经五昼夜, 死活不明。

      慈观随老道到石洞外一看,有一块约五百斤 的巨石堵住洞口,慈观运功发神力,一掌截断堵石,救出巳奄 奄一息的道童,慈观急念复生咒,并施草药,道童得以苏醒。 

      1168AD - Age 30

      Now at his prime. He was traveling on his mission and reached the village of Jiao Xi, Shi Gu Yan. Ci Guan noticed a brilliant light coming from the direction of Shi Nui Shan. He immediately realized that there’s an evil force presented. Ci Guan went there to exterminate this evil force. The battle with the Five demons is the most famous of Zhang Gong's feat.

      Ci Guan learned from the locals that this day, the demons are taking a young maiden as its bride. In order to save the life of this poor maiden, Ci Guan disguised as the bride and sat on the bride sedan chair and was carried to the demon’s hideout in the mountain cave.

      Upon reaching the demon hideout cave, Ci Guan revealed his true identity. Soon a ferocious battle begins. It was so violence that it caused huge sand storms. Rock flew in all directions. This fierce struggle goes on for a long time and as the demons had numerous assistances eventually Ci Guan was locked inside the cave. The demons set fires and burnt Ci Guan for seven days and seven nights till Ci Guan’ face turned black and his hair chared.

      Ci Guan was totally exhaused and hungry. He said loudly, I'm not afraid of heat nor smoke. I'm only afraid that you (the demons) throw bun at me! On hearing this, the demons immediately threw buns (through a small openning) at Ci Guan. Ci Guan quickly ate all the buns and now having regained his energy, used a Taoist mantra/spell to called for help.

      Soon, Lang Ming (Xiao Gong) arrived. He used his hammer and broke the rock that was blocking the cave entrance. His power was so great that one of the broken rocks flew and hit Ci Guan on his forehead, causing a huge swell.

      Lang Ming was so embarrassed that his face turned red! When Lang Rui (Hong Gong) arrived, he saw what happened to Ci Guan and was so angry that his face turned green!

      This is why people always depict Zhang Gong's face black with a huge swell on this forehead; Xiao Gong's face green and Zhang (Hong) Gong's face in red!

      Ci Guan, Lang Ming and Lang Rui then combined their skills & power and finally subdued these 5 devils. These devils then become the Wu Tong Gui (Five Pass Devils) and kept as their protective assistances.

      Ci Guan found the place (Shi Hu Tong) placid with good environment and decided then to stayed at the Shi Hu Tong to cultivate and improve on their skills.

      While travelling, Ci Guan arrived at Mount Tai shan. There he met Ma Xian Ma (whom was cultivating and practising Taoist skills).

      Ci Guan stayed there for a period, daily practising and sparing martial skills with Ma Xian Ma. Their power was so great that huge stone fly all over like snow flakes!

      乾道四年戊子(1168 年),慈观 30 岁。

      是年春,慈观到德 化蕉溪石鼓岩炼性,见石牛山夜火闪烁,知有魈魅作怪,叫人从他的指缝间窥视,可看到魈魅 “ 娶新娘 ”,慈观驾云到石牛山救出民家女子,自已扮作新娘让鬼卒抬进石牛山石壶洞,一出轿门即现出原身与群魔搏斗,大显神通,悬崖上下趾踵入石, 辗转斗法,群魔不敌,佯装败退,慈观紧追不放,被鬼卒暗布绳索绊倒,众鬼卒一拥而上,把他搡入石壶洞禁锢,洞口用柴火烧粗糠烟熏七昼夜,熏得慈观黑面散 发,但法力在身, 生命无恙,只是鬼洞石门封闭,无法出走,鬼卒煨烤油煎棵狂欢庆喜, 慈观闻声,计上心来,高声自叹: “我不怕烟熏,专怕油煎棵粘身丧命。”。

      众鬼卒见慈观烟熏不死,又听得专怕油煎棵粘身丧命,即大量掷入油煎棵,慈观吃得饱饱,'口念咒语,示知肖、章 前来助战,朗庆到石壶洞,用槌撞石门,因用力过猛撞开石门不慎碰伤了慈观额头,自感羞愧而睑红;朗瑞亦循风赶到,见鬼祟作怪,慈观蓬头散发,额头又撞伤了 一大肿瘤,气得脸发青。



      张、肖、章伏妖后,看石牛山气势磅礴,悬崖摩云,将石壶 洞定为福地,张谓章曰:“你在此石壶洞修真成道,我他日化身九龙潭,显在石壶,万法归源,得其所也 ”。

      三道人誓言来日显在石壶洞。 乾道六年庚寅(1170 年),慈观 32 岁。

      时仙游县南门要建一大桥,其中一个石墩砌在溪中一巨石上,但砌后崩,崩后砌,砌后又崩, 屡砌不成, 石匠无法可想, 大桥建不成。

      一日慈观到仙游县城,听众人议论石墩又崩了,他近前一看,原来石墩下的大石是一只千年修炼的大龟精,在它背上硇石墩,龟身一 抖,自然崩溃,慈观为援建南桥,即手持竹夹跳到大龟石上,大龟张幵大口伸头要咬慈观,他神速将竹夹直插入大龟喉咙,一发神力将龟精刺死,于是仙游南大桥遂 建成。


      1170AD - Age 32

      While on his mission, he reached the village of Nan Men, Xian You .

      The villager was planning to build a huge bridge. There was a huge rock sitting on top of another huge rock. All the craftsmen and artisan couldn't remove it, thus the bridge cannot be constructed.

      When Ci Guan arrived and was told the story, he immediately went to investigate. After surveying the huge rock, Ci Guan discovered that the other huge rock at the bottom was actually a thousand years cultivated tortorise spirit. Its head was pinned there by the huge rock on top of it! And it body was buried by another huge pile of rocks. Ci Guan used a rod of big bamboo and struck it at the tortoise's head. The tortoise extended its head and intended to bite Ci Guan. Ci Guan was even quicker. He pushes the big bamboo rod into the tortoise's mouth, through its throat and used his magical power to kill it.

      Thus the construction of bridge was finally able to be completed.

      Later, the villager built a shrine near the bridge to thanks Ci Guan.

      1171AD - Age 33

      In the  of Ming Zhong Ke County (闽中各县), it rained heavily for the pass thirty three days with thunders and lightings flashing non stop. The noise irriated the Jade Emperor and He decreed Lei Gong to stop making further thunder noise. Unfortunately, Lei Gong can't read, thus he asked Zhang Gong (Ci Guan) to read the decree.

      Zhang Gong was also taught the thunder making skills before. He used this skill to speak to Lei Gong, saying: Zhang Gong supervises Lei Gong! Zhang Gong then immediately instructed Lei Gong to stop all the noises. Lei Gong hence fore stopped all the chaos. When the Jade Emperor knew this happenings, He then conferred Zhang Gong the title of "The Controller of Thunder".

      乾道七年辛卯 ( 1171 年),慈观 33 岁。

      是年,闽中各县春 不雨,赤地千里,但雷声却霹雳震天响,连霹三十三天不停,玉帝下旨禁雷鸣,但雷公不识字,把玉旨拿给张公看,张公本已有五雷天心法,就厉声说:“张公管雷 公 ”,雷公只好贴耳听从命令,张公下令:立即止雷鸣,雷公再也不敢霹雳了。 







      沿海一带渔民闻声纷纷前来求医问药, 慈观一一施舍救治, 住百天, 医百病, 渔民感恩戴德, 建造生禄庙,雕塑金身奉祀,流传至今。

      1172AD - Age 34

      There was a chaos and upheaval in the Fu Qing County (福清县). A huge red monstrous snake was creating havoc and fears in western Fu Qing. This monster likes to swallow whole pig, cow and goat (all prize assets of the villagers).

      When Ci Guan heard of this, he quickly rushed to the place. On arrival, the huge monster snake was creating huge waves (from its movement). It was very nasty and fierce. Ci Guan jumped onto the snake and fights it with his magical skill.

      After subduing this monster, he slow sliced off its skin and makes a protective armor out of it. Later the villagers also realized that Ci Guan was also the same person that cured all the villagers of Fu Tian. The villagers hence fore addressed Ci Guan as Zhang En Gong, meaning: kind benefactor.

      乾道八年壬辰(1172 年),慈观 34 岁。

      是年春,福清县可洛溪春洪暴发,一条大红蛇沿岸作怪,吞食猪、牛、羊牲畜,慈观闻讯,赶到可洛溪与红蛇搏斗,红蛇翻洪搏浪,极其凶猛, 慈观施轻功,飘身溪洪上与大红蛇搏斗至黄昏,终于将红蛇降服,收为护卫。


      1173AD - Age 35

      In Yong Tai, there lived a rich landlord by the name of Zhang Wei Li. He will do anything to get some wealth. He will impose taxes and collect high rental to earn as much as possible from the villagers. He had a special crane shaped stone wall built behind his house as a good Feng Shui measure to accumulated great wealth.

      However, one day, a heavy downpour broke the wall of this crane shaped wall. Wei Li felt very uncomfortable about this incident. He was afraid this would cause him to loose all this fortunes. Wei Li invited all the craftsmen in the country to repair this crane shaped wall. However, all attempt to repair failed (as the crane shaped wall will broke off immediately after being repaired). Wei Li felt very worried and invited more craftsmen from afar as well. Just then, Ci Guan was invited.

      Ci Guan then said to Wei Li. “I can repair this crane shaped wall on condition that you performance the salvation rituals for 49 continuous days”. Wei Li was forced to agree. On the 48th day, on seeing Ci Guan done nothing yet to the crane shaped wall, demanded: “It’s already the 48th days and yet you have not even start doing a single thing. What is your intention! Ci Guan laughed and replied. “What’s the hurry? When you completed the 49 days rituals, the crane sahpped wall will be repaired to its original condition!” In the last night, Ci Guan uses his magical power and skill and repaired the crane shaped wall to its original state. The next day, when everyone saw what have happened, they then realized this is a work of a powerful Immortal. They search for Ci Guan but couldn’t find him around any more.

      乾道九年癸已(1173 年),慈观 35 岁。

      永泰嵩口有个财主张维利,为富不仁,苛收农民租谷,因他屋后紧靠鹤脖形风水, 所以发了千租。

      但一场大暴雨却将鹤脖冲断了,维利惶惶不安,恐断了鹤脖风水会遭到家业破败,延聘高手石匠砌接鹤脖石墙,但筑后崩,崩后筑,筑后又崩,再也没有石匠敢应承 筑鹤脖墙了,郑维利坐卧不安,正好慈观到嵩口听到这一传言,就去对维利说:“ 你如肯做七七四十九日功德施舍,我可以求仙之助砌合鹤脖 ”,维利无可奈何,只得应允照办,但功德已做了四十八天,还未见筑石墙,就责问慈观:“ 只剩一天功德就做完了,你还不动手筑墙,如何打算 ”,慈观冷静回答:“ 急什么,等你功德做完了,石墙也就筑好了。”一夜之间,慈观运用神功用鹅卵石接合了鹤脖围墙,第二天众人一看无限惊奇,都说慈观 是神仙,但已不知慈观的去向。

      1174AD - Age 36

      Its Autumn and the three brothers returned to Shi Nui Tong for their annual get together, to discuss and study and what they’re learned during the year.

      They then decided to go to Mount Lǚ to pay a visit to their Master (and to learn more from him). They cut bamboo to make a draft and carried it to Mingjian River. They used their magical power to cross many rivers and rough seas and finally reached their destination.

      However, Master Zhou already knew of their exploits and knowing that they have learned everything from him, decided to leave the place, thus the three brothers couldn’t find him around. The three brothers then kneed on the ground and kowtow three times (as showing respects to their Master), then returned to Fujian.

      Later, those people who saw the three brothers on the bamboo draft crossing those rivers and rough seas knew that they were Immortals.

      南宋淳熙元年甲午(1174 年),慈观 36 岁。

      张、肖、章三道 人行道济世一纪年之后,于是年秋天相约聚首石牛山石壶洞, 回顾功果,为深探道法,决意再上江西闾山谒见师父,祈求指教。




      1176AD - Age 38

      In the town of Anxi (Angui), people were suffering from a strange illness, known as the red-patches disease. No medicines seem to be effective. This epidemic had developed into a very critical stage.

      At this time, Ci Guan was on his travelling in Anxi and on knowing this epidemic, quickly started working to cure the sufferings. Ci Guan knew that there's a special herb know as "Tian Shan Xue Lian" which is the only cure. But Tian Shan Xue Lian can only be found in snow covered mountain very far away. Thus Ci Guan used some local herbs to treat this ailment temporarily. Ci Guan then used his magical power and speedily traveled to Tian Shan to obtain this rare herbs know as Tian Shan Xue Lian. After applying this rare herb, all the suffering people were cured soon.

      After taking care of the epidemic in Anxi, Ci Guan took some of the Tian Shan Xue Lian's root back to plant it in Shi Nui Shan. Tian Shan Xue Lian can only grow in extreme cold and clean environment. With great care, efforts and magical chantings, soon the Tian Shan Xue Lian started to grow. (This special plant is known to grow only in the snow mountain of Tian Shan). It is now a well known as Nui Shi Lian. It also Ci Guan's special formulated herbs to cure this particular ailment known as red-scare ailment.

      淳熙三年丙申(1176年),慈观 38 岁。

      当年安溪县民众遍染红癍症,医药无效,疫情危急,慈观正在泉州行道,闻知此事,赶到安溪,一见病症,非天山雪莲无可根治,但天山路远, 鞭长莫及,慈观便示知民众先用瓜菜叶、生豆腐、香黄三味捣 碎涂之,暂延时日,他本身运用轻功翻腾山野,赶往天山采回雪莲,煮水广济患者,人人服后皆愈。


      1177AD - Age 39

      Ci Guan's cultivation is now at a new level. He was able to ride cloud (i.e travel on a cloud). He passed the village of Mei Shang Bai Long Tou.

      Due to the dry weather and to save the year crops, Ci Guan was up early in the morning. He carries a water bottle make from a dried Hu Lu fruit. Ci Guan hanged this hu lu water bottle on a cassia tree truck. On the bottle he wrote: Hu Lu bottle neck opening is now an spring water source, supplying water endlessly for the paddy fields. The water will be fresh and sweet tasting. Everyone in the village was very pleased.

      However, therefs one rascal by the name of Liu San Piao who just wanted to create trouble. He pulled the hu lu from the cassia tree truck and flung it onto the ground. Upon hitting the ground, the hu lu broke and a huge body of rushing water (like a wild running river) rushes out drowning Liu San Piao and flooded his house, flattening it in the process. Strangely, other houses wasn't affected by this sudden flood.

      Henceforth, this place was known as Shui Liu Pu, meaning Water Flooding Plains.

      Soon it was winter. The village of You xi San was covered with thick snow.

      In the hillside hut, a baby boy was born. The owner was very poor and the poor mother was very weak due to under-nourishment. Ci Guan was very sad as he could see that both the mother and child wouldn’t be able to survive this harsh period. When Ci Guan saw the sad stage of this household, he pity them and uses his magic to create a bottle of red wine. He offered the wine and also some nourishing food (specially good for the blood) for the mother as well, thus saving both the mother and child.

      While travelling in Nanping, Ci Guan held that the riverport of Di Kou was terrorized by a water ghost. Fishermen would disappeared without any trace.

      Ci Guan immediately rushed to the place to investigate. On seeing two water ghost on the shore, he quickly used his magical skill and power to exterminate them, thus bringing peace to the region.

      Ci Guan wished to advance his cultivation and requested a meeting with Guan Ying niang niang for advice.

      Guan Ying niang niang advised him to continue with his mission as there are still a lot of people that needed his medical cures and much suffering in the mortal realm.

      Ci Guan worked tirelessly without any demand for rewards. His philanthropic spirit had the respects and admiration of millions of folks.

      The three Immortal brothers stayed at Shi Hu Dong, collecting and brewing herbal medicines for the suffering folks. They worked tirelessly and travelled in all four directions curing and ridding of devils and demons. The folks held them in high esteem and are highly respected wherever they visited.

      The three Immortal brothers practised their martial skills daily on top of the Shi Niu Shan (石牛山). Their footprints are still visible at the very top of Shi Niu Shan.

      淳熙四年丁酉(1177 年),慈观 39 岁,他云游到尤溪县梅山百垅头,时逢大旱,慈观为保禾苗,拿出一个小葫芦瓶倒挂 在桂树枝上,并贴一张纸条,上写:“ 借得东海水,灌溉受旱田, 眼观手勿动,撞扰水滔天。”


      消息传开, 独有一个地霸刘三彪不服,故意逞强,把小葫芦摘下来摔在地上,顿时洪水滔天,把刘三彪的高楼大厦冲洗一空,但对别家全无损害,后人叫此地为 “ 水流埔 ”。 






      1180AD - Age 42

      It was August. Ci Guan visited his old pal, Zheng Si Tong. Ci Guan taught him some Taoist magic and chants. Zheng Si Tong was a very fast learner. He urged Ci Guan to spend the autumn with him and to enjoy the Mid-Autumn festival.

      After the Mid-Autumn festival, Ci Guan bid farewell to Si Tong. But before leaving, Ci Guan had written a book on Taoist magic art and presented Si Tong as a present. After which, Ci Guan returned to Shi Nui Tong.

      淳熙七年庚子(1180年),慈观 42 岁, 是年八月初,慈观到仙游访老友郑思通,并传授咒语于他,思通专心学灵咒,挽留慈观同度中秋节,慈观过了中秋节,自知功果将成,遂将咒语经书送给思通,然后告辞回石牛山。

      1182AD - Age 44

      It’s June. Ci Guan was traveling in Ming jian preaching the Tao of karma Causes and Effects. He discovered that this mortal world were full of evils and wrong doings. He summaries it with the saying : “There will be recuperation for all evils. There will be rewards for all good deeds.” Ci Guan also preaches the philosophy of Taoism.

      Ci Guan also builds a small pavilion near the Jin Sa Bridge () for the conveniences of the travelers. Meanwhile, Ci Guan continued his mission and also spread the teaching of Taoism far and wide, endlessly. Eventually, he returned to Shi Nui Tong for the winter.

      淳熙九年壬寅(1182 年),慈观 44 岁, 是年六月,慈观到闽清渡世人说因果,劝导世人戒恶向善,阐明因果报应道理, 恶有恶报,善有善果, 宣扬道教主旨。 

      又在金沙桥头搭一草棚,编织草鞋布施路人,劝导行人遍 走天下路,长扬道家声,历时三余月,方返石牛山。

      1183AD - Age 45

      Ci Guan's skills is now beyond comparison and had attained deity hood.

      With his mission fully accomplished, Ci Guan finally ascended to Heaven from Jiu Long Tan (九龍潭),  the waterfall of the foot of Shi Niu Shan.

      淳熙十年癸卯(1183 年),慈观 45 岁,已经功成果满,即于九龙潭羽化升天。

      Photo Montage Video Of Historial Sites of Zhang Gong Sheng Jun (张公圣君)

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      The Taoist Snake Whip (法索蛇鞭)

      The Taoist Snake Whip (法索蛇鞭)

      The Taoist Snake Whip (法索/淨鞭/法鞭/聖者/金鞭聖者) is a ritual item being used during Taoist Rituals/ Celebrations/ Ceremonies. It is one of the most used ritual items in Lu Shan Sect (閭山派).

      Functions of a Taoist Snake Whip:

      • Getting rid of wandering spirits in the ceremonial area
      • Deployment of  spiritual armies (调营放兵)
      • Recalling of spiritual soldiers and rewarding (收兵犒賞)
      • Exorcism rituals (驱邪压煞)
      • To summon heavenly deities hastily (急召萬神)
      • To punish disobedient spirits

      “Golden Whip Saint” (金鞭聖者)
      The spirit of snake whip is honoured as the “Golden Whip Saint” (金鞭聖者)

      It is a belief that Taoist Snake Whip is the deified Snake Demon that Zhang Gong Sheng Jun (张公圣君) subdued and became his subordinate.

      Video On Taoist Snake Whip

      The Snake Whip Mantra (金鞭聖者神咒):

      独角腾蛇大圣者  身长万丈光无边
      展起英雄天地动  邪魔鬼怪尽惊亡
      五湖四海深山去  行罡作法鬼神惊
      吾奉祖师符水勒  锣声鼓响到坛前
      当初发愿救诸苦  今日下坛救万民
      有人念出圣者咒  日日时时保安宁
      弟子一心专拜请  金鞭圣者显威灵

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      Zhang Gong Sheng Jun (张公圣君)

      Five Treasured Weapons Of Taoist Spirit Mediums

      There are 2 types of Taoist Spirit Mediums for 2 different occasions:

      1) Civil Divine Spirit Mediums (文乩) - For the purpose of providing consultation to the public

      2) Martial Divine Spirit Mediums (武乩)- To perform super natural power, get rid of evil entities, spiritual cleansing and get rid of bad luck of the whole community / village

      The 5 treasured weapons, are typical weapons used during the ceremony / ritual by the Martial Divine Spirit Mediums. The purpose of using these 5 weapons is to pierce the bodies to shed blood out. Shedding of blood is a way to show sincerity and to ward off evil entities. Showing off fresh blood is a visual prove of sincere heart of pilgrimage. Every weapons has the divine power for exorcism.

      Seven Stars Sword (七星剑)

      Shark Sword (鲨鱼剑)

      Crescent Moon Axe (月斧)

      Copper Wand / Wolf's Fang Club (铜棍 / 狼牙棒)

      Spikes Ball (刺球)

      Video Of Martial Divine Spirit Mediums Performing 5 Treasured Weapons Ritual

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