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Important Note: There is consultation fee and ritual service charge when You seek help. The consultation fee & service charge are quite expensive and not anybody can afford it, or interested to pay for it. Kindly ask how much is the consultation service and ritual service fee when You seek help.

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'The Supreme Master Investor' 7 in 1 Talisman

Client J.H was asking whether I (Taoist Sorcery Master a.k.a Kumantong 4D Master)  could customize an  Extreme "Ultimate Gods Of  Wealth"  Talisman for him personally, which is way more powerful than the 'Gods of Wealth' Talisman, which he already had.

Client is already doing smoothly with his career as a University Lecturer and is building his wealth through stocks and crypto-currencies. 

After much discussion with him regarding his aim for his future financial goal, I took 3 days 3 nights to brain-storm and finally produce a specific Investment-Cum-Wealth 7 in 1 Talisman, which I named it - 'The Supreme Master Investor' 7 In 1 Talisman. 

Talisman 1 - 5 Direction Gods Of Wealth (五路财神)This talisman is to call upon / invoke the 5 Directions Gods Of Wealth to come over on standby. This is the main wealth talisman. Client can pray for support and guide him in his career, investment and his future endeavour, or anything related to wealth bringing. 

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Talisman 2 - Fu De Zhen Shen (福德正神)a.k.a Tua Pek Kong (大伯公) 
Fu De Zhen Shen (福德正神)is an Earth Level 'Wealth Bringing' Deity, that is commonly prayed by bosses / business owners. In this talisman, he will be positioned side by side with 5 Direction Gods Of Wealth (五路财神) to support and guide client in his wealth matters. 

Talisman 3 -  Qi Lin (麒麟)  of  Confucius Talisman
Notice the character -"至" - it represents "至圣仙师" (Zhi Sheng Xian Shi) , which means Confucius (孔子).  This talisman is to call-upon the Qi-Lin ( a devine creature) of Confucius, to come forward for assistance to help excel in academic performance. It has been told in legends that the birth of the great sage Confucius was foretold by the arrival of a Qi-Lin. Qilin is a symbol of good omens, protection, prosperity, success, and longevity by the Chinese.  This talisman is specifically choosen for client, because his career is in education sector, therefore it will be of tremendous help in his line of work and future endeavour. This 'academic' talisman will also support him in gaining of investment  knowledge. 

Talisman 4 - '5 Direction Noblemen' Talisman
This talisman ask 5 Direction Gods Of Wealth to search for Noblemen from all directions to come forward to help and support client in his wealth goals and to prevent negative people from blocking his way to success. 

Talisman 5 - Secret Taoist Codes Of  Bei-Dou (北斗) - The North Dipper (7 Stars) -  Talisman
This talisman is seeking the Lord Bei Dou to shine their light of  Luck & Prosperity  into client's life. 

Side Note: During the yearly "Luck Enhancing" Ritual, Taoist Priests / Masters will on the behalf of devotees, do prayer rituals to the Big Dipper Star Lords, reciting Taoist Scriptures Of Big Dipper , walking across the "7 Stars" Bridge. 

In this talisman, client will be carrying a 'Bei Dou' (北斗) Talisman all day long, thus, bringing prosperity into his life every day. 

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Talisman 6 - Investment Prosperity 1 Talisman
This talisman is to call upon the 3 Lords of San Qi Stars (三奇星君) to oversee the Seven Stars (七星 ) - Bei Dou (北斗) are helping the client to succeed in bringing tremendous wealth through Stock Market Investment. 

San Qi Star Lords (三奇星君) is referring to the San Tai (三台), which is  a Chinese Astrology name for a group of stars that situated near the Great Dipper of the North (Bei Dou Xing 北斗星). 

In this  taoist talisman context, it is worship as  San Qi Star Lords (三奇星君).  San Tai (三台) in other contexts, are also known as Tian Zhu (天柱), San Jie Xing (三階星), San Heng Xing (三衡星).

*上台虚精开德星君 * 中台六淳司空星君 *下台曲生司禄星君

Side Note: During recitation of several Taoist Scriptures, such as the Bei Dou Jing (北斗经)  - The Scripture of the Great Dipper of the North, San Tai Xing Jun (三台星君) are often mentioned and invited for the ritual/ceremony to witness the event and also to request for the necessary blessings for the mortals.

Talisman 7 - Investment Prosperity 2 Talisman
This talisman is to call upon 5 Direction Gods Of Wealth to come over and guide client to prosper in all types of investment he pump in. Any stock direction goes will always benefit client to prosper. 

Important Note: Notice that ghosts related talismans, such as "5 ghosts" were not invited  to support client?  Initially client was encouraged by me to add on "5 ghosts" to help him bring in wealth  fast. After much consideration, he did not wish to have "5 Ghosts" involved as he is afraid of them. Therefore, 5 ghosts were excluded. Positive energy of the stars were engaged instead.

Video Of 'The Supreme Master Investor' 7 in 1 Talisman

Important Note: Folks who are in similar situation may order the same type of talisman. Folks are seeking different path of extreme wealth (gambling , vice etc) and who are not afraid of ghosts, may request for a customization of extreme "Yin" Talisman that only involve ghosts or partly heaven , earth and hell.

Extra Info: The following talismans are also owned by Client J.H...

'Driving To Riches' 9 In 1 Talisman

Client just bought a new car. She returns back to ask for spirit assistance to protect her safety on the road and bless her new car.

After much discussion with her to understand her career, her lifestyle and the purpose on choosing and driving that particular car of hers.. I (Taoist Sorcery Master / a.k.a Kumantong 4D Master)  decided to take up the challenge to plan and customise a Car Related Talisman, that consists of several other powerful talismans to boost up the spiritual power of the main talisman.

After 3 days and 3 nights of brain-storming and planning, finally the 'Driving To Riches' 9 In 1 Talisman was created and spiritually empowered for her.

Note: This 'Driving To Riches' 9 In 1 Talisman works it magic best for folks who are traveling on the road. It is also suitable for folks who are riding a Motorbike , driving van, bus, lorry, truck or any other types of vehicles. 

Explanation of the 9 Powerful Taoist Talismans:

1) Main Car Protection Talisman

This is the main car protection talisman to protect the driver / rider on the road. Safety is number one priority. This is the most important talisman of the whole entire talisman.

2) Social Power Talisman

This talisman is the main talisman of 'Five Directions 'Noblemen come desperately helping' Talisman (五方贵人符). While traveling on the road, You will bound to meet many people.  This talisman will help the person brings in new quality friends to boost up his / her future endeavours , career , sales. You will meet Noblemen (贵人) who support You in Your job or bring You sales, depending on Your career choice. 

3) Lottery Luck Talisman 

This talisman is the 'Strike Lottery - Win 1st Prize' Talisman.  Who don't wish to Win 4D with his / her own  Car Number Plate? This talisman is to help boost the chances to Strike Direct 1st Prize as frequently as possible on the Car Number Plate Numbers. 

Even though the 4D Results are always different for every draws, so You can't expect to Win 4D 1st prize on the same Car Number Plate on every draws but winning occasionally on Direct 1st Prize is already very big deal. Anyway, this talisman is also can be used for  'Shake A Cup' To Win 4D.

4) Protection Talisman 1

The 1st protection talisman is called 'Prevention of Weird Creatures and Ghosts' Talisman - Protection against the nasty people / weirdos and evil spirits / ghosts.

This protection talisman is number one spiritual protection to  protect the driver / rider from ghosts / evil spirits, especially from those spirits died from car accidents and also night driving at remote / deserted area. 

*Imagine a ghost enjoying a free ride in Your car.. next to You.. Or what about.. a ghost pillion ride behind You on the motorbike..*

Many people ignore the spiritual world as mere superstition, until one day they face the unexplainable themselves, then they search high and low for a spiritual master to clear their  spiritual woes.  

The ghosts of unnatural death need to seek replacement by causing another human to die to become ghost to replace it's position.

Spirits who died from unnatural  death cannot go up to heaven nor hell at the time of death, so they are stuck on the location of death. For the Chinese folks, who still have their spiritual practice intact, they will do spiritual cleansing ritual on the spot of  unnatural death to help spiritual-transend the soul. But, many folks of other  races and religions, don't understand, therefore have no such practice.

This talisman not only protects You from ghosts and evil spirits, it also protects and prevent You from nasty drivers and weirdo drivers on the road. 

5) Protection Talisman 2 

This is the 'Gui Gu Xian Shi - 鬼谷仙师' Protection Talisman.  This talisman seek support from the deity - 'Gui Gu Xian Shi - 鬼谷仙师' to protect driver / rider to have a safe journey on the road. 

6) Protection Talisman 3

This is the Goddess 'Jiu Tian Xuan Nu Niang Niang - 九天玄女娘娘' Protection Talisman. This talisman seek support from the Goddess 'Jiu Tian Xuan Nu Niang Niang - 九天玄女娘娘' to protect the driver / rider to have a safe journey on the road. 

7) Wealth Bringing Talisman 1

This talisman seek help from the 'Wealth Gods Of Five Roads / Directions - 五路财神' to bring wealth to the driver / rider. This talisman boost support on climbing up the career, bringing more sales, meeting new business partners. This talisman also boost support of 'Strike Lottery - Win 1st Prize' Talisman.

8) Wealth Bringing Talisman 2

This talisman seek help from the 'Fu De Zhen Shen - 福德正神' to bring wealth to the driver / rider. This talisman boost support on climbing up the career, bringing more sales, meeting new business partners. This talisman also boost support of 'Strike Lottery - Win 1st Prize' Talisman.

9) Wealth Bringing Talisman 3

This talisman seek help from the 'Five Ghost Kings - 五鬼王' to bring wealth to the driver / rider. This talisman boost support on climbing up the career, bringing more sales, meeting new business partners.
Seeking help from '5 Ghosts of Wealth' is the most extreme level in bringing in wealth, therefore this talisman is included.  This talisman also boost support of 'Strike Lottery - Win 1st Prize' Talisman.

Important Info: Please take note that this '5 ghosts' talisman is  unrelated (not the same) to the 5 ghosts of 'Ultimate 5 ghosts multi-purpose' talisman. This '5 ghosts' in this talisman is 5 ghosts specifically called upon for wealth-bringing issue, or call it '5 Ghosts Wealth Kings'.  It is also used in one type of '5 Ghosts Wealth Bringing' Ritual.   This group of 5 ghosts are only focused on Wealth Bringing Purpose.

As for 'Ultimate 5 ghosts multi-purpose' talisman, the '5 ghosts' belong to the Mao-Shan Feng Yang Sect (茅山凤阳派), which often used to call upon for doing tasks, which include seeking revenge on enemies, or "black" magic purpose. 

Both groups of  '5 ghosts' can use to seek Wealth, Winning The Lottery, Lure customers and clients etc. but only the latter set of  '5 ghosts' of  Mao-Shan Feng Yang Sect (茅山凤阳派) (from 'Ultimate 5 ghosts multi-purpose' talisman) can use for Black Magic purpose, such as make enemy fall sick, disturb them, or punish them in any way You hope for.

Important Note: 

Notice that  the strategic formation of the talisman is that the Protection comes before Wealth?  Because without Safety, getting into accident and being disabled or death, there is no meaning to Wealth. When You are Safe and Sound, then You can enjoy life with Your wealth.


This 'Driving To Riches'  9 In 1 Talisman brings You a Safe Journey on the Road to Wealth & Prosperity. 

Extra Info: Take note that this is one of the 'High End' Customised Talisman and the fee charge to create and empower this talisman for the client is very expensive. If You need one, kindly email me (Taoist Sorcery Master / a.k.a Kumantong 4D Master) and ask how much is the fee. If it is over your budget,  we may discuss and customise another version for You at Your budget.

Video Of 'Driving To Riches' 9 In 1 Talisman

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