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Taoist Exorcism by Taoist Master

Taoist Exorcism can be performed by a Taoist Master or by a Taoist Medium, in trance of a Taoist Deity.

For Taoist Exorcism performed by a Taoist Medium, in trance of a Taoist Deity, Check Out: Taoist Exorcism by Taoist Medium

When Someone is possessed or disturbed by an evil spirit, it is often caused by 2 reasons.

1) The person have disturbed the ghost/spirit intentionally or unintentionally and the ghost wanted to seek revenge.

2)Someone is jealous of the person or have created trouble with another person and he/she wanted to seek Revenge/ Get Even/ Pay Back by using the ghost/spirits with Black Magic Ritual.

Note: Sometime some bad people need to be punished by Black Magic to teach them a lesson (but need not to the point of death, even though it can be done) , which is why Taoist Sorcery Blog is to reveal the reality of Taoist Black Magic on Getting Even/ Pay Back.

The video shown above is just one method of Taoist Exorcism done by a Taoist Master. Different Taoist Masters from different Taoist Sects will perform different method of Taoist Exorcism.

To the Christians, all kind of spirits/ghosts/demons are evil. In Taoism and Buddhism, not all spirits/ghosts/demons and other kind of spiritual entities are evil and they have their rights to reside and occupy in their own realms and also stay at certain places on Earth.

During Taoist Exorcism Ritual, evil spirits are not immediately punished. The spirits will be questioned on the reasons behind why the victim or victims are being disturbed or possessed by them. They may settle their case in peaceful manner. Joss Papers and Food offerings may be burnt to the spirits as apology and that the spirits must leave the victims alone immediately.

If the evil spirits would not agree to any form of compensation but stubbornly want to continue to harm and disturb the victim, Taoist Master will then show no mercy and to seek the power of Taoist Deity to perish the evil spirits.

When the Taoist Master is performing spiritual exorcism on the victim, the victim will not be hurt physically by the Taoist master but punishment and pain is received by the spirit.

Malaysians, and also Chinese folks in South East Asia, except Singaporeans, know the truth that black magic is real and that evil spirits/ghosts/demons do exist and may harm the human folks anytime. Therefore, they always have close network with Spiritual Masters in their communities and they can seek help anytime when there is a need.

When such spirit possession was to happen in Singapore, very likely he/she will be sent to Mental Hospital, instead of seeking help from a Spiritual Master, because most Singaporeans are "highly english educated and modernized" and laugh at other people who believe in the existence of Spirit Entities and black magic.

To prevent being hexed by black magic and also to prevent evil spirits from disturbing or harming You, the best way is to be protected before it ever happen to You. Check Out: Taoist Talisman for Overall Protection

Taoist Exorcism by Taoist Tangki

Taoist Exorcism can be performed by a Taoist Master or by a Taoist Medium, in trance of a Taoist Deity.

The video shows a Woman being possessed by an evil spirit. The Exorcism Ritual is done by a Taoist Tangki (Spirit Medium) in trance of a Taoist Deity, Xuan Tian Shan Ti(玄天上帝).

When Someone is possessed or disturbed by an evil spirit, it often caused by 2 reasons.

1) The person have disturbed the ghost/spirit intentionally or unintentionally and the ghost wanted to seek revenge.

2)Someone is jealous of the person or have created trouble with another person and he/she wanted to seek Revenge/ Get Even/ Pay Back by using the ghost/spirits with Black Magic Ritual.

Note: Sometime some bad people need to be punished by Black Magic to teach them a lesson (but need not to the point of death, even though it can be done) , which is why Taoist Sorcery Blog is to reveal the reality of Taoist Black Magic on Getting Even/ Pay Back.

When someone shows a sudden change in their behavior or turns crazy, very likely they may be possessed or disturbed by evil spirit and not always the case of mental problem.

In Singapore, the unlucky folks, who turn crazy or behave abnormally, which is genuinely caused by evil spirits, will often time end up in Mental Hospital , instead of getting help from spiritual master, because most of the Younger Singaporeans are too "highly educated and modernized" and stop believing in anything spiritual, so they will immediately treat it as "mental problem".

This is the reason why applying Black Magic and attack on Singaporeans are easily done, since they don't believe in Black Magic and they have no protection (Taoist Talismans / Buddhist Amulets) against it. When few Singaporeans wake up to the understanding that they in deed need help from a spiritual master to do exorcism, they don't know where to get help, even if the Taoist Temples are just around their neighbourhoods.

Taoist Sorcery Service is created to provide Singaporeans and Western Folks ,who may want to seek revenge / getting even / pay back by using Taoist Black Magic on their enemies. In Singapore Law, there is no such thing as Black Magic and the victims cannot go report to Police that someone had used Black Magic on them, even if it is true and the Police Officer, personally strongly believe in it and yet still cannot arrest the Black Magic Practitioner just because there is no such thing as "Black Magic" in Singapore Law.

In Malaysia, and also other countries of South East Asia, the people of these countries know the reality of spiritual forces and black magic as they get to see with their own eyes or being hexed by black magic themselves. Therefore, they have a close contact with spiritual masters in their communities and always carry Taoist Talismans or Thai Buddhist Amulets for spiritual protection.

Taoist Talisman for Spiritual Protection

The Spiritual Power Of Man

To the Chinese, since ancient time, they already understood the fact that of all livings creatures on Earth, Man is the only one capable of summoning Celestial Immortals, Spirit Entities, and Demons at will. This ability and power was a direct sign of Heaven's compassion and generosity towards Man.

Difference between Christianity and Taoism
In the West, most people are born Christians or forced-to-be-Christians. There is a very big problem when a person is a Christian or forced to be Christians or surrounded by folks / family members and friends who are Christians. The big problem is because being a Christian, he or she cannot get to understand and appreciate the spiritual power, which they are given the rights to possess.

Christians can only pray to their "GOD" and anyone involving in the occult, such as Psychics, séances, tarot cards and mediums, is considered Satanic. When the Western Folks, who hated-to-be-Christians-but-forced-to-be-one, are interested to understand the spiritual world, they will immediately be condemned by people surrounding him / her as "SATANIC".

To the Taoists or Chinese Folks, knowledge of Taoist Talismans and Taoist Magic were imparted by the gods/ deities/ immortals since ancient time and keep passing on and on from Masters to Disciples till the modern days, so that the Chinese Communities can communicate and seek help immediately from them and also other spirit beings plus also able to battle with the evil spiritual forces or command ,summon and handle ghosts and demons in whatever manner they want.

It is only the stupidity of the "Westernized cum Modernized" Chinese who condemn their own precious spiritual knowledge,which were handed down directly from heaven to be freely applied to get rid of all problems they may face in their daily lives , be it health issues , money issues, relationship issues etc.

Taoist Magic for the Western Folks
In the West, the understanding of ancient Taoist Mysticism has been hampered by the lack of accessibility to the ancient knowledge of the Chinese, which has been handed down from Chinese masters to students through centuries of secrecy of the Chinese.

Even though, much of the Taoist Magic and knowledge of creating Taoist Talismans have been openly shared to the public in the form of Books, available in Bookstores, many of them are still written in Chinese language due to that almost all Taoist Masters are Chinese Educated and have no interest to get the Taoist Magic Books translated to English and other languages.

When entering into the energetic and spiritual realm of Chinese Mysticism, it is important to understand that these ancient esoteric principles have a twofold nature: they can be either used to help or destroy an individual's life. Therefore, the ancient masters cautioned against using rituals and spells for selfish and dishonest purposes.

Ideally, Chinese Mysticism should be used in order to assist mankind in maintaining good health, long life, peace, and contentment. Since most of the Taoist Sites are sharing information on the Taoist White Magic, therefore in this Taoist Sorcery Blog, the focus is on "Taoism of the Left", meaning revealing the Black Magic Side Of Taoist Sorcery.

Taoist Talismans>>

Magical Power of Taoist Talismans

The Origin of Taoist Talismans
According to the descriptions in Taoist scriptures, a talisman is a condensation of the clouds in the sky. In the Records of the Divine Talismans of the Three Grottoes ( 《三洞神符记》 San Dong Shen Fu Ji ), it is written that " the talisman is originally condensed in the sky. The Supreme Perfection ( 太真 Tai Zhen ) faced upward, wrote the heavenly writings, differentiated the directions, and distinguished pictures and drawings from the writings of the talismans." Later, the Supreme Venerable Sovereign (太上老君 Taishang Laojun -Lao Zi(老子)) and other immortals imparted them to the Chinese on Earth.

The Magical Power of Chinese Characters
In the Book of Master Huai Nan ( 《淮南子》 Huai Nan Zi ) wrote that long time ago when Cang Jie(仓颉) completed the creation of Chinese characters, there was millet falling from the sky, and spirits were crying at night. The reasons were that the gods / deities were happy that human beings can call upon them anytime when they need help and the ghosts/demons were sad because human beings can from then on use talismans to control them. It is thus clear that the idea existed long ago that some special Chinese characters were able to impeach and control spirits.

Note: Magical Talismans used in Korea and Japan are also written in Chinese Characters. The Spiritual Masters in Korea and Japan did not used their Korean alphabets (Hangul) and Japanese alphabets (Kana, Hiragana, and Katakana) respectively to create new kind of Magical Talismans, surely knowing that by doing so there will be no magical power created on the Talismans. This is yet again showing the true fact that only Chinese Characters (known as Hanja in Korea and Kanji in Japan), an ancient language, can only be used in creating Spiritually Powerful Talismans, in order to communicated between heaven,earth and hell.

Taoist Talismans - In Ancient Time
The early Taoist Sects from the folk society inherited and developed folk sorcery, which became a part of the system of Daoism. So the witch talismans were turned into Taoist Talismans, and developed into volumes and volumes of talisman books of the Chinese.

Such books produced in the Eastern Han Dynasty are The Double Scriptures of the Great Peace ( 《太平经复文》 Tai Ping Jing Fu Wen ), The Five Talismans of the Numinous Treasure ( 《灵宝五符》 Ling Bao Wu Fu ), The Perfect Writs of the Five Sprouts ( 《五芽真文》 Wu Ya Zhen Wen ), The Writs of the Three Sovereigns Ones ( 《三皇文》 San Huang Wen ), and so on.

Most of the Taoist Sects originated from sorcery and as a result the activities of dispelling the spirits became one of the magical skills of early Daoism.

Since the Eastern Han Dynasty, more and more Taoist Talismans were produced. The fifth chapter of the Inner Book of the Master Who Embraces Simplicity (《抱朴子內篇》 Bao Pu Zi ) recorded that there were 56 kinds of great talismans, amounting to over 500 volumes. The new sects that appeared later often created their own talismans and compiled their own books of talismans. Taoist Talismans and Registers became the trust of the succession of Taoist Sects.

The Structure of Taoist Talismans
Taoist Talismans are mainly composed of Chinese characters while others consist of astrological diagrams or objects for casting spells (厌胜物 Yansheng Wu ), and some of them even have divine images on them. But the majority of them are made up of characters and transformed Chinese characters. Because of this, talismans should have been understandable.

If one was able to understand all the writings of the talisman there were Chinese characters, one could register and invoke thousands of souls and control hundreds of spirits. There was nothing that could not be done.

The special characters for making talismans are called Talismanic Characters. Talismanic Characters have their own pronunciations, which are called Talismanic Sounds. Talismans are constituted of the Talismanic Characters and other elements, including the diagrams of the stars ( 星图 Xing Tu ), divine images, and objects for casting spells.

Knowing the implications of these elements can help one understand the structure of the talisman. Talismanic Characters are made according to certain principles, together with some other elements. Simple talismans are made up of one or several simple Talismanic Characters, but complicated ones are composed of many mixed parts. Therefore they are hard to be read.

Not only do the elements of talismans differ from sect to sect, but also the ways of making and reading them are passed down secretly from master to disciple within the sects. Laymen seldom have had a chance to see them. Moreover, the collocation, the order, and the positions of the various parts of the talismans are not easy for laymen to know.

As far as the images of the talismans are concerned, there are some other talismans with shades of layers of different colors. Sometimes they look like a large dripping-wet ink ball, and sometimes they seem to look like an outline of the spirits. They seem to be too mysterious to be understood because of their obscure structure. As a matter of fact, they can be understood and analyzed. Such talismans with ink balls and obscure structures were once prevalent in the Taoist Sect of Thunder Skills ( 雷法 Lei Fa) after the Song Dynasty.

Talismans are widely applied in the various stages of Taoist Skills, fasts and offerings, and rituals. They are used when setting up altars, invoking the generals, offering petitions, casting spells, destroying Darkness, refining and saving by water and fire. Taoist Black Magic Talismans are also used in Taoist Sorcery to command ghosts, spiritual soldiers from underworld and demons to disturb and destroy the enemies.

At the same time, Taoist Masters often use Talismanic Water to cure diseases, control the spirits, and dispel ghosts for the people or used by Taoist Sorcerers in Taoist Black Magic to control the souls of the victims or enemies. Therefore, Taoist Talismans are popular among the folks, and part of the custom of the common people.

It is very sad situation now that more and more Westernized Chinese Folks in Singapore and those Chinese settled down in Western Countries and even the Chinese in Northern Part of Modernized China have condemned Taoism and Taoist Sorcery as mere superstition.

Few of the rare Western Folks, who happened to have the chance to brush across basic information on Esoteric Taoist Mysticism, get excited about it, are searching high and low for In-Depth Taoist Magic Seminars / Boot Camps and Books in English to attend and buy but the "Westernized" Chinese themselves , who have better chance to get hold of Taoist Talismans or find Taoist Masters to learn the Taoist Magic, are shunning away from it.

It is only during the time when these "Westernized" cum "Modernized" Chinese who reach the dead end ( such as attacked by Black Magic and the Christian Pastor/Father can't help , no cure in sickness, financial difficulty etc) will then start to think " Oh... Maybe the Taoist Magical Talisman , which I heard of can help me". By then, they don't know where to get help which they desperately needed.

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