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The Ghosts Of Your Deceased Family Members Are Still Watching Over You... and how to communicate?

There are many stories about people who have seen the ghosts of their deceased family members. You might have seen them , or  Your family members, relatives or friends have told You, they actually saw the ghost of Your deceased family members. 

Usually when one of Your love one (father, mother, siblings, grand parents etc)  passes away,  You will miss the person dearly. You wish You can see him / her again and be able to communicate with him /her , or at least tell him / her how much You have loved him / her , or tell him / her about something that You have no chance to tell when he/she still alive.

This is real story told by my own relative:

When my uncle (my father's elder brother) was in the hospital, his late mother (my late grandmother) who had passed away 30 years ago at that time, came to his house's bedroom to wait for him to move over ( pass on). Late mother must had known that his son was "crossing over" anytime soon.

Uncle's young grand daughter, around 12 yrs old at that time, and her little neighbour friend, together saw the old granny ghost sitting on the bed.  The 2 girls went to inform Aunty (Uncle's wife) about it and describe about her appearance and dressing style. Aunty recalled.. she was the late uncle's mother, who had passed away 30 year ago (at that time).

Another real story told by a Facebook Friend:

"Today my maid told my Mum that she saw someone in my room near the wardrobe. But that was 2 week ago, only today she told us because she didn't want my kids to hear this. Since my kids sleep in my room. 

I don't feel anything or see anything all these while (as I can see or feel all this). She saw a man smoking while sitting with his legs crossed.  She even saw the smoke. 

My sis and I have the same thoughts. The man that my maid saw was my Godfather that passed away last year. Cause he like to cross his leg and smoke. Like he always did.

So i showed my maid my Godfather’s photo & she confirmed “Yes, it’s him!”  "

and there are a lot more similar stories, even though not family related, happened in real life... 


1) A Recruit was serving his National Service in the Army. He was killed while clubbing on a weekend night.  His spirit went to visit his buddy mates in the camp to say the last good-bye.  The buddy mates were also my army camp mates, who told me about it. (I wonder whether the recruit ghost went to visit his living family members at that time).

2) A Chinese "guy" approached my  Indian friend on a 1st night of Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival.  After their conversation, the Chinese "guy" said he had to go and then told that he actually had passed-away in a car accident several years ago. Within 2 secs after saying Good-Bye, the Chinese "guy" just disappeared. This got my Indian friend taken aback and realised  he was actually talking to a Ghost and that was the start of Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival.. (I wonder whether the car accident ghost went to visit his living family members at that time).

The lists of real events of folks who saw ghosts, or met  up and communicate with them can go on and on...

Some religions don't allow You to have such thoughts & practices:

To some religions, the appearing of ghosts of family members / loved ones,  are the transfomation of the devils or jinns to harm You.  To the folks of these religions, human beings have only one life and  after their death,  they go straight to heaven. Anything related to ghosts , are the making of Devils.   

Folks in these religions,  will be stuck in a dilemma - He / She wished to be able to meet the "person" (ghost) again,  but it will be going against the teaching and contradict themselves from their own  religion. 

When there is even a chance of meeting up or communicate with the ghost of their loved one, through  spiritual methods, either the way of Folk Chinese Seance or Western Method Seance or other spiritual methods of other religions or races, they are not allowed to participate. 

Your deceased family members are still around You but afraid to appear and get You frightened...

From the stories above, noticed that some of these people who saw the ghosts,  they had never met before personally when the ghosts were alive as human beings. 

When they informed about the ghostly incidences to people around them, then they got to know the ghosts were related to the people around them. If the ghosts were the transformation of the devils / jinns, why would the devils/jinns waste their time / energy of influencing other people, instead of directly influencing on the targeted people? 

To my own understanding, the ghosts of  Your loved ones might afraid that You will get frightened by their presence, therefore they appear to other people around You, instead of directly in front of You.

Folk Taoists / Buddhists believe in ghosts:

To Folk Taoists / Buddhists, this kind of thing (ghosts and able to see and talk to them) is real and explainable. The understanding from these 2 religions (Folk Taoism / Folk Buddhism) is that the souls of the dead will go for  rebirth into either one of the 6 different realms, within 49 days. 

Base on personal research and stories from own family members, relatives and friends and also similar stories from other folks... This is to say:

When people passed on, their souls don't immediately go for rebirth.  They may linger on the spiritual side and may take a long long time to go for rebirth. 

While they are on the "OTHER SIDE" (Underworld / Spirit World), they know what is going on with their loved ones, who are still living on the Human Realm. When You are about to die,  the spirits / ghosts of Your family members / relatives can feel it and come over to fetch You to Cross Over.

This is the reason why the Chinese Folks pray and do offering to their deceased love ones on Qing Ming Festival, Chinese Hungry Ghosts Festival and the Date Of Death Of their loved ones.

Communicating with Your Deceased Loved Ones:

Since You already know the ghosts of Your loved ones might still be around and they are still watching over You,  or You personally have met the ghosts, or someone has told You  that he /she saw the ghosts of  Your loved ones..  

This method anyone also can do - Follow the  simple Folk Taoist Method  - Write down the Name of the deceased person's name on a paper (Chinese will use red paper) and display it on a table of food offering. Light up  Joss Sticks and Candles. 

While praying to them, use Your mind to feel and think, or just whisper about Your feelings and the messages You wish to convey to your deceased loved ones.  They can receive your feeling and thoughts over them.

After the prayer and sending of thoughts and messages to them, burn  some Joss Papers to them.  

Let's wish the ghost / spirit of Your late loved one will one day appear right in front of You and You both can communicate with each other directly. Hopefully, if really happend, You won't be fainted.

Advanced Method / Direct Method - You may also seek help from "Granny Asking Rice" (问米婆 - Wen Mi Po). "Granny Asking Rice" (问米婆 - Wen Mi Po) is a Taoist Sorcery Ritual usually performed by an old age woman, who called upon the spirit of the dead from the underworld to possess her and then communicate with You. A bowl of rice is usually placed on the ritual table, hence it is called "Asking Rice" (问米).

How do I know the ghosts (of Your Loved Ones) can received Your feelings & Messages:

Base on Real Personal Experience:  When I was small, about 9 years old, in my old house, there was a ghost who would Cry (high pitch - woo woo woo) in the corner of my bedroom occasionally... 

Then one day, I found out, everytime if I were to think about whether the ghost was still around... The ghost would make the 'woo woo wo' sound. 

Fews years later, about 16 yrs old at that time... I told my sister... actually there was a ghost in the house, I could made the ghost cry by using my mind power.... whether she would want to hear it. She said give it a try..  Indeed, suddenly the ghost cried... My sister heard it and scream.

This is to tell You, ghosts (of Your Loved Ones) can feel You from Your heart , mind and soul, without speaking. 

Important Note: Remember to Light Up  Joss Sticks / Aroma Cones and / or with candles, when You want to send feelings and thoughts to the ghosts / spirits of Your Late Loved Ones.  The Amber Light of burning Joss Sticks is a communication channel between the living and the souls / spirits / ghosts. 

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