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Love, Lust , Sex With Chinese / Taoist Sorcery

This article is an extension of a previous article:
Taoist Talismans / Rituals From Finding Love to After Getting Married

Many similar enquiries have been made, therefore this article is to share with folks the huge range of similar  love / lust / sex problems faced and the spiritual remedies available from the Taoist Sorcery Path.

So what's so special about spiritual / sorcery remedies?

The answer is You don't need to spend time to seek information, or buy ebooks to read and then try out the steps  on how to deal with love and relationship problems. You simply let the deities or other spiritual entities to do the work for You. You sit back and relax.

You want to be a Casanova

You want to have many ladies / women in Your life. You already have some ladies / women in Your life but You feel not enough. You wish to attract / lay many more young ladies / mature women - Being a natural Stud.

Spiritual Remedy: Keep a ladies/women attractant talisman. Let ladies / women attract to You and come to You naturally for love or sex. Example: Ultimate Attraction 3 in 1 Talisman

No Ladies / Women Luck

Some men are happy to have just one woman in their life but the problem is they have none.You wish to be able to meet a life partner and get married and settle down.

Spiritual Remedy: Keep a talisman or do a ritual to improve fate with opposite-sex. Example: "Old Man Under The Moon" Talisman and Ritual.

Ladies / Women who want to seduce many men

Ladies / Women  working in pubs, clubs, or as social escorts  or as prostitutes who want the men to come back again and again, might seek spiritual help on enchanting the customers / clients. Some pimps use black magic talismans to control the prostitutes' mind so that the prostitutes will continue to work for the pimps.

Spiritual Remedy: In the left path of Taoist Sorcery, usually rituals and talismans for sexual and seduction matters will invoked "Brother Pig" Deity or Fox-Spirit and some other seduction deities You have never heard before.  Usually a Seduction Talisman can be kept, or a paper talisman is secretly burnt and add into a drink or food and serve to the person You are targeting.

For the Thai Black Magic Faith, they will use corpse oil collected from the burning of chin of a dead pregnant woman.

Unrequited Love ( One - Sided Love)

Unrequited Love is very painful. You like a person but that person doesn't know You exist. You love a person but that person doesn't love You back.

Spiritual Remedy: If his / her photo is available (best is include his / her full name, together with his / her date of birth), a ritual can be done to improve the fate to get to know each other, or  make the person fall in love with You.  Very often, this is the ritual that most folks are requesting.  Only after   the person You like or love, show signs of reciprocating, then You can proceed with additional rituals , such as love-bonding ritual, marriage-success ritual etc.

Gay / Lesbian Love 

Some folks are attracted to the members of the same sex.  Finding another gay / lesbian to fall in love with is hard to come by.  Your gay / lesbian partner suddenly want to break up with You and You are heart-broken.  You wish to attract more gays / lesbians into Your life. You wish a person You like (who is same sex as You) can be attracted to You ( hoping to turn him / her into a gay / lesbian).

Spiritual Remedy: There are Taoist Sorcery Spells (of the Left Path) that have Talismans and Rituals that help to rectify different  types of gay / lesbian issues.  1) Improve Gay / Lesbian relationship  2) Attracting other gays / lesbians into Your life   3)  Getting back a gay / lesbian partner. 4)  Turning a "straight" same-sex person to fall in love with You , etc.

Breaking Up a Gay / Lesbian Relationship

Typically, asian parents are the ones who are worried of their sons / daughters who are gays / lesbian.  Often time, they are the ones want their gay sons / lesbian daughters to break up with their same-sex partner, and hoping they can turn "straight".

Spiritual Remedy: There are  rituals to break up same-sex relationship and turning  them straight.

Getting rid of a person

Don't like / love a person but that person keep pestering You. It can be in different situations. You have never like that particular person. You like / love a person before but now You don't. He / She is your current boyfriend / girlfriend but now You want a break-up. You are married but now You hope for a divorce.

Spiritual Remedy: Different situations have different types of break-up rituals. Need to discuss / consult with a Taoist Sorcerer to choose a proper break-up ritual.

Love a person but parents disagree

Westerners take note: You may think love is personal matter and non of parents' business. But to Asians, receiving marriage blessing from parents and relatives is very imporant matter.

Spiritual Remedy:  This will depend on whether the lover seek Taoist Sorcerer help, or the parents seek Taoist Sorcerer help.

1) There are rituals to help  parents get along with Your boyfriend / girlfriend.

2) There  are rituals to help break Your own son's / daughter's relationship, which might be due to his or her lover is not up to your standard. Sometime the parents have the wisdom to know whether son's girlfriend or daughter's boyfriend is a bad  lover / bay influence / with bad company, or not a quality husband / wife. Sometime parents don't agree to the relationship is due to certain self-fish reasons.

Getting Married

Women know they can't wait like men as they feel their value also depend on their youth and beauty. Some men love to wait and see (hoping for someone better). Sometime the man drag for few years and end up marrying another woman, and left the  previous woman to rot.

Spiritual Remedy: Very often, women are the one seeking help on this matter. Marriage Success Ritual is the answer.

Love Rivalry - "3rd" / "Extra" person

Someone is trying to lure your boyfriend / girlfriend away from You, or Your boyfriend / girlfriend already has another lady / man in his / her life.

Spiritual Remedy: Ritual to get rid of the 3rd party. Can also inlude "Love Bonding" Ritual, "Lover come back" Ritual.

Cheating husband / Wife

Your husband or wife is cheating on You. If You forgive...

Spiritual Remedy: Ritual to tame husband / wife.

Divorce or not to Divorce?

Folks who wish for a divorce can be either falling out of love or due to physically abused or emotionally abused by the current husband / wife, or he /she has cheated on You. You wish to divorce  Your husband / wife , but he / she doesn't want.

Spiritual Remedy: There are few types of divorce-success rituals, depend on Your current situations. 

Winning Back a Lover's Heart, or Your Husband / Wife  (Heart Returning)

Your lover / husband / wife wants to break up or divorce but You don't want. You wish to have a reconciliation.

Spiritual Remedy: There are rituals to win back an ex-lover, and also rituals to win back husband's / wife's heart. Different love problems has it own sets of different talismans and rituals depending on the unqiue problems faced on that point of time.

Immoral and Unethical Relationship

Taoist Sorcery of the Left Path includes spells that work on  immoral  / unethical love / sex ( incest , mass-orgies etc) but hardly anyone (even the Chinese) know they exist.

Unlimited Taoist Sorcery Spells 

Taoist Sorcery of the Left Path are always ready to adapt, create and change spells accordingly to handle  any unique issues. There is no limit to invoke / call-upon any types of deities , ghosts  or demons to work on socially accepted norms or morally incorrect matters.

Important: There are many different types of talismans and rituals  to help rectify different love issues.  Sometime one ritual is enough . Some cases, several rituals are needed  to be done on different periods.  Fees for  rituals and talismans are not cheap.  It is important to discuss / consult a Taoist Sorcerer  (or any spiritual master) in full details, then choose and perform the appropriate rituals / or use the proper talismans to help work out the love issues.

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'Driving To Riches' Talisman (also known as 'Road Accident Protection' Talisman)

'Driving To Riches' Talisman is specifically kept by a car owner, or  to be put inside a car (or any type of  vehicles).  'Driving To Riches' Talisman is also known as 'Road Accident Protection' Talisman.

Long time ago, 'Driving To Riches' Talisman was originally a basic Talisman. It is redesigned to handle the modern days issues of vehicle owners and drivers, which now include wealth bringing while driving and Strike Lottery with the Number from the Number Plate.

This 'Road Accident Protection' Talisman is suitable for  Car drivers, Bus drivers, Truck Drivers, Motorbikers, Ebikers, Escooterists, Bicyclists etc

There are 3 important parts of 'Driving To Riches' Talisman:

The 1st part and most important part is Safety.

Sometime after taking serious precaution and safety measures while driving, accidents still happen. Many lives are lost and some folks become disabled. This 'Road Accident Protection' Talisman is to protect the drivers / riders during their journey on the road. Without safety, there is no use  of having lots of money. This Accident Protection Talisman is more important than having car accident insurance.

By keeping this 'Road Accident Protection' Talisman, if there is any impending danger right ahead, You can sense it with Your gut feeling and take safety precaution by finding a place to stop the car and wait for awhile before driving off again, or use another route to reach your destination. If You suddenly involved in a car accident, You will be protected from bodily harm and crawl out alive.

The 2nd part is to bring wealth to the drivers. 
Many sales people such as Property Agents, Insurance Agents depend on their cars to meet their clients. Taxi drivers, Food / Goods delivery drivers make money ferrying passengers , food and goods. This 'Driving To Riches' Talisman is spiritually empowered with Gods Of Wealth Ritual to bring businesses and wealth to the drivers. Whenever and wherever You drive, Gods Of Wealth will follow You.

The 3rd part is to strike 4D Lottery with the car numbers.
Many car owners have been buying their own car numbers since the very 1st day they owned their cars but they have never win before. This 'Driving To Riches' Talisman is spiritually empowered with lottery winning ritual to bring good luck to the car owner, so that he / she can keep on striking the lottery (4D 1st Prize) with his / her car numbers.

Important point for the Western Folks: Car owners (in Singapore / Malaysia) whose cars that had gone through spiritual blessing by a Taoist Spirit Medium / Taoist Master / Taoist Sorcerer , or by a Thai Magic Ah-Chan before, in deed after doing the rituals, they did strike the lottery with their car numbers.

This talisman is specially for:
  1. Anyone who intent to own a car ( or any vehicle)
  2. Anyone who drive a vehicle (car / bus / lorries / vans/ motorbikers / escooters etc)
  3. Folks who drive for a living ( Taxi Drivers / Deliverymen /  Bus Drivers etc)  
  4. Car owners who never strike 4D / Lottery with their Car Numbers before
  5. Folks who wish to Strike 4D Lottery very often with their Car Numbers
  6. Folks who want to prevent themselves from car accidents
  7. Folks who know Safety is more important than his Car Accident Insurance
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