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Several Words will be used interchangeably in this article:
Witchcraft - Black Magic

This Article is targeting on the Singapore Kids and Western folks who don't believe in Black Magic.

Anyway, since You have ended up in this Article from the Search Engine means You strongly know that Witchcraft/ Black Magic is REAL. So kindly invite Your friends and the Public to this Taoist Sorcery Blog-Site.

The problem with kids and teenagers born in Singapore with their I-Know-Everything Attitude (influenced by Western Culture) and also the Chinese from City Lifestyle of Northern China immediately condemn Witchcraft is fake.

Kids and adults from other parts of South East Asia such as Malaysia, Thailand ,Indonesia, Philippines will know that Witchcraft / Black Magic is real. The countryside dwelling kids from Southern China will also immediately agree to the existence of Black Magic.

Kids and Adults who are living or have relatives staying in rural part of their country will have seen live footage of exorcism done on folks who are hexed by Black Magic or they have personally attacked by Black Magic, which is why it is not a matter of believe or not to believe but the fact that Black Magic is Real.

By knowing the true fact that Black Magic is real, Folks of this group are always well prepared and well protected with Talismans and Amulets. In any point of time,  they are still so unlucky to be hexed / attacked by Black Magic , they still can get immediate help from Temples  in their neighbourhoods and Masters in their close network.

The problem  in Singapore is  far too many Singapore Kids and Adults are too modernized and western minded. Even the Bomohs (Black Magic Masters of Malaysia / Indonesia) and also the Taoist Masters who had migrated to Singapore from China, who brought along their Magical Skills and Knowledge, were not able to pass down to their decendants because their kids are not interested to learn.

Some may say -" Well  isn't it good that no more people practice Black Magic and We won't get hexed by Evil Magicians?"  THIS IS THE MAIN PROBLEM. Since people stop knowing the truth that Black Magic is around us, no one will take precaution and once if  You are hit by Black Magic You can't get help and You may not even know You are hit by Black Magic and by the time You understand the truth You are Hit by Black Magic , You don't know where to get help. This is the very BIG PROBLEM faced by Singaporeans and Western Folks.

BLACK MAGIC or "GONG TAU"(降头) is very good business ( No Competitors in Singapore - At most there are just few exorcists left to clear the Hex , instead of casting the Hex) and very easily executed onto Singaporeans in Singapore because  of the very reason that no precaution is taken. If You need to seek revenge, without wanting to physically harm or kill Your enemy with Your own hands and protect Yourself from Death Sentence for killing someone, or going into prison, and You have decided to use Black Magic instead, look for the Email at the Right Hand Corner of "Taoist Sorcery" Blog Site and send an email . We shall see what can be done and the service charge. Killing someone by Black Magic is not always a good option. The fun is using Ghosts / Spirits to disturb the person or whole family in the house.

Another advantage for Black Magic Practitioners to cast spells on  Singaporeans is that the victims cannot go to the Police and complain:" Someone use Black Magic on me".  Even if it is real and even the Police personally believe in Black Magic  but in  SINGAPORE LAW,there is no such thing as "BLACK MAGIC".

So now You know, only idiots still use their hands,legs and weapons to attack their enemies while the smart ones use Gong Tau / Ilmu Hitam (Black Magic in Malay) - Black Magic.

For a much easier and much simpler work of  Curse use by Chinese Folks >> HELL BANK NOTES CURSE

To the Western Folks, When You think of  the term " Witchcraft", very often the 1st thing come to mind is "VOODOO" - African Black Magic . You have come across so many websites about Voodoo and also read a lot about Western Witchcraft. Voodoo and also Western Witchcraft are real, but the problem , which You also know, is that the internet is full of useless hocus-pocus kiddy spells and chants created  by I-ALSO-WANT-TO-BE-A-WITCH wannabes.  And then You start to think :" I heard of Taoist Magic and Taoist Talismans are real and powerful".. which is why You end up in this Taoist Sorcery Blog Site and other Related Blog Sites >> Kumantong 4 U , Talismans 4 U, Kumantong 4D Power, Chinese Gods of Wealth

Many adults from all over the World, especially the English Educated ones, who use to not believe in anything spiritual, and happily follow the norm of society , such as going  to work like a Mad Dog and as long as bills are able to pay off every month , they will continue with the I-AM-THE-GREATEST-ON-EARTH and  I-KNOW-EVERYTHING attitude but then.......... once they get retrenched from their job or desperate for money and life is going down hill and then they start to ponder "is there god ( or ghost or spirit) that can come to my aid now? I need help immediately!! Maybe Win The Lottery would help? Please any Human / Deities/ Ghosts to help me right now?! " so often they end up in this Blog Sites too >> Kumantong 4 U , Talismans 4 U, Kumantong 4D Power, Chinese Gods of Wealth

By the time You are already in deep Shit and then to seek help from Deities/ Ghosts/  Black is already too late.



Gong Tau (降头) - Witchcraft Of South East Asia

GONG TAU (降头 In Hokkien/Teochew/Cantonese) or JIANG TOU((降头In Mandarin) is a kind of witchcraft prevalent in South East Asia.

Whenever someone got attacked by Black Magic, the Chinese Folks in South East Asia will refer it as "TIO GONG TAU" (中降头).

GONG TAU evolves from the fusion of Poison Magic Skills (GU-SHU) of Yunnan China and the Witchcraft / Black Magic of South East Asia ,which originated in India.

Most Witchcraft or Black Magic of different Cultures look almost the same. They are just called by different names and different rituals are performed due to their unique religious influence and believes.

GONG TAU is often executed for the purpose of revenge , relationship matters and money issues.

The rituals of summoning Ghosts/Spirits/Demons by the Taoist Sorcerers whereby the typical style of using Paper Talismans to command ghosts/spirits/demons for the purpose of possessing, harming or disturbing the subjects are also popularly known as GONG TAU by the Chinese living in South East Asia, not just the Black Magic found in South East Asia.

Chinese Gong Tau Master

In Taoist Black Magic, usually Paper Talismans alone with rituals are enough to summon ghosts / spirits and demons to hex the victims. However, to add personal power and also self-protection , the Chinese who migrate to other parts of South East Asia , such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia combine their own Taoist Black Magic Skills with whatever witchcraft is practiced in the area that they chose to settle down. This kind of combination of Taoist Magic and Witchcraft of S.E.A can be found in MAO SHAN SECT Practitioners, who settled down in South East Asia. The group of Chinese Folks of Mao-Shan-Sect (茅山派) that settled in Thailand is known as SIAM MAO SECT (暹茅派).

Taoist Sorcerers need to also understand, study and research on the witchcraft practiced in the country that they had chosen to settled down, in order to create new Talismans and rituals to handle and counterstrike the Black Magic of the area.

GONG TAU can be Spiritual Related or Non-Spiritual related..

1) Non-Spiritual Gong Tau means to have a direct consumption of the Evil Magic Concoction(GU DU) by the Victim. It is mixed in the food or in the drink for the victim to consume. The victim will be controlled or torture by the Black Magic Practitioner later at a far distance. In some cases, it is to let the Victim has a slow death. Modern Medicine has no cure on Black Magic Poison. The only solution or antidote can only be requested from the Black Magic Master who cast the spell or from a Taoist Master well trained in Sorcery.

2) Spiritual Gong Tau means to cast the Gong Tau from a far distance, by ritual and spells. In order to do so, the Gong Tau Master need to have high level of spiritual power to execute it. The birth data , personal belongings or hair and finger nails are needed. The location of the targeted person has to be known too.

Listed below are the popular Gong Tau most people come across:

Straw Effigy Gong Tau (草人降)
Straw Effigy is often used by Taoist Black Magicians as it is very cheap or free to obtain. A soul capturing mantra is recited to summon the soul of intended victim to be attached to the Straw Effigy. Needles are then stuck to the Straw Effigy to inflict pain and harm on the victim. Sorcerer with strong spiritual power can kill an intended victim living in another part of the world.

GONG TAU OIL (降头油)  - Corpse Oil
Gong Tau Oil is collected by using the fire of a candle and burn on the skin of the chin of a dead woman. The oil collected is known as Gong Tau Oil. It is mainly used to make someone fall in love or lust. Women usually use Gong Tau Oil for relationship matter and Men usually used it to make girls/women want to have sex with him.

GU Poison (蛊毒)- Black Magic Concoction Of Poison
Gu Poison is created by sealing several venomous creatures ( centipedes, snakes, scorpions, poisonous frogs, lizards etc) into a closed utensil, where they devoured one another and allegedly concentrated their toxins into a single survivor. GU Poision is used for the purpose of manipulating sexual partners, creating malignant diseases, and causing death. Popular Example: Five Poisons Gong Tau(五毒降头)

Flying Head Gong Tau (飞头降)
The Black Magician detached it's head at night and capable of flying about on its own. The head will glide in the sky searching for human blood.

Menstrual Blood Gong Tau (经血降)
Menstrual Blood of a Girl/Woman is added to the food and consumed by the intended Victim. The intention of Menstrual Blood Magic is often to tie or bind a lover or sexual attraction. It is also often used by Maids from South East Asia to make the employers nicer or even listen to them.

There are few choices of destroying the Gong Tau attacked on the individual.
The victim will seek the help from a Monk (Buddhist Faith), Bomoh ( Malay or Indonesian ) or Taoist Master. Sometime there will be a spiritual battle fought between the Gong Tau Master with the one engaged to destroy the Gong Tau. Often the best option is just to wipe out the Gong Tau on the victim without fighting a spiritual battle, if not, the chance of the Master being engaged might lose the battle and get killed. The spiritual battle is truly fighting spiritually with spells and rituals, without body combat.

Most Western Folks and also many English Educated Chinese and also Singaporeans are too Modernized and immediately condemn GONG TAU - Black Magic as Bull-Shit. Always keep a Taoist Talisman close to You or get a Thai Buddhist Amulet ( also call as Takrut / Tangkar) whenever You are going to any Countries of South East Asia.

By condemning Black Magic as Fake just because it hasn't happen on You yet means You are self-proclaiming that You are a I-Know-Everything-In-This-World Idiot. When Gong Tau strikes onto You, no masters may want to help You and because of Your personal pride , You know You need help but no way will You want to approach a Taoist Master or Bomoh to get rid of the Black Magic. It will be too late. So... always be prepared and take precaution.

Taoist Talisman to See Ghosts (阴阳眼)

Eyes that are able to see Ghosts are known by the Chinese as "Yin Yang Eyes" (阴阳眼). In the West, they often call it the  Clairvoyant Eyes  , Spiritual Eyes or "Third Eye".

Many people , even the Chinese, think Clairvoyant Eyes are either You born with it or You born without. The truth is, there are Taoist Talismans to activate the Spiritual Eyes to Ghosts.

Different Taoist Sorcery Lineages (Sects) , which involve with dealing with and keeping ghosts, have different sets of Talismans to see and communicate with Ghosts.

Below shows the "Yin-Yang Eyes Opening" Talismans of Mao-Shan Lineage (茅山派).
Notice that on the Talisman, there are 5 "" ( Gui ) Characters , meaning invoking the power of  "5 Ghosts" to give You the spiritual power to see ghosts.

One tip for You: Whenever a talisman is to deal with ghosts or make use of ghosts or to catch ghosts, tame ghosts or ghost keeping or anything to do with ghosts, "5 Ghosts" will be seen on the Talismans that are used in Taoist Sorcery Rituals.

"Yin-Yang Eyes Opening" Talismans

Very few people are born with "Yin Yang" Eyes (阴阳眼).

Taoist Masters, who are not born with "Yin Yang" Eyes, but have to deal with ghosts and spirits will need to activate their 3rd Eyes to see Ghosts by using the "Yin Yang Eyes Opening" Talisman.

Some folks who are born with Clairvoyant Eyes ( Spiritual Eyes) , actually wish to have their Yin-Yang Eyes closed. To You is a heavenly gift, for them it is a curse for life.  The reason was during their younger days, they often told their parents and family members about what they saw ( about the ghostly encounters) but none of them believe in him / her and even their friends thought he /she was weird and crazy when he /she was talking to himself /herself or playing with himself/herself, but the fact was that the kid with clairvoyant eyes was talking with his /her ghost friend or passerby ghost-beings. Many of these kids grow up keeping the truth of what they still get to see everyday, at the same time trying hard to behave normal.

Some stubborn Kids and Young Adults, who think they are very brave and want to see ghostly beings will persistently request for "Yin Yang Eyes Opening" Talisman to activate their  Eyes into Yin-Yang Eyes. Some folks regretted later when they got freak out after seeing these spirit friends for the very 1st time. It takes awhile to get use to the newly found "Power".

When You start to able to see Ghostly Beings, they will notice that You can see them and they might come to You to seek help ... to help them settle their issues ( want to be reborn, want to see revenge, want to look for family members) or simply to DISTURB YOU ( Which is why folks request for "Yin Yang Eyes Opening" Talisman are told to keep a Protection Talisman if they are not trained in any spiritual self-protection).

The "Yin Yang Eyes" Mantra ( In Chinese) : 拜请坛下五鬼来扶身,桃叶桃枝化阴阳,清水法水开发界,看透阴阳皆现形,火急神兵急急如律令。

Translation of the "Ying Yang Eyes" Mantra: Seeking the power of 5 ghosts below the altar, leaves and twigs  of peach tree transform into yin and yang energy, clean and holy water open the world, see through yin and yang form of true features, fire up the spiritual soldiers and execute the order immediately".

Procedure: The "Yin Yang Eyes Opening" Talisman will be burnt and put the ash into a bowl of water, while at the same time the "Yin Yang Eyes" Mantra will be chant. The water will then be drunk and small amount of it will be rubbed on the eyes. After the ritual is completed, anytime soon or very soon the vision of the spiritual realm will be clear. You will get to see all kind of spirits , right in front of You.

Many people ,especially the teenagers, like to organize ghost hunting trip or create "paranormal investigating" groups to check ghosts out. However, very few people ever get to see the real ghosts.

Their way of knowing the presence of ghosts depend solely on the electronic detectors

Young Folks who are excited about ( or interested in ) ghosts hunting shall activate their eyes into "Yin Yang" Eyes and they will surely get to see ghosts right in front of their own home , without having to go haunted places.

Folks who request to activate Yin-Yang Eyes are encourage to keep a Protection Talisman because once You get to see the Ghosts, they will know You can see them. When they know You can see them , they will begin to have interest in You for whatever reason.

Related Talismans: “Connect & Communicate With Ghosts” Talismans
If You already can see ghosts right in front of You but still can't communicate with them and unable to use Your mind power to send and receive thoughts from them, then You will also need “Connect & Communicate With Ghosts” Talismans.

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Mao-Shan Sect Ghost Keeping Method and Talismans

"Seal the Coffin" Talisman on a Yellow Paper

These 3 type of Taoist Talismans are used by Mao Shan Sect (茅山派) during their Ghost Catching  Expedition and Ghost Taming Rituals.

Information will be received about the buried location of an unmarried virgin male / female that passed away over 1 year. The soul retrieving of the dead must be done before 5am.

Dig up the grave or burial ground and search for the skull of the corpse, or just collect a finger bone ( good for keeping the ghost inside a miniature coffin) . 

Put the Finger Bone inside the Miniature Coffin and then ....
7 "Capturing the Soul" Talismans will be burnt at the same time, a special spell will be recited. After reciting the spell , 7 more "Capturing the Soul" Talismans will be burnt again.

After finish reciting the spell , close up the Coffin Top and tie a red thread 7 times around the Coffin and seal it up with "Seal Coffin" Talisman to prevent the Soul from escaping. Bring back the Coffin with the Soul captured inside.

Further rituals will be continued to train and tame the Spirit with "Training and Taming the Spirit" Talismans for 49 days.

After 49days,  the Ghost is now Your servant. You can get him/her to do anything You like.

 Ghost Servant inside a Beautiful Dragon Miniature Coffin

MORE:  There are souls that just passed away from Accident or died from Committed Suicide and also murder cases etc. Taoist Masters may appear very soon when upon hearing the information from close contacts or news about the location of the unnatural death , so as to collect the spirits for several reasons..

Pigsy Talismans - For Sex, Love and Lust (猪哥神迷魂符)


Pigsy Talismans are considered "Yin" Talismans , meaning Talismans that call upon the power from the negative side/ underworld / hell.

In Taoist Sorcery/ Black Magic, PIGSY (Zhu BaJie,猪八戒) is revered as Zhu-Ge-Shen(猪哥神), meaning "Pig Brother God". The unenlightened version of Pigsy God is always invited(or summon?) during Taoist Black Magic Rituals so that magic can be proceed, regardless of whether it is white or black.

Taoist Talismans that call upon the power of Pigsy God (猪八戒,Zhu Bajie) will be seen written "猪哥神"(Zhu-Ge-Shen) on them.

Zhu-Ge-Shen(猪哥神) is very often invoked for the task to make a guy lust over a girl. Girls and Women are the ones who seek the help of Black Magic Taoist Master to use Zhu-Ge-Shen(猪哥神) to make a guy or guys to lust over them for whatever reason or purpose.

In the olden days, Owners of and prostitutes from brothels in China sought help from Taoist Black Magic Masters to get hold of Pigsy Talismans to lure guys into brothels and also girls,who kept the Pigsy Talismans, increase their attraction towards the guys tremendously.

Pigsy Magic Spells are considered "White Magic" if it is done to keep married couples intimate and husband who strayed to come back to wife.

Pigsy Magic Spells are "Black Magic" if it is seduce a married man, which will in turn destroy the attraction between husband and wife.

Once again, Taoist Black Magic has the power to do good or evil. Whether Black or White, the doers of the Magic will need to face the retribution / karma in future.

EXAMPLES OF PIGSY TALISMANS for SEX, Love and Lust (猪哥神迷魂符)

Pigsy Attraction Talisman in Green Colour Cloth ,
by Thailand Maoshan Sect(Siam Mao,暹茅派)

The Taoist Pig God - Pigsy

Many Western Folks and most of all the Chinese all over the world would have watch the movie, series or read the Book " JOURNEY TO THE WEST".

He was the Pig Demon whom, together with Monkey(Sun WuKong) and Sandy, accompanied Tripitaka (玄奘,Xuanzang) to India to collect Buddhist Texts , fighting demons along the way.

The Pig Demon in the story(JOURNEY TO THE WEST), is known as Zhu Bajie(猪八戒). He is also named: Zhu Wuneng (猪悟能). His Buddhist name "Zhu Wuneng"(猪悟能), was given by Bodhisattva Guanyin, which means "pig (reincarnated) who is aware of ability," or "pig who rises to power", a reference to the fact that he values himself so much as to forget his own grisly appearance.

Xuanzang((玄奘) gave him the nickname Ba Jie((八戒) which means "eight restraints, or eight commandments"(八戒) to remind him of his Buddhist diet.

Zhu Bajie(猪八戒) originally held the title of Tiānpéng Yuánshuài (天蓬元帅; lit. "Marshal Canopy"), commander-in-chief of 80,000 Heavenly Navy Soldiers. He was later banished, however, for misbehaviour.

At a party organized for all the significant figures in Heaven, Bajie saw the Goddess of the Moon for the first time and was captivated by her beauty. Following a drunken attempt to sexually harass her, she reported this to the Jade Emperor and thus he was banished to Earth to be reborn as Human. By accident, he fell into a pig pen and was reborn as a man-eating pig-monster known as Zhū Gāngliè (the "strong-maned pig").

Fast Forward... Finally their quest to reach India to collect Buddhist Texts was fulfilled and PIGSY achieved enlightenment. Arriving at Buddhist Heaven, he was rewarded with the title: Cleaner of the Holy Altar. That sounds like a very menial job for an ex-Marshall of the Heavenly Hosts, but as BUDDHA explained, thousands of worshippers send offerings to that altar every day.

So now PIGSY gets all the best pickings — and even his enormous appetite is satisfied.

Brother Pigsy (猪歌神) In Taoist Sorcery/ Black Magic:

PIGSY is revered as Zhu-Ge-Shen(猪哥神), meaning "Pig Brother God". The unenlightened version of Pigsy God is always invited during Taoist Black Magic Rituals so that magic can be proceed, regardless of whether it is white or black.

The statue of Zhu-Ge-Shen (猪哥神) is widely worshipped by Business Owners and girls of the Vice Trades. Altars for worshiping PIGSY - Zhu-Ge-Shen(猪哥神) can be found at the corner of Brothels, Pubs, Bars etc in the Chinese Communities.

Statue of Zhu-Ge-Shen(猪哥神) is not advisable to be placed at home. Not only the man will be very horny , the female family members , including wife and daughters will turn slutty as well.

Zhu-Ge-Shen (猪哥神) is very often invoked for the task to make someone / guys / girls to lust for sex over You and also to fall in love crazily over You, or a better term - SEXUAL PASSIONATE LOVE.

Taoist Talismans that call upon the power of Pigsy God (猪八戒,Zhu Bajie) will be seen written "猪哥神"(Zhu-Ge-Shen) on the talismans.

There are several types of Brother Pigsy Talismans (猪哥符).  Some types are to be kept by the person to improve his /her sexually attractiveness and certain types of Brother Pigsy Talismans (猪哥符) are created to be used in the ritual or to be burnt and put the ash into drink or food and to be consumed by the targeted guy / girl to make him /her lust for Sexual Passionate Love over You.
The Pigsy God Statue is often worshiped by night club owners , prostitution rings owners and the like in South East Asia.

If You own or intend to own or run  night club business, You can consider creating an altar to worship Pigsy God. Send an email to this blog owner if You need more information on how to buy Pigsy God Statue. Deity Statues through this blog owner will be properly consecrated ( spiritual empowering of the statue) before sending them to You.


Five Ghosts in Taoist Sorcery

Many Western Folks who studied Feng Shui or read up Feng Shui Materials would have come across "Five Ghosts". Many Chinese Folks may have heard about Five Ghosts but don't know who they are and what they are used for.

The "Five Ghosts" found in Feng Shui Studies are totally different from the "Five Ghosts" used in Taoist Sorcery.

Let's get started to go into details of Five Ghosts in Taoist Magic / Sorcery ...

Mao Shan sect's Five Ghosts (茅山五鬼术):
In the old records, Mao Shan Five Ghosts (also known as Five Spirits or Five Ghostly Generals) is known to have 2 groups of 五鬼.

The 1st group of 五鬼 (primordial group) is recorded to consist of these 5 spirits:
  • Dou Ren (窦仁)
  • Li Kai (李凯)
  • Zhang Wu (张五)
  • Shi Tai (十泰)
  • Chu Mian (褚免)
Under the 茅山鳳陽派 (Feng Yang Sect), the concept of the Five Spirits are that they are spirit guardians governing the 5 cardinal directions and as named as:
  • Central: Yao Bi Song (中央姚碧松)
  • North: Lin Jing Zhong (北方林敬忠)
  • West: Cai Zi Liang (西方蔡子良)
  • South: Zhang Zi Gui (南方张子贵)
  • East: Chen Gui Xian (東方陈贵先)
Many of the Taoist Black Magic to hex/ disturb/destroy the enemies will summon these 5 ghosts [Yao Bi Song (中央姚碧松),Lin Jing Zhong (北方林敬忠), Cai Zi Liang (西方蔡子良), Zhang Zi Gui (南方张子贵), Chen Gui Xian(東方陈贵先)]. Very often these names will be found written on Black Magic Talismans.

In the folklore (民俗学), the Five Spirits are another group consisting of the 5 colors corresponding to the Five Colors Charm (五色符):

  • Black Ghost Xiao Zan (黑面獠牙鬼萧贊)
  • White Ghost Guan Qian (玉/花面獠牙鬼管钱)
  • Yellow Ghost Chang Yong (黄面獠牙鬼常拥)
  • Red Ghost Jin Cai (紅面獠牙鬼晋財)
  • Green Ghost Wei De (青面獠牙鬼魏得)
Although termed similarly as the Five Spirits, these 2 groups are essentially different in purpose. The 1st group mentioned (primordial group/five cardinal directions) is summoned to perform information seeking/checking and doing tasks without seeking "official permission" from the deities of the 3 realms and the Mao Shan practitioner's 祖师爷。 This is one of the Closed Door Magic Skills (内门术) that is closely guarded and strongly advised not to practise/use. As it is a Closed Door Secret Art (内门术), only disciples who has been inducted into the lineage officially (公入法门) can chant the incantations and invoke the Five Spirits.

For the second group of Five Ghosts, they are summoned most frequently by spiritual mediums to assist devotees (民间通灵术) to gain wealth and fulfill requests.

As these group of Five Ghosts are not enlightened beings, once a request is being fulfilled, the person who made the request will need to repay back at a certain "price" that usually he/she won't know till "the day is due".

Till today, a lot of the unorthodox sects (even those who claimed that they are orthodox) still summon the 2 groups of Five Spirits to assist the devotees in their requests and to make things work in order to gain the trust of the devotees or followers.

In Mao Shan Magic Skills (茅山术), there are a few sets of Secret Rituals(法门) to send off or disperse these 2 groups of Five Ghosts away. But once these Secret Rituals(法门) are invoked, the owner of the Five Spirits will receive repercussions in a way that he/she cannot withstand.


Five Ghosts used in "FIVE GHOSTS TRANSFER WEALTH" MAGIC(五鬼运财法):
 They are wondering ghosts summoned from 5 directions. They are called:
  • Wealth Bringing Ghost Of East Direction (东方生财鬼)
  • Wealth Bringing Ghost Of West Direction (西方生财鬼)
  • Wealth Bringing Ghost of South Direction (南方生财鬼)
  • Wealth Bringing Ghost of North Direction (北方生财鬼)
  • Wealth Bringing Ghost of the Middle (中央生财鬼)

Five Ghosts used in "FIVE GHOSTS CONFUSE THE HEAVEN" MAGIC(五鬼混天法):
They are Ghost Officials of the Five Directional Spiritual Camps (五营官将).Their names are:
  • Cao Shi(曹十)
  • Zhang Si(张四)
  • Li Jiu (李九)
  • Wang Ren (汪仁)
  • Zhu Guang (朱光)
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Five Ghosts Transfer Wealth Magic

In Taoist Sorcery, "Five Ghosts Transportation Wealth" Ritual has the ability to make a practitioner very wealthy. However, the wealth can only be received by the practitioner whose birth data meets several criteria.

Altar of "Five Ghosts Transfer Wealth" Ritual

Five Ghosts used in "FIVE GHOSTS TRANSFER WEALTH" MAGIC (五鬼运财法):
  • "Wealth Increasing" Ghost Of East Direction (东方生财鬼)
  • "Wealth Increasing" Ghost Of West Direction (西方生财鬼)
  • "Wealth Increasing" Ghost of South Direction (南方生财鬼)
  • "Wealth Increasing" Ghost of North Direction (北方生财鬼)
  • "Wealth Increasing" Ghost of the Centre (中央生财鬼)
Who are these 5 Ghosts with these Weird Directional Names?
These 5 ghosts are real wondering ghosts summoned from 5 directions by rituals and talismans are used to order them to bring Wealth / Money/ Luck to the Practitioner. Since they are wondering ghosts , their actual names are not known.

"Five Ghosts Transfer Wealth" Magic Ritual needs to be performed consistently for 49 days. If any of the steps are missed out, the practitioner will need to restart the entire ritual again. It may seems very tedious but after the 49 days of the rituals, the reward is very lucrative.

On the last day of the ritual, the Talisman on the far right show above,  will be pasted on the main entrance so that  the "Five Ghosts Of 5 Directions"  are able to locate of the practitioner and consistently transfer wealth to him/her.

There are different groups of FIVE GHOSTS in TAOIST SORCERY:

The Mantra used during "Five Ghosts Transfer Wealth Magic" Ritual (It is in Chinese Language):

Take Note: Different Taoist Sects have different Talismans and Rituals on Five Ghosts Transfer Wealth Magic.

Video below shows "Five Ghosts Transfer Wealth" Magic by Mao-Shan Feng Yang Sect (茅山凤阳派).

Notice the Talisman catches fire on it own. This is real and no Kiddy Magic Trick involved. There are several Taoist Chants or Rituals that when done may have talismans or joss papers catch fire on themselves.

Certain paper Talismans or Joss Papers used in Taoist Rituals are meant to have fire light up automatically on themselves, which means deities or spiritual entities have arrived.

There are self-proclaim Taoist masters who have no such ability to light up fire on talismans and joss papers and immediately condemn such incidences as illusionary trick.

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The 11 Popular Talismanic Sects Of Taoism

Many Western Folks who are interested in Taoism or keen to practice Taoism only know about the philosophical side of Taoism.

Most Taoist Books and Information are often written in Chinese. The educated and knowledgeable Taoist Masters/Sorcerers/Magicians, who willingly share their knowledge to the public , are also broadcast in Mandarin/Cantonese/Hokkien but not much of these texts/books are translated into English.

The Taoist Masters of the Overseas Chinese in Malaysia, Indonesia are also only good in Chinese Language and not English.

The greatest collections of Taoist Magic Books are kept in Taiwan and Hong Kong and yet again, the Taoist Masters of these 2 countries are not well versed in English.

In Singapore, it is a sad fact that the bilingual( English and Chinese) Singapore Youngsters have no interest in Taoism and Taoist Sorcery/Magic, therefore ,yet again, not much translation work is done on Taoist Books of Magic. The left over Taoist Masters in Singapore are Chinese Educated.

This article will reveal to the Western Folks and English Educated Singaporeans and other Oversea Chinese who only read English... on the Taoist Sects that focus on Talisman Magic..

Folks on the Street may only heard of Mao Shan Pai (茅山派). Anytime when they hear about Taoist Sorcery , Ghost Catching, Black Magic etc , they can only think of Mao Shan Pai (茅山派). The truth is there are few Taoist Sects that are more deadly than Mao Shan Pai (茅山派). Due to the Hong Kong Movies of the 80s, they only mention Mao Shan Pai (茅山派),which make Mao Shan notorious for their Magical Skill.

Below are the 11 Popular Talismanic Sects Of Taoism (道教符咒门派). Take note there are many more Taoist Talismanic Sects (Taoist Groups that rely on talismans), which are not listed here.

1) MaoShan Sect(茅山派)
2) Lǘ Shān Sect(闾山派)
3) Lǚ Shān Sect(吕山派)
4) Feng Yang Sect(凤阳派)
5) Tian Shi Sect(天师派)
6) Yin Shan Sect(阴山派)
7) Wu Shan Sect(巫山派)
8) Bai Lian Sect(白莲派)
9) Wu Lei Sect(五雷派)
10) Tie Gong Sect(铁公派)
11) San Mao Sect(散毛派)

Within these several Talismanic Sects of Taoism, they can be categorized into two groups: Either the Gods they invoked are mostly from Heaven ( Yang Gods) or Gods mostly from Hells (Yin Gods) and also summoning Ghosts to work for them.

Taoist Sects that only call upon the power from Heavenly Gods are always White Magic.

Taoist Sects that may call upon the power from Hell Gods/Ghosts/Demons/Animal Spirits/Insects Spirits can be Black or White Magic, depend on how it is applied.

The TAOIST BLACK MAGICIANS are always from these Yin ( Negative) Side of Taoist Sects. These Taoist Sects that worship Hell Gods are considered the most insidious and their magic cast upon always bring fast results. The 3 well known Taoist Sects of Hell are Feng Yang Sect(凤阳派), San Mao Sect(散毛派) and Yin Shan Sect(阴山派).

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