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Yin Shan Sect (阴山派)

Most Western Folks have never heard of Yin Shan Sect/Lineage (阴山派). Even Chinese Singaporeans who watched too much Hong Kong Horror Movies may only heard of Mao-Shan Sect(茅山派).

This article will introduce one of the most "Yin" (Negative) Group of Taoist Sorcery Sect: Yin Shan Sect/Lineage (阴山派).

Yin Shan Sect/Lineage (阴山派) had prevailed during feudal society in Xiang Xi (Western Hunan), Fujian, Zhejiang and other places. Sorcery Magic of Yin Shan Sect (阴山法术) was then spread to Si Chuan, Hunan, Yunnan, Gui Zhou, Guangdong etc. Afterward, it continued to spread to Southeast Asia. In Taiwan, it continues to develop.

In Taoist Sorcery Sects, they can be divided into 3 groups:

1) 1st group - Only focus on seeking help from Deities and Spiritual Soldiers from Heavenly Realms. This group's motto is "Only do good and no evil".

2) 2nd group - Seeking help from deities and spiritual soldiers from Heavens , Hells and Earth.
This group can do good and also the tendency to do evil. Example of this Group is Mao-Shan Sect/ Lineage (茅山派).

3) 3rd group - Only rely on seeking help from Deities, Demons and Spiritual Soldiers from Hell Realms and wandering spirits /ghosts on Earth.
This group will use negative spiritual forces to do good but the specialty of this Yin (Negative) Group of Taoist Sorcery Sect is to use their Sorcery Magic to attack and seek revenge on enemies. Using negative Spiritual forces are direct, fast results and extremely powerful. Yin Shan Sect/Lineage (阴山派) belongs to this group.

In Yin Shan
Sect, the main deities that are worshiped and the spiritual power called upon during rituals and to empower talismans are Yin Shan Lao Zu (阴山老祖) - Yin Shan Sect Founder and Gui-Li-Da-Wang (鬼力大王)- The Ghost King. Whenever You see talismans started off with Yin Shan Zhu Shi (阴山老祖) - Yin Shan Sect Founder and Gui-Li-Da-Wang (鬼力大王)- The Ghost King , You can be very sure they belong to Yin Shan Sect.

In Yin Shan Sect, the spiritual entities that are summoned to do work will always be the spiritual soldiers from hells (or Negative Realms) , the 5 ghosts of 5 directions and also wandering spirits/ghosts on earth (Ghost Keeping as Spiritual Servants).

The well-known "5 ghosts" in Taoist Sorcery summoned by Yin Shan Sect are:
  • Central: Yao Bi Song (中央姚碧松)
  • North: Lin Jing Zhong (北方林敬忠)
  • West: Cai Zi Liang (西方蔡子良)
  • South: Zhang Zi Gui (南方张子贵)
  • East: Chen Gui Xian (東方陈贵先)
The uniqueness of Yin Shan Sect is that the placement of altar is always on the ground and never leave the ground. The reason is because the deities/spiritual soldiers / demons from hells are coming up from underground, instead of descending from heaven.

These are important sorcery skills of Yin Shan practitioners:

1) Make someone head over heels in love (Love Magic)

2) Separation of Couples - Make Couples always quarrel, Never Get Along, Cannot stand each other (Separation Magic)

3) 5 Ghosts To Disturb Enemy ( Use on Revenge / Attack Enemy)

4) Soul Calling Magic - To make someone goes crazy (Use on Revenge / Attack Enemy)

5) Soul Locking Magic - Confusion of Mind, Sharp deterioration of the surrounding environment, unsuccessful in all affairs (Use on Revenge / Attack Enemy)

6) Drive The Soul Magic - Confusion of Mind, Become Lunatic, Self-Talking, Body feeling like burning of fire, suicidal, accidental death. (Use on Revenge / Attack Enemy)

7) Throat Locking Magic - Make Someone Mute, Cannot Speak - Punish colleagues / enemies who love to badmouth behind back. (Use on Revenge / Attack Enemy)

8)Lure back a Person who left home - Make the person miss home and come back himself/herself (Use on Family Members - Wife/Husband/Children)

9) Wealth Bringing Magic - Business Success , Customers coming to shop, Strike Lottery, Win in Gambling , success in anything related to money.

10) Ghosts Catching

11) Ghost Keeping

5 Ghosts Disturb Enemy Talisman


"5 Ghosts Disturb Enemy" Talisman is to be burnt secretly in front of the enemy's house/office. After the talisman is burnt, very soon, 5 ghosts will enter the house/office to disturb. "Five Ghosts" will enter the house / premises to disturb Your Enemy and include his/her family members!

The beauty of this Talisman is.. it does not require the name and birth data, nor hair and finger nails of your enemy/victim. Just burn it in front of the enemy's / victim's house and the "Fun" will begins.

This Talisman is often used by people who are wronged or bullied by strangers on the street and they do not know his / her or their names  and they only know where he/she/they stays or work / office / shop. 

There are many reasons on why people are seeking revenge. If You intend to kill Your enemies with Your own hands or get other people to kill Your enemies for You, sooner or later the law will catch up and then You and Your accomplices will face the death sentence or life imprisonment ( depend on Your country's and state's law).

It is too cheap a price for a "Pay Back" if Your enemy/enemies feel the pain for awhile and then pass away. You want Your enemy/enemies to be disturbed by invisible forces ,day and night, non-stop everyday and yet, he/she/they cannot report You to Police.

With this "5 Ghosts Disturb Enemy" Talisman, Your enemy/enemies will be disturbed by invincible entities all day and all night, without causing death on them.

"5 Ghosts Disturb Enemy" Talisman is the popular Talismans requested by folks who are seeking revenge or "Pay Back" on strangers.

Taoist Spirit Medium

Taoist Spirit Medium or Ji-Tong(乩童) or Tang-Ki(In Hokkien or Teochew Dialect) is a person that has been chosen by a particular Taoist God, as the earthly vehicle for divine expression.

Video on Taoist Spirit Mediums

Tankg-Ki Worship is a way for deities to give consultation directly to human folks who come and seek help on all kinds of problems, such as issues on health, relationship, money etc.

1) Slicing Of Tongues
Slicing of tongues with sharp blades by the Mediums are often seen during the Tangg-Ki Worshiping Event. This act is often performed so that the blood oozing out from the tongue can be used to empower paper or cloth talismans.

2) Extreme Piercing
Extreme Piercing are often performed during important celebration of Taoist Deities. During a birthday celebration of particular deity, other deities will also often be invited to join in the celebration. MORE ==> TAOIST EXTREME PIERCING

Tang-Ki Consultation is usually one or twice per week in most of the Taoist Temples or Home Temples.

It is a sad situation that the originated practice of Taoist Spirit Medium is no longer found in China but can only be seen in South East Asian Countries , such as Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Riau Islands. When the communists came to power in China, religious freedom of all types was severely curtailed. The communist government was particularly hard on Taoism and the Religious Taoist Practices were forced to stop.

Many Southern Chinese brought the knowledge of Tang-Ki Worship with them as they migrated to South East Asia.

Read More: The dilemma of Taoist Spirit Mediums

Taoist Extreme Piercing

Whenever the Western Folks hear the term "Taoist Extreme Piercing" , they will immediately think of "Phuket Vegetarian Festival".

"Phuket Vegetarian Festival" is a festival to pay respect to the Nine Emperor Gods Festival (九皇爷/九皇星君/九皇大帝), a nine-day Taoist Celebration beginning on the eve of 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, which is observed primarily in Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and also the Riau Islands.

Phuket Vegetarian Festival

In Thailand, this "Nine Emperor Gods" Festival is called Tesagan Gin Je เทศกาลกินเจ, the Vegetarian Festival. It is celebrated throughout the entire country, but the festivities are at their height in Phuket, where about 35% of the population is Chinese. It attracts crowds of spectators from Western Countries because of many of the unusual religious rituals that are performed. Many religious devotees will slash themselves with swords, pierce their cheeks with sharp objects and commit other painful acts.

"Extreme Piercing" is not only practiced in Phuket Vegetarian Festival("Nine Emperor Gods" Festival). It is often performed during celebrations of any Taoist Deities in Southeast Asian countries.

Many Western Folks also mistook that "Spiritual Extreme Piercing" is related to Buddhist Practice just because Thailand is a Buddhist Country. The truth is "Extreme Piercing Ritual" is originated from Folk Taoism of Fujian/Hokkien ( in Southern China).

"Spiritual Extreme Piercing" Ritual is later spread by the Southern Chinese, who migrate to Southeast Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and also the Riau Islands.

In "Religious Extreme Piercing", which metal poles and array of objects in varying sizes You can ever  think of, are poked through the skins only when the mediums are possessed by spiritual entities or deities , therefore they don't remember anything or feel any pain at all, during the ceremony.

Extreme Body Piercing Event during a Taoist Festival in Singapore.

Many Western folks, kids and non-Taoists who don't understand the Taoist Faith always immediately condemn such practices as crazy ,evil, stupid etc.

It is a direct way to answer to folks who are non-believers in spiritual power, who always like to ask "How To Prove that Gods exist or Spiritual Power is real?". By self-mutilation  on their own bodies,  yet without feeling any pain on the spiritual medium.. no one can ever say "this is fake" or "illusion trick".   If Deities don't show You "Shit", You won't believe that Deities/Spirits exist or spiritual power do exist. After showing you "Shit", You  immediately convinced that Spiritual Power is real.

During Piercing Ritual, whenever there is piercing of sharp objects on the Cheeks and Skins, there will be no blood oozing out if ritual is properly done. This is because the deities or the spiritual power is protecting the human body. Try poking needles on any Human Beings and see what happen.

Slicing the tongues with Sharp Blades can be seen having blood oozing out from the tongue. The blood from the tongue is often used to smear on Yellow paper or cloth to create Taoist Talismans.

After the deities/spiritual entities left the mediums and the mediums wake up from the trance, the torn skins almost completely healed within few hours and all scars are gone within 1 or 2 days. This is yet again, another way to show to human folks about the truth of spiritual Power.

Ghost Of Lightning Strike (雷击鬼)

Ghost Of Lighting Strike (雷击鬼) is the spirit of a dead person who got killed from lightning strike.

In Mao Shan Sect (茅山派) of Taoism, there are different types of ghosts being kept as spiritual servants. Ghost of Lightning Strike is one of them.

The soul of the dead , must be below 40 years old, killed by lightning strike will be captured in the graveyard. It will then be taken back to the temple or ritual hall.

A wooden human shape figurine crafted from a wooden block, which was taken from a dead tree strike by lightning, is needed as well, which the spirit will reside.

Taoist master will have to do a ritual for 49 days to train and tame the ghost.

After completion of the ghost training ritual , the Ghost of Lightning Strike will become spiritual servant for the Taoist Master who may use it doing Taoist Sorcery.

Ghost of a dead person strike by lightning has very strong spiritual energy which the Taoist Master can sense and communicate better.

Taoist Rabbit God

Most Chinese around the world only know about the "Rabbit On The Moon", which is the pet of the Moon Goddess , Chang'e (嫦娥). However, there is another "Rabbit", a deity, who take care  of  same sex relationships on earth. Homosexuals and Lesbians..

The history of Hu Tianbao (胡天保) has been largely forgotten by the Chinese.

Tu Er Shen (兔兒神 or 兔神) is a Chinese deity who manages the love and sex between homosexual men. His name literally means "rabbit deity".

According to Zi Bu Yu (子不語), a book written by Yuan Mei (袁枚, a Qing dynasty writer), Tu Er Shen was a man called Hu Tianbao (胡天保).

Hu Tianbao was originally a man who fell in love with a very handsome imperial inspector of Fujian Province. One day Hu Tianbao was caught peeping on the inspector through a bathroom wall, at which point he confessed his reluctant affections for the other man. The imperial inspector had Hu Tianbao sentenced to death by beating.

One month after Hu Tianbao's death, he is said to have appeared to a man from his hometown in a dream, claiming that since his crime was one of love, the underworld officials decided to right the injustice by appointing him the god and safeguarder of homosexual affections.

After his dream the man erected a shrine to Hu Tianbao, which became very popular in Fujian province, so much so that in late Qing times, the cult of Hu Tianbao was targeted for extermination by the Qing government.

A slang term for homosexuals in late imperial China was Tuzi(兔子)(Rabbits) which is why Hu Tianbao is referred to as the RABBIT GOD, though in fact he has nothing to do with rabbits and should not be confused with TU-ER-YE (兔儿爷)the rabbit on the moon.

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Mao Shan Sect (茅山派)

Whenever Chinese Folks think about Chinese Black Magic, the 1st thing come to mind is "MAO SHAN PAI" (茅山派) - Mao Shan Sect. Even the Western Folks who have no knowledge in Taoism will also know about "Mao Shan" Masters and that they are good in dealing with ghosts/ evil spirits/ demons and casting Black Magic. The Term "Mao Shan" is made popular due to Hong Kong Horror Movies in the 70s to 90s, showing Mao Shan Masters running around catching ghosts/demons or the evil ones doing Black Magic Rituals.

"Mao Shan"(茅山) has been used loosely to refer to three things: 1) Taoist Lineages 2)A mountain named Mao Shan in China and 3)Taoist Sorcery.

Before proceeding further, You must know there are 2 groups of Mao Shan Sect:
1) Mao Shang Shang Qing Lineage(茅山上清宗)
2) Southern Mao Shan Sect (南传茅山派)

The Founder of Shang Qing Sect Mao Shan School (茅山上清宗), is a Lady, known as Wei Hua Cun (魏華存).

Priestess Wei Hua Cun aka Wei Xian An (魏贤安), born in Jin Dynasty at AD 251 (晉朝公元二五一年). Hometown in China Shan Dong Province Ji Ning City Ren Cheng Area (中國山东省济宁市任城).

Since young, Wei Hua Cun had been reading Taoist Texts, Articles & chanting of Scriptures, by the age of 12, she was able to memorize & recite ALL the Phrases & Sentences out without looking at Books. With her indepth Knowledge of Taoist Skills & Information, Wei Hua Cun started to make Vows & Promises in assisting People & doing Preaching on the Teaching of Taoism.

By the time she reached 20 years old, Wei Hua Cun was able to go around the Forested Areas to collect Herbs & Plants to make them into Pills & Chinese Medicine. Whenever she's invented a New Pill or Medicine, she would first do trying on consuming them and if no side-effects appeared, she would shared the Pill or Medicine with the People that she knew.

Due to her long period of consuming such Herbs & Plants, Wei Hua Cun's Physical Body started to have changes, such as, she No need to consume much Physical Food Stuffs, such as Grains, Vegetables or Fruits.

By the time she reached 24 years old, her Father forced her to marry to a Scholar known as Liu Wen (刘文). Her Father's objective was to stop her Cultivation and also, to disconnect her from the Day-dreaming of becoming Immortal.

After her Marriage, Wei Hua Cun had to stop her Cultivation and inventing of Pills & Medicine. During the 1st & 2nd year of her Marriage, she gave birth to 2 Sons, both known as Liu Pu (刘璞) & Liu Xia (刘瑕) - which later both of them became Leaders of Shang Qing Sect.

In AD288, at the age of 37, one day while Wei Hua Cun was staying at home doing her reading, suddenly she saw a Group of Immortals & Deities decending from the Heavenly Realm. At the moment, she was shocked, but knowing that they were Spiritual Beings, Wei Hua Cun immediately prepared the Altar & Incenses to usher them into her house.

After entering into her house, one of the Deities took out a bundle of Books & Spiritual Objects and then pass to her. Upon receiving the items, Wei Hua Cun was in a puzzled and just as she was about to start asking, an Immortal known as Immortal Qing Xu Wang Bao (清虚真人王褒) approached her and told her that, they were here to impart her the necessary Training & Skills in-order for her to do her Preaching in the future.

Knowing that, Wei Hua Cun was moved and immdiately kneeled down infront of Immortal Wang Bao to acknowledge him as the Master. From then, at certain period of the Month, the various Deities would descend into her house to guide on her in the Learning.

After years of Training, after mastering the Hidden Secret of the Spiritual Skills, Wei Hua Cun recorded them in the very 1st Scripture of Shang Qing Sect, which was known as Shang Qing Jing (上清经). From then, ALL the descendants had to master it without fail in-order to promote the Culture of Taoist Shang Qing Sect's Teaching.

In her Late Years, Wei Hua Cun spent most of her time performing re-arranging & editing for the Ancient Taoist Scripture Huang Ting Jing (黄庭经).

AD 334 (晉朝公元三三四年), Wei Hua Cun got her gaining of Immortal-hood and on the Day of her departure, many People witnessed her ascending into the Heavenly Realm. After her Immortal-hood, she was being bestowed with an Official Title known as Zi Xu Yuan Jun Nan Yue Wei Fu Ren (紫虚元君南岳魏夫人).

Due to Shang Qing Sect 9th Leader Tao Hong Jin (九代宗师陶弘景) stationed at Mt Mao aka Mao Shan (茅山), so in Taoist Records, Shang Qing Sect also being addressed as Mao Shan School (茅山派). This is also the Period that Shang Qing Sect merge in the San Mao Ancestors (三茅真君) into their Honouring.

After Mao Shan School started to "walk" into Commoners' Society, different Off-spring Lineages started to Pop-up.

Today, some of the Major Sub-Groups are still operating, such as,

1) Feng Yang School (凤阳分派) - Founder Jiang Yun (凤阳开山祖师姜芸)
2) Liu Ren School (六壬分派) - Founder Li Bo (六壬开山祖师李播)
3) Jin Ying School (金英分派) - Founder Jin Ying (金英开山祖师金英)
4) Bai Lian School (白莲分派) - Founder Wang Sen (白莲开山祖师王森)
5) Bai Lian School (百连分派) - Founder Bao Sheng (百连开山祖师宝生)

But due the Skills that being Imparted to these Sub-Groups are being mix with Folks Sorcery Skills, so the Original Mao Shan Shang Qing Sect's Spiritual Skills are no longer able to be seen in them.
Let's continue with more details...

Mao Mountain - Mao Shan(茅山)

 The original name of MAO SHAN (茅山) was Ju Qu Shan (句曲山). Mao Shan Mountain is located at JuRong County (句容市), Jiangsu Province (江苏省). The Taoism community acclaims Mao Shan (茅山) to be "The Eighth Grotto Heaven and The Most Auspicious Land" 「第八洞天,第一福地」.

MAO SHAN (茅山) was the cradle of Shangqing Sect (上清派), Lingbao Sect(灵宝派) and Maoshan Sect (茅山派), it has a very high status in the Taoist history in China. Ju Qu Shan (句曲山) was later called MAO SHAN (茅山) to honor the Three Mao Brothers - Máo Yíng 「茅盈」, Máo Gù 「茅固」and Máo Zhōng 「茅衷」, collectively know as Sān Máo Zhēn Jūn 「三茅真君」. They were well-versed in herbal cures, exorcism, incantations, breathing exercises and dispensing of talismans for a variety of purposes. The commoners benefitted greatly from their knowledge, and the mountain was renamed Mao Shan in their honour.

The Three Mao Brothers - (三茅真君 ,San Mao Zhen Jun)

Left Statue - 2nd Mao Brother :
Mao Gu 「茅固」 - 右禁郎定禄真君中茅君
Middle  Statue - Biggest Mao Brother :
Mao Ying  「茅盈」 - 司命東獄上真卿太元真人茅君
Right Statue  - Youngest Mao  Brother :
 Mao Zhong 「茅衷」 - 三官保命小茅君


Origin of the Three Mao Perfect Sovereign Brothers , during the Western Han period.

The Three Mao Perfect Sovereign Brothers (三茅真君 San Mao Zhen Jun) referred to the Three Perfect Sovereigns of whom Mao Ying 「茅盈」 was the eldest, Mao Gu was the middle and Ma Zhong the youngest. They came from Nanguan (南关), XianYang(咸阳) City, and were from the same family.

Mao Ying 「茅盈」, also known as the Eldest Sovereign Mao, styled himself Sheng Shu (申叔). At age of eighteen, he left his family for Mt. Heng(恒山), the Northern Sacred Mountain and, there, studied books written by Laozi as well as The Book of Changes ( 易經 Yijing ). After six years of refinement of both External and Inner Alchemy, he was summoned by the Queen Mother of the West ( 西王母 Xi Wangmu ) and given the Dao of Jade Ornament and Gold Adornment ( 玉佩金鐺之道 Yupei Jindang Zhidao ) as well as the Book of Mysterious Perfection of the Supreme Ultimate ( 太極玄真之經 Taiji Xuanzhen Zhijing ). At the age of 49, he successfully finished cultivating Dao and returned home.

Mao Gu 「茅固」, the Middle Sovereign Mao, styled himself Jiwei (季伟). During the reign of the Han dynasty Emperor Jin, as a man of good virtue, he was recommended to hold governmental position. After several promotions, he became head of Wuwei.

Mao Zhong 「茅衷」, also known as Youngest Sovereign Mao, styled himself Sihe (思和). During the reign of the Han dynasty emperor Xuan, he was promoted as head of Luoyang. Then he held the post of Elderly Official ( 五更大夫 Wugeng Dafu ) and head of Xihe.

After Mao Ying gained immotality and ascended to heaven, both his two younger brothers gave up the positions they were holding and went to East Mountain to seek the return of their eldest brother.

Afterwards, Mao Ying descended and taught them the way of longevity. After that, they cultivated Dao for three years there. After taking the divine elixirs ( 九转还丹 Jiu Zhuan Huan Dan ), they both ascended to heaven as well. After their attainment of Dao, the three brothers came to Mt. Juqu (句曲山), Jurong County (句容市) (which later became known as Mt. Jurong of Jiangsu province), and became masters. That was the reason why Mt. Juqu was also known as Mt. Mao.

Important Days of Worship of Mao Shan Sect (茅山派)
It is said that the Elder Sovereign Mao was born on the third day of the tenth Lunar month, in the Han emperor Jin's fifth Zhongyuan year (145 BC) and that he ascended to heaven on the 18th day of the third Lunar month in the fourth Tianhan year (97 B.C). Nowadays, Mt. Mao in Jiangsu province is famous for its worship for the Three Mao Brothers and Perfect Sovereigns, which normally lasts from the first Lunar month to the third. The worship witnesses its climax on the day of the Elder Sovereign Mao's ascension.

Origin of MAO SHAN SECT - (茅山派 Mao Shan Pai)

To know how Mao Shan Sect(茅山派) started, You have to know the founder, Tao Hongjing (陶弘景).

Tao Hongjing (陶弘景) was born in a family of officials during the Southern dynasties. He received a fairly good education from childhood and was extraordinarily intelligent. He read the Biographies of the Immortals ( 神仙傳 Shenxian Zhuan ) at the age of ten and wrote Record of Visits to the Mountains ( 寻山志 Xunshan Zhi ) at the age of fifteen, and he showed a strong ambition to lead the life of a recluse. When he was twenty years old, he was recommended to be a tutor to the royal family, studying with the youths of the kings' families and being their young teacher.

When he was about thirty years old, Tao Hongjing became a student of the Daoist priest Sun Youyue of Dongyong, and learned from him Talismanic Charts ( 符图 Futu ), Scriptural Skills ( 经法 Jingfa ), and Oral Formulas ( 诰诀 Gaojue ). Moreover, he began to travel to famous mountains and collect medical books.

At the age of 36, Tao Hongjing resigned his post of royal tutor and led a secluded life on Gouqu Mountain in Gourong (Mt. Mao). After emperor Wu of the Liang dynasty ascended the throne in the first year of Tianjian of the Liang regime (AD 502), he sent for Tao Hongjing many times but was refused. Yet he kept up a regular correspondence with Tao Hongjing, who came to be known as 'The Prime Minister in the Mountains" ( 山中宰相 Shanzhong Zaixiang ) in history.

Tao Hongjing sorted out the historical materials about the missionary work of  Yang Xi (楊羲), Xu Mi (许谧) and so on, and compiled the book Declarations of the Perfected ( 真诰 Zheng Gao ), which made a systematic exposition of the history of the Highest Clarity sect ( 上清派 shangqing Pai ). Tao Hongjing became the founder of the Highest Clarity sect ( 茅山派 Maoshan Pai ). Besides that, he worked on Mt. Mao for many years, setting up Daoist temples and receiving followers widely, and founded the Mt. Mao Sect.

In view of the actual situation of Daoist development and changes, and the theogonic confusion since the Wei and Jin dynasties, Tao Hongjing (陶弘景) compiled the book "Chart of the Ranks of the Perfect Souls" (真灵位业图 Zhenling Weiye Tu ), which became the first work about theogony in the Chinese Daoist history.

In the book "Chart of the Ranks of the Perfect Souls" (真灵位业图 Zhenling Weiye Tu )Tao Hongjing (陶弘景) conferred the Titles to the 3 Mao Brothers as such:

1) Eldest Brother - Mao Ying  「茅盈」 >> Elder Sovereign Mao the title 'Perfect Sovereign Mao of the Supreme Origin and Controller of Destinies of the Sacred Mountain of the East' ( 司命東獄上真卿太元真人茅君 Siming Dongyue Shangzhen Qingtai Yuan Zhenren Maojun ), and placed him in the left line of the Highest Clarity.

2) 2nd Mao Brother - Mao Gu 「茅固」 >>  was called 'Perfect Sovereign Mao, High Official of the Imperial Court, Ruler of Wealth and Perfect Man on Mt. Juqu' ( 句曲山真人定祿右禁師茅君 Juqu Shanzhen Rending Luyou Jinshi Maojun ), and 'Perfect Middle Sovereign Mao, High Official of the Imperial Court and Ruler of Wealth" ( 右禁郎定祿鑋君中茅君 Youjin Langding Luzhen Junzhong Maojun ), who was listed in the left line of Supreme Clarity and sixth in the middle line.

3)Youngest Brother  - Mao Zhong 「茅衷」 >> was called 'Third Officer and Protector of Life" ( 三官保名命小茅君 Sanguan Baoming Xiaomao Jun ), and was placed sixth in the left line.

Mao Shan Sorcery (茅山法术)
Mao Shan Sorcery is based on the Talismans Knowledge passed down from Mao-Shan Sect (茅山派) from generation after generation. After few thousand years , the Talismans Knowledge has spread deep into common folks, as well as among the Chinese communities that migrated overseas, especially in South East Asia.

Mao Shan Sorcery uses paper talismans to communicate with deities and also able to call upon spiritual soldiers from heaven, earth and hells for assistance and protection on all kind of matters that human folks can face on daily lives, such as to cure sickness, getting rid of evil spirits/demons. It consist of  few hundred over spells.

Mao Shan Sorcery, including spells from any other Taoist Sects, is still applicable in modern society which can use to improve their Careers, People Affinity, Wealth Luck and Health.

Practicing Mao Shan Sorcery  is to give Human Folks a good living condition on daily life and a smooth journey on any endeavors  one partakes.

Mao Shan Black Magic (茅山邪术)
Mao Shan Sorcery is intended to be practiced to benefit the public but there will always be some bad eggs that abused their knowledge by casting spells and commanding ghosts/spirits/demons  to harm people.  Keeping ghosts/spirits is what Taoist Masters are taught and can do. Ghosts Keeping is a way to seek them as spiritual servants to help out during Taoist Sorcery. Whether Mao-Shan Sorcery is considered White Magic or Black Magic will depend on the intentions of Mao-Shan Masters. Sorcery that is to harm and disturb people will summon spirits/ghosts or the spiritual soldiers of the nether world.

Important Message to kids and adults who don't believe in Witchcraft:
There are Fake Taoist Masters or Charlatans who have no single bit of Taoist Magical Knowledge but use illusions to perform "Magic Tricks" to bluff and cheat the public for their money or just to WOW the audiences.

Real Taoist Masters can indeed summon spiritual help from ghosts to do wonders such as  turning sands into bees to attack their enemies, turn stone tortoises into live ones temporarily, getting a  Ghost Kid to write down upcoming potential winning Lottery Numbers on Paper,  use ghosts to disturb people and also many other spells.

Folks from modern societies, who have not seen and experienced real witchcraft immediately condemn all Witchcraft as fake , which in turn, due to no precaution is taken to prevent attack from Black Magic and end up becoming the unlucky ones being hexed easily and if it is so, these idiots still don't know what is happening.

While those believers in Spiritual Power , apply Taoist Magic to gain prosperity in every part of  their lives , the non-believers struggle to make ends meet in their daily life.

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