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Banana Tree Ghost / Spirit - Ba Jiao Jing (芭蕉精) & Banana Tree Fairy Talisman

There are 2 ways a tree can be possessed with a spirit. A wandering soul / ghost/ spirit finds a place to stay in it, or the tree transforms into a natural spirit by itself.

Banana Tree Spirit is a kind of natural ghost/ spirit / fairy that transformed from the tree by itself, not possessed by a wandering ghost. However, a banana tree might be inhabited by  a Pontianak, or a wandering ghost instead and not the natural Banana Tree Spirit. So be careful.

Ancient Chinese Texts had written:"Tree that grows old and never die, will become a Tree Spirit / Tree Fairy (树精)." - Sucking up the essence of the Sun & the Moon and energy from the nature for a very long time, the tree transforms into a spiritual being, usually more powerful than other common ghosts / spirits.



Many people have heard stories about Banana Tree Ghosts and how some guys try to woo them out for sex, and folks seeking their help at night asking for Lottery Numbers... but very few has ever seen (except some very few Taoist Sorcery Practitioners) the Taoist Talisman of Banana Tree Ghost / Spirit/ Fairy.

As a form of respect, Banana Tree Spirits should be addressed as Banana Tree Fairies. By respecting her as Fairy, You will now feel delighted, safer to "own" her, or "do anything" with her.

Even by looking at the Banana Tree Fairy Talisman, the lay Chinese Folks will not even know it is actually a Banana Tree Fairy Talisman, unless You tell him /her.

Banana Tree Fairy Talisman is used for opposite sex attraction, seek Lottery Numbers, and call upon the Banana Tree Fairy to meet You at night.

Tips to use the Banana Tree Fairy Talisman: 

1) No need to find a Banana Tree - Keep the talisman in the wallet for opposite sex attraction (extremely sexual) and wealth luck.

2) No need to find a Banana Tree - When ask lottery (4D / Toto) number, pray to it with incense stick / aroma cone, and use "Shake Cup" Method.

3) Need Banana Tree with a heart - At night, go to a Banana Tree with a Heart. Light up candles and incense sticks on the ground, facing it. Tie 7 red strings on the banana tree heart. One red string lead all the way to the bed room (Or  a hut that can sleep at night). Put the Banana Tree Fairy Talisman below the Pillow. Do a Secret Chant, wait for the Beautiful Banana Tree Fairy to come. If she wants to come, she will come. After having fun and after awhile, let her go / send her off.

4) Need Banana Tree with a heart - At night, go a Banana Tree with a Heart. Poke 10 flags ( Made of papers and wooden /bambo sticks, written 0 to 9 on the paper flags) on the ground, facing the Banana Tree and then light up candles and incense sticks together with the flags.  After that, tie a red cloth (with secret inscription written on it)  on the heart and move away. Once in a while, or a day or two, occasionally come back to check out the flags. The fallen ones are the potential winning numbers. If You win the lottery, remember to go back and do some offerings.

Flags Of Numbers and incense sticks

Red cloth (with secret inscription written on it) 
tied on the Banana Tree Heart

Important: Banana Tree Fairy Talisman may look simple but the fee to create and empower it is not cheap.

Thai Version Of Banana Tree Ghost /Spirit / Fairy

In Thailand, Banana Tree Ghost / Spirit is called Nang Tani (Thai: นางตานี; "Lady of Tani") , Phi Tani (ผีตานี; "Ghost of Tani") or Phrai Tani (พรายตานี; "Nymph of Tani"). This ghost inhabits the clumps of wild banana trees (Musa balbisiana), known in Thai language as Kluai Tani (กล้วยตานี) and is popularly represented as a beautiful young woman wearing a green traditional Thai costume.

Nang Tani belongs to a type of female ghosts or fairies related to trees, known generically as Nang Mai (นางไม้; "Lady of the Wood") in the Thai lore.

Most of the time, Phi Tani remains hidden but she comes out of the tree and becomes visible especially on full moon nights. She has a greenish complexion, blending with the tree. She generally appears in a standing position and her feet don't touch the ground, but hover slightly above it.

Nang Tani generally has a gentle disposition. Folks will tie colored satin cloths around the trunk of the banana tree if found to be haunted by Nang Tani. Offerings are made to her in the form of sweets, incense sticks and flowers.

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Praying With Chinese Joss Papers - Sio Kim Zua (烧金纸)

Common types of Joss Papers are:

1) Gold Joss Paper (金纸)
2) Silver Joss Paper (银纸)
3) Gold Joss Paper with Fu-Lu-Shou Image (寿金)

There are several types of joss papers. Some type of joss papers are meant to offer to the deity levels. Some types of joss papers are burnt to the ancestors, and some types of joss papers are burnt to the ghosts / wandering spirits.

Different combination of joss papers are now packed in specific sets accordingly to offer to the respective specific deities, so You no need to head-ache about what to buy (or order) to pray to a particular deity.

Why Joss Papers?

When seek blessing or seek help, it is better to offer 1st and don't visit someone empty-handed.

Can Gods & Ghosts received them?

If You go and seek direct help from a Deity (during spirit medium possession by a Tang-Ki), the deity may instruct You to burn some Joss Papers to pray to a particular deity, or as offering to the ghosts/ wandering spirits whom You have offended.

If You go, or have visited a Taoist Master / Sorcerer to do a ritual, he or she may / might have instructed You to burn some Joss Papers to pray to the Dieties, or specifically pray to a particular deity, or as offering to the ghosts/ wandering spirits.

Common Usage of Joss Papers
  • Praying to Deities
  • Welcoming Deities
  • Sending Off Deities
  • Praying to Ancestors
  • Offering to ghosts & wandering spirits
  • Chinese Hungry Ghosts Festival
  • Chinese Funerals
  • Moving into new house
  • Moving into new business premise
  • Starting new construction project on a new ground (动土 - Move Soil)
  • During Taoist Rituals
  • During Taoist Sorcery
  • Etc
Advance usage of Joss Papers are done by Taoist Masters / Sorcerers by  drawing talismans on Joss Papers during rituals / sorcery.

When to burn Joss Papers?
  • Every 1st and 15th of Chinese Lunar Month
  • Birthday of the particular deity
  • Remembrance Day (Day Of Passing) of the deceased / ancestor
  • Farewell Day for Gods Of Stove (Kitchen God) on the 24th lunar day of 12th month
  • 1st Day, 15th Day of Chinese New Year
  • 1st Day, 15th Day and last Day of Chinese Hungry Ghosts Festival
  • Qing Ming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, Clear and Bright Festival)
  • Etc
How Western Folks can adapt the practice of burning Joss Papers...

1) During Remembrance day (Day Of Passing) of the particular deceased / ancestor

2) During Halloween, burn joss papers to the wandering spirits

3) If You have set up a prayer corner / altar of a Chinese Deity in Your home or Office, You may burn Joss Papers on every 1st and 15th of Chinese Lunar Month and on the Birthday / Manifestation Day of that particular Deity.

How to burn Joss Papers?

Put the food /fruits and Joss Papers offering in front of the deity altar, or on the ground (if offerings are for ghosts / wandering spirits). Then light up incense sticks and say your prayer / wishes.

About 5 minutes / 10 minutes or much later, depend on your liking (before the joss sticks finish burning!), bring up the joss papers with both hands, pray to the deities, ancestors, ghosts / wandering spirits, say "I am burning the joss papers to You all" .

Then go outside, to the open space, and burn the joss papers in the metal tin / metal container.

Burning Joss Papers - A Waste of Money?

Imagine... By just burning some Joss Papers occasionally  to the deities or ghosts / wandering spirits, and  Your wishes keep come true or You are blessed with luck, and keep striking the lottery, how much is the R.O.I?

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