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Origin of Tai-Sui (太岁) & How To Pray

Origin of  Tai-Sui (太岁)
Originally, Tai-Sui (太岁), Grand Duke Of Jupiter, was an IMAGINARY Jupiter (岁星 / 木星), that follows the exact path of Jupiter in the opposite direction, thereafter, transformed into a group of  60 deities.

Ancient Chinese Astronomy,Astrology and Fortune Telling used Chinese Calender that were calculated using 10 Heavenly Stems (十天干) & 12 Earthly Branches (十二地支) ,which combined the 2 will produce the 60 years cycles (六十花甲).

Jupiter revolves the Sun every 11.86 Earth years, and this was how the 12 Earthly Branches came into play in the subject of divination. The celestial sphere was divided into 12 sections, each representing two hours of a day. Jupiter moves into each of these 12 sections yearly, which forms the 12 astrological signs.

Since Jupiter’s period is 11.86 years and the celestial sphere consists of 12 sections, it does not synchronize to give an accurate interpretation of the astrological signs. After a long period, the error will be noticeable, that was how the concept of Tai Sui (太岁) came about. Tai Sui (the year star, also the Great Duke of Jupiter) is an intangible (imaginary) star that was created to correct this error between the 12 branches and Jupiter’s period. It revolves the celestial sphere in exactly 12 Earth years. With the introduction of Tai Sui, the astrological signs can then be interpreted with consistency.

The day that Tai Sui transits into a new section of the celestial sphere is on the Li-Chun (立春) - “Beginning Of Spring”.

Now, You know that Tai Sui is not just the group of 60 Taoist deities; it originated for the purpose of math and science.

60 Honorable Generals Were  Deified As Tai Suis
Tai Sui was first recorded to be deified in Eastern Han Dynasty (25–220 CE). It was until the Jin Dynasty, the Emperor Zhangzong (August 31, 1168 – December 29, 1208) started to worship his mother's natal star to pray for a fast recovery from her illness, the Tai Sui worshiping culture (An Tai Sui, 安太岁) got its popularity.

Later on, 60 honorable generals were apotheosized as Tai Suis to assist the Jade Emperor in taking charge of the well-being of the mortal world. Each of them takes turn to be in charge for a year; 60 generals (Tai Sui) match the 60 years of Sexagenary cycle.

In the whole 60 years cycle of the Chinese Lunar Calender, there are total of 60 Tai Suis (六十太岁). One Tai-Sui is in charge of  one particular year of the 60 years cycle.

Out of all these 60 Tai Suis, there's an Overall In-charge of all Tai Sui. His name is Yin Jiao (殷郊) – son of the Evil King Zhou of Shang Dynasty 商朝紂王之子 (with 3 Heads and 6 Arms 生有三頭六臂). Due to his fierce looking face, nowadays, he is being given the image of a Little Boy holding the Banner with Dang Nian Tai Sui (当年太岁), or Zhi Nian Tai Sui (值年太岁) written on it.

Praying to the Tai-Sui Deities
On the beginning of a new year, there will be 4 types of conflicts between the Tai-Sui Of the Year (Dang Nian Tai Sui -当年太岁) - and some of the 12 Earth branches (12 Chinese Zodiacs).

The 4 conflicts are:
刑太岁 - Punishment Of  Tai-Sui
沖太岁 - Opposing The Taisui
破太岁 - Destruction Of The Taisui
害太岁 - Harming The Taisui

If Tai-Sui (太岁) of that year crosses Your zodiac path, then You will have bad luck.

To pray to Tai Sui (During Chinese New Year / or Thanking Tai-Sui during Year End):

If You have very low budget, You may simply just follow the majority Chinese Folks who go to a Big Chinese Temple and buy incense sticks and Joss Papers and pray to the Tai-Sui Deity in charge of the Year. This method will at least still give You a peace of mind for one year but actually doesn't do much benefit to You.

If You have very high budget, the it is advisable to seek help from a Taoist Master, who caters a proper full set of Tai-Sui Prayer for You, which include hand written Tai-Sui Talismans, filled with Your Date Of Birth and Full Name, and go through a proper Tai-Sui Ritual for You. You may want to seek help from Taoist Sorcery Master. You have to provide Your Date Of Birth and Chinese Name (If You are a Chinese) and the fee for Tai-Sui Ritual is not cheap either.

According to Taoist Practice, the Best & Accurate Day to pay respect to the Lord Tai Sui of the New Lunar Year starts on the day of Li Chun (立春) - The Beginning of the Spring Season.

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The list of 60 Tai Suis and the specific year each specific Tai-Sui take charge (六十位值年太岁星君之神名)

甲子太岁 - 金辩大将军
乙丑太岁 - 陈材大将军
丙寅太岁 - 耿章大将军
丁卯太岁 - 沈兴大将军
戊辰太岁 - 赵达大将军
己巳太岁 - 郭灿大将军
庚午太岁 - 王济大将军
辛未太岁 - 李素大将军
壬申太岁 - 刘旺大将军
癸酉太岁 - 康志大将军

甲戌太岁 - 施广大将军
乙亥太岁 - 任保大将军
丙子太岁 - 郭嘉大将军
丁丑太岁 - 汪文大将军
戊寅太岁 - 鲁先大将军
己卯太岁 - 龙仲大将军
庚辰太岁 - 董德大将军
辛巳太岁 - 郑但大将军
壬午太岁 - 陆明大将军
癸未太岁 - 魏仁大将军

甲申太岁 - 方傑大将军
乙酉太岁 - 蒋崇大将军
丙戌太岁 - 白敏大将军
丁亥太岁 - 封济大将军
戊子太岁 - 邹铛大将军
己丑太岁 - 傅佑大将军
庚寅太岁 - 邬桓大将军
辛卯太岁 - 范甯大将军
壬辰太岁 - 彭泰大将军
癸巳太岁 - 徐单大将军

甲午太岁 - 章词大将军
乙未太岁 - 杨仙大将军
丙申太岁 - 管仲大将军
丁酉太岁 - 唐傑大将军
戊戌太岁 - 姜武大将军
己亥太岁 - 谢太大将军
庚子太岁 - 卢秘大将军
辛丑太岁 - 杨信大将军
壬寅太岁 - 贺谔大将军
癸卯太岁 - 皮时大将军

甲辰太岁 - 李诚大将军
乙巳太岁 - 吴遂大将军
丙午太岁 - 文哲大将军
丁未太岁 - 缪丙大将军
戊申太岁 - 徐浩大将军
己酉太岁 - 程宝大将军
庚戌太岁 - 倪秘大将军
辛亥太岁 - 叶坚大将军
壬子太岁 - 丘德大将军
癸丑太岁 - 朱得大将军

甲寅太岁 - 张朝大将军
乙卯太岁 - 万清大将军
丙辰太岁 - 辛亚大将军
丁巳太岁 - 杨彦大将军
戊午太岁 - 黎卿大将军
己未太岁 - 傅党大将军
庚申太岁 - 毛梓大将军
辛酉太岁 - 石政大将军
壬戌太岁 - 洪充大将军
癸亥太岁 - 虞程大将军

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The Origin, Legends & Power Of Tua Pek Kong (大伯公) - Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) - Chinese Earth Deity

Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) is the Earth Deity worshipped by Chinese folks. In China and Taiwan, he is addressed as Tu Di Gong (土地公) or Tu Di Shen (土地神). In South East Asia, he is often called Da Bo Gong (大伯公) - The Great Grand Uncle. In Indonesia, he is known as Dewa Bumi. In Ryukyu - Japan (日本琉球), he is known as 土帝君(トゥティークー).

In ancient time, Chinese Folks pray to Earth God for the abundance of crops, grains , healthy livestocks etc. In this modern era, Earth God is prayed for prosperity, wealth ,safety and happiness. Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) is also revered as one of the Chinese Gods Of Wealth. He can even be sought after to Win The  Lottery / 4D, if You know the way.

Within the celestial pantheon, Tu Di Gong occupies a unique position, as he is at the same time the lowest ranking official in the bureaucracy, yet also the most commonly worshiped deity. Almost every homes of the Chinese Folks in South East Asia, has an altar of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) in the main hall / living room.

Today, many Chinese Young Adults still pray to him but without knowing the origin, the legends , the way to pray , and the power of him. This is the article to share with You the knowledge and information of  Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神).

The Talisman Of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神)

While You have been praying to Your Tua Pek Kong at home for many years and have not been Striking The Lottery (4D / Toto)  You may need this Talisman.

The Talisman Of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) is drawn and then empowered with the secret "hand seal" of  invoking Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神),  while chanting the sorcery incantation of  welcoming Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神).

The Talisman Of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神), is to be placed on the wall of the altar of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神). It can use to spiritually activate the altar of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神), if the Statue / Figurine is not consecrated (Light Opening - 开光) .  This talisman can also be kept inside the wallet / purse / bag.

Note: " Protection All In One" Talisman can be used to activate /empower the altar of different deities, including altar of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神). Talisman of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) can only be used to activate / empower the altar of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神)

Paper Talismans of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) are also being burnt with Chinese Joss Papers, during Zuo Ya (作牙) - ( means prayers of every 2nd & 16th Day Of Every Chinese Lunar Month for wealth / business success  by the bosses) and also being burnt on the important celebration days of  revering Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神).

To seek lottery numbers ,such as 4D,  You can tie the Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) Talisman on a cup, filled with numbers (0 to 9), and use the "Shake Cup" Method  to seek 4D Numbers. If the Talisman is placed on the altar, You shall face the Tua Pek Kong Altar and apply the "Shake Cup" Method  to seek 4D Numbers. When You seek 4D Numbers, You must always light up incense sticks / cones.

Ancient Historical Records of worshiping the Earth Deity / Spirit

According to Ancient Books of Kan-Yu (Feng Shui), there existed ceremonial rites of worshiping the earth and village. Because the Earth carries and gives birth to everything, on which the five cereals grow to feed the people, therefore, the Chinese since ancient time have been honouring the heaven and respecting the earth.


In the Unofficial Commentaries on the Book of Rites (礼记外传),wrote "a country takes the people to be its foundation, and the masses regard food as their heaven. So when the emperor founds the country and governs the people, he commands to first set up the altar of the soil. Due to the wide earth and rich cereal crops and the impossibility to worship every inch of the earth, altars are set up to worship the Earth in countries and cities".

《礼记外传》 称“国以民为本,民以食为天,故建国君民,先命立社,地广谷多,不可遍祭,故於国城之内,立坛祀之”。

The section of "Sacrificial Rites" of the Book of Rites (礼记.祭法) has a commentary which says, "people from superior officials down, including scholar-officials and commoners, lived in groups. A village was established where there were more than 100 families,  will set up a shrine to worship the Earth".


The section "Records of the Five Agents" (汉书·五行志) of the History of the Han Dynasty says, "25 families composed a village". The ancient Chinese with the understanding of  "the Earth is so wide that it is impossible to worship all over it, so the soil was piled up into an altar in order to repay its contribution". Therefore, when a shrine was built in a village to worship the earth god, it is also known as village god.


According to Ancient Books of Kan-Yu (Feng Shui), the Village Spirit was at the beginning, nameless. After the Eastern Jin Dynasty (东晋), charitable and upright officials were taken to be the Earth Spirit among the people, therefore the spirit was personalized and named.


Taoist Scripture records of  worshiping the Earth Spirit / Deity

The section "On Village Spirits" of "The Book of Major Daoist Numinous Spirits and Ghosts" quoted Laozi's Catalogue of Ghosts and Spirits of Heaven and Earth (老子天地鬼神目录), saying, "the Village Spirit of the capital was an upright subject of Heaven. It was Yin (阴) on the left side and Yang (阳) on the right side, and named Huang Chong (黄崇). It was a native of Li Yang (历阳), Jiu Jiang (九江) of Yang Zhou (杨州).


Ranked as Zhi Wan Shi (秩万石), he governs the great divinities of famous mountains on Earth under Heaven, and all the other Village Spirits serve him as his subject". After the Ming and Qing dynasties, celebrities were often taken to be the local Earth Spirit among the people. For example, it is said that the Earth Spirit worshiped by the Imperial Academy and by the Ministry of Civil Personnel in the Qing dynasty was Han Yu(韩愈), a great literati of the Tang dynasty. The area around the Imperial College in Hangzhou was the hometown of Yue Fei (岳飞), so the Imperial College venerated Yue Fei as the Earth Spirit. Today the Earth Granny is often worshiped as a supplement in the temples of the Earth Spirit. This custom originated around the Southern Song dynasty.


Earth Deity became a Minor Deity in the ranks of Taoist Gods

According to Ancient Books of Kan-Yu (Feng Shui),  after the Eastern Jin Dynasty (东晋), with the gradual perfection of the bureaucratic system from the central authorities to the basic level in feudal countries, the Earth Deity, which is only able to govern the native soil, gradually evolved into a minor deity of the lowest rank among Taoist Deities.


The very 1st record that a human died and raised to the level of Earth Deity

Throughout thousands of years , during different dynasties and in different parts of China, there were many good men of virtues who passed on and being worshiped  by Chinese Folks as God Of Earth. The very 1st person whom was revered as Gods Of  Earth was Jiang Zi Wen (蒋子文).

Volume Five of “Investigations into the Divine”(搜神记) says that Jiang Zi Wen (蒋子文), a native of Guang Ling (广陵), died for pursuing thieves. After Sun Quan of the Eastern Wu wielded power, Jiang Ziwen (蒋子文) presented his spirit on a road and said, "I should be the Earth Spirit of this place to benefit you people". Here to "benefit you people" means to bless the safety of houses, the birth of babies into families, and the thriving of the domestic animals on the native land and to being just. Often there is an antithetical couplet in the temples of the Earth Spirit in the south of China, which says, "the grandpa handles affairs fairly, while the grandma gives advice earnestly".


When Tu Di Gong (土地公) became known as "Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神)"

The title of "Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神)", only appear after Tang-Song Dynasty. Before that, usually people will only use Tu Di (土地) or Hou Tu (后土). Chinese folks believe that it was given by Heaven to Zhang Fu De due to his loyalty and willingness to sacrify for his life to help the others.

Legend 1 of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神)

Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神) was born in the Zhang family and his named Zhang Fu De (张福德) during Zhou emperor 2nd year, on 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month. He was very intelligent and filial since young. At age 36, he was working as a tax officer. He was an honest and honorable gentleman. He pities the poor suffering folks and always extends his helping hands without fail. He passed away at the age of 102, in the second generation of the Zhou dynasty. After 3 days of his passing, his face didn’t change. A poor neighbor used four piece of huge rock to enclose his dead body. Soon these rocks become flatten and completely cover his body. People see this as an act of deity and soon built a shrine for him. The villagers also didn’t forget all the good deeds that Fu De had done. With time, Fu De soon becomes known as Fu De Zheng Shen.


Legend 2 of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神)

During the Zhou dynasty, A rich landlord, Master Shang (上大夫), was sent to a remote place to be a government official. As he did not come back for a long tim, his daughter set out to find him. She was accompanied by a faithful male servant,  named Zhang Ming De (张明德).  On their journey, they were surprised by a snowstorm. Zhang Ming De took off all his clothing to cover the young girl, thus saving her life but unfortunately, Zhang died as a result of it. Immediately after Zhang’s death, in the sky appeared six words “南天門大仙福德正神” (Great Immortal Of The Southern Door Of Heaven, the true Deity that brings Prosperity & Wealth). Master Shang was grateful to Zhang Ming De for saving his daughter life and built a shrine to honor him. Before the end of Zhou emperor era, it was known as Hou Tu but now better known as ‘Fu De Zheng Shen’.


Important Days of Praying To Tua Pek Kong (大伯公) - Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神)

-  Birthday - 2nd Day of 2nd Chinese Lunar Month
- Day Of Gaining Tao - 15th Day of 8th Chinese Lunar Month (Chinese Lantern Festival)
- Zuo Ya (作牙) - 16th Day of 8th Lunar Month

*Zuo Ya (作牙) means every 2nd & 16th Day Of Every Chinese Lunar Month, the Chinese Bosses / Shop Owners etc will pray to the Local God Of Wealth - Referring to The Earth God.


《诸罗县志.卷之八》:「二月二日,街衢社里敛钱演戏,赛当境土神;盖仿古『春祈』之意。」 《诸罗县志.卷之八》:「中秋祀当境土神,与二月二日同,仿『秋报』也。四境歌吹相闻,谓之『社戏』。会饮赏月,制大饼以象之;士子朱书『元』字,用骰子掷四红夺饼,预取『秋闱夺魁』之兆。」 故所谓春祈秋报即与上述两日相同,现今之祭仪应为旧有社祭习俗之变。



Scripture Of Fu De Zheng Shen (福德正神)




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Talisman To Stop The Spirit Of Aborted Child From Causing Troubles & Sending Off For Rebirth

The Spirit Of Aborted Child is known as Yin-Ling (婴灵) in Chinese.

There are many similar cases throughout the whole world, whereby Spirit Of Aborted Children show their presence in front of the mother, father or family members. Children in the family were seen chatting and playing with "someone" - The spirit of Aborted Baby.

Folks who are Christians , Protestants, Catholics do not believe in Yin Ling (婴灵), Karma and Reincarnation. To these groups of people, their mindset is that when a person dies , he /she immediately goes to heaven, so same goes to the unborn souls of  the fetuses. When these people face real paranormal activities caused by the ghosts of their aborted fetuses, they have no answers and no solutions.

When a fetus is aborted, the soul of the baby cannot goes to heaven, or return back to hell and not yet time for another rebirth

To the Chinese, who are mostly Taoists and Buddhists, they know that when a fetus is aborted, the soul of the baby cannot goes to heaven, or return back to hell and not yet time for another rebirth, because of this reason, the Yin-Ling will continue to linger on earth and usually will stay by the mother's side.

Without giving the chance to be born as human, the Yin-Ling is full of hatred and resentment towards his / her mother , or father and family members and jealousy towards human siblings. Yin Ling will creates trouble, havoc to the immediate family members.

The most common mischief done by Yin-Ling to mother is difficulty to conceive again, aches of back and waist, suffering from gynecological diseases, diseases of uterus and ovary, and strange diseases etc.

The most common mischief done by Yin-Ling to father is constantly facing problems in career / job, accident prone, financial losses, being cheated , health problems.

The most common mischief done by Yin-Ling to family members are constant quarrels between family members.

The most common mischief done by Yin-Ling to human siblings are causing them to be accident prone, inattentive in school, no interest in studies. The worst case is causing early death to the human siblings due to health issues, accident or suicide.

There are many similar cases whereby the Yin-Ling shows their presence in front of the mother, father or family members. Children in the family were seen chatting and playing with "someone" - The soul of Aborted Baby.

Talisman To Stop The Spirit Of Aborted Child From Causing Troubles & Send Off For Rebirth

Often times, the continuous disturbances, mischief and havoc, created by the Yin Ling (婴灵) , are too much for You to bare.  Luckily,  there is a quick remedy to stop the Child Spirit to mess up Your life, which is to burn 3 pieces of "Stop Yin Ling (婴灵) From Causing Troubles and Send Off  For Rebirth" Talismans.  One talisman is to be burnt at the Bedroom, another one at the main door of Your home and  last  one is to be burnt at the  ground altar of Earth God.

Take Note: This is just temporary measure. The talismans are used to invite Goddess of the Ninth Heaven - (九天玄女 - Jiu Tian Xuan Nu) to receive the Soul Of Aborted Child and wait for his / her time for the next rebirth. You still need to let the spirit of aborted child to go through "Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual - 婴灵超度法会 and You need to sincerely repent the mistake of abortion, in order to lessen his /her hatred and resentment to reduce the future karmic debt between You and the Aborted Child.

The "Aborted Child Spirits Liberation" Ritual - 婴灵超度法会

The way to dissolve the hatred and resentment of the Yin-Ling and help to liberate the Yin-Ling is to go through the "Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual - 婴灵超度法会.

In Buddhism, for the "Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual, monks recite the Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva Pūrvapraṇidhāna (地藏菩萨本愿经).

In Taoism, for the "Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual, Taoist Priests / Masters will recite the "Tai Shang San Sheng Jie Yuan Miao Jing" Scripture (太上三生解怨妙经). Taoist Talismans and other prayer materials, joss papers, paper effigies and models  are also used during the Liberation Ritual.

"Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual (婴灵超度法会) is usually done once a year as a major event in the temples, during the Hungry Ghost Month (Chinese Lunar 7th Month).

The individual fee for  "Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual, done yearly at the Chinese Temples, will be cheap as it is a mass events whereby thousands of folks are paying the fees together.

If it is special request to be done privately, it will be expensive, from few hundreds to few thousand dollars, depend on the different ritual fee of  different Taoist Masters.

Since there is no such thing as "Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual (婴灵超度法会) in the Western Countries, and no Christian / Catholic Churches offer such services, Western Folks shall seek help from a Taoist Master from oversea and pay the fee for the "Yin-Ling Liberation" Ritual to liberate the souls of their aborted babies.

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Taoist Finger Gestures - 道法指印

The TAO Gesture (道指)
The TAO Gesture (道指) is the most important Taoist Hand Sign / Finger Gesture in Taoism. It represents the TAO. It is most widely used finger gestures during all kinds of Taoist Rituals.

While conducting Taoist Ritual / Sorcery, Taoist Priests /Masters / Sorcerers often recite incantations with his mouth, making Hand Gestures with his hands and fingers, and Pacing the Big Dipper (步罡踏斗) with his feet.

Taoist Priests /Masters / Sorcerers make appropriate Finger Gestures when they hold the following rituals:
  • Reading Daoist scriptures
  • Reciting Incantations
  • Drawing and Empowering Talismans
  • Exorcism
  • Sorcery 
  • Taoist Rituals
  • Spirit Medium Possessions
  • Consecrating Deity Statues
  • Pacing the Big Dipper
  • Setting Up Altars
  • Invoking The Divine Generals
In the course of the development of Taoism, Taoists changed and corrected the original Finger Gestures, basing themselves on the Daoist Pantheon ( 神譜 - Shen Pu ) and theories of Taoist skills, so that finger gesture making became a comprehensive system. 

Taoist Finger Gestures have single hand patterns and also double hands patterns. The number of Finger Gestures designed for different objectives and for different rituals is hard to calculate, because there are so many kinds of magical skills for refinement and salvation as well as for curing illness, dispelling evil, and praying for avoiding disasters.

There are many sects / lineages of Taoism / Chinese Sorcery. Many of these Sects / Lineages share the same  Finger Gestures  but have different names, and have same names but different Finger Gestures.

The Sword Gesture (剑指)
Sword Gesture is used for casting spells, draw talismans on the air and water, consecrating / empowering talismans

The San Qing Gesture (三清指)
San Qing Gesture is used to hold a cup of water, holding Taoist Stamping Seals, pressing on the head of a victim during exorcism , etc.

The 5 Thunders Gesture (五雷指)
Five Thunders Gesture is often used during exorcism, getting rid of evils

The Jin Gang Gesture (金刚指)
Jin Gang Gesture is often used for consecrating / empowering Taoist Talismans

Video Of Some Advanced Taoist Finger Gestures

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Taoist Big Dipper (7 Stars) Talisman - 太上玄靈北斗七星符

In the Daoist scripture - 五斗經 (Wudou Jing) - The Scripture of the Five Dippers, it collects:
  1. The Mysterious and Numinous Big Dipper's Supreme Perfect Book for Prolonging One's Fundamental Destiny - (太上玄靈北斗本命延生真經 Taoshang Xuanling Beidou Benming Yansheng Zhenjing)
  2. The Sublime Book of the Southern Dipper's Six Offices for Prolonging Life and Salvation Revealed by the Supreme Venerable Sovereign (太上說南斗六司延壽度人妙經 Taishang Shuo Nandou Liusi Yanshou Duren Miaojing)
  3. The Sublime Book of the Eastern Dipper's Governing and Guarding Life Revealed by the Supreme Venerable Sovereign (太上東斗主算護名妙經 Taishang Shou Dongdou Zhusuan Huming Miaojing)
  4. The Sublime Book of the Western Dipper's Register of Names and Guarding of the Body Revealed by the Supreme Venerable Sovereign (太上西斗記名護身妙經 Taishang Shuo Xidou Jiming Hushen Miaojing)
  5. The Sublime Book of the Protection of Life by the Kui Star in the Middle Dipper Revealed by the Supreme Venerable Sovereign ( 太上說中斗大魁保命妙經 Taishang Shuo Zhongdou Dakui Baoming Miaojing)

  6. The Scripture of the Five Dippers is related to the Daoist worship of the constellation spirits.

This article will be focusing on the "Taoist Big Dipper (7 Stars)" Talisman (太上玄靈北斗七星符), which are  pure, authentic Taoist Talismans based on The Taoist Scripture of   Tai Shang Xuan Ling Bei Dou Ben Ming Yan Sheng Zhen Jing- 太上玄靈北斗本命延生真經 (The Mysterious and Numinous Big Dipper's Supreme Perfect Book for Prolonging One's Fundamental Destiny).

The reason is because The Big Dipper - Lord Bei Dou (北斗) was one group of the important Heavenly Spirits that Taoists must pay respect to. In the "PURE" form of Taoism, it is a Religion & a form of Teaching that greatly depended on the movement of Stars. Lord Bei Dou is highly respected by All Schools, Sects and Taoists (due to the Centered Position of where Lord Bei Dou was being located).

Lord Bei Dou was also being appointed by the San Qing (三清道祖) aka The Three Pure One to assist Jade Emperor (玉皇大天尊) in controlling the movements of the Sun, Moon and the Five Important Planets in the Universe (Pluto, Mercury, Mars, Venus & Saturn) – these 7 Planets are being addressed as Qi Zheng (七政) in Religious Contexts.

In Taoist Rituals/Ceremonies, Li Dou (禮斗) or Bai Dou (拜斗) is one of the many Rituals/Ceremonies that is being dedicated to Lord Bei Dou and the other Star Lord Groups.

During the Li Dou or Bai Dou Ritual/Ceremony, the Leading Priest will evoke the energies from Dou Mu Yuan Jun, Lord Emperor Zi Wei (北極紫微大帝), Lord Emperor Tian Huang (西極天皇大帝) and the Nine Stars to be emitted in-order to bless onto the devotees who joined in the Rituals/Ceremonies.

To increase one's life span, a person can do a Petition Report to Lord Bei Dou and by placing the 7-Stars Lamp Formation (七星延生燈法).

In the folk level and sorcery level of Taoism (Chinese Folk Religion), during the ritual of "Enhancing Luck" (补运), the Taoist Spirit Medium, Taoist Master or Taoist Sorcerer will guide the Folks to walk across the Big Dipper (7 stars) Bridge (七星桥).

Hand Drawn & Spiritually Empowered Version of 
"Taoist Big Dipper (7 Stars)" Talisman

The 7 Lords of the Big Dipper can ward off / protect You from the following issues:
  • Three Disasters (三灾厄) - Sky disaster (天灾), Earth Disaster (地灾), Water Disaster (水灾)
  • Four Killings (四煞厄) - Sicknesses of the 4 Seasons
  • Five Elements (五行厄) - Five viscera (五脏) of TCM - Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lung & Kidney
  • Six Killings (六害厄) - Eyes,Ears, Nose, Tongue, Body and Mind - Contact with the outside world,
  • contaminated with evil influences, greed, or ignorant
  • Seven Hurts (七伤厄) - Happiness, Anger, Sorrow, Joy, Love, Hate, Desire (喜,怒,哀,乐,爱,恶,欲) - extreme feeling cause harm to body
  • Eight Difficulties (八难厄) - eight types of unpleasant ailment, paralysis, epilepsy, mental illness, tuberculosis, insects / parasites , skin diseases
  • Nine Stars (九星厄) - meaning 7 Stars of Big Dipper and other 2 stars - zuo fu (左辅),you bi (右弼) , which can affect good luck ans disasters. Humans have nine orifices, if not in control will cause excessive desire
  • Husband & Wife Problems (夫妻厄) - Relationship problems between husband and wife
  • Male & Female Problems (男女厄) - Without male succession, Birth (生产厄) - Difficulty in giving birth
  • Fu Lian (复连厄) - Ancestors chouldn't transcend worldliness. Can reborn on earth as a healthy person.
  • Yi Li (疫疠厄) - Plague infection
  • Diseases (疾病厄) - Different diseases
  • Evil Spirits (精邪厄) - Harbouring evil thoughts, one will be easily attacked by evil spirits.
  • Tigers & Wolves (虎狼厄) - Attack by Tigers & Wolves
  • Worms & Snakes (虫蛇厄) - Attack by Poisonous insects & snakes
  • Thieves & Robbery (劫贼厄) - Being robbed or things stolen
  • Jia Bang (枷棒厄) - accuse falsely into prison
  • violent sudden death (横死厄) - die at an early age due to accident / mishap
  • Zhou Shi (咒誓厄) - Being hexed by evil sorcerers with black magic spells
  • Tian Luo (天罗厄) - Against the natural order of things / heaven's laws, will bring disasters
  • Di Wang (地纲厄) - without Proper Human Relationships will cause suffering
  • Knives & Soldiers (刀兵厄) - Chaos of Wars bring causing many deaths
  • Water & Fire (水火厄) - Disasters of Water and Fire
The "Taoist Big Dipper (7 Stars)" Talisman (太上玄靈北斗七星符) are also known as the 7 talismans of Protecting Star Spirits of the 12 Lunar Zodiacs:
  • Lord Tan Lang (陽明貪狼太星君) governs the luck and protects the people of Chinese Zodiac - Rat.
  • Lord Ju Men (陰精巨門元星君) governs the luck and protects the people of Chinese Zodiac – Cow & Pig.
  • Lord Lu Cun (真人祿存貞星君) governs the luck and protects the people of Chinese Zodiac – Tiger & Dog.
  • Lord Wen Qu (玄冥文曲紐星君) governs the luck and protects the people of Chinese Zodiac – Rabbit & Rooster.
  • Lord Lian Zhen (丹元簾貞罡星君) governs the luck and protect the people of Chinese Zodiac – Dragon & Monkey.
  • Lord Wu Qu (北極武曲紀星君 ) governs the luck and protect the people of Chinese Zodiac – Snake & Goat.
  • Lord Po Jun (天衝破軍關星君) governs the luck and protect the people of Chinese Zodiac – Horse.
  • "Taoist Big Dipper (7 Stars)" Talisman contains 7 talismans into 1 , to have an individual, regardless of his /her Chinese Zodiac, to be protected by all 7 Protecting Star Lords.
Video Of "Taoist Big Dipper (7 Stars)" Talisman

During the yearly "Luck Enhancing" Ritual, Taoist Priests / Masters will on the behalf of devotees, do prayer rituals to the Big Dipper Star Lords, reciting Taoist Scriptures Of Big Dipper , walking across the "7 Stars" Bridge.

Whether You are a Western Folk or a Chinese, who miss the chance , or no chance to do the Yearly "Luck Enhancing" Ritual.

If possible, Chinese Folks should join the Tang-Ki Worship (Taoist Spirit Mediums) for the yearly "Luck Enhancing" Ritual, as their service will be cheap and only pay for the prayer materials.

If You order the "Taoist Big Dipper (7 Stars)" Talisman from me (Taoist Sorcery Master) or have a " Luck Enhancing" Ritual done for You by a Taoist Master / Sorcerer, it will be very expensive.

However, sometime You have no choice as Your life is going up-side down, everything is not sooth - money problems, love problems, family problems, social problems etc , then it is wiser to spend money to quickly eliminate Your BAD LUCK and straighten Your well-being, through Taoist Ritual and Talismans.

Anyone, who is "Cultivating The Tao" (Taoist Immortality Training / Meditation) by practicing the "Pure" Form Of Taoism, can keep the "Taoist Big Dipper (7 Stars)" Talisman (太上玄靈北斗七星符) and meditate on it, to have a close connection with the 7 Lords (Heavenly Spirits) of  Bei Dou (Big Dipper).

In the layman method, for the folk level practice, keeping  the "Taoist Big Dipper (7 Stars)" Talisman (太上玄靈北斗七星符)  is a protection of all mishaps and enhancing luck everyday. Don't have to wait until the beginning of a new year then seek for "Luck Enhancing" Ritual Service to walk the "7 Stars" Bridge.

The "Taoist Big Dipper (7 Stars)" Talisman (太上玄靈北斗七星符) is also suitable to be placed on an altar of the high level ranking Taoist Deities.

Take Note: This is special request talisman and is very expensive. Anyone one interested to order, should allow at least 7 days or more, to create and go through ritual invocations to spiritually empower the  "Taoist Big Dipper (7 Stars)" Talisman.

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Bu Gang Ta Dou (步罡踏斗) - Pacing The Big Dipper

While conducting Taoist Magical Skills, Taoist Priests /Masters / Sorcerers often recite incantations with his mouth, making Hand Gestures with his hands and fingers, and Pacing the Big Dipper (步罡踏斗) with his feet. Bu Gang Ta Dou is also known as Walking The "7 Stars" Pattern.

Taoist Priests can be seen Pacing the Big Dipper during Taoist Ritual Ceremonies. Taoist Masters / Sorcerers may apply hand gestures and pace the big dipper to activate / empower certain talismans, during Taoist Sorcery, and also while performing exorcism.

Taoist Spirit Mediums are seen walking in zit-zag manner, which is the "7 stars" movement (七星步). "7 stars" movement (七星步) have the Yang Pattern and Yin Pattern.

There are different sets of walking patterns of Bu Gang Ta Dou, depend on the Taoist Sects and the applications. Bu Gang Ta Dou can be often seen in varieties of 2 formations:

1) Walk along the seven stars of the Big Dipper - Qi Xing Bu (七星步)


2) Walk the eight trigrams arranged in the Luo Shu (洛書) Magic Square

Video Of Taoist Priest performing Bu Gang Ta Dou (步罡踏斗)

Video Of Taoist Masters Performing Qi Xing Bu (七星步) During Spirit Medium Rituals

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Dou Mu (斗姆) , Nine God Emporers (九皇大帝) & The Big Dipper
Nine Emperor Gods Festival (九皇爷诞)
Taoist Big Dipper (7 Stars) Talisman - 太上玄靈北斗七星符

Nine Emperor Gods Festival (九皇爷诞)

The Nine Emperor Gods (九皇星君/九皇大帝) are the nine sons manifested by Father Emperor (斗父周御國王天尊 - Zhou Yu Dou Fu Yuan Jun) and Mother of the Big Dipper (斗母元君 - Dou Mu Yuan Jun) who holds the Registrar of Life and Death.

The Nine Emperor Gods (九皇爷), as patrons of prosperity, wealth and good health on their own right, are worshipped especially in Fujian and Guangdong Provinces in southern China, a region also known for its ancient sacred rites of spirit mediums.

Southern China was once the land of the Min and Yue tribal kingdoms, whose inhabitants were experts in magic, spells, and the art of communication with the dead, spirits and Gods. Fujian and Guangdong were incorporated into the Chinese Empire during the Qin and Han dynasties 2000 years ago, and in the following millennia, its indigenous culture combined with that of the Taoist Han Chinese settlers from the North. The result is a hybrid, exuberant mix with a rich spiritual as well as architectural and gastronomical heritage that is evident in southern China today. With the emigration of the Fujian (or Hokkien) and Guangdong (also known as Cantonese) peoples to Southeast Asia and the rest of the world during the last three hundred years, these mystical manifestation of communication between the man and the mysterious divine spread with the Diaspora to other parts of the world.

When the Southern Chinese migrated to South East Asia, this event became popular in countries like Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and also the Riau Islands.

The Nine Emperor Gods Festival (九皇诞) is a nine days Taoist celebration beginning on the eve of 9th lunar month of the Chinese calendar, which is observed primarily in Southeast Asian countries like Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and also the Riau Islands.

Vegetarian Ritual
The festival begins on the last day of the eighth lunar month with the raising of the Jiu Qu Deng (九曲灯), which refers to the “nine wicks in oil lamp”. The lamp is raised to invite divinities to the temple grounds in celebration of the festival. It has to stay lighted throughout the nine days as it is a sign of continuous divine presence. The vegetarian ritual starts on the same day, in which Jiu Huang Ye followers are expected to abstain from meat in order to purify their bodies. This is believed to relieve them of sins they have committed.

Welcome Ritual
The welcome ritual is typically held the following day, which is also the first day of the ninth lunar month. A street procession starts from the temple and proceeds to a nearby river or sea where the gods are to be invited. The procession consists of lion and dragon dance troupes and devotees following behind sedan chairs carrying statues of accompanying gods and the sacred urn. The bearers of the sedan chairs are dressed in white and cause the chairs to sway violently to symbolise the presence of divine forces. A spirit medium may accompany the procession, and points out places where evil spirits lurk. The Taoist priest will then purify the indicated spots.

At the river, the priest invokes the spirits of the Nine Emperor Gods and invites them to descend into the urn. When the sacred ashes in the urn burn vigorously, it is a sign that the gods have arrived. The urn is then carried back to the temple and kept from public view.

During the nine days, worshippers visit the temple with offerings to ask for the blessing of the Jiu Huang Ye. One of the activities during this period is the bridge-crossing purification ritual, in which participants receive charms, yellow threads or a Jiu Huang Ye seal stamped on their clothing to ward off the evils of the past year.

Spirit medium possessions and the fire-walking purification ritual are associated with the celebration of this festival as well. However, fire-walking is no longer commonly seen in Singapore, although they can still be found in Ampang in Penang, Malaysia. The fire-walking ceremony was discontinued in Singapore before 1978 for safety reasons.

The procession aspect is practised in both Chinese Folk Religion and Pure Taoism; only the folk religion practitioners believe that the Nine Emperors can manifest through spirit mediums. In other words, folk religion and Taoism occasionally overlap, and worship the same gods; however, Chinese Folks worship them in different, unique ways.

Sending Off Ritual
The ninth day of the festival is its climax. A procession which draws scores of devotees sends the deities back home.

The ritual to send off the gods starts on the ninth day with the transfer of the sacred urn to the sedan chair, and a procession to a River. The procession is accompanied by lion dancers, stilt walkers and musicians playing drums, cymbals and gongs. Devotees follow in trucks, buses, cars and taxis. At the river, the Taoist priest conducts the ceremony to send off the gods. Selected temple committee members climb into a wooden boat with the flaming urn and travel towards the river centre to symbolise the departure of the gods. The festival officially ends with the lowering of the Jiu Qu Den (九曲灯) on the tenth day. This is followed by the ending of the vegetarian ritual when meat dishes are laid out to thank the heaven guards. These dishes are later shared among worshippers to signify the ending of the fast.

The legend of the 9 rebellious righteous heroes in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand:

The legend goes that during the Qing dynasty, nine righteous persons were in rebellion against the Qing government (another verson has it that they were 9 sea bandits who robbed the rich and helped the poor). Unfortunately, they were caught by the Qing army and later got beheaded by the river side on the 9th day of the 9th lunar month. After death, their spirits lingered around the vicinity and caused havoc. The Imperial Court thereafter conferred the spirits with the title of the "9-Emperor Gods" and sent the spirits off to sea in royal boat and out of China. Where-ever the boat sailed by in the South-East region, the country folks set up shrines to venerates the spirits. Therefore, in mainland China there is no faith venerating the 9-Emperor Gods in the way they do in South-East Asia.

The legend continues by saying that the heads of the 9 beheaded heroes were hung on a coconut tree. The 9 oil lamps that are lighted at the festival on top of bamboo pole were originated from there. Ushering and sending off the 9-Emperor Gods by the sea or riverside was the location where they were beheaded. The walking over the burning coals is to commemorate the burning of the "Dou Mu Gong"- the residence of the 9-Emperor Gods on the 9th day of the 9th lunar month. Not enshrining the image of the 9-Emperor Gods is because there is no image to adapt. The wearing of the mourning clothes signifies the mourning for them.

Major Nine Emperor Gods Temples in Singapore:
  • Bukit Batok Doumu Gong Jiuhuang Wudi (Blk 503 Bukit Batok East Avenue 2)
  • Choa Chu Kang Doumu Gong (No. 2 Teck Whye Lane)
  • Cong Mao Yuan Jiuhuang Gong (28 Arumugam Road)
  • Fengshan Gong (49 Defu Lane 12)
  • Hong Shui Gang Doumu Gong Fengshan Shi (Yishun Ring Road, opposite Blk 123)
  • Hougang Doumu Gong (779A Upper Serangoon Road)
  • Jin Shan Shi (25 Jalan Ulu Singlap)
  • Longnan Shi (Blk 283 Bukit Batok Avenue 3)
  • Longnan Dian (Sims Avenue, opposite Malay Village)
  • Nan Shan Hai Miao (Blk 701 Bedok Reservoir Road)
  • Shen Xian Gong (Blk 39A Margaret Drive)
  • Xuan Wu Shan Han Lin Yuan (Blk 236 Jurong East Street 21)

Celebration in Thailand

In Thailand, this festival is called Tesagan Gin Je เทศกาลกินเจ, the Vegetarian Festival. It is celebrated throughout the entire country, but the festivities are at their height in Phuket.

In 1825, when a traveling Chinese opera company visited Phuket, the largest of the islands in Thailand, to entertain the Chinese who were working in the tin mines there, a terrible epidemic of malaria broke out, and many people lost their lives.

They decided to adhere to a strict vegetarian diet and pray to the Nine Emperor Gods to ensure purification of the mind and body. To everyone's amazement the opera group made a complete recovery. The people celebrated by holding a festival that was meant to honour the gods as well as express the people's happiness at surviving what was, in the 19th century, a fatal illness. Subsequently the festival has grown and developed into a spectacular yearly event that is attended by thousands with participants flying in from China and other Asian destinations.

Mah song ม้าทรง are the people who invite the spirits of gods to possess their bodies. Mah ม้า is the word for horse in Thai, and the name mah song refers to how the spirits of the gods use the bodies of these people as a vehicle, as one rides a horse. Only pure, unmarried men or women without families of their own can become mah song. At the temple they undergo a series of rituals to protect them for the duration of the festival, during which flagellation and self-mutilation is practiced.

The festivities in Phuket include a procession of mah song wearing elaborate costumes who pierce their cheeks and tongues with all manner of things, including swords, banners, machine guns, table lamps, and flowers. While the face is the most common area pierced, some also pierce their arms with pins and fishhooks. While they are possessed the mah song will not feel any pain. They can also be seen shaking their heads back and forth continually. At the temple during the festival there is also firewalking and blade-ladder climbing. While large crowds of people gather to watch, the entranced mah song distribute blessed candy and pieces of orange cloth with Chinese characters printed on them yang ยังต์ for good luck.

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Dou Mu (斗姆) , Nine God Emporers (九皇大帝) & The Big Dipper 
Bu Gang Ta Dou (步罡踏斗) - Pacing The Big Dipper
Taoist Big Dipper (7 Stars) Talisman - 太上玄靈北斗七星符 

Dou Mu (斗姆) , Nine God Emporers (九皇大帝) & The Big Dipper

Dou Mu (斗姆) is the mother of the stars of the Big Dipper. She is usually simply called the 'Big Dipper", or 'Primordial Sovereign of the Big Dipper" ( 斗母元君 Dou Mu Yuan Jun ). As the governor of the Pavilion of Heavenly Treasure ( 天宝阁 - Tian Bao Ge ), the Big Dipper, "as the mother of the Dipper Stars, produces the brilliant eyes of all the heavens. She, with the Dipper as her terrestrial spirit and water celestial spirit, is in charge of life."

In Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, Dou Mu (斗姆) is Marici, who is a deva or bodhisattva associated with light and the sun. She is known as Molizhitian (摩利支天) or Molizhitian Pusa (摩利支天菩萨) in China and Marishi-ten (摩利支天) in Japan and in Tibetan as 'Odzer Canma', "Woman Endowed with Rays of Light").

Her complete name is 'Nine-Spirited Supreme Subtle Grandma Primordial Sovereign of the Night Rays and Golden Essence of the White Jade Tortoise Platform" ( 九灵太妙白玉龟台夜光金精祖母元君 - Jiu Ling Tai Miao Bai Yu Gui Tai Ye Guang Jin Jing ).

She is also called 'Pure Vital Breath Sovereign of the Big Dipper of Middle Heaven" ( 中天梵气斗姆元君 Zhong Tian Fan Qi Dou Mu Yuan Jun ), 'Primordial Queen of Supreme Simplicity, Purple Rays, Bright Wisdom and Kind Benevolence, and Heavenly Lord of Golden Perfected Holy Virtue" ( 中天梵气斗姆元君紫光明哲太素元后金真圣德天尊 - Zhong Tian Fan Qi Dou Mu Yuan Jun Zi Guang Ming Zhe Ci Hui Tai Su Yuan Hou Jin Zhen Sheng De Tian Zun ).

She is also called 'Great Perfect Queen of Moonlight" ( 大圆满月光王 - Da Yuan Man Yue Guang Wang ) and 'Great Heavenly Healer Sage and Eastern Imperial Sovereign of Benevolent Salvation" ( 东华慈救皇君天医大圣 - Dong Hua Ci Jiu Huang Jun Tian Yi Da Sheng ).

According to the Fundamental Destiny Life-Prolonging Heart Scripture of the Great Sagely Primordial Sovereign of the Supreme, Mysterious and Numinous Big Dipper ( 《太上玄灵斗姆大圣元君本命延生心经》 Taishang Xuanling doumu dasheng Yuanjun Benming Yansheng Xinjing ), the Big Dipper, "with her great merit of medicine and healing, manages and harmonizes the five agents, balances the Vital Breaths ( 气 Qi ) of Yin and Yang, dissolves the stagnant and eliminates the evil and dark.

Under her mercy, those who miss the time of salvation catch up with the time of salvation. In charge of the safety of pregnancy and birth, as well as the healing of diseases, she takes the important role of Heavenly Healer ( 天医 Tianyi ) ". "Seated on her precious throne, the Big Dipper peacefully cultivates divine perfection, refines celestial and terrestrial spirits, concentrates Vital Breath with an empty mind, and enters the Mystery of Mysteries.

Breathing the numinous wind, gathering the purple void energy, she has attained the mysterious and numinous Sublime Dao, and releases infinite subtle rays penetrating the Pool of Essence ( 华池 - Hua Chi ). Nine golden lotuses, as incarnations of the rays, give out greater and greater light after seven days in the pood. The light rises to the Nine-Essence Heavens ( 九华天 Jiu Hua Tian ) and transforms into the Nine Great Treasure Pavilions."

In the pavilions, the Nine Perfect Vital Breaths concentrate and manifest themselves as the Nine Emperors of the Dao Body:

The 1st is the Heavenly Emperor ( 天皇 - Tian Huang ) - Vega Star
The 2nd is Purple Subtlety ( 紫微 - Zi Wei ) - Polaris Star

The 7 Northern Constellation Stars (called “Bei Dou Qi Xing 北斗七星”):

The 3rd is the Lusty Wolf ( 贪狼 - Tan Lang ) - Dubhe - α UMa
The 4th is the Giant Gate ( 巨门 - Ju Men ) - Merak - β UMa
The 5th is the Store of Wealth ( 禄存 - Lu Cun ) - Phecda - γ UMa
The 6th is the Civil Chief ( 文曲 - Wen Qu ) - Megrez - δ UMa
The 7th is the Pure and Chaste ( 廉贞 - Lian Zhen ) - Alioth - ε UMa
The 8th is the Military Chief ( 武曲 - Wu Qu ) - Mizar - ζ UMa
The 9th is the Troop Destroyer ( 破军 - Po Jun ) - Alkaid - η UMa

Full Name of The Nine Emperor Gods:

九皇大玉皇君 - 勾陈上宫太极天皇大帝
九皇二玉皇君 - 紫薇垣宫北极紫薇大帝
九皇三玉皇君 - 天枢宫阳明贪狼太星君
九皇四玉皇君 - 天漩宫阴精巨门元星君
九皇五玉皇君 - 天玑宫真人禄存贞星君
九皇六玉皇君 - 天权宫玄冥文曲纽星君
九皇七玉皇君 - 玉衡宫丹元廉贞纲星君
九皇八玉皇君 - 闓阳宫北极武曲纪星君
九皇九玉皇君 - 瑶光宫天冲破军关星君

Another group of Nine Stars of Big Dipper more popular in Chinese Folk Religion & Chinese Metaphysical Studies / Feng Shui:

  • 1st Star - Tan Lang Tai Xing Jun (贪狼太星君) - Dubhe - α UMa
  • 2nd Star - Ju Men Yuan Xing Jun (巨门元星君) - Merak - β UMa
  • 3rd Star - Lu Cun Zhen Xing Jun (禄存贞星君) - Phecda - γ UMa
  • 4th Star - Wen Qu Niu Xing Jun (文曲纽星君) - Megrez - δ UMa
  • 5th Star - Lian Zhen Gang Xing Jun (玉廉贞纲星君) - Alioth - ε UMa
  • 6th Star - Wu Qu Ji Xing Jun (武曲紀星君) - Mizar - ζ UMa
  • 7th Star  - Po Jun Guan Xing Jun (破军关星君) - Alkaid - η UMa
  • 8th Star - Zuo Fu Da Dao Xing Jun (左辅大道星君) - Alcor A (Invisible Star)
  • 9th Star - You Bi Da Dao Xing Jun (右弼大道星君)  - Alcor B (Invisible Star)

In 2009, it was independently reported by two groups of astronomers (Eric Mamajek et al., and Zimmerman et al.) that Alcor actually is itself a binary, consisting of Alcor A and Alcor B (a red dwarf star), and that this binary system is most likely gravitationally bound to Mizar. Few thousand years ago, Anicent  Taoist Texts already recorded there were 2 invisible stars  near  Wu Qu Xing (武曲星) - Mizar, which together, consist of 9 stars in Big Dipper.

The Nine Emperors of the Dao Body ( 九皇道体 Jiu Huang Dao Ti ) are the Nine Stellar Sovereigns of the Dipper. According to the Seven Slips of a Cloudy Satchel, "the Nine Stars are the numinous root of the Nine Heavens, the bright bridge of the sun and moon, and the ancestral abyss of all things. Therefore, Heaven has nine Vital Breaths corresponding with the Nine Stars as their numinous pivot; the Earth has Nine Prefectures with the Nine Stars as their spiritual master; Man has Nine Apertures with the Nine Stars as their Mansion of Destiny.

The Nine Palaces of Yin and Yang refer to the Nine Stars for their doors; the Five Sacred Mountains and Four Holy Rivers ( 四渎 Si Du ) correspond with the Nine Stars as their abyss and mansion." The Big Dipper, as the mother of nine stars, is in charge of the production and life of Heaven, Earth and all things.

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Bu Gang Ta Dou (步罡踏斗) - Pacing The Big Dipper
Taoist Big Dipper (7 Stars) Talisman - 太上玄靈北斗七星符 

"Owe Money Pay Money" (O$P$) Talismans and Ritual of Yin Shan Sect

Scenario 1 - Friend / Relative Borrowed Money
Your "friend" knows You are a "Nice" person and he / she cries out all sorts of reason  ( Mother sick / Father Sick / Husband sick / Wife sick etc ) that he / she needs to borrow some money from You. You pity him / her and agree to lend him  / her the money, provided that he / she returns You the money on time. You find out later is that he / she simply has no interest to return You the money. The worst part is he / she act dumb or denied that he / she has borrowed any money from You. You can't beat him / her up and force him /her to return You the money , or else he / she  can report to the police for physically harming him / her.

If the amount of money owed to You is $10 of $20, it is a small issue and You will consider it is a small fee to find out the real character of a "friend" and You may simply stop lending him / her money in the future. But, what if the amount of money You have lent the person was few thousand dollars ($10,000? $20,000 etc?)...

Outwardly, You want to continue to project the "Nice person" image but deep down inside Your heart, You wish him / her dead if he / she does not return You the money anytime from now.

Scenario 2 - Friend / Business Partner Cheated Your Money
There are many similar  cases that innocent folks, who are 1st timers in the business world, who trust their "Friends Turned Business Partners" readily, thinking that trusting a friend is a correct thing to do, and that  no friend will cheat on a friend. You dig out 10 of thousands or few hundred thousand dollars of your hard earn savings , to invest on a business / or project that Your business partner proclaimed that confirm will make money in short period of time. He /She states that he / she  will  do the hard work and You just be the sleeping partner who provides the money and the profit will distribute evenly (50 /50), or You gain more and He / She receives the profit lesser.

Later, it turns out that, You have been scammed. He / She does nothing and there is no business or project at all, and he / she has run away with Your money and You can't find out his / her whereabouts. His / Her  Phone Number has changed. If You ever track him / her down, all he / she replies to You is that the "Business" has flopped and he / she cannot return You the money because it is a mutual agreement between You and him / her. You can't file a lawsuit because there is no Black and White. You know You have been cheated by him / her big time.

Followed the "How To Collect Money"  Methods taught on books and internet but still failed...
Being desperate to get Your money back, You spend many hours reading up books and online articles about Collecting Money efficiently and professionally and apply onto Your friend / business partner but YET.. Still fail miserably , not even collected a single cent.

"Owe Money Pay Money" (O$P$)  Talismans and Ritual of Yin Shan Sect
Each of the 4 "Owe Money Pay Money" Talismans has it's own respective secret chant to activate them during the ritual. The " OOO " - shown on the talisman are to be replaced with the name and also date of birth and the address of the debtor / cheater are written on the talismans as well. The photo of the debtor / cheater is included during the ritual. Other ritual materials used during the ritual, include "5 Ghosts Money“ (五鬼钱) and  Taoist Joss Papers. Specific Taoist Hand Mudras will be performed while chanting and burning of the talismans.

Talisman 1 ,2 and 3 activate 5 Ghosts to pressure the debtor to return You Your money, and Talisman 4 activates Fiery Underworld Soldiers (火兵).

The "Owe Money Pay Money" Ritual summons the 5 Ghosts and Fiery Underworld Soldiers to mentally torture the debtor to return You the money. The "Owe Money Pay Money" Ritual You see here belongs to the Yin Shan Sect Sorcery. There are  other sets of "Owe Money Pay Money" talismans used by different Sects Of Left Path Taoism.

If he / she does not return You the money anytime soon, he / she will suffers from nightmare one after another every night, as though a human / ghost is chasing him /her with a knife wanting to kill him /her for not returning You the money, or other similar variety of mental torture.  He /She will hear someone (done by 5 ghosts) calling out his / her name out of no where , as though he / she is suffering from Schizophrenia.

After all, what You want and expect is that he / she returns back the full amount of money lent out or cheated, which is rightfully yours, therefore no physical harm will be done to him /her while casting "Owe Money Pay Money" Ritual, not like a Revenge Ritual, which will make him /her knock down by car, or commit suicide by jumping off from a high rise building etc.

Sometime,  on top of "Owe Money Pay Money" Ritual, a mild punishment ritual is added, to punish him / her for cheating You on your money, such as The Ritual Of "5 Ghosts Enter House" To Disturb Enemy.

Make sure he /she has returns You all the money before You add on "Getting Even / Pay Back" Punishment Ritual, or else if he falls sick , become disabled or dead, You won't be able to get back any money.

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Qixi Festival (七夕节) - The Chinese Valentine's Day

Qixi Festival (七夕节) is also known as Qiqiao Festical (七巧节) or Seven Sisters Festival (七姐诞). This day falls on 7th of the 7th Chinese Lunar Month, therefore, it is also called Double Seventh Festival. A day that falls on the Chinese Hungry Ghost Month. Qixi Festival (七夕节) is an important festival, especially for young girls, teenage girls and young women.

In Korea , it is known as Chilseok Festival (칠석). It celebrates the meeting of the deities Jiknyeo and Gyeonwu.

In Japan , it is known as Tanabata Festival (たなばた or 七夕). It celebrates the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi.

Legend of Niulang(牛郎; "cowherd") & Zhinü (织女; "weaver girl")
The general tale is about a love story between Zhinü (织女) - The weaver girl, symbolizing Vega and Niulang(牛郎) - the cowherd, symbolizing Altair. Their love was not allowed, thus they were banished to opposite sides of the Silver River(银河) - Symbolizing the Milky Way. Once a year, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite the lovers for one day. There are many variations of the story.

One of the popular Version..
The seven daughters (七姐妹) of the Goddess of Heaven - Wang Mu Niang Niang (王母娘娘) caught the eye of a Cow Herder - Niulang(牛郎), during one of their visits to earth. The daughters were bathing in a river and the Cow Herder - Niulang(牛郎), decided to have a bit of fun by running off with their clothing. It fell upon the prettiest daughter (who happened to be the seventh born), to ask him to return their clothes.

Of course, since Niu Lang had seen the daughter, Zhinü (织女), naked, they had to be married. The couple lived happily for several years. Eventually however, the Goddess of Heaven became fed up with her daughter's absence, and ordered her to return to heaven. However, the mother took pity on the couple and allowed them to be reunited once a year. Legend has it that on the seventh night of the seventh moon, magpies form a bridge with their wings for Zhinü (织女) to cross to meet her husband.

The Vega Star & Altair Star
Zhinü (织女) - The weaver girl, symbolizes Vega Star.
Niulang(牛郎) - the cowherd, symbolizes Altair Star.

Vega (α Lyr, α Lyrae, Alpha Lyrae) is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, the fifth brightest star in the night sky and the second brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere, after Arcturus. It is a relatively close star at only 25 light-years from Earth, and, together with Arcturus and Sirius, one of the most luminous stars in the Sun's neighborhood.

Altair (Alpha Aquilae, Alpha Aql, α Aquilae, α Aql, Atair) is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila and the twelfth brightest star in the night sky. It is currently in the G-cloud. Altair is an A-type main sequence star with an apparent visual magnitude of 0.77 and is one of the vertices of the Summer Triangle (the other two vertices are marked by Deneb and Vega).

During the 7th of the 7th Chinese Lunar Month, the Chinese gaze to the sky to look for Vega and Altair shining in the Milky Way, while a third star forms a symbolic bridge between the two stars.

Traditions, Rituals and Celebrations
Young girls partake in worshiping the celestial beings (拜仙) during rituals. They go to the local temples to pray to Zhinü (织女) for wisdom. In some dialect groups, they pray to all the Seven Sisters (七姐妹). Paper items are usually burned as offerings. Girls may also recite traditional prayers for dexterity in needlework, which symbolize the traditional talents of a good spouse. Divination could take place to determine possible dexterity in needlework. They make wishes for marrying someone who would be a good and loving husband. During the festival, girls make a display of their domestic skills.

Traditionally, there would be contests amongst young girls who attempted to be the best in threading needles under low-light conditions like the glow of ember or a half moon. Today, girls sometimes gather toiletries in honor of the seven maidens.

The festival also held an importance for newly-wed couples. Traditionally, they would worship the celestial couple for the last time and bid farewell to them (辞仙). The celebration stood symbol for a happy marriage and showed that the married woman was treasured by her new family.

During this festival, a festoon is placed in the yard. Single and newly-wed women make offerings to Niulang and Zhinü, which may include fruit, flowers, tea, and face powder. After finishing the offerings, half of the face powder is thrown on the roof and the other half divided among the young women. It is believed that by doing this, the women are bound in beauty with Zhinü. Tales say that it will rain on this fateful day if there's crying in heaven. Other tales say that you can hear the lovers talking if you stand under grapevines on this night.

On this day, the Chinese gaze to the sky to look for Vega and Altair shining in the Milky Way, while a third star forms a symbolic bridge between the two stars. It was said that if it rains on this day that it was caused by a river sweeping away the magpie bridge, or that the rain is the tears of the separated couple. Based on the legend of a flock of magpies forming a bridge to reunite the couple, a pair of magpies came to symbolize conjugal happiness and faithfulness.


 "Yin Shan Sect (阴山派) Wealth Bringing" Talismans were initially, 7 individual pieces of  Wealth Talismans to be burnt  during the 7 Days "Yin Shan Sect (阴山派) Wealth Bringing" Ritual. These 7 pieces of paper talismans were  to be burnt 1 piece per day, for 7 days consecutively with chants and burning of Chinese Prayer Papers etc, at the main door / entrance of  the house, business office or factory.

"Yin Shan Sect (7 In 1) Wealth Bringing" Talisman
Humans are greedy people. Due to the "Fast & Furious" Results of the "Yin Shan Sect (阴山派) Wealth Bringing" Ritual, friends and folks secretly hint and suggest whether the 7 Days "Yin Shan Sect (阴山派)" Ritual can be converted into "7 In  1" Wealth Bringing Cloth Talisman, which they can see and touch and feel and carry with them or hang on the wall of their houses, business office workshops / factories.

Come to think of it, not everyone is going to stay in the same house forever, or run a business at the same spot forever. Later on, when they are going to change house or office location / workshop location / factory location, they need to do another "Yin Shan Sect (阴山派) Wealth Bringing" Ritual on the new house or new business premise. 

After pondering through the suggestion and reason above, "Yin Shan Wealth Bringing" 7 days Ritual is transformed into "Yin Shan Sect (7 In 1) Wealth Bringing" Cloth Talisman. All the spiritual energy produced throughout the 7 days ritual, are channeled into the Talisman instead.

The beauty of "Yin Shan Sect (7 In 1) Wealth Bringing" Talisman
Most  genuine Wealth Talismans (Example: "Gods Of Wealth of All Direction" Talisman) are activated by invoking Gods Of Wealth, which is already quite powerful.

Imagine this, "Yin Shan Sect (7 In 1) Wealth Bringing" Talisman are summoning :

1) Fiery Spiritual Soldiers (鬼兵火法) of Yin Shan Sect
2) Ghost King (鬼力大王) of Yin Shan Sect
3) Gods Of Wealth  Of 5 Directions (五路财神)
to  bring wealth of all kinds and all ways into Your life and to Your door step.

Folks who have kept "Gods Of Wealth Of All Directions" Talisman have been doing great in their businesses , careers and Striking 4D more than they can ever imagine.

Now, with "Yin Shan Sect (7 In 1) Wealth Bringing" Talisman , which activate the help from Ghosts, Ghost King and Wealth Gods, You are already feeling the power within the talisman by merely looking at it.

"Heng Cai" Luck (横财运) - Unexpected Windfall
Wealth is not just about working hard for money. The best type of Wealth is Unexpected Windfall. In Chinese, we call it "Heng Cai" (横财运). There is a saying "Horses without wild grasses (or extra ration at night) will not be Fat. Humans without Unexpected Wealth (横财 - Heng Cai) will not be rich  (马无野[夜]草不肥,人无横财不富). Even Big Bosses love Unexpected wealth more than their conventional businesses that they run or  own. Do You know Big Bosses bet 4D by pumping few hundred dollars per round?

A better explanation of Heng Cai (横财) is : Money received from Winning The Lottery, Gambling, and from non-hard work, or sudden spot on of easy money making ideas that come to mind.  One good example: One guy  received few thousand dollars from his aunt because she strike few hundred thousands dollars in TOTO / LOTTO and gave him a Big Fat Ang Bao. There are many ways of money coming your way, which You can't predict. Another guy able to spot on a money making idea with zero start-up capital.

If You have been struggling many years throughout Your life working very hard, and at the same time have not been winning the Lottery before, or even worse in huge debt to the banks and owe friends money, it means You have Money Luck Problem big time.  Now, You can turn the table around. "Yin Shan Sect (7 In 1) Wealth Bringing" Talisman is the key to an easy life, with money flowing to You, out of the blue instead.

Some people will condemn "If everyone is going to to be rich without working, then who will do the work and how come so many Chinese are poor?". It is because there will always  be more "smart and modernized" people around who condemn anything spiritual, and also many Chinese have converted to Christianity, whom they cannot dabble with the occult. These are the people who will work hard for money the conventional way. Let them be. I did rather receive money while shaking my legs, such as Winning The Lottery ( 4D / Pick 4).

How To Use?
"Yin Shan Sect (7 In 1) Wealth Bringing" Talisman can be:

1) Kept inside wallet
2) Frame it up and Hang It on The Wall above
i) the Main Door Outside The House / Business Office Or Workshop / Factory
ii)  Own Spiritual Altar at home

"Yin Shan Sect (7 In 1) Wealth Bringing" Talisman can also be used to seek Lottery Numbers - Best in Pick 4 / 4D / Pick 3 Prediction. The accuracy of Prediction  is as good as the Lottery Numbers sought from "Gods Of Wealth" Talisman and "Strike Lottery" Talisman, if not even more powerful, because You are now seeking help from Ghosts, Ghost King and Gods Of Wealth all combined.

Why was it not introduced earlier?
Many people get  freak out when they hear the word "ghosts". This time, You are inviting ghosts, ghost king, together with gods of wealth to bring wealth to You. Even though You can't see them, not anyone can handle the eerie thoughts of ghosts and ghost king coming to Your door step, therefore this "Yin Shan Wealth Bringing" Talisman was not introduced earlier. Only close friends know about it.

After thinking through, there are those people who actually love to keep the negative energy spiritual items, such as corpse oil of  baby or dead woman and Kumantongs (Ghost Kids) , therefore, there will be folks who would love to own and keep "Yin Shan Sect (7 In 1) Wealth Bringing" Talisman. Furthermore, people are afraid of nothing when they are desperate for money.

Take Note: If You ever want to own a piece of "Yin Shan Sect (7 In 1) Wealth Bringing" Talisman, the fee to create and empower it is far more expensive than "Gods Of Wealth Of All Directions" Talisman , due to the very much longer time and energy spend to draw and activate / empower / consecrate the Talisman.


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BEWARE: GONG TAU (降头) Is Real & Deadly

降头 (Gong Tau), literally means:"Tame head", is the term used in Teochew /Hokkien Dialect groups of Chinese referring to Black Magic of South East Asia.

Before the 80s and the early 80s, Chinese kids were aware and often heard stories from their parents, relatives and friends and folks about someone was unlucky to be cursed /hexed /attacked by Gong Tau (降头). Parents and elder family members would remind their kids and younger brothers and sisters not to pick up anything on the ground that attracted them, as the thing might had been cursed / hexed by Gong Tau (降头) and they might be attacked by the Black Magic if they brought back the doll, toy, or any valuable things that they brought home.

After the 90s, Chinese Adults stop warning their kids about Gong Tau (降头)..
After the 90s, more and more Chinese Singaporeans - Both Young and Adult, have stop mentioning and talking about Gong Tau (降头). Even the kids of the early 80s, who have heard about 降头 (Gong Tau) during their younger days, that have now turn into adults, have forgotten about Gong Tau (降头) and stop warning about the truth of Gong Tau (降头) to their own children right now.

Without being aware of Gong Tau (降头) and the danger of it, folks and children take no precaution to prevent themselves from being cursed / hexed / attacked. They stop carrying / wearing genuine Buddhist Amulets and Taoist Protection Talismans. To the Gong Tau Masters (降头师) , and Taoist Sorcery Masters, they can easily curse / hex on their targeted victim.

English Educated Chinese Singaporeans & Christians don't believe in Black Magic ..
Another problem is more and more English Educated Chinese Singaporeans have converted to Christianity and when they are attacked by Gong Tau (降头), their own father / pastor cannot cure them and yet the Christian victims still cannot seek help from a Taoist Master or Taoist Tang-Ki (Spirit Medium), due to their pride and also their churches , fathers / pastors do not allow their Christians members to approach other religions for help. (Christians will not happy to hear about this, but the truth is there are many times that even father / pastor need to secretly engage a Taoist Master to settle the ghostly incidents (chairs / bowls thrown around) that happened in the Churches and also Christians / Catholic need to secretly go to a Taoist Master or Taoist Tang-Ki to destroy black magic that have been cast on them.

Taoist Sorcery is also Gong Tau (降头) ..
Taoist Sorcery , is also considered as Gong Tau (降头), due to it contains Black Magic of Cursing and Hexing.  Chinese Version Of Gong Tau (降头) is mainly performed by Masters / Sorcerers Of Mao Shan Pai Of South East Asia (南洋茅山派) , Yin Shan Pai (阴山派) and Gui Shan Pai (鬼山派), which their spiritual skills include summoning of ghosts, spirits, demons from nature and underworlds . Chinese Version Gong Tau (降头) are easily identified by the use of Yellow Cloth Talisman or Yellow Paper Talisman, plus other materials.

Malay Black Magic (Ilmu Hitum) and Indonesian Black Magic are easily identified from the use of white paper talisman with Arabic Wordings (to call upon Jinns), plus other materials.

The materials used to create Gong Tau (降头) - Black Magic Of South East Asia, often show similar materials used, such as liquid collected from the corpse of human, or use the body parts of small animals - lizard, toad etc , and insects , and needles.

By The Time You Realize It,  It Is Often Too Late..
Usually by the time, when You realized that You  are indeed cursed / hexed by Gong Tau (降头), it is already too late to be cured. You will be desperately search high and low for a genuine Taoist Master or a spiritual Master of other faith, but You simply don't know where to find. Even the folks around don't have a clue on  where to find a Taoist Master / Sorcerer / or any spiritual master and You have to suffer from pain, bad luck and madness for a long, long time, or even death through committing suicide or accident.

Videos Of Real Gong Tau (降头)...
Now, get to watch for yourself, how the materials of real Gong Tau (降头) look like and how the victims suffer. Below are videos showing Taoist Master and Taoist Spirit Medium being engaged to destroy the curses of different types of Gong Tau (降头).

Please take note that Taoist Master & Taoist Tang-Ki (Spirit Medium) shown in the videos are not related / affiliated to Taoist Sorcery Master.

After watching the Videos,  now You know the truth that Gong Tau (降头) is Real and Deadly .

You understand that You might end up as one of the Unlucky Victim some day. So, get Yourself protected from all types of  Black Magic, with a Taoist Protection Talisman immediately.

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