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Where to learn Taoist Sorcery?

Some Western Folks  and also Singaporeans want to know where they can get to learn Taoist Sorcery or learn to create Powerful Taoist Talismans.

Before reading further, do take note that there is slight difference between Taoist Sorcery (Black Magic included) and Taoist White Magic. Taoist Sorcery contains both White and Black Magic that can help or harm people. Taoist White Magic can only do good.

Real Taoist Sorcery Skills have disappeared in China
Taoist Sorcery Skills, or another common term most widely known by the Chinese is Mao-Shan Magic, can be said to be totally lost in China. The person to blame for the lost of Taoist Sorcery Skills in China, is Mao Ze Dong, during the Cultural Revolution.

The 2 best countries to find Real Taoist Sorcery Masters:
Taoist Sorcery Masters, brought along their Taoist Ritual knowledge and Sorcery skills as they left China to Taiwan, Hong Kong and South East Asia, including Thailand, Malaysia , Singapore and Indonesia.

The 2 best countries or places TO BE ABLE to learn  Authentic Taoist Sorcery (or Mao-Shan Magic) are TAIWAN and MALAYSIA.

Taiwan Master  performing 5 Ghosts Transfer Wealth Ritual

Malaysia Mao-Shan Sect Master explains the usage of "Lightning Strike" Baby Ghost 

Malaysia Mao-Shan Sect Master demonstrates how he collect the Soul of "Lightning Strike" Baby Ghost in Graveyard

Yes... You are able to find Taoist Sorcery Masters there but do You think they are willing to teach?

Taoist Exorcism Skills are still practiced by the Chinese in Malaysia and Indonesia to counter strike the black magic cast by the Bomoh / Pawangs in Malaysia and the Dukuns in Indonesia  , that are regularly engaged by people to cast black magic to destroy their enemies.

Learning Taoist Sorcery In Thailand
Taoist Sorcery Magic in Thailand, is better known as Siam-Mao Sect (暹茅派), which combines Mao-Shan Magic and Thai Black Magic and also contains Taoist Talismans newly created by the Chinese, after migrating to South East Asia, to counter attack the Black Magic of South East Asia , known as Gong-Tau (降头) by the Chinese in South East Asia.

If You were to be able to learn Taoist Sorcery in Thailand, You'd better know how to speak Thai or Teochew ( A Chinese Dialect) in order to communicate and learn from the Chinese Masters.  Learning Taoist Sorcery in Thailand is a good deal as You not only learn Taoist Sorcery but also Buddhist/Hindu Magic (amulets and cloth talisman) and Thai Black Magic (Originate from Hindu Black Magic and Yunnan Poison Insects Magic).

You think these Sorcery Masters willing to teach You?
Do take note again that Taoist Sorcery includes Black Magic that can harm and kill people, therefore almost none of the Sorcery Masters are willing to teach to just anyone, even if  You have a lot of money to entice them. Real Taoist Sorcery Masters take many years to study  the characters of potential disciples , even their own children. Many Taoist Sorcery Masters pass on without passing down their sorcery skills.

Learning Taoist White Magic in Hong Kong
For Taoist White Magic Branch, such as Liu Ren Lineage (六壬法门), which is very popular in Hong Kong, most Masters are welcoming You with big open arms as they are teaching White Magic to help Mankind, but they are charging super high fees for You to learn to draw Positive Talismans to help People. You will never learn how to catch and keep ghosts as spirit servants and will never learn how to cast evil spell to hurt, harm and kill Your enemies.

Learning Taoist Sorcery For Westerners
For the Western Folks to learn Taoist Sorcery, before You even think of where to find a Taoist Sorcery Master to learn from, You'd better be able to read and write Chinese. The Spells are to be chanted in Mandarin (or any Chinese Dialects), and You need to be proficient in writing Chinese Characters.

If You Western Folks thought that by owning the Book "Daoist Magical Talisman" by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson and You can become another Taoist Sorcery Master in no time, I am sorry to tell You that You are out of luck.  The incantations provided are translated into English and the Original Chinese Incantations, which are very important during ritual and empowering talismans, are not provided in the book. The talismans shown on the book are only some good amount of genuine samples of what Taoist Masters might use during Taoist Magic Rituals.

However, it is still a good Book for Western Folks and  English Educated Chinese to understand  what is going on during Taoist Magic Rituals.It is a good supplementary book to be kept in their personal library by English Educated Chinese Folks, who are already practicing Taoist Rituals and Sorcery.

Learning Taoist Sorcery in Singapore
In Singapore, almost all Taoist Sorcerers have passed on due to old age and the Taoist Magical Skills were not pass down to their descendents. The only Taoist Sorcery Master left in Singapore is Seven Stars Sword Diety Master (Qi-Xing-Jian-Xian-Da-Fa-Shi 七星剑仙大法师). He is almost hitting 80yrs of age (In 2013)  and also retired from the public. He didn't pass down the knowledge to his children and accept no disciples.

With the support of his 2 ghost servants ( inside the mini coffin placed on the altar), Seven Stars Sword Diety' Master manage  to blow Gold Fishes into Coconut Shell through a tiny hole 10 times smaller than the Gold Fishes..

The irony is many Younger CHINESE Singaporeans, who believe in spiritual power, are now "playing" with Thai Barangs (Amulets, Takruts) , and never know about or get to experience the power of Taoist Sorcery or at least "play" with Taoist Talismans (Unless they belong to one of the Tang-Ki Worshiping Groups), which originated from their Ancestors and Culture.

Alternative to Taoist Sorcery
Since Singaporeans have no chance to learn Taoist Sorcery in Singapore, the best alternative to Taoist Sorcery  is to become a Helper in a Taoist Temple that involves Tang-Ki Worship ( Taoist Spiritual Mediums).

Western Folks who want to experience and learn Taoist Magical Ritual can choose to go to Taiwan (must know Mandarin), Thailand (Phuket Vegetarian Festivals), Malaysia and Singapore to join Spirit Medium Group as a helper. The best choice is Singapore as the Helpers in the Temples can communicate well in English.

Documentary on Tang-Ki Worship (Singapore)

Difference between Taoist Sorcery and Taoist Mediums
Taoist Sorcery is Magical Skills that You learn and then become self-reliance and solely depend on Yourself to execute spells to do good or evil anytime You like.

Taoist Tang-Ki Worship is a ritual to invite Heavenly Deities  to possess spirit mediums and then depend on them to help mankind and they will DO NO EVIL.

Different Taoist Talismanic Sects/Lineages

Different Taoist Talismanic Sects/Lineages invoke spiritual beings either from heaven, earth or underworld or from all three. For example: Taoist Masters from Liu Ren Sect (六壬法门), Zheng Yi Sect(正一派) etc only invoked deities from Heaven and the rituals performed and talismans created can only do good to help people and do no harm.

In Taoist Sorcery, it includes the practice of summoning ghosts, animal spirits, insects spirits and also demons / evil deities from earth and underworld. Example of Taoist Sects that perform Taoist Sorcery (Or Taoist Black Magic) are Mao-Shan Sect(茅山派), Yin-Shan Sect(阴山派), Gui-Shan Sect(鬼山派) etc. The practices include personal gains, unethical gains (sex, lust), revenge spells (ghosts, spirits to disturb), hexing spells (sickness, suicidal, death) and more.

Taoist Mediums (or Taoist Tangki Worship)
During Taoist Tangki Worship, Heavenly Deities possess the Taoist Mediums, so as to provide consultation to human folks, directly from Heavenly Taoist Deities. In Taoist Tang-Ki Worship, Heavenly Deities will help to cure sickness, give advice on any matters and Heavenly Deities will only do good and no evil. If You were to seek help for revenge, hexing purpose they will give You a good scolding.

Taoist Mediums are only trained in the proper procedure to let  the Heavenly Deities possess their bodies. Helpers in Taoist Tang-Ki Ritual, are only trained in using Talismans needed for Tang-Ki Ritual and the incantations needed for 3 main purposes: 1) Inviting Deities to possess the mediums, 2) Send off the Deities and 3) Wake the Taoist Medium up after the trance.

Most of the Taoist Mediums and Helpers know nothing more than the standard talismans and the incantations  needed for Taoist Tang-Ki Worship.

Pros and Cons to join Taoist Tang-Ki  Group
Pros - You will gain real life experience to feel the power of Taoist Incantation, when the Heavenly Deities possess the Taoist Mediums right in front of You. You will experience the power of Taoist Talismans,  which are used during Taoist Tang-Ki Ritual. You will get to see real Supernatural Power during some Tang-Ki Festivals ,whereby the Spirit Mediums use long sharp metal poles to poke through their tongues, cheeks and skins.

Cons - You will not learn and never will learn about Taoist Black Magic in Taoist Tang-Ki Worship. If You were to practice or dabble into Taoist Sorcery later on , the Deities will able to sniff You out even when You are practicing secretly and give You a good scolding and expel You from the temple. If You are practicing only Taoist White Magic, the Deity (medium in trance) will also able to sniff You out and he will be glad and guide You along.

What You can do?
You can join Tang-Ki Worship to be a helper to gain experience and knowledge in Taoist Spiritual Practice, so as to gain 1st hand experience on the power of Taoist Rituals and Talismans. After You are able to find a Taoist Sorcery Master, who is willing to teach You "Mao-Shan" Magic, then You may proceed on the other path - Taoist Sorcery.

BEWARE: Becoming or ending up as a Tang-Ki (Spirit Medium) yourself, is not a good idea because You will be called upon by the Deities to be possessed on a routine basis to give consultation  to the public. You can't get away to learn the Taoism Of The Left - Taoist Sorcery. You might end up only able to learn Taoist White Magic.

Win Lottery (Strike 1st Prize) Talisman

Win Lottery Talisman is a Secret Taoist Talisman to be kept by individuals who want to improve personal Lottery Luck and focus on hitting  the 1st Prize.

The sole purpose of Win Lottery Talisman is to Strike The Lottery. It is NOT kept for Gambling Luck to win the Poker Card Games and Casinos. It is NOT a multi-purpose Wealth Attraction Talisman.

Some folks only know how to play the Lottery. They are not interested in making money through doing Business, not into sales and not interested in gambling Poker Card Games and not interested to gamble in Casinos, therefore, these folks don't need multipurpose wealth bringing talisman and all they need is Win Lottery Talisman.

Nothing can win the returns in Lottery Winning, such as 4D ( Singapore / Malaysia) / Pick 4 and Toto / Lotto / Bingo. In Singapore, every SGD$1 Bet on 4D hit on 1st Prize will able to have a return of SGD$3000,  which is 3000% return. In Malaysia, every RM$1 Bet on 4D hit on 1st Prize will able to have a return of RM$3500,  which is 3500% return.

If You have money to throw, You should just focus on throwing on the Lottery. Let me tell You why...

Most Know-It-All Kids and adults, especially the Westerners and Westernized Chinese, will immediately condemn there is no such thing as Winning The Lottery with the help from Spiritual Beings (Kumantongs, Gods Of Wealth) and Spiritual Items ( Taoist Talismans , Wealth Bringing Amulets). They love to question:" If everybody can win the Lottery so easily, then everybody will be rich and nobody needs to work anymore".

If You are one of the skeptics who think Spiritual Beings and Spirituals Items are bullshit and cannot help to Strike Lottery... Check out: Kumantong 4D Power Testimonials

People always need to face financial desperation before they hope gods and ghosts do exist and able to help them clear their financial dilemmas.

Let the idiots earn money the hard way, while You STRIKE LOTTERY LIKE MAD for Yourself with the spiritual power of a Win Lottery Talisman.

How To Ask 4D / Pick 4 / Pick 3 Numbers with Win Lottery Talisman?
Tie the Win Lottery Talisman around a Cup of Numbers, burn incense sticks or aroma cones,say Your prayer and then use the typical "Shake Cup Method" to get a set of 4D Numbers. You will be amazed how easy to strike 4D 1st Prize.

How To Ask Toto / Lotto / Bingo Numbers with Win Lottery Talisman?
You need a Bingo Toy Set. Burn incense or aroma cones. Do Your prayer with both palms together with the talisman in between. After saying Your prayer, hold the Win Lottery Talisman with one hand, and rotate the Bingo Ball with another hand. You will be amazed how accurate the Numbers rolled out from the Bingo TOy Set match the strips of Toto / Lotto Results later on.

Ultimate Gambler (3 In 1) Talisman

(Due to rapid requests from die-hard gamblers to have
3 talismans group together into 1 piece of cloth for infinite usage)

"Master, Do You have Talismans that can help to win in Poker Cards and in Casinos?"

Ultimate Gambler Talismans are Secret Taoist Talismans for winning in  Poker Card Games and in Casinos. It is best carried by hardcore gamblers who love to gamble and those who frequent Casinos.

Ultimate Gambler Talismans is specifically for gambling purpose only.  It is not use to seek Lottery Numbers and not for winning the Lottery. It is also NOT a multi-purpose Wealth Bringing Talisman. It's sole purpose is just to focus on winning in gambling table.

Most Gamblers are lazy to read books on strategies to improve the odds in gambling. All they want is just TO WIN MONEY immediately at the gambling tables.

After obtaining the Ultimate Gambler Talismans, You  will turn into a PRO GAMBLER in no time.

The Ultimate Gambler Talismans are paper talismans, come in 3 colors - White, Red , Yellow. They all look different from one another but their usage is the same - to let You win at gambling tables. It is packaged 3 in 1 due to people have "The More The Merrier" Mindset.

You just need to pick any one of the 3 Talismans to let it works it's magic on You. One Talisman alone is already extremely powerful.

When to stop gambling?
When You lose 3 games consecutively, stop gambling immediately. Keep the used Talisman away and burn it into ash later. Use another talisman from the left over 2, and then follow the same steps until no more talismans is left.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to rapid requests from die-hard gamblers to have 3 talismans group together into 1 piece of cloth for infinite usage, it is now created on a piece of cloth and empowered with the power of infinity. Remember to walk away when You have WIN enough and continue Your WINNING next time. Don't be too greedy.

Power Tips:
If You have not gambled, or seldom gamble, with Poker Cards or in the Casinos, it is unwise to start gambling just because You are able to turn into a "Pro Gambler"  with Ultimate Gambler Talismans.

Nothing can win the returns in Lottery Winning, such as 4D ( Singapore / Malaysa) / Pick 4 and Toto / Lotto / Bingo. In Singapore, every SGD$1 Bet on 4D hit on 1st Prize will able to have a return of SGD$3000. That is 3000% return. If You have money to throw, You should just focus on winning the Lottery with Win Lottery Talisman.

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