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The 2 most common Mantras used during Taoist Spirit Medium Possession - Revealed

The purpose of this article is to share with the Western Folks and also to the Chinese / Oversea Chinese / English Educated Chinese / Non-Taoist Chinese, who have no clue what is going on during Taoist Spirit Possession. It is also to show the power of Taoist Chants (of Folk Chinese Religion) , which can invoke (invite / call upon) deities / spirit entities.

What You see here is the practice of the Folk Chinese / Taoist Religion of the Southern Chinese of Fujian / Min-nan / Hokkien. Similar practices can be seen in other Chinese communities in South East Asia, who are mostly the Southern Chinese (Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hakka, Hainanese).

Many Western folks only get to know about Taoist Philosophy from the Book - Tao Te Jing but have no clue about the Taoist Folk Religion. Different parts of China have different unique forms of Taoism  Religion Practices.

This article will be an eye opener to gain deeper information and knowledge about Folk Taoist Practices of the Southern Chinese, which You can't get elsewhere.

Taoist Spirit Medium Ritual contains few hundred mantras. The invitation of different deities will have their own specific mantras.

Howoever, there are common mantras (one size fits all) that are often used to invite different deities (to possess the spirit mediums). Below are the 2 most common Mantras used to invite heavenly deities during Taoist Spirit Medium Possession in Singapore.

The specific name of the deity is called upon during the chanting to invite that particular deity (to posess the spirit medium).

It is often chanted in Hokkien (A Chinese Fujian Dialect). Translation in English is included.

(Mantra of 3 Fragrance (Joss) Sticks)

Sa tiau cheng hio lai cia sin
(Inviting Deity With 3 Fragrance (Joss) Sticks)

Gor lo peng ma gao tua cheng
(Spiritual Soldiers and Horses of the 5 directions come to the Altar)

Jit sia kim kor ti men kai
(One sound from the Golden Drum, the heavenly door opens)

Di sia kim kor sin zi zhai
(2nd sound from the Golden Drum, Deity is almost here)

Sa sia kim kor chuk tua lai
(3rd sound from the Golden Drum, coming to altar)

Gor lo peng ma hun liong pai
(Spiritual Soldiers and Horses of the 5 directions  line up on 2 sides)

Wu sim cia sin sin ya zai
(With  sincerity,  the deity can feel)

Bo sim cia sin sin ya lai
(Without sincerity, the diety will also arrive)

Kao san chun nia ya tioh kueh
(Over  the high mountains will also pass through)

Sim kan dai hai ya tioh lai
(Passing through deep oceans, will also come)

Lai gao tua cheng sim dai nau
(Coming to the alar with high spirit)

Chiu phah hong chee sim zu leng
(Hand holding the official tablet and understood the invitation)

Bo huat bo siong kai tioh cha
(Inspection from the 2 hell deities)

Ah lo teh gak siu leng ti
(Evils bring down to hell for punishments)

Cham iau ti sia teng kang ki
(Slaying the evils and rise up to the sky)

Tin siu hoan kan kiu bun beng
(Guarding and protecting the human folks)

Teh zi jit sim sam pai cia
(Disciple with sincere heart)

Pai cia (Jiong sin beng)* sok kang leng
(Calling upon the deities to come immediately)
*Use the term (众神-Jiong sin) - "All The Deities" if you are only praticing the chant, or else call upon the name of the particular deity.

Sin peng hue kip lu lo leng
(Spiritual Soldiers hurriedly coming forward)

2nd Mantra is chanted when the spirit medium is showing sign that the deity is entering him / her.

(Qian Kun Mantra)

Hiong ki dim dim boan khian khun
(Fragrance fill up the universe)

Diam ki cheng hiw tou ti men
(Lighting up the fragrance (Joss) sticks throughout the heavenly door)

Kim lo pai cia tu ui dien
(Golden Urn in the temple )

Giok tho kong hui siu chia lun
(Shining Jade rabbit resembles the wheel)

Nam sin pak tau lai har gang
(Southern Stars & North Dipper coming forward)

Gor sek chai hun nau hun hun
(5 colour clouds everywhere)

Zhu bi keng tiong kai sin hu
(Ink blush on the mirror creating talismans)

Tho guan tong zi cia sin sian
(Tao Yuan boy inviting immortals)

Sian lang bun wa hiong sin cia
(Inviting the Immortals)

Puey hun zao ma gao tua cheng
(Spiritual Horses over the clouds coming to temple)

Teh zi yi sim sam pai cia
(Disciples praying 3 times with sincerity)

(Jiong sin)* sok kang leng
(Deities come quickly)
*Use  the term (众神-Jiong sin) "All The Deities" if you are only praticing the chant,or else call upon the name of the particular deity.

Sin peng hue kip lu lo leng
(Spiritual Soldiers hurriedly coming forward)

Below is the video of Temple assistants chanting the 2 mantras  to invite 'Shan Cai Tong Zi' (善財童子) Deity (Sudhana) to possess / enter the Taoist Spirit Medium. *More Info on 'Shan Cai Tong Zi' (善財童子)*

Important Note: Please be reminded that by just knowing the above 2 mantras is not enough for You to start inviting Taoist Deities to possess You or Your friends and start a consultation service or spirit mediums procession. There are many tedious steps (and huge amount of money spent) and knowledge to operate a proper Temple for Taoist Spirit Medium Worship, such as rituals (with chants and talismans) for proper consecration and spiritual activation of each and every deities statues, the black command flag (a must have for spirit medium worship), the usage and application of the snake whip, creating and writing talismans to be used during Taoist Spirit Medium Ritual, etc and ultimately.. having the affiliation / fated / being choosen by a particular deity, which in Hokkien, they call it "神骨" (Xin Guk). After that, the Taoist Spirit Medium must learn and possess the knowledge to prepare themselves for the deities to enter their bodies. The spirit medium assistants must possess the knowledge of chants, drawing talismans and the proper ritual procedures to invite and sending off the deities.

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Jade Emperor Blesses The Stupid Fools


15th Feb 2018 - Chinese New Year Eve, 8am

While I was waiting to collect my 4D 2nd Prize ($9000) at the Singapore Pools Main Branch at 210 Middle Road (people go there to collect money if win lottery above $5000 on a winning ticket) , there were 10 over people lining up together. They dressed like nobody and look like nobody.. T-shirt , short pants, sandals. They look like those typical aunties, uncles working in low class jobs and look like those who always go to Chinese Temples to pray for luck.

To high class people (or act high class people), sure will look down on them behind their back, thinking they are the good-for-nothings to the society.

Only one uncle dressed in long sleeve and long pant, came in his Silver Mercedes with his wife. This uncle look like those rich uneducated Towkays (Bosses) doing building-construction projects type, who will always frequent Chinese Temples. I predict his winning should be few hundred thousands dollars because I have seen many times the way uneducated rich Chinese towkays buy 4D. They buy 4D like example: 100 big 100 small.

Got one aunty in her 50s, wearing t-shirt & Jean, look like those aunties working in coffee-shops as cleaner, operators in factories. Her winning is... SGD$35,000.

Irony of the opposite

Earlier on, while on the journey to collect money... I saw many people wearing nice nice ( office wear), rushing to work. It is Chinese New Year Eve some more and these high class , look smart people are still rushing to work.

What am I trying to say? - Don't judge a book by its cover.

Don't think a person is poor if he / she looks like a Nobody. Don't think a person is rich if he / she dresses well. Usually, the opposite is true.

A lot of things in life, what you heard, learn from schools and society is BULLSHIT. Example: Job consultants telling You that You must wear nice nice for job interview and be an obedient dog, behave, listen to command and wiggle your tail.

The "Smart" (Arse)  folks will always tell You to stop believing in spiritual power and luck and say if everybody can strike the Lottery, then nobody needs to work already.  They will tell You to  just get a proper job and stop Your fat hope in Winning The Lottery.

The "Stupid" folks who believe in luck and spiritual power, who always believe in  spritual power of Taoist Talismans and Thai Buddhist Amulets, who always go to Chinese Temples to pray (for luck) ... are the ones who always end up  Strike The Lottery but they keep it a secret and continue to act like a Nobody.

Heavenly Grandpa blesses the stupid fools

While you think you very high class who never believe in gods and ghosts and prefer to work hard for money, don't forget... those " stupid, low class, uneducated" aunties and uncles, who frequent Chinese Temples to pray, who will readily believe in spiritual power or luck, are the ones laughing at themselves to the BANK.

There is a Hokkien / Teochew saying - Ti Gong Tia Gong Kia (天公疼憨仔)- Heavenly Grandpa protects / pities / shower love on the "stupid" fools. So.. I guess.. Being a "Stupid Fool" who believes in spiritual power and luck is a good thing.

 "Smart" people analyse & analyse until they become paralysed & miss the oppotunities (to strike Lottery).

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(Fox Spirit Series) 'Money & Women' Non-Stop Cumming Talisman

"I need a Super Power Talisman for my Business where most of my Clients are women" 

Purpose Of The Talisman:

To attract sales / businesses / money and ladies / women

This Talisman is customised for Male bosses / Male businessmen / Male salesmen...

1) Who want money & women
2) Clients / Customers who are mostly ladies / women
3) Who go clubbing / nightlife and meet up many ladies / women during business trips

Talisman explained:

'Money & Women' Non-Stop  Cumming Talisman is a combination of  several talismans:
'Social Power' Talisman - This talisman is used in both 'Ultimate Salesman' Talisman and 'Ultimate Opposite Sex Attraction' Talisman.  The minute You appear in a social setting, everyone is attracted to You. Full detail  article - 'Social Power' Talisman

Sales Talisman 1 & 2 - Main Talismans for winning sales and businesses.

Customers keep coming - Hypnotic effect on clients / customers who enjoy buying your products / services and keep coming back for more.

Pretty Girls / Ladies Self-Coming Talisman - Pretty Girls & Ladies (Yes, only the pretty ones) attracted to You for no reason. Full detail article - Pretty Girls / Ladies Self-Coming Talisman

Opposite Sex Attraction Talisman - The actual name for this Talisman is 茅山素女符 ( Sù Nǚ Talisman of Mao Shan Sect) - Sù Nǚ - Pronounce as "Su-Nuee". It is an add-on power to Pretty Girls / Ladies Self-Coming Talisman. This talisman is tapping the power of  Su-Nü ( (素女) , who is the Sex Goddess who taught Yellow Emperor to have sex with many young girls / women at night and instructed the special Techniques of Sexual Intercourse that will improve his mental and physical well being. The wisdom is preserved in the Book , known as Su-Nü-Jing (素女经) - The Classic of Su Nu - Art Of The Bedchamber. With the spiritual power of Goddess Sù Nǚ (素女) shines on You, You will increase Your charm 100 times. Full detail article - Opp. Sex Attraction Talisman

Fox Spirit / Goddess Talisman - This Mao-Shan Black Magic Talisman invokes Female Fox Spirit to explode Your Natural Sexual-Attractiveness 100 times to LURE the Opposite Sex to come to You and LUST over You. Women will find the man irresistible. Men will find the Woman irresistible. Carrying this Talisman, is like a Wild Fox carrying with it a very strong scent of Pheromone, that the minute the opposite-sex come close to You, there is a strong desire to copulate with You. This talisman double boost the overall power of the whole talisman.

Banana Tree Spirit / Goddess Talisman - Banana Tree Spirit is a kind of natural ghost/ spirit / fairy that transformed from the tree by itself, not possessed by a wandering ghost. As a form of respect, Banana Tree Spirits should be addressed as Banana Tree Fairies. By respecting her as Fairy, You will now feel delighted, safer to "own" her, or "do anything" with her. Banana Tree Fairy Talisman is used for opposite sex attraction, seek Lottery Numbers, and call upon the Banana Tree Fairy to meet You at night. This talisman yet again double boost the overall power of the whole talisman.

Important:  This is a super expensive talisman and mostly only the big bosses , businessmen, salesmen can afford the fee to have it created and empowered by Taoist Sorcery Master. Kindly email and ask how much is the fee to have it created and empowered for You. If it is over Your budget, You may request for other talismans that suit Your budget.

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